Integrity probe subject to interpretation

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

So Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse and her attorney want some documentation about the allegations against her.

The nerve.

We’ve been asking for that documentation, too -- specifically the notes commissioner Brian Crandall used to grill Nuesse during the Feb. 26 ambush meeting. That’s the meeting where the former firefighter interrogated Nuesse in his certain style while commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and fire Chief Mike Meinzer and city manager Matt Kline sat idly by.

But city law director Don Icsman contends those notes are not public record, which flies in the face of the legal advice I have been given.

“Personal notes are not public record,” Icsman told me.

But those notes, on a yellow legal pad, are public record if they deal in any way with city business. Icsman said he had not even reviewed the notes since we made a public records request for them, so I just don’t understand how he could make that determination.

And it still baffles me that Kline launched this “integrity probe” of Chief Nuesse with more than a few lies. The one that stands out is his assertion “the entire police department” complained about Nuesse. It’s just not true.

Icsman didn’t seem too concerned, however, and when I asked about Kline’s “entire police department” assertion. That’s subject to interpretation, he said.

“Don, what other interpretation can one make?”

And so it goes... the bogus investigation continues. I hope Nuesse and her attorney, K. Ronald Bailey, get the documents they want. But with Crandall slinking away to Huron soon, I doubt we’ll ever see that public record.



Matt Westerhold, is there something about you that you havent told us? I mean is there some position you hold that warrants you, as a low life news paper reporter, to get private documents? I am sure we will all see them when this is over, why dont you have a little patience???


Matt, Where is Murman's billing for the housing and police investigations? The people have the right to know how much this is all costing us.


You are an a**hole! Not to mention the biggest idiot I have ever seen try and report the news! You couldn't report on dirt! Do everyone in Erie and teh surrouding counties a favor retire or quit! Let someone who really has a knack for this job do it. Instead of putting other people in harms way!


Still waiting for the story on Perkins Teachers wtf???


Thank God your brother can't hear you


Anyone working over there?

WHO: Perkins Teachers
WHAT: Got Fired
WHEN: 5 days ago
WHERE: Perkins Township
WHY: Uh we would like to know, would someone there please do their job?


Personal notes are not public record?

Nixon used HIS recorder for the Watergate tapes, and guess what, the Supreme Court said to turn them over!


Come on, you don't know what his notes said?

"Nuesse is an outsider. Fire her so we can hire somone who is from the area."


Hey Matt,

I must commend you on your recent insertion of the "Days off" and "cost to the tax payers" photo shoot of your girl Kimberly-nice touch-how long you gonna keep this up? Why don't the two of you just run off together and then you can have your engaugement photo put in this rag - Hummmmmm?????


@ Bob

You are making a fundmental mistake in applying the law in Ohio. In Ohio, the US Constitution doesn't apply.

Little known fact.. Ohio never ratified the 14th Amendment (equal protection of the law passed as a result of the Civil War) up until a couple of years ago. Some UC law students discovered the fact and made the legislature adopt the the Amendment.

Sort of explains why this state is viewed as primitive/backwards (legally speaking and its Supreme Court viewed as the least noteworthy (based on decisions cited by others/population)

It's a shame that the SR didn't publish yesterday's opinion piece on Nuesse's right to know of what she is accused. It's call notice and is a fundamental part of due process. It was a brief and common sense piece that would appeal to fair minded Americans.

@ Hummmm

I'd like to know how much Don Icsman's buddy Mike Murman's investigation costs per day.


Chief Nuesse is becoming old news,when she is gone nobody will miss her.


Gee Liz,
You almost sound like one of those high priced attorneys. You out to hang out a shingle.


You sound a lot like Brett Kinzel giving Kevin Baxter head..or maybe it;s the other way around :)


You almost sound like a man getting down to business.