High noon for Nueese

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


The official word from the Tuesday afternoon closed-door Sandusky city commission meeting: Commissioners and the public both will receive the $20,000++ Murman report on the Nuesse investigation at noon Wednesday.

We will begin efforts to put the entire document online as soon as we receive it. We also will have copies available in the lobby at the Register building for readers to review. Anyone who wants a take-home copy should call me at 419-609-5866. We'll attempt to fulfill any requests.

The actual cost of the investigation and related issues right now is topping $36,000 including salary, and there are additional invoices coming due from a second law firm hired by the city. The tab for taxpayers, so far, likely tops $40,000. Not sure if that is just the beginning, or the end. Time will tell.

City commissioners are scheduled to meet Thursday in an open session. The public is invited to this one.



I thought the commissioners were too busy to meet at their regular meeting time on Monday because it was moved to Thursday, but they sure found time for a two hour executive meeting over this report. They also had an executive meeting AFTER the financial committee meeting. The financial committee puts on a show for the public and goes into executive meeting for the real stuff they don't want the public to know.


they should make the people that filed this stupid investigation pay the bill, not the tax-payers. make them pay with their personal money, then maybe they will think about it the next time...


Maybe you could get them to pay for your windows while they are at it too..


boy..is that all you got?? bugs the hell out of, don't it?? never got those windows, so get over it, i did!!!


on february 28, 2008 mgr. matt kline could have removed police chief kim nuesse from her position as he was entitled to. he balked, she lawyered up, and 222 meigs st. has been backstroking ever since. poor decision from the manager and bad legal advice from don icsman. crandall, murray,and stahl were manipulated and duped.


I think it is odd that no decision has been made on Nueese before the report is released to the public possibly today. The commission must want public input because they aren't commenting either per the story running in the other paper today. The story said there was no action taken on the report. Kline is still back pedaling and cannot make a decision.


What ever the outcome of this, it won't be over by a long shot. All we're gonna get is more smoke and mirrors from this magic show of the Ice Man. I'm certainly not gonna hold my breath til noon. Since no decision has been made on her status, leaves one to speculate that this has been a witch hunt all along. If I'm wrong in my decision to support Nuesse, the crow sure will taste pretty bad.


I plan on reading the report and cross referance her responses to the accusers. I hope the names of the accusers are in the report.


If this report is in favor of Nuesse, I think the commission should think seriously of relieving Icsman and Kline of their duites. Also, a recall should immediately take place on Murray and Stahl. All of this is on the grounds of mismanagement of their jobs and wasting the taxpayers' monies. Someone has to be held accountable and it should be the people involved in the very first meeting at the fire station.


It isnt just High Noon for Kim Nuesse, it is also High Noon for you too Matt. Once this all comes out, you will owe ALOT of people and apology!!!!! First off your employer for bringing so much shame to a once very respected newspaper.


I read somewhere that if you saute' the crow, it makes it easier to swallow....so maybe you should try it....


I'm still PO'd you printed my name on the CCW list on this site. When I google my name, it is tied to me forever. You violated the law by publishing it and your time will come.


Matt Westerhold, doing what he does best: Flogging dead horses to flog his rag.


chief nuesse made some bad moves..politcally she got too close to mcclung... the dispatch debacle between sandusky & perkins became an albatros..nuesse & mcclung liked it, others didn't. erie county & sandusky joined forces at the 11th hour (murray & ferrel running for office in nov.) to save the dispatch merger. dwelle has no use for sandusky & mcclung so the merger with perkins was d.o.a. the games people play, and the politics that go one are not uncommon anywhere. this area is no exception.


I have to say, and I am SURE I will hear a lot of people who calling me names like so many of you "Nuesse Fans" seem to like to spew...But I am not so sure making this report public is a good idea before they make a decision on what to do with Kim. I have heard there will be specific names in it and I just kinda think there are some things that are better left unsaid. I think we as the public do have the right to know what is going on and what she is being accused of, but to list names for the public? I am as against this as I am for Matt Westerhold listing names and addresses of Concealed Carry Permit Holders. Again, this is only my opinion, but I can certainly understand how someone could disagree with me. I guess you can say I am having somewhat of a "Dan Kaman Syndrome" because I am on the fence with this whole thing right now, now having said ALL that, I will be reading this report!!!! Good Luck to all !!!


where is it?


Where's the report?


