Register is best daily

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


The Register was voted the best daily in Ohio among 71 newspapers in the state that competed in the 2008 Associated Press of Ohio awards contest. We won the general excellence award, as judged by our peers in other states.

Only four other papers received similar honors in their circulation categories. The Canton Repository (my second-favorite newspaper) won in its category, as did The Plain Dealer in the large metro category.

If you have to blast the Register because you love to hate us then you must have contempt for the entire journalism profession, based on this award. So be it. But remember: We're the group that fights for your right to attack us. Got to love that.

At least one blogger at the readers comment section got it right. Here's his/her keen observation.

Great Job wrote on Apr 28, 2008 9:31 AM:

" Congrats to the Register and their staff. As much as people complain about the "Ragister" they are always writing something provoking for us to talk about! Plus, they have offered us the luxury of state-of-the-art online information and forums to "bash" them on. I agree that these are hard working people with families and they deserve credit and our thanks. "



How many newspapers competed in your category? I find it hard to believe the Sandusky Register was best out of 71 Newspapers.


It's not that most people don't like the Register, it's that they don't like you. Learn to spot the difference.


Too bad there wasn't a category for bleeding heart liberal anti gun DIP S**T editors or Westerhold could have gotten a trophy too.

Erie Countian

I have read the Register for over 45 years. If I could not read it, I would miss it because I am used to enjoying the area news, vital statistics, wedding,engagement and anniversary announcements and sports. So, I still continue to subscribe, but I've become disgusted with what has happened to my hometown paper. I am tired of the controversial and divisive tone that the Register has taken on, both in print and on this website. I guess this is what journalism has come to these days. I much prefer how things used to be... reporting without overt sensationalism. IF the criteria for winning journalistic awards is stirring up controversy in print and having a flashy website with comment sections where people can get away with saying just about anything and bashing anyone they wish due to lack of responsible monitoring by the Register, then the Register is deserving of the awards it has won. This must be what you have to do these days to sell papaers and generate web interest. Mr. Westerhold, I know you all work hard there at the Register. I know the news is not always good or happy or heartwarming and cannot always be reported in that manner. There are many features of the Register that I do indeed enjoy. But please rethink the confrontational attitude this paper has taken on. I believe it is getting out of control.



Gyros are on me!!!


Matt, most of us have a problem with you. The awards were mostly for photo's and artistic items. I do not see many people complain about Jason or Abby's work. They complain about the lack of a decent many awards did you win? As well as the lack of decent content. How many investigative reporting awards has the Register won. Congrats to those who did win, however this is no excuse to not improve the areas of the paper that do need improvements.

What better serves your readers?
Fancy layouts and pictures
investigative reporting and digging up facts.

SR watcher

To--> Erie Countian

Your comments are thoughtful, constructive and well-said.

BTW, remember when the Register had no color pictures, no Sunday edition, and a Saturday edition that was delivered in the evenings? I believe it was a higher quality of journalistic product in those days. No need to fill pages with superfluous drivel or flashy pictures to tell a story back then.

How sad that a newspaper with which I honed my reading skills as a child has degenerated into a quasi-tabloid not fit for objective analysis and discussion.


I agree wholeheartedly with Erie Countian's comments.

If not for the obits, wedding and anniversary announcements, and the local ads I would find little value in your product.

You can't even give us a real Sunday comics section.

And as a gay man, I find your articles about gay issues demeaning and insulting. They are poorly researched and have very little local comment from groups such as PFLAG. Your writer included contact info for the local chapter in a recent article, but never bothered calling those folks herself to ask for background or comment.

Just hitting on a divisive issue to generate sales or web hits ? I can't help but wonder with your coverage of that and other issues.

Real investigative reporting is nonexistant at the Register.

Keep up the good work with the obits, though.


What is the criteria for this contest? Unfortunatly, people do not read papers that only has good news in it, it gets boring. Why do people like football so much or go to car races, they like the smashmouth play and the wrecks. This is human nature and will never change. Sensationalism is the only way papers can stay in business anymore. The only real complaint I have with this paper is they do not have investigative reporters, you know, the type that will dig out answers to questions that the public would ask. Television stations have these types of reporters and are very successful. Take a look at it SR and see if you can't hire someone like this.


We don't hate the Register, we dislike you, Matt. And ironically, we dislike you BECAUSE we like the profession of journalism, and what a good practioner can do. Funny this "if you don't like us, you don't like journalism" tone you're taking, from the editor of a scandal-sheet that employs pedos, furniture-farkers, and quite possibly the most ignorant, lazy, time-wasting Ivy League alumnus that I've ever seen.