Please don't say 'transparent'

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


City law director Don Icsman is dug in, and continues to refuse to release information on the cost of the Nuesse civil service hearing, and a ton of other public information on Matt Kline's estimated $1 million integrity probe of fired police Chief Kim Nuesse.

"The city doesn't have that information," Icsman told me during a heated telephone conversation Thursday.

"Attorney-client privilege," he said.

Bull. Pure bull.

"Am I talking to the city's law director?" I asked. "Are you the law director? Can you please facilitate the release of this public information?"

Creating bureaucratic barriers to access public information strikes me as a serious violation of the public trust. I have a right to that information. You have a right to this information. My tax dollars,  
your tax dollars and money from the wallets of all your neighbors paid for this dog-and-pony show.

Show us the bills. Show them to us now.

Icsman's been a man just right-center in this fiasco Kline launched on city taxpayers. The law director is a skilled and dedicated public servant and one of the few adults at city hall. But it's way past  
time that Icsman step up and declare whether the public's right to know is more important than a GOB agenda and his own personal job  

And please, don't use the word "transparent."



Oliver Hardy

Mr. Westerhold, Thanks for posting information to keep us informed. The government seems to think that they should not answer to the people. The government seems to think that the less that people know, the better for them (those in government). Lack of transparency in government is a growing problem and has been getting worse. You would think that with the internet that more people would become better informed. The government likes to keep the people stupid because stupid people are so gullible. People are not stupid by nature but they choose to be stupid by not asking questions. Some people are too lazy to become better informed and vote the same stooges into office time after time. It is the people that allow lack of transparency in government by not becoming involved or ignoring what the government is doing.

The reason for lack of transparency at all levels in government is the fault of the people for not asking questions, the false notion that those in government can do no wrong and also the fault of yellow journalism that the Sandusky Register has been guilty of in the past. A news paper can offer opinions such as commentaries but news that is reported should be factual. A government official telling a newspaper what to print is not news. Factual news is the only way that people will learn what really is going on in government.

I have already formulated an opinion about Mr. Icsman and it is not favorable. Too many people in government get too comfortable with gravy well paying jobs and answer to special interests instead of the people. If the city and Icsman do not have a ball park figure about how much money was spent then perhaps there was no accounting of the money spent so there is no money trail. Maybe it is time for a state audit to trace all this money down. Lack of accounting can lead to theft in office. In my opinion, it is time to give Mr. Icsman a brown box party and have him clear out his office. Anyone who hires a private investigation agency (Murman) and not use free available state investigation agencies to save taxpayer money is showing incompetence  and possibly malfeasance. These are my opinions.


So Matt, did you tell Don that if he refused to give you what you wanted you were gonna hold your breath and stomp your feet?? LOL!!  Did you then throw yourself on the ground and kick and scream, yelling for him to give you what you wanted??  LOL  Did you ever think Matt that if you hadn't been such a complete jerk through this whole ordeal, you may be getting more cooperation from the powers that be?  Yes, maybe Don is required to give you this information, but I am sure Don also knows how to give people the run around and only give what he has to give at that time.  All you have done throughout this whole thing is bash the city government, the prosecutors, the cops, SOME of the commissioners (well the ones who dont see things the way you see them), now you want "cooperation"??  Are you really that naive and arrogant that you think you are owed something just because you are Matt Westerhold a second rate editor at a second rate publication?  I am thinking that had you been a little more open minded during this that you would be getting more of the answers you seek.  I am not saying you had to kiss anyone's backside, but to try and crucify people, then turn around and demand something like a 2nd grade child demanding a cookie after breaking the lamp in the hallway, is absolute ignorance.  Your mouth has already landed you in court for speaking out on things you have no business talking about.  From day 1 of this whole thing you have deceived people and tried to twist the facts into your own little web of inaccuracies.  Im not sure why you believe that you are the great and powerful Matt Westerhold and people should just jump when ever you snap your fingers.  This whole ordeal has revealed just how insignificant you really are and with the exception of your merry band of followers, who side with you only because they have NEVER had anything good to say about the government or cops or anything of that sort, you have nothing Matt.  So you can continue to write about how horrible you are being treated by the GOBs, but how would you expect them to treat someone who has said the things you have said?  I just can not wait to see what you will write about when all this is done. The few times you have written articles about anything other than this...they were horribly boring and insignificant.  Looks like this "story" will be your legacy sad!!