At some point Mr. Westerhold, an apology will be welcome. You have plastered your opinion all over the Sandusky Register for months, all in Chief Nuesse's defense. After reading the report are you still convinced of her innocence or will this nonsense finally stop being so biased? Will you continue to attack Mr. Kline and the commissioners for doing their job? At some point you must realize that you have looked incredibly foolish when it came to some of your rantings. I hope you see someday soon that you were used for what you could provide someone else...media coverage at no expense. Fortunately, it didn't work to their advantage. Too many people have their own mind and can form their own opinions. Thank heavens those opinions are now justified and confirmed with the release of the Murman Report.


This report doesn't warrant an apology from Matt Westerhold or anyone else who defended Nuesse. This thing is so far from over - and so far from being the slam dunk case that the anti-Nuesse folks seem to think it is.


and i'm sure you are one of those with all the inside info. well my friend, all the "real" inside info was exposed today. it is a slam dunk case both criminally and civally. i just hope if they persue the criminal part, they take her "subordinate" that cancelled the parking ticket down with her


Enough already. We have wasted more than enough time and money on this issue. Let's move on and get someone in charge of the police department who can clean up the mess and can handle the department while interacting with the city government and the public in general.




So few times in a mans life can he really enjoy....The Moment. Times when you can look at a two bit sleazy newspaper editor and I use the term "editor" VERY loosely, and say I TOLD YOU SO!!! Oh Matty....we all tried to tell you not to hitch your wagon to this horse...but you decided to try and further your career by siding with the poor wittle blonde girl...who all the mean ole' men were picking on. Now what can you say Matt?? Can you defend this? I am sure you will try... Hey I know, maybe this just a conspiracy and they are making all this up....yea thats it...huh Matty?? Maybe I can drum up some stories for you Matt...a trapped kittie cat in a tree perhaps???? Matt you are so sad and we have been telling you this for a while now, but you just ignored us. I really hope the head of the SR, whoever that is, thinks about firing you. You dont deserve to work there, but as I said, WalMart is ALWAYS hiring greeters.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I havent stopped smiling since this came out....you wanted SOOO bad for them to produce this and now they have and is that egg all over your face????? Kinda backfired on ya huh????


Okay, lets get past the I told you so. Matt be a man and admit there is something to this investigation. Let's get a new chief and move the department forward. Please Matt, don't continue to defend this chief. It is clear that she has a problem telling the truth and taking responsibility for her actions.


Mr. Westerhold, it is time for you to resign. Since you became managing editor, the SR has gone to hell in a handbasket in so many ways. Now that the Murman report has came out, your already shaky credibility has gone to zero. It's about time the Register gets back to REPORTING the news instead of trying to INFLUENCE it.


Report says Nuesse has lost ability to lead cops
By RICHARD PAYERCHIN , Sandusky Bureau Chief

SANDUSKY -- Police Chief Kim Nuesse ''began well'' in her job but ''can no longer lead the Sandusky police department,'' said a report by an independent attorney assigned to investigate her job performance.
Sandusky City Manager Matt Kline yesterday made public the report compiled by attorney Michael Murman, a former Lakewood law director and prosecutor for Cuyahoga County.


The report included more than 500 pages of notes and summaries of at least 53 interviews with many of the top law enforcement officers and elected Sandusky and Erie County officials.

His conclusion: ''There is no doubt in the minds of the investigative team that Chief Nuesse can no longer lead the Sandusky police department.

''Whatever discipline is imposed, unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff in the police department she should not be reinstated as chief of police,'' Murman wrote.

As of today, Nuesse remains the city's top police officer but is on paid administrative leave.

Kline declined to comment on the substance of the report.

''We'll proceed expeditiously and professionally,'' he said.

Sandusky's six city commissioners also declined to comment on the report. They received their copies of the documents yesterday and yesterday evening all said they did not have time to review it yet.

Nuesse's attorney dismissed the tome as ''biased.''

''This appears to be a very biased report based upon nothing more than innuendoes and gripes of some disgruntled employees and ex-employees,'' Bailey said.

''I find it interesting that a local psychologist reported having officers tell him they wouldn't take orders from a woman,'' Bailey said. ''Matt Kline needs Kim Nuesse gone to cover up his own misconduct.''

Murman's recommendation included three main issues with the chief.

''First and foremost, neither her subordinates nor the larger law enforcement community, except Chief McClung, believe they can rely on her to be truthful,'' Murman wrote, referring to Perkins Police Chief Tim McClung.

''Secondly, there is little doubt that chaos will ensue if her behavior is rewarded by reinstatement and it becomes precedent, the standard of acceptable behavior for her command staff and the rank and file,'' Murman wrote.

''Thirdly, she never earned the trust and respect of the police or the unsworn staff under her command,'' Murman wrote.

Many of Nuesse's supporters have seen her public persona but have not dealt with her inside the department, Murman wrote.

