Murman report: A mile wide and an inch deep

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


When he first began his $20,000 integrity probe of police Chief Kim Nuesse, attorney Michael Murman sent out a press release.

Anyone with “first-hand knowledge of accusations” against Nuesse should contact him. He also wanted to hear from anyone with “counter-accusations against other city officials.”

But Murman used different words to describe that invitation in the summary report of his investigation:

“(Despite) the almost constant presence of the investigators in the community over the past 10 weeks and a press release inviting those with information favorable to the chief to come forward, their silence has been deafening.”

Congratulations to city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and city manger Matt Kline and law director Don Icsman.

You got exactly what you wanted: An investigation all boxed up that says exactly what you wanted it to say.



What happened to your previous blog entry, Matt ?

Winston Smith

Gotta tell ya; I love researching info on the Web. It's akin to having the largest set of encyclopedias ever constructed.

This morning I was scanning on-line London newspapers in order to get their take on PM Brown's recent visit. How cool is that?

I sure wish I woulda had this tool in school.

I think it widens the divide between critical thinkers and those who haven't learned how to do it, Nick. The web is powerful but with all it's potential, it's just another tool and children are either going to learn how to use it or they're not. The future belongs to those who know how to use tools placed at their disposal. The development of technology in today's world far outpaces the ability of normal people to integrate it into their lives - and sometimes when they do, the tech is more of a distraction than an enhancement. I go back and forth on this debate too. Until it drives me to turning off the computer to go play with the kids at the park.


You can do this! Remember....You Are All That!

Winston Smith

Some folks better take the opportunity to put that number on speed dial; cuz according to the Federal Reserve it’ll probably get increased usage.

'The Federal Reserve estimates home prices could fall 18 to 29 percent more by the end of 2010.'


Obama continues to yak about education, energy and health care, none of which are germane to the problem.

Until the banks are straightened out and home prices begin to stabilize, this economy will continue in freefall.

Obama and his merry band of geniuses have been MIA on substantive plans regarding these two major issues.

Several years of too much credit and cheap money are coming back to bite us, it’s gonna take a while to work it’s way through the system.

Of course, Obama’s massive deficit spending plans along with more cheap money and oodles of credit will only eventually morph into a much larger future problem, but that’s another story for another day.


Mr. Westerhold could you look into this.



I like that ... wait, I don't mean I like it, but that's an interesting take. Both are true for different people. While the previous generation was so much about bringing society together, this generation seems so much about polarizing it. The thought disparity of the internet seems like just another way...



These individuals should all be cited for "reckless endangerment". The cost should then be divided by the number of individuals and they should be fined that amount! Idiots.


Bah, humbug. That is what we have these services for. You make them leave there warm huts and cable tv and they complain. I do not participate in any off shore activities, but those who do, pay the bills for those who are raising a stink.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee see Coast Guard tell cost of rescue but City no tell cost of Nuesse Investigation? Chung Lee find very odd.


I 2nd that thought.


All of these people should be charged with "reckless endangerment". They then should divide the cost by the number of idiots out there and fine each of them that amount.


mikel, i didn't hear you the first two times. Can you say that again?

Winston Smith

Mr White, your comment reminded me of the following:

' All technological change is a Faustian bargain. For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage.'

- Neil Postman

Mechanical clocks were originally developed in the 14th Century in Europe in order to help remind Christian believers to faithfully recite their morning, afternoon and evening prayers.

How well is that original concept working in today's increasingly humanistic Western world?


Not my choice but he is our president. I will support him. I won't let politics replace my first responsibility as an American.

Sue Daugherty

For those of you who liked what "Outsider" said... not letting "politics replace my first responsibility as an American" (I'm interpreting that to mean civic engagment -- is that what you meant, Outsider?) Here's a good link if you truly want to know more/do more to engage yourself in our country's economic recovery. Go to this link to learn a little more...

