Murman report: A mile wide and an inch deep

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

When he first began his $20,000 integrity probe of police Chief Kim Nuesse, attorney Michael Murman sent out a press release.

Anyone with “first-hand knowledge of accusations” against Nuesse should contact him. He also wanted to hear from anyone with “counter-accusations against other city officials.”

But Murman used different words to describe that invitation in the summary report of his investigation:

“(Despite) the almost constant presence of the investigators in the community over the past 10 weeks and a press release inviting those with information favorable to the chief to come forward, their silence has been deafening.”

Congratulations to city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and city manger Matt Kline and law director Don Icsman.

You got exactly what you wanted: An investigation all boxed up that says exactly what you wanted it to say.



Another interesting sample of this kind of storytelling is here:

@RHammons What do you think?

Matt Damon



ahhhh..President Pelosi!!! Remember when she was jumping up and down clapping like a little kid on christmas morning in Obamas speech? Just what do you think was on her mind? POWER!!!???


Finally a replacement for the late Art Buchwald. LOL Funny blog, Jason !

Winston Smith

House Speaker Pelosi and her ilk like to portray themselves as modern day Robin Hoods.

Remember: Robin Hood stole from THE RICH to give to THE POOR.

Increasingly THE RICH are the collectivist political ruling class and THE POOR are the citizens.

Kinda got it twisted don't they?

The only difference between a bag of manure and the stuff coming out of Nancy Pelosi's mouth is the bag.


We must always remember that idle hands are the tools of the devil. A perfect parallele to this hypothesis would be the situtattion in Cuba. The combination of a mostly Godless society, failed communist government and lack of a freemarket economy has lead to an increase in recreational fornicating. People with idle time, low morale and lax morals choose to enjoy each other for recreation. Very sad. Until the Castros are gone there probably no hope for this situation to improve. That being said, I suggest you make sure you are compatible before enjoying the company of new friends. I always ask if my new friend is pro life. Why waste time on someone who might enjoy therath of God someday. I always remember that God helps those who help themselves! Happy Dating! :)

joe baumgartner

Can anyone explain to me why judges can't run for re-election once they reach the age of 70, but we have appointed retired visiting judges that are well over 70 years old?


Retire oldster

Winston Smith

It's little wonder that unemployment is at current levels as Ohio is largely dependent upon three economic sectors: Retail, Banking and Automotive.

All those areas are deeply troubled and won't break out until consumers begin spending and borrowing again.

Currently consumers are increasingly frightened about their future job prospects and are tending to pay down debt and save whatever they can as opposed to spending.

We can probably kiss 2009 goodbye and hope for a recovery in 2010 at the earliest, if then.

Winston Smith

Regarding the A.I.G. bonus broo-ha-ha:

Money is fungible.

While he's printing up trillions of U.S. dollars anyway, just ask Fed Chairman Bernanke to leave the presses on for an extra nano-second and produce an additional $165 million and it's essentially a wash.

Ahh…printing and borrowing our way to prosperity!

No nation in the history of the world has successfully pulled off this technique without producing devastating hyperinflation; good luck!

If ya fear the worst, forget gold and instead stock up on ammo and can goods.

Winston Smith

Obama at the beach with his buddy The Teleprompter-in-Chief:

Kottage Kat

I had to miss it, and was sorry that I did, it was one of the few times I would have gone to a show. The Irish sure know how to do a wake, and I am sure that a good time was had by all. Bet your Mom loved it, wish mine were here to take, she loved things like that. Thanx for giving us a review. Were you driving the van 3/20?? I was the little green Escort you kept passing. PJCK

Kottage Kat

I am a Christian, single 22yrs, Senior Citizen. I am purty fussi, and my # 1 requirement is that any person of the male gender that comes into my life has to love the Lord more than he loves me. I miss the companionship, and conversing with someone who does not have fur and 4 legs. Just because we are older, does not mean that we are not capable of feelings, or thinking. There does seem to be a lack of Senior Groups for singles, just to meet, attend activities,
and have a good time. I realize that many are on limited incomes, and it is finacially difficult sometimes. Living in Huron County, I am restricted to the programs that SOS offers.
If you or anyone knows of groups like this that get togeather locally, please advise. Would like to see one, perhaps in the Tri-County area. Thank-you


My mother-in-law has been widowed for a while now. Men have let her know that they are intersted in her and her philosphy is this... Why in the world would I want another man to cook and clean up after. It would be nice to have a companion when I go to social events, so I don't have to be my friend's 3rd wheel.

