Farrar stood up, but got it wrong

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

First off, I think it's important to mention Sandusky city commissioner Julie Farrar showed courage in addressing the IMA group on Tuesday.

But ... she was so wrong on nearly every point she made.

Mrs. Farrar obviously was mis-led by the person who told her that I, and/or members of the Register staff secretly recorded a conversation with her. That would be an ethical breach for a journalist.


If the person who told "all of the commissioners" about a secretly recorded conversation really wanted to know if it was accurate, all that person had to do was call reporter Jennifer Grathwol. Or call city editor Cheryl Welch. Or call me.

Or call police Chief Kim Nuesse, for that matter. There was no need to hire a Lakewood law firm to answer that question.

But the person who told her the conversation had been secretly recorded obviously was seeking support for a "witch hunt." The Nuesse integrity probe launched by city manager Matt Kline has nothing to do with seeking truth and everything to do with a self-serving agenda.

The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance did a huge public service to the community by hosting Tuesday's press conference. The IMA offered a great lesson to everyone about what it means to be civically responsible.

And one more thing: City commissioner Dan Kaman showed courage several weeks ago when he called for Nuesse to be returned to her job.



Bouncin' off your chin or buttocks?


That's the problem as you stated any one can run for office. If she is so great why does she not respond to the paper with an article They basically called her a lier in a nice way. Once again yet another trying to claim she has qualifications she does not have. Face the facts she was lucky if she graduated high school. She does not respond because nothing was tape recorded and she knows it. Honesty is important. In her article she could post her training and experience since she is so great


All the degrees in the world will not make you a better commissioner or Congressman or Senator. Common sense is the most important attribute needed when running a city, state, or federal government. Do you know how many CEO's do not have MBA's and are running multi-billion dollar companys. Any citizen with common sense can be a city commissioner, it is not rocket science.


I am not a great fan of Julie's, at least when she was on the school board, however, I was very impressed with the action she took on my behalf. I have an allyway behind my house and all the neighbors chipped in to have it paved a few years back. It has since deteriorated to a state of massive holes. I think I know where one of my neighbors VW has disappeared to. I have asked in the past to have this allyway patched, it wasn't until I contacted Julie with my concerns that any action took place. She called me up to tell me when it was going to be patched and then followed up after it was done. I have never had a commissioner do this in all the years I have lived here. On behalf of myself and my neighbors I would like to thank Julie for a job well done. If all the other commissioners would react like this, our city would be a far better place to live. Once again, thank you Julie.