Let me put your fears to rest... The pledge is not for money -- it's for your personal involvement. (Also known as "civic engagement)


Mr. Jackson, I think you cover story's very well but you may need to dig a little deeper. The county continues to cut the working people on the front lines. It appears you aren't being told that no upper management has been touched. I believe you may want to start investigating people on payroll that don't put in a full working week. Then questions some of the administrative money that is being spent on unnecessary items. I think the public tax payers would love to hear about that. Specially the ones that have lost their jobs and try to get help when Erie County JFS is short staffed and can not even make a dent in their work in a 40 hour work week. Check it out Tom, and maybe you need to go and seat in the buildings lobby and evaluate. A word to the wise, sometimes the top only tells you what they want you to hear. Trust others as they have the truth. The CEO'S have killed our country.

Winston Smith

Yea I saw this earlier.

I read 'tons' of SF when I was younger. I believe I read the first installment of Riverworld as a serial in either the long defunct 'Galaxy' or 'If' magazines.

Enjoyed the idea of different historical ages thrown together. Who could've imagined Samuel Clemens and Vikings???

Sue Daugherty

Erie Huron Community Action Commission received $70,000 from Columbia Gas to be used for Columbia Gas customers that are above 175% of the Fed. Poverty and at or below 200% A DISCONNET NOTICE IS NOT REQUIRED the max benefit is $250.00 it is additional Fuel Fund Monies. ($18,200/year for one person; $24,500/year for two people;$20,800/year for a household of one; $28,000/year for a household of two)

So if you know of someone who could use a 250.00 discount on their heating bill -- and falls in this income bracket -- tell them to cal the Erie-Huron CAC at 419-626-4320. Adults of any age are eligible.

A Sovereign American

A new documentary will be out on Sunday, "The Obama Deception" will probably be on Youtube in a few days as well. You should watch it.


Obama is going to drag this country even lower into the depths of recession and will soon be an all out depression. This Robin Hood approach he is taking, buy taking from the rich to give to the poor will destroy us. My insurance rates will go up to help pay for those who dont have insurance. I have worked hard to get what I have and I already have WAY too much of my money coming out of my check to help people who refuse to work and just sit around having babies. If you are someone who worked hard, who HAD a great job but got fired, you deserve help. But lets face it, a lot of these people just dont have the ambition to do for themselves, especially when we now have a president who is more than willing to take more of my money to give to those who are "less fortunate". God help us all!!


Why did the people speak so loudly last election? Because after 8years of failure (Bush), we the people were tired of it.


Mr. Westerhold, I commend you for your reporting on this and other similar issues. Kind of reminds me of the old Watergate days. I hope you keep up the good work and I hope that Justice comes to the good Citizens of Sandusky. This has to be some of the darker days in the history of this fine town. By the way, we have never met, but I am a frequent reader of your newspaper, which I think is the best in Northern Ohio.

Sue Daugherty

What you should know.... You should verify the following before completing your enrollment:

* Whether your agreement will be automatically renewed upon

* Whether automatic renewal would subject you to a higher

* That you understand whether you are accepting a fixed or
variable rate and what those two terms mean;

* Whether any additional fees, such as for enrollment,
transfer or cancellation, may be charged; and

* That the supplier is a certified participant in Ohio’s
choice programs.

After you have received your first bill, check the numbers against your signed copy of the contract to make sure the charges assessed reflect your understanding of what you agreed to. You need to be aware that in most cases, if you decide to switch to a different supplier offering a lower rate, it generally takes 45 to 60 days for the new rate to go into effect.

Be sure to read and save any materials you receive from the supplier as they may include notices of changes to the original offer, rate or length of the service agreement.


This still cheats the SENIORS IN ERIE COUNTY!! They who are lower incomed have to pay $1.50 per ride or $3 round trip to go to the Dr or the store or anywhere! Instead of giving all that money to SPARC they should have invested in helping the SENIORS who need rides and paying their drivers a decent wage! Erie County is the only county transportation that pays their drivers by the client instead of by the hour!


To arrive at a definitive figure would require city,county and township to open its financial books and that just won't happen.Keep up the good work,Matt.