I have no idea why a citizen would not want to have this information, nor do I undersatnd how elected officials could justify not releasing it. This is not Russia, Bulgaria or some other non-Democratic area. It is a small town in Central USA. Who do they think they are? In other countries, they could be facing firing sqauds  or hanging, supported by the CIA, to bring in transparaency and Democracy. What a bunch of bull. And, the wrost part is, we are putting up with it.  Time for revolt on this revolting situation.

Julie R.

So you are trying to say that the city law director's refusal to release what taxpayers have a right to know and what should be a matter of public record is because of Matt Westerhold? Oh, come on already!That is about the lamest excuse I have ever heard!

This pure bull of ILLEGALLY withholding and concealing records has been going on forever in Erie County----this  county even unlawfully assists financial institutions in getting away with it!  Did you ever hear of attorneys for an insurance company filing a protective order in a Probate Court requesting that the judge allow them NOT to release records requested by a Complaintant in a Probate Estate?

Julie R.

That "attorney-client privilege" used by Iscman is nothing but a bunch of hogwash. Attorneys even use it as an excuse to withhold and conceal a DECEASED client's Trust & Will.



joe baumgartner

Matt, I justed commented on Fieland 411, where someone mentioned that Buff could have been Bryan DuBois who took fifteen thousand dollars from my drug store to defend Else and himself.  He then used the money to go after her. Why is he reporting in the SR, he has absolutely no credibility.  I have written to you several times that I have all of the Erie Voices archives and many other court reports that could be very helpful to you or maybe someone else might be interested. First to call gets it all

Julie R.

411firelands IS Bryan DuBois. I think he was also the vicious Buff that attacked everybody on the Elsebeth story. His thugs are John Doe, "I", and a few others. City Girl is probably his wife.

Oliver Hardy said Dubois was getting some heat from Julie R.'s true comments about this corrupt County. If this is true wonder who he's getting the heat from. Whoever it is sure doesn't want the TRUTH to be known. But then they didn't want the TRUTH that Elsebeth was telling to be known, either.


Oliver Hardy

I tried to add a comment to the Firelands411 blog but I am not able to. My guess is that the SR still needs to work out some bugs in this new and improved version.

Julie, I went back to my comments and looked to see if I wrote that Firelands411 was getting some heat. I only insinuated that Firelands411 might be getting some heat if your comments are factual and the GOBS are getting mad at Firelands411 or the Sandusky Register.

Since I cannot post onto the Firelands411 blog for some unknown reason, I will post my comments here because Firelands411 will see them. As mentioned before, I believe that it is a glitch with the new version of the SR online of why I cannot post comments onto the Firelands411 blog.


Firelands411, I noticed that two of joe baumgartner's comments were removed .... "This comment was removed for violating the Sandusky Register's discussion guidelines." Now, when you brought your blog over to the Sandusky Register as noted in your "Welcome to Firelands 411!", you commented "THIS  BLOG IS INDEPENDENT OF REGISTER CONTROL" .... Now, is this a true statement? It does not appear to be anymore. Sorry, but you just lost a few points with me.

Now, I noticed that you and others want Julie to post her "evidence" about her problems with the courts. If she did, wouldn't she also violate terms of the Sandusky Register Guidelines? She would have to identify all of the "players" by name. This "evidence" would then have to be proved worthy in court. There is evidence in all court cases. But why do prosecutors hide evidence that may exonerate a defendant? Perhaps a prosecutor could be referred to as a persecutor? I have more respect for prosecutors that present all of the evidence and lose a case than a prosecutor whose only motive is to win a case and punish an innocent person.

I still plan to comment on Firelands411, even if the Sandusky Register has taken over control of your blog.
If they don't like my comments, they delete them. I don't care if they delete my comments. All I have wasted is time on my part.  It is their ball game. They can get mad and take their ball home. If they delete too many of my comments that I feel do not violate the guidelines, then I will stop wasting my time and stop posting my comments here on As always, only my opinions.

joe baumgartner

All I want to say is thank you. No one has to agree with me but true free speech requirs that we all be able to express our opinions.  Thanks again, Joe Baumgartner


joe baumgartner

HELP Free speech has just been banned by Matt Westerhold.  He will not let me post because I am picking on someone. Where have we seen that before. I am open to any and all suggestions. Hurry becaused I will be banned by westerhold


As I have the option to post on the other articles that lie within 411 blog.