I think she would participate in a singles club, as long as the "club" emhasized that they don't exist to get you married...

Are there any other 60 or older people that think like my mother-in-law?

joe baumgartner

I guess no one has a solution to the question I asked two days ago. Why do we allow retired judges over 70 yrs old to adjudicate trials when we do not allow them to run for election. There are many people who would like to know how this is possible in the USSR, excuse me the USA. Any body else been abused by the system, the total disregard of THE CONSTITUTION? Check out page A2 of today's Register. This is where they normally would retract any statement or stories that were questioned about their truth. Just look in the upper right hand comment about an Erie County Elected Prosecutor. They stand by their story. Great job Sandusky Register.

Winston Smith

Wanna end unemployment tomorrow?

Eliminate minimum wage laws.

Wages will initially head for the cellar, eventually bottom out and then begin to rise, as those who are the most productive will be paid accordingly. Gotta luv those market forces!

Actually, the last time Black employment was higher than White employment was 1931, prior to the original minimum wage law known as The Davis-Bacon Act that was sponsored by evil Republicans.

The Davis-Bacon Act was in reaction to Blacks migrating from the South to factories in the North and in the process driving down the cost of employment.

In fact, minimum wage laws are founded in racism, but don’t tell that to the bleeding-heart liberals, ‘cause they won’t believe you.


Kottage Kat

What a wonderful thing for Sandusky. I hope all will take advantage of this service. To those who think the price is high, try a Taxi, and soon you, too will be getting on this bus with 4 quarters in your fist. Please see this as a blessing, and not be critical.

Kottage Kat

I prefer group activities, and like your mother-in-law am not intrested in marriage. It is nice to go out to dinner, have some good conversation with your peers.

Sue, Can you let us know if there are any groups like this in the area??? Thank you

Julie R.

If Chief Justice Moyer is now being forced to retire because of his age it stands to reason that the next Chief Justice will not be a native son of Sandusky, Ohio. Which means the next Chief Justice just might not be prone to granting any special favors----like the appointment of visiting retired judges to cases in Erie County that reek. (i.e. the Baxter Estate, Krista Harris and the Baumgartner cases)

Mr. Baumgartner: There are a lot of people in this County that have been victims of the legal system's total disregard for the Constitution----the legal system does this when they unlawfully ignore i.e. deny/prohibit people their rights to hearings on legitimate complaints. Add on the fact that this County takes money from the parties that file the complaints yet has no intention of ever addressing them should be considered illegal in itself.


I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to know that the Milkyways dont just talk to me!

The power of the scale can be very intimidating; 21 pounds is nothing to sneeze at and is to be commended!

Keep-up the good work and don't lose your motivation as you are an inspiration to many! You deserve this!


Winston with your wealth of knowledge you should be in office. You know so much.

Winston Smith


Wait. Presently, I'm in the middle of something else. Don’t get your panties in a bunch in the meantime.

Regardless, I'll most likely never get elected because I refuse to be a bobble head 'kiss up' for their political masters like ‘some’ who post here.

Other than your usual nonsensical ad hominem attacks focused at me, have you got anything worthwhile to offer regarding the subject matter?

So, what’s your assessment and potential cure for Ohio’s unemployment - more government?

Thanks for playing.

Winston Smith

Michelle Obama clears ground on the WH lawn in order to plant a vegetable garden:

Michelle states in this video that no one has planted a garden at the WH since Roosevelt.

Roosevelt…The Great Depression…Hum.

Does she know something about the future of our country that we don’t?

Maybe it’s a covert sign from her that hubby’s borrow, print and spend policies are gonna cause so much damage to the U.S. economy that we all should begin planting gardens so we'll be able to EAT.