Matt, your editorials keep getting more and more boring. Why do you think you deserve taped interviews with suspected drug dealers? I mean why do you think you're entitled to this information? You are a newspaper editor and a BAD one at that. What would all of this do? You have personal vendettas against so many people in this town, all in the name of Kim Nuesse. Its really only a matter of time, before the Lorain Journal causes the SR to go belly up. See they have REAL journalists, who report the truth and dont use their paper as a platform to try and destroy good strong people in the community. Matt Kline, Charlie Sams, Brett Fuqua, Phil Frost have all been the victims of your unprovoked attacks and accusations, if one or all of them were wise, they would sue you for slander. I just would like to know why you would do this for a woman who, up until 2 years ago, was no where near to being a member of this community. So she comes in here, trys to run the Police Department into the ground, gets canned for several reasons and because of that you slander all these men?? I understand when you have a "crush" on a woman, you try to make yourself appear more important than you are, but I mean C'mon Matt, dont think she sees through YOUR "Transparencies"??? LMAO!!!! Youre SO pathetic Matt!!!

Nick said: "But wouldn't it be cool if a story could weave text, audio, and video together? Not just supplementing with video, but making the text and the video actually dependent on each other...?"

You mean like this:

And this:

I predict digital news delivery will move toward this style. It's engaging. It's interesting. It requires a little more skill because you're transitioning between chunks of information and combines the art of editing with reporting - but at some point aren't all reporters editors too?

Julie R.

Keep dogging 'em, Matt. Concealment of documents is illegal......

Julie R.

William Lang, ANOTHER Cleveland attorney that will be paid with Erie County tax dollars, claims a secret document is any document that an attorney handles......Considering how lawyers think everybody should just naturally take their word for everything, maybe the SR should call his bluff and ask him for the number of this joke law.


jOE CITIZEN, not that I want to defend Matt but we all should have a right to these documents. We pay for these out of our taxpayer money and no document unless it is in the interest of national security should be a secreat document. WE as citizens need to demand more from our goverment and start throwing any and all bums out of office that forget that they answer to us.

This is what the newspaper should be doing, getting information on what our goverment is doing with our tax dollars. Not protecting anyone in office and holding all of them to the same measuring stick.


QUESTION Joe, why does that fact that up to 2 years ago she was not part of the communtiy affect anything here. So youR telling me that fact makes her disqualified becasue she is not one of the good old boys. To me that makes her more disqualified because she has no one to give a pay back.


hmmm...sounds like a waste of money to me. Don't we have a rather large deficit right now? And public transportation is at the top of our list? Sounds like a liberal agenda if I've ever saw one!

Rick Studer

The SPARC is a great idea. I’ve recently spoke with multiple people who plan to use this service. The affordable $1 per ride will allow people of limited means to use the transportation service multiple times a week. This should allow people who are normally confined or limited to the downtown area the ability to branch out. Now they can seek employment and spend their money in a greater number of places.

It’s easy for people who have transportation to consider this program a waste of money. For a poor person who has a low paying job $5 to $10 extra in their pocket a week is the difference between eating lunch and working all day hungry.

It occurs to me that “conservative, right wing thinkers” who blog in this area are in actuality suffering from low self-esteem. They always make the assumption that if they can do something, then anybody else can do it too. They never give themselves credit for being able to get a better job, completing an education, being smarter or able to physically work harder than someone else is.

They always blame the person in need for being lazy, or a Socialist who wants everything handed to them or someone who just doesn’t care and is a freeloader. I say you “Rush Babies” be upfront with your feelings of superiority. I suppose I could be wrong and the real answer is you just don’t give squat about your fellow man…

To the bus driver, look in your pocket. Is there a union card? That’s why you get paid by a$$es in the seat. A Teamster wouldn’t have this complaint.


The SR destroyed Matt Kline? You're kidding me right?


Thank you Mr. Studer! You took the words right out of my mouth. Well, sorta. I think you said it better than I could have.



Winston Smith

It's a simple case of supply and demand. Govt. can only keep the true costs hidden for so long. Market prices will prevail eventually.

Tip of the iceberg; in the future, expect to pay more for less when it comes to govt. regulated or provided health and welfare services.