Looks like the SR has control over the 411 blog after all.

More lies from Bryan.

Julie R.

To Oliver Hardy: Sorry, but I meant to say that you thought MAYBE DuBois was getting some heat from somebody about my comments. (I thought the same thing)  Once again, my apology. I also think your opinions are excellent. 

To Joe Baumgartner: Nobody can post on that blog so it's no big deal. You can still post on the other ones. I also would like to tell you that Elsebeth has more supporters than you think.

To Brian DuBois: Never mind-----I don't want to be deleted.

Oliver Hardy

Mr. Westerhold,

Think about this. "BETWEEN THE LINES"

What does this really mean to you? I often read "between the lines" when I read comments or the news. I as a person has always been on the side of truth. Sometimes the truth will hurt some people that you are close to. You have to remember that each person chooses their path in life. They either chose truth or they chose to take the path of lies. Sometimes the truth will hurt people that chose the path of lies. Truth is all about all that is good.  Lies are all about all that is evil.

How can you "ban" joe baumgartner for his opinions? The Sandusky Register has "picked" on many people through the years. And here all along I thought that you were one of the good guys that wanted to bring the truth into light.


Think about all that is truth. Google TRUTH online. You can't go wrong with truth. Truth only hurts the LIARS. TRUTH IS ALL GOOD. LIES are EVIL.

Matt, READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Look for and expose the truth.



Julie R.

The letter wrote to the Register by Kathleen Olds wasn't even in reference to the comments made by Julie R. and the comments that  the letter generated didn't refer to Julie R. either. So one might have to wonder why Dubois would have to scrape the bottom of the barrel by using that particular letter to once again attack and try to discredit the comments that have been made Julie R........ 

The way I see it,  if Dubois and his buddy John Doe are that upset over Julie R.'s comments that they find it necessary to take the time to set up juvenile blogs, why aren't they taking the time to prove the comments that have been made aren't the TRUTH? The answer to that is obvious........

Oliver Hardy

Julie, I agree with you. The letter that Kathleen Olds wrote was in reference to the insensitive remarks posted by anonymous people at other people. From reading your past comments, I never saw you post any insensitive comments.

Julie R.

I'm wondering if Joe Baumgartner was banned from making comments on the SR?  I certainly hope not. After all, Buff & Company sure weren't banned when they were making up their ignorant grade-school bully Christmas carols about his wife. Neither was Bryan DuBois banned from his latest juvenile blog. 


Mr. Westerhold,

I was curious as to why Joe Baumgartner has been banned from posting his thoughts on this blog.  He has not posted any flammatory comments toward anybody, all he has ever done is post his honest opinion which is what journalism should want last I checked.  After seeing his original comment, I can understand why he feels the way he does. I mean Joe lost $15,000 and his wife for eight years to this supposed criminal "justice" system.  To me, that is way more than 15,000 reasons for him to state his feelings in this matter.  Generally people are banned from posting on a blog if the comments are threats to other people, posting of obscene material, etc.  Joe has not posted anything of that nature on this site, and has been completely respectful of everyone else and their opinions despite the constant degredation he faces all the time.  So if you could please post as to what your reasoning is behind banning Joe from this site, I invite your answer. 

bsps tu 1978

You know, I am from Pemberville, and Joe is the pharmacist of our small town.  He is a reputable, upstanding businessman in the community who goes to great lengths to accomadate us whenever we need help.  This town loves this man because he has an awesome heart and really cares about our community.  We have been seeing what has been talked about in this blog and we do not like it.  There have been flyers and information circulating town and we do not like when a person of ours is degraded as he is on this blog.  Now he is not allowed to post honest opinions on a website to defend himself against those who attack him on a regular basis.  Journalism is supposed to be about getting to the truth, not allowing one side to state opinions without allowing the other side the same opportunity; thus, creating an incomplete story and allowing the truth to fall to the wayside. 

Julie R.

This is CORRUPT Erie County----what do you expect?

Julie R.

Wonder what "evidence" it is that Bryan DuBois and his thugs want Julie R. to show? The good old fashion common ordinary sense evidence maybe.....maybe reports by the experts in the field of medicine?