''Chief McClung is a special case,'' Murman wrote. ''He has nothing but praise for the chief and acknowledged that he would be pleased to be appointed captain of the Sandusky police department and serve under her command following his imminent retirement from Perkins Township.''

Nuesse was placed on leave March 10, shortly after a meeting in which Sandusky city commissioners stated the city no longer would look to combine its police dispatch operations with Perkins Township.

Murman's report includes information on the joint dispatch discussions, along with detailed information about the inner workings of the Sandusky police department.

Among the issues:

-- Capt. Gary Frankowski voided a parking ticket that officer James Ommert wrote for Nuesse's unmarked car when he found it parked about 4 feet from the curb in the 100 block of Columbus Avenue on Sept. 11, 2006.

In interviews, Nuesse and Frankowski said the ticket was not justified because there was no violation. However, the incident caused a ''scandal'' in the department, Murman wrote.

''The tampering with records to avoid the parking fine may seem minor, but to her subordinates it is emblematic of a double standard and disrespect for the law they are sworn to uphold,'' Murman wrote.

-- Sandusky police officers filed a labor grievance when Nuesse assigned two Sandusky officers to a narcotics unit under the command of Perkins police Sgt. Vince Donald.

The move ''caused a great deal of friction and problems within the Sandusky Police Department, as many employed by the department were astounded that an outside the department police officer was brought in to supervise the unit,'' said Sandusky police Sgt. John Orzech.

The officers withdrew the grievance when Orzech was appointed to lead that unit.

-- Nuesse worked to create a regional police special response team, or SRT, without consulting Sandusky SRT members, said Sgt. Ronald Snyder, who resigned as commander of the city police SRT.

Under a new SRT, it appeared most of the members would come from Perkins police, which had a larger training budget, Snyder said. He left that post ''due to the lack of communication between me and Chief Nuesse,'' Snyder said.

-- Nuesse three times missed meetings with vendors who came to demonstrate various computer and electrical systems, said Detective Donald Rumbutis. He handled the department's computer networks and stated he retired after 28 years because of Nuesse.

-- Nuesse worked to keep Lt. Mel Burns on the police department after Burns last summer was arrested for fighting with a bar bouncer on Put-in-Bay, said Lt. Phil Frost. Burns later was fired by Kline.

-- Nuesse did not allow reinstallation of laptop computers that were removed from police cruisers due to technical problems, Frost said. Although the technical company lowered its cost for the job, Nuesse did not allow the reinstallation because the company had been referred by the Erie County Sheriff's Office, Frost said.

-- Nuesse stopped going to Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons' monthly police chiefs meetings and formed her own Firelands Chiefs of Police Association, which also had monthly meetings, said Assistant Chief Charlie Sams. Lyons attended the meetings held by Nuesse, he added.

-- Nuesse made no attempt to get $180,000 owed to the city police from seizures and forfeitures collected during investigations by the former Erie County Drug Task Force, said Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter.

-- Nuesse first supported, then questioned, the need for a sales tax levy to pay for the drug task force and increased space at the Erie County Jail, Baxter said. When Nuesse questioned the issue before the November 2006 vote, the issue failed at the ballot box, he said.

-- Nuesse coordinated a mass arrest raid with the U.S. Marshall Service, but did not consult the sheriff's office, which constantly deals with overcrowding at the jail, Lyons said.

-- Nuesse told Murray, Stahl and Crandall that she had seen the sheriff's dispatch center in operation, when she had toured that center while it was under construction, said Crandall and Murray.

-- Nuesse had talked with her administrative assistant, Mary Ann Kuligowski, about possibly moving to a position in Kline's office so Human Resources Specialist Connie Nicholson could become Nuesse's secretary, Kuligowski said. However, Kuligowski later spoke with Kline, who had no instructions to eliminate Nicholson's position in the administrative services department and who had not spoken to city commissioners about moving Kuligowski to his office.

-- Psychologist Wayne Morse, who evaluated police officer candidates, told investigators ''he has clients who are involved in law enforcement who have told him that when Chief Nuesse was first hired, police officers on the Sandusky Police Department had indicated that they were not going to follow orders from a woman.''

The complete report is available by making a public records request through Kline's office at Sandusky City Hall, 222 Meigs St. Due to the number of pages at five cents a page, the cost for copies is $26.10.


Another accurate, well reported article from the Lorain Morning Journal's Richard Payerchin. I subscribe to both the Morning Journal and Register. The Journal just reports the news, it doesn't sensationalize or instigate trouble the way the Register has taken to doing.


With this report prepared by an attorney, do you think it is believable ?