Bumper sticker: “Forget World peace. Try visualizing using your turn signal.”


I know it is a lot of hard work, but you are doing great! Keep up the great weight loss!


I asked one of the commissioners (democrat) why the water prices are going up in these districts...he explained that it wasn't fair for others to pay.........hmmmm, I asked him, isn't that what the goverment is trying to do on a federal level? He didn't answer...


With people having access to all the big box stores along Rt. 250 aren't we helping the closing of Cardinal Market and Gallaghers?


This is a very interesting topic of discussion, and I don't think I have a cut and dry solution to offer, but I know for certain interweaving and more importantly dependency on multimedia is probably not the best solution. I think news should still be included as text, for universal accessibility, probably provided in a short (headline and snippet) and long form (article in entirety), and it should be supplemented with rich information graphics/applications, and video/audio. I appreciate a well thought out diagram, or chart, interactive or not. And video's great, but it's much more difficult to note, bookmark, or cite than text. As long as a written article is the basis for all these things, one over the other could easily be successful as the focus of the news piece, but the text has to be there.

I think the Regurgitator example provided below is absolutely messy and I hope news delivery doesn't go in that direction. That site reminds me of something from the movie Idiocracy...


There are two ideas I can share that might help you fight of procrastination in your quest.

First, when I did my grocery shopping, I would try to find frozen foods (a box of marinated salmon, a bag of raw vegetables) that didn't need much effort to prepare.

Second, it was easier if I got my food for the following day ready the night before. Planning ahead always made it easier for me to stay with the diet. If I was rushed, I got stuck having to eat out or picking up whatever and that made it difficult to follow what I should have eaten. Also, it helped to cook two days of food at a time.

Good luck. I'm anxious to see how you've done since we met at the state swim meet.

Rhammons, in other words you're advocating exactly the way the news is presented now.

What did you think of the other presentation:

Winston Smith

Gotta luv the pompousness of the political ruling class.

Reminds me of a Soviet joke:

'Brezhenev is showing his aged mother around the Kremlin. He shows her his ornate office, the state rooms, the banqueting suite and the garage full of limos. 'Well mother has your boy done well?'

Mother looks aghast......'Son I'm very worried. What if the Bolsheviks come back?'

The New World Czar

Our elected officials are only as good as the quality of the voters who elected them.

With that being said...WHAT WERE WE THINKING ???

Check the backgrounds of your candidates before you vote.


Another interesting sample of this kind of storytelling is here:

@RHammons What do you think?

Matt Damon



ahhhh..President Pelosi!!! Remember when she was jumping up and down clapping like a little kid on christmas morning in Obamas speech? Just what do you think was on her mind? POWER!!!???


Finally a replacement for the late Art Buchwald. LOL Funny blog, Jason !

Winston Smith

House Speaker Pelosi and her ilk like to portray themselves as modern day Robin Hoods.

Remember: Robin Hood stole from THE RICH to give to THE POOR.

Increasingly THE RICH are the collectivist political ruling class and THE POOR are the citizens.

Kinda got it twisted don't they?

The only difference between a bag of manure and the stuff coming out of Nancy Pelosi's mouth is the bag.


We must always remember that idle hands are the tools of the devil. A perfect parallele to this hypothesis would be the situtattion in Cuba. The combination of a mostly Godless society, failed communist government and lack of a freemarket economy has lead to an increase in recreational fornicating. People with idle time, low morale and lax morals choose to enjoy each other for recreation. Very sad. Until the Castros are gone there probably no hope for this situation to improve. That being said, I suggest you make sure you are compatible before enjoying the company of new friends. I always ask if my new friend is pro life. Why waste time on someone who might enjoy therath of God someday. I always remember that God helps those who help themselves! Happy Dating! :)

joe baumgartner

Can anyone explain to me why judges can't run for re-election once they reach the age of 70, but we have appointed retired visiting judges that are well over 70 years old?


Retire oldster

Winston Smith

It's little wonder that unemployment is at current levels as Ohio is largely dependent upon three economic sectors: Retail, Banking and Automotive.

