Shout-out for Monaghan and Shenigo

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


Maybe I'm easily influenced by what people say, and it seems ironic that I want to write this blog about the brother-in-law of the man who is suing me. But one man is not another, and the actions of one should not influence my thoughts of the other.

And my thoughts about Erie County commissioner Bill Monaghan may be summed up with one word: Wow.

I love the dialogue he is creating across the county by his no nonsense businessman's approach to county finances. Monaghan is fighting the good fight for county taxpayers and all I can say is ... you go Bill. The following quotes are the best words from a public official I've heard in years.

Regarding the long-festering and long-failing methane gas energy project at the county landfill: "It's time to stop cutting bait and start fishing. We need to get this thing moving quickly."

Regarding the Sanitary Engineering Department's $1.5 million (or something like that) deficit spending and its incoherent accounting practices: “I’m just not happy with some of the numbers that are coming out of that department,” Monaghan said.
“In fact, I’m very unhappy. The numbers that are coming out of that department are like chameleons. Every time you look at it, it changes just like a chameleon changes colors.”

Monaghan's the one exposing these problems and demanding they be addressed. And it seems he has a willing partner in fellow Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo, who's attacking the issue of county finances with a similar business person's approach.

It's all good. It's all good. It's refreshing and it looks like leadership to me. I hope Bill and Pat keep pushing, keep exposing waste and incompetence and keep working for taxpayers this way.




Matt, I cant tell you how many posts I read on here, while this Nuesse thing was going on, warning you that if you continued to open your mouth and insert your foot that someone may take it as you trying to destroy their reputation, thus ruining their careers, that someone may sue you.  Well you refused to listen and now, well I hope you have a great lawyer, cause their case is STRONG. It is ALL in black and white.  I think your mouth got you in alot further than you thought it would Matt and now...well you see what is happening. I just wish I knew, what it was about that woman (Kim Nuesse) that would make someone risk the career and the financial status of their employer, but trying to destroy the character of someone who has very little to do with the whole thing??  Hmmm...hope it was ALL worth it....


Glad to see you back Matt.

Julie R.

Why wasn't the lawsuit against the SR filed in Cuyahoga County?

just a thought

did matt endorse pat and bill during the last election?  or were they both good old boys?

Keep Focused

The first two years in office, Monaghan tried to follow Farrells lead.  He now realizes that he has to fmake his own observations and use his own judgement.  Bill will have the success we need, .following this approach.

Farrell has established a "come as it goes" routine that will not make significant progress for Erie County. He has overstayed his ability to work hard and help the cause.

Shenigo also wants to do well for the County.  If he works closely with Monaghan the county will become a better place.


It is refreshing to find that issues of questionable activities by elected officials are now being scrutinized by our local newspaper. That's called "investigative reporting" and is foundational to a well-oiled democracy.

Prior to the recent lawsuit filed against the Register, those who spoke out were soundly beaten under "the color of the law" by those who could manipuate the ju$tice system for their own advantage (yes, that is a dollar sign in the word justice.)

I look forward to having all aspects of this lawsuit become public. Hopefully, many will surface to tell their stories, under oath and without the possibility of retribution from the politically connected.

For this we should all give thanks.