I’ll bet Michelle and the girls will be out there regularly weeding, watering and tending to the garden. LOL.

Instead, I’ll bet it’ll be some WH schlubs who will be doin’ all the work. Wannabet?


People like you are America's problem. As others have noted you only complain. You probably have no friends. Here is one idea I will give you though; a 16% flat tax. All pay it. No loopholes what-so-ever. That is all.

Winston Smith


Here's a thought for ya from Eleanor Roosevelt:

'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.'

Attack and/or discuss the ideas – not the person. Got it? Discuss ideas and concepts or you’re essentially a waste of my time. If you’ve got something worthwhile to share or teach – TEACH IT, but kindly cut the manure.


kURT wrote on Mar 22, 2009 8:09 AM:

'...a 16% flat tax. All pay it. No loopholes what-so-ever. That is all.'

And lowering the tax rate will do WHAT for Ohio unemployment?

Sue Daugherty

I am not aware that there are any match-making social groups in Erie or Huron County for people age 60+. I have long thought that there should be. But just like everything else.... nothing is ever simple.

I would think for such a social group or business to be safe and reputable it would take a lot of planning and a lot of background checking. (I seriously wonder if existing match-making groups/agencies really go to this expense before they introduce someone. I highly doubt it.)

I would like toknow from Erie county residents age 60+, would you want a social introduction/social dating service if one existed? (DON'T interpret this question to mean that Serving Our Seniors will do it. It would just be good information to see if there is a "market" for it. Who knows... if there is a market, maybe there is an entreprenuer out there who would start a dating service for the 60+ crowd.)

Kottage Kat

Not particularly intrested in anything like e-Harmony for oldsters, something on the order of the Christian Singles that meet on a regular schedule and do things and then go out to dinner. SOS was not even thought of when I posted, they are not in that business,lol. Thank you for your reply.


Let us say that the 70 yr old limitation is there for a reason.
Secondly, we can see today what happens when a retired judge over 70 presides over a trial I.E. Nuesse case. When issues are brought up to him that have legal merit, he just disregards them without any ethical reason.
Since Moyer is 70, drawing social security, he should in fact contact Cirigliano so the two of them can sit on the front porch and compare notes about all the covert dealings they have pulled over the years against people. How would you like to be a little mouse and listen in on that conversation?
Moyer being a mediator is out of the question, since the 70 yr age limit disallows him for re-election what makes you think he should be able to preside over any litigation as we have seen with Cirigliano!
Teaching scholars, you have to be kidding, what possibly could you bestow upon them pertaining to your years of service without raising an eyebrow or two.
For GOD'S sake, you're 70 years old, time to step away from the plate!!!
Gee Matt, Jackie Mayer was from here also, and even has a section of RT. 2 named after her, yet I don't see you run an article on her during the Miss America Pageant.


Way to funny, but the only problems I can for see are as follows:


1. Kline would be disqualifies for unappreciated touching. Nuesse wins
2. Baxter could never pass the drug test, Westerhold wins
3. Stahl/Fuqua/Farrar/Warner, let me see Stahl would be on his cell phone to Murray trying to determine which side he should be on, Fuqua would be too busy combing his hair and looking in the audience taking instructions from his wife Mary, Farrar would look like she was already defeated with her bobble head syndrome, Warner would be working on his comb over and looking for Stahl to see which side he has gone to.


1. Kaman and Waddington win by default, since Brown ran over to the RED corner, truth and honesty prevail thus making them the ULTIMATE CHAMPIONS.

John Eymann vs. Tim Schwanger: Tim Schwanger wins by default since no one knows where John Eymann is.

Referee - the HAAGS

Winston Smith

Eventually having our govt. mandated RFIDs installed should be comforting to those in authority who may find it necessary to keep track of our movements.

The selling of the convenience of no longer needing to carry IDs and credit cards alone should help spur the trend.

I mean, why would there be a problem? You don’t have anything to hide do you?

Then again, it’ll be pretty simple to maximize compliance: No RFID, No Service.