All those areas are deeply troubled and won't break out until consumers begin spending and borrowing again.

Currently consumers are increasingly frightened about their future job prospects and are tending to pay down debt and save whatever they can as opposed to spending.

We can probably kiss 2009 goodbye and hope for a recovery in 2010 at the earliest, if then.

Winston Smith

Regarding the A.I.G. bonus broo-ha-ha:

Money is fungible.

While he's printing up trillions of U.S. dollars anyway, just ask Fed Chairman Bernanke to leave the presses on for an extra nano-second and produce an additional $165 million and it's essentially a wash.

Ahh…printing and borrowing our way to prosperity!

No nation in the history of the world has successfully pulled off this technique without producing devastating hyperinflation; good luck!

If ya fear the worst, forget gold and instead stock up on ammo and can goods.

Winston Smith

Obama at the beach with his buddy The Teleprompter-in-Chief:

Kottage Kat

I had to miss it, and was sorry that I did, it was one of the few times I would have gone to a show. The Irish sure know how to do a wake, and I am sure that a good time was had by all. Bet your Mom loved it, wish mine were here to take, she loved things like that. Thanx for giving us a review. Were you driving the van 3/20?? I was the little green Escort you kept passing. PJCK

Kottage Kat

I am a Christian, single 22yrs, Senior Citizen. I am purty fussi, and my # 1 requirement is that any person of the male gender that comes into my life has to love the Lord more than he loves me. I miss the companionship, and conversing with someone who does not have fur and 4 legs. Just because we are older, does not mean that we are not capable of feelings, or thinking. There does seem to be a lack of Senior Groups for singles, just to meet, attend activities,
and have a good time. I realize that many are on limited incomes, and it is finacially difficult sometimes. Living in Huron County, I am restricted to the programs that SOS offers.
If you or anyone knows of groups like this that get togeather locally, please advise. Would like to see one, perhaps in the Tri-County area. Thank-you


My mother-in-law has been widowed for a while now. Men have let her know that they are intersted in her and her philosphy is this... Why in the world would I want another man to cook and clean up after. It would be nice to have a companion when I go to social events, so I don't have to be my friend's 3rd wheel.

I think she would participate in a singles club, as long as the "club" emhasized that they don't exist to get you married...

Are there any other 60 or older people that think like my mother-in-law?

joe baumgartner

I guess no one has a solution to the question I asked two days ago. Why do we allow retired judges over 70 yrs old to adjudicate trials when we do not allow them to run for election. There are many people who would like to know how this is possible in the USSR, excuse me the USA. Any body else been abused by the system, the total disregard of THE CONSTITUTION? Check out page A2 of today's Register. This is where they normally would retract any statement or stories that were questioned about their truth. Just look in the upper right hand comment about an Erie County Elected Prosecutor. They stand by their story. Great job Sandusky Register.

Winston Smith

Wanna end unemployment tomorrow?

Eliminate minimum wage laws.

Wages will initially head for the cellar, eventually bottom out and then begin to rise, as those who are the most productive will be paid accordingly. Gotta luv those market forces!

Actually, the last time Black employment was higher than White employment was 1931, prior to the original minimum wage law known as The Davis-Bacon Act that was sponsored by evil Republicans.

The Davis-Bacon Act was in reaction to Blacks migrating from the South to factories in the North and in the process driving down the cost of employment.

In fact, minimum wage laws are founded in racism, but don’t tell that to the bleeding-heart liberals, ‘cause they won’t believe you.


Kottage Kat

What a wonderful thing for Sandusky. I hope all will take advantage of this service. To those who think the price is high, try a Taxi, and soon you, too will be getting on this bus with 4 quarters in your fist. Please see this as a blessing, and not be critical.

Kottage Kat

I prefer group activities, and like your mother-in-law am not intrested in marriage. It is nice to go out to dinner, have some good conversation with your peers.

Sue, Can you let us know if there are any groups like this in the area??? Thank you

Julie R.

