Racism is like a cancer on society

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

A reader called me Wednesday to say what an absolute abomination the

Register's Web site has become because of the racist comments some

readers are posting below stories about the state patrol troopers and their

KKK prank. I must immediately remove all these comments, she said, and the Register should cut off the reader comment sections on these stories.

I share her frustration.

But if we shut down the comments section on these stories would we simply be trying to hide the racism that exists in our community? If we do that will the bigots simply cease to exist? Should we deny everyone the opportunity to offer their opinions on this important story because some comments are extremely offensive?

Should we allow some people out there who would proudly wear the white hood of a Klansman to shut down the comments section on these stories?

Hide it all and it will go away?

We have removed dozens of hate comments and are being forced to act as an

uncomfortable censor in this situation. We may very well be forced to shut

down the comments section on these stories, as the caller suggested, but

what exactly will that accomplish? Everyone will get to pretend racist bigots do not exist, and all will be well in our community again.

Racism is like a cancer on a community. Isn't it better to know you have

cancer, to acknowledge and fight it or would it be better to simply hide it

from view?

That, it seems to me, is the choice. I don't know the correct answer.



Remember, 007, red right returning. Remember that and you'll be all set when plying the high seas in your inflatable.


At Capn Stabbin :
The funny thing is that the 3 R'S is a valuable tool to know for sure, but I usually don't have to use that tool since my inflatable is a 36 ft,12ft beam Tiara. Look up a 2006 and i'm sure you will indeed see that it stickers well beyond your home value.
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This shouldn't be an argument about who's race got the underhand, it should be a discussion on how we can stop racism in our community. Like Matt said, people like to pretend that there is no problem, but there is. From the side of the black comunity, white people have more advantages. And from the side of the whit comunity, black people have more. But there shouldn't be a "white" or "black" community. We should be one community together trying to figure out what to do. Every one on here agrees on one thing: There's Racsim. But instead of figuring out how to get rid of it, they want to argue about whos more racsist. It makes me sad. It's been 50 years since Dr.King lived, and in case people forgot, while he did fight for black rights, at the end of the day his goal wasn't for "blacks to be better than whites" but for every one to be equal. He wasn't just rying to help black people, he was trying to help every one. We need to come together as a comunity if we ever are going to solve this problem. Every one together. White, Black, Hispanic, Native Americans, Arabs...every one. If this is "the melting pot" then lets finally felt.


This is unfortunatly the situation in the US. In Pennslyvania when the primaries were held 92% of the black population voted for Obama. When asked at the exit polls who they voted for and why most of them said because he is black. If the whites who voted for Obama voted for Clinton instead, Clinton would be leading in the delegate count and the popular vote count. If this did happen, the whites would be called racists. Why does the media not see this for what it is. We all have to come together and vote for who is the best candidate and not the color of their skin or gender.


for hating white people so much they sure are chomping at the bit to impregnate white girls aren't they...Why would you want to make a kid with someone of another race that you hate wo much??? If they wouldn't act like gangsta thugs w? da blingz an da grillz maybe they wouldn't get judged so harsh by the rest of us...


Like the way you think SeaChelle! Re: At Cappn Stabbin....Talk about arrogance! That 36ft. Tiara means jack-squat! Be very carefull you're not operating under the influece, cause we know just how much of a party-place the islands can be for you and those of like-mind! The boat don't make the MAN! Hey, just one more question, are those anything like those go-fast-pe@*s boats? Gotta have something big, right?!


From all the ugly, nasty, BIGOTED/RACIST, crossing the line of the REPORT ABUSE comments, have you figured out the CORRECT ANSWER YET? Let me give you a HEADS UP....hiding it from view, ISN'T THE ANSWER!


MLK WAS A RACIEST, 99% OF THE LOCAL NAACP ARE A RACIEST, AS LONG AS YOU COLORED PEOPLE KEEP ON PUSHING EVERYTHING TO THE LIMIT TO YOUR SATISFACTION, THEN WE WILL CONTINUE TO STEP UP DRUG AND OTHER FELONY CRIMES ENFORCEMENT COMMITTED BY THE COLORED COMMUNITY. LETS BE REALISTIC, WE WILL NEVER LIVE SIDE BY SIDE AND BE ABLE TO GET ALONG, REGUARDLESS OF HOW MUCH DIVERSITY TRAINING THE FOOLS PUT OUT THERE. CALL ME RACIEST ALL DAY LONG, I COULD CARE LESS, BUT WHEN YOU COLORED PEOPLE TRY TO MAKE LAW ENFORCEMENT LOSE THEIR JOBS BECAUSE OF A STUPID JOKE YOUR OWN COLERED PEOPLE MADE, THEN WE ARE VERY FAR APART FROM BEING EQUAL FOR SURE, AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS AS USUAL. You see the CCW law was one of the few great laws that were passed. Now all the gansta's that carry guns and terrorize innocent people have a new problem at hand, as soon as a gangsta points a gun at a CCW permit holder, we instantly become the judge, jury, executioner. Clean up Hancrack and Camp St and maybe we can work towards a better relationship. Until then your people represent what they want to receive, and we all know what that is!!


@ ...
I don't get it. Red, right returning is a basic nautical rule. You cannot just disregard it if you have a 'big boat'. It means the red bouys should be to starboard when returning to port. The bigger your boat, the lower the draft (usually). So that makes following that rule all the more important. So you're either an idiot and you want to run your boat aground or you really don't have a 36' Tiara. I know you're an idiot, and I also bet you don't own a 36' Tiara. Also, I never go to the pier...I am proud owner of a 22' runaroud. Nothing fancy, but it actually exists!


She has radar and gps... duh


Your quest for answers and input has resulted into another episode of blacks vs whites. Typical ending of most of the comment sections, including those that aren't even about race! I appreciate the register for letting me see how ignorant and racist Sandusky is. However, it doesn't take long to grow tired of the nonsense. Instead of making relevent comments, the posts are just full of hate. Remove the section and let the cowards return the rocks they crawled out from. They've been waiting for the opportunity to display their colors in an open forum, lets remove their platform.


Uh to whomever gave that comment directed especially towards me, just let me say that I'm not telling any one on here my race. I'm not saying that I'm "colored" as you put it, but that does no mean I'm "white." I'm not telling any one what my race is because you'll just find a way to take my unbiased comment and twist it so that it looks as if I'm arguing for one side or the other. But I'm not. I'm arguing for an unracsist community, not for my race.

As for the person who commented to myself and "Captain Stabbin" at the same time (whom I don't agree with one bit) thanks :) I like the way I think too.


It never ceases to amaze me; these firings are as much about race as the civil war was about slavery. These officers were fired over issues of ethics, plain and simple. When a person takes an oath to protect and serve everyone, one cannot then exhibit racial bias in their private lives. Even if one allows that it was a joke, albeit a joke in very poor taste, the basis of the joke comes from somewhere - and that somewhere is racial bias.

Let's forget about the politics and name calling for a minute and look at this for what it is - 2 men that used very poor judgement in a very questionable joke. The black community had every right to call for their dismissal and if they had any integrity, they would have resigned. Instead, they chose an argumentative pathway of defense that had no prayer of success. End result - they paid the price for their own arrogance.