VIDEO: Special edition of Between the Lines covers candidates, issues

Matt Westerhold
Aug 10, 2011


The filing deadline for the November general election was 4 p.m. Wednesday. Hear about candidates for contested races across the region, including Sandusky city commission, Perkins Township fiscal officer, Port Clinton and Bellevue mayors and more on our special edition of Between the Lines.

The issues and candidates are unofficial until certified by the board of elections. For a full listing of candidates and issues from Erie, Ottawa, Huron and Sandusky counties, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.

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can you list the candidates for all of the villages and cities in erie county.


Scott Templeton

How much money does Matt make a year?


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It’s a little offensive to hear that our government employees (i.e. police/fire) shouldn’t run for election.  Aren’t they Americans too?  Aren’t they citizens? Does that mean that veterans shouldn’t run for local, state, or federal office?  They have, and they have won. Most of the Presidents of this Country have been veterans.  So, anyone working for the city, county, state, or even collecting benefits from the federal government as a retired veteran shouldn’t run for election?  They are not an “Army of one”.  They wouldn’t have a majority vote on anything by themselves. They would just be one commissioner.  If they can sway an entire commission to vote their way…then, they deserve to be in a leadership role. After all, the definition of leader is:  “to influence others”.   Perhaps, the spouse of a fireman or policeman shouldn’t run either – they will vote on issues to benefit themselves. After all…no commissioner or politician has ever done that before!


Also, if someone is union or non-union shouldn’t matter. After all, I promise you that the UAW has much more power than the fire and police unions.  Perhaps, we should extend the barring from running for office to all union employees – in every occupation.  If the teachers are upset by SB5…they will love this!


I don’t know if it’s such a grand idea to run this program live (I can only presume it was live).  It would have been much wiser if the producer would have edited that part out.  Spurring controversy is always interesting…and people will tune in when you do that.  But, this might be a debate that would only bring discredit to this media outlet.  It seems like we have people in the public eye in this town that could use a personal coach.  Look guys and gals…from Matt Kline (learn from his mistake), to D. Cole, to Matt W…..just because you are thinking it…doesn’t mean you have to say it!  It’s okay to be mysterious with some of your thoughts. Spewing out what “type” of people should run for election – and what “type” should not could bring about controversy that you don’t want.   


We really don’t need to ruffle anymore feathers of union people.  I am not union, but - - they appear to be a fairly powerful group.


Also, it might be a nice idea – if you are going to discuss or mention something like a Cultural Center – you investigate the organization before talking about it on air. Please think:  it may not be wise for a few white people sitting there…saying who should be able to run for election in this Country…and not knowing what the local Cultural Center is…or does.  It isn’t just an educational facility for kids…all I’m saying…is wouldn’t it have been better to investigate what they do before you mention it and make inferences?  It would have taken less than five minutes to discover what that center does in the community. 

Pragmatic how many times are you going to put your thoughts in this rag.

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