Public has a right to know

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Dear Mr. Murray:

Below please find a comment posted this morning at This is just one among several "leaked" allegations I've heard previously about my alleged nefarious involvement in Nuesse-gate.

So let's see, we at the Register secretly tape-recorded conversations, according to commissioner Julie Farrar, and we also secretly listened in on private conversations over a speakerphone. Is that your experience of how we do business? Seems to me you could have dismissed both assertions the moment they were made.

Are these the types of allegations you and fellow commissioners approved for inclusion in the integrity probe? Was there a truth here that taxpayers (the CLIENT) needed to have uncovered? Or was the agenda to obsfucate the truth with as many spurious allegations as possible? How much mud will be thrown up against the wall before we know what will stick?

The entire Murman report, with any and all audio or video digital recordings or tapes that were made, any notes and all other materials should be immediately made available to the client. Every scrap of paper, including the Kleenex upon which Mr. Murman blew his nose, needs to be made public. Transparency is transparency. City officials are either being transparent or they are not. Any partial report that has been delivered to the city also should be made immediately available to the public. The balance of any report can be given to the public when attorney Michael Murman returns later

this month from his vacation.� 

The Register has made this request in an effort to give your constituents (the CLIENT) all available information with regards to this serious matter. I hope you and your fellow commissioners support this request. Withholding this information from the public based on an attorney-client privilege seems

to fly in the face of the transparency to which you have so often referred.

I apologize if I am being a little testy today, and I mean no disrespect. I likely am almost as tired of this story as you and your fellow commissioners are. I've also included a second posting that was made this morning on the Elsebeth Baumgardner goes to prison story that helped snarl my mood.


Matt Westerhold

The truth please..... on 05/11/2008 08:25:58 said:

"Matt, Answer the community this: The night this mess started wern't you at the Police Chief's house, listening on speaker phone as she called all the commissioners without them knowing you were listening? If you have an ounce of honesty left Matt, answer this truthfully."

Elsebeth goes to prison

now on 05/11/2008 08:00:00 said:

"Now if we can just get Westerhold in the same position we can finally be rid of the delusional community crackpots who get waaaay to much attention for their paranoid Oliver Stone conspiracy theories and Erie County can be a quiet community again. ---Conspirator# 43"

cc: Commissioners Dave Waddington, Julie Farrar, Brett Fuqua, Craig Stahl,

Dan Kaman, Brian Crandall





If Kline can't make a decision in two weeks after reading the report, he shouldn't be city manager. The guy cannot make any decisions. It is time to get this all out in the open and he needs to quit dragging his feet. The longer this goes on, the more problems it creates. If it takes much longer, different groups will be shooting from the hip with recall petitions.


Matt Kline is now on page 71 of the 256 page report. I think the ink is dry!


@ Hey Matt Answer This:

It's been 3 days know since you shot off your mouth and you haven't put any of that "inside information" on these blogs that you seem to have.

Come on "Hey Matt," we want to know the inside scoop.......Just what I thought, "Hey Matt" knows NOTHING! He's just a Nuesse hater with NO information to back up his claims

You are either an idot or you don't have ANY BA*LS! Which is it?