I mean, gee, boys and girls, it stands to reason that an elderly life-long resident of Erie County that has become totally incompetent sure isn't going to her Erie County attorney a short time before her death and having a "new POA"  drafted up with a different middle initial yet. Neither does a totally incompetent person in a nursing home then "hire" a Lorain County attorney to hide the "new POA" in the Lorain County Recorder's office. Neither does an incompetent person have the Lorain County attorney transfer ownership of her trust property by falsely stating on a QuitClaims deed that the "new" POA concealed in Lorain County is on file under the correct name in the Erie County Recorder.

Neither does an incompetent person have the manager of a Huron bank close out all of her trust contracts and transfer the money over to an out of state branch under different account numbers in the joint names of a very wealthy spouse and his stepdaughter, who is the "new" attorney-in-fact.

Neither does an incompetent person make over a dozen changes to nine or more trust contracts at an insurance company including changes made to securities-----especially when not even a competent person can make those kind of fraudulent changes-----but INTERNAL FRAUD by an agent and his manager sure can.

Matt Westerhold accused Kevin Baxter of feigning ignorance but he's not the ONLY one in Eeeerie County that does this......they ALL do.


Julie R.

Considering how I can't get on the 411firelands "Ask Away"  blog to reply to the intelligent comments that were made I'll post my reply here.

In Erie County the motto is: "There's no excuse for ignorance of the law unless attorneys and/or retired judges break it. If they do, then we, as elected public servants, have every right to misuse our power and feign ignorance of the law to protect them". *

*With the exception of the disbarred attorney Elsebeth Baumgartner.

To Cross: That picture you posted looks just like the sneaky closed-door hearings that the Erie County legal system is known for while planning out their sneaky scams and conspiracies to cover up criminal acts committed by attorneys,  an insurance company and a Huron bank.


Julie R.

Once again, considering how I can't get on the 411firelands Ask Away blog I will post my question here.

If the trust of an elderly, seriously ill and totally incompetent Judge were changed (90% by internal fraud) during the short time he was in a nursing home with only the knowledge of one of the four beneficiaries named in the trust for the benefit of an elderly, very wealthy stepparent ( who can't touch the trust ) would this be considered theft from the elderly, incompetent judge or would this be considered theft from the beneficiaries?

Considering how I'm sure you are smart enough to know that this would be considered theft from the judge's named beneficiaries, maybe one of  you can explain how victims of theft are conspiracy theorists and "as nutty as Elsebeth Baumgartner".

Thank you.

Oliver Hardy

Julie, I started up a topic called "Elsebeth and Her Quest For the Truth" on the forums. Perhaps you, Joe Baumgartner and others can post your comments there. I want to hear ALL sides of the issues.

bsps tu 1978

It appears to me that the open discussion on firelands411 is very one sided.  F411, John Doe, and Cross are having a conversation with each other.  If you look at their writing patterns you might come to the conclusion that they are all the same person, Bryan. 

If someone else comments to the contrary, they are insulted and sometimes banned.  Not knowing all of the details, haw can Elsebeth Baumgartner defend herself when she is in Marysville partly for intimidating her former co-worker and co-owner of the Erie Voices Blog.  He has gone so far as not allowing Mrs. Baumgartner's husband, Joe from replying to any comments many of which are not true if you go back and read the facts.

I do recall that Mr Baumgartner gave a check to Mr DuBois for fifteen thousand dollars and the check was made out to an attorney named Jay Milano.  I believe the check was cashed by Mr Milano and used to defend Mr Dubois.  I also recall that when Mr Dubois filed for bankruptsy he referred to the fifteen thousand dollars as a loan.  How can this be both?

The last  thing that bothers me is how well Bryan recalls the courtroom sequence when Baumgartner took blood pressure pills.  His "facts" were incorrect.  He even had the wrong medication.  I also know that he and Mrs Baumgartner had worked together for quite sometime and that she had a diabetic dog.  That would explain why a syringe was in her purse, and I believe Mr Baumgartner had the purse when the deputy reached into it.  I believe that he would have an idea of what transpired that day, but he is not allowed to write about anything.

Mr Baumgartner still has a drugstore in Pemberville, Ohio.  Maybe some people should contact him to get his side of the story.  Every story has at least two sides to it.