If Chief Justice Moyer is now being forced to retire because of his age it stands to reason that the next Chief Justice will not be a native son of Sandusky, Ohio. Which means the next Chief Justice just might not be prone to granting any special favors----like the appointment of visiting retired judges to cases in Erie County that reek. (i.e. the Baxter Estate, Krista Harris and the Baumgartner cases)

Mr. Baumgartner: There are a lot of people in this County that have been victims of the legal system's total disregard for the Constitution----the legal system does this when they unlawfully ignore i.e. deny/prohibit people their rights to hearings on legitimate complaints. Add on the fact that this County takes money from the parties that file the complaints yet has no intention of ever addressing them should be considered illegal in itself.


I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to know that the Milkyways dont just talk to me!

The power of the scale can be very intimidating; 21 pounds is nothing to sneeze at and is to be commended!

Keep-up the good work and don't lose your motivation as you are an inspiration to many! You deserve this!


Winston with your wealth of knowledge you should be in office. You know so much.

Winston Smith


Wait. Presently, I'm in the middle of something else. Don’t get your panties in a bunch in the meantime.

Regardless, I'll most likely never get elected because I refuse to be a bobble head 'kiss up' for their political masters like ‘some’ who post here.

Other than your usual nonsensical ad hominem attacks focused at me, have you got anything worthwhile to offer regarding the subject matter?

So, what’s your assessment and potential cure for Ohio’s unemployment - more government?

Thanks for playing.

Winston Smith

Michelle Obama clears ground on the WH lawn in order to plant a vegetable garden:

Michelle states in this video that no one has planted a garden at the WH since Roosevelt.

Roosevelt…The Great Depression…Hum.

Does she know something about the future of our country that we don’t?

Maybe it’s a covert sign from her that hubby’s borrow, print and spend policies are gonna cause so much damage to the U.S. economy that we all should begin planting gardens so we'll be able to EAT.

I’ll bet Michelle and the girls will be out there regularly weeding, watering and tending to the garden. LOL.

Instead, I’ll bet it’ll be some WH schlubs who will be doin’ all the work. Wannabet?


People like you are America's problem. As others have noted you only complain. You probably have no friends. Here is one idea I will give you though; a 16% flat tax. All pay it. No loopholes what-so-ever. That is all.

Winston Smith


Here's a thought for ya from Eleanor Roosevelt:

'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.'

Attack and/or discuss the ideas – not the person. Got it? Discuss ideas and concepts or you’re essentially a waste of my time. If you’ve got something worthwhile to share or teach – TEACH IT, but kindly cut the manure.


kURT wrote on Mar 22, 2009 8:09 AM:

'...a 16% flat tax. All pay it. No loopholes what-so-ever. That is all.'

And lowering the tax rate will do WHAT for Ohio unemployment?

Sue Daugherty

I am not aware that there are any match-making social groups in Erie or Huron County for people age 60+. I have long thought that there should be. But just like everything else.... nothing is ever simple.

I would think for such a social group or business to be safe and reputable it would take a lot of planning and a lot of background checking. (I seriously wonder if existing match-making groups/agencies really go to this expense before they introduce someone. I highly doubt it.)

I would like toknow from Erie county residents age 60+, would you want a social introduction/social dating service if one existed? (DON'T interpret this question to mean that Serving Our Seniors will do it. It would just be good information to see if there is a "market" for it. Who knows... if there is a market, maybe there is an entreprenuer out there who would start a dating service for the 60+ crowd.)

Kottage Kat

Not particularly intrested in anything like e-Harmony for oldsters, something on the order of the Christian Singles that meet on a regular schedule and do things and then go out to dinner. SOS was not even thought of when I posted, they are not in that business,lol. Thank you for your reply.


Let us say that the 70 yr old limitation is there for a reason.
Secondly, we can see today what happens when a retired judge over 70 presides over a trial I.E. Nuesse case. When issues are brought up to him that have legal merit, he just disregards them without any ethical reason.
Since Moyer is 70, drawing social security, he should in fact contact Cirigliano so the two of them can sit on the front porch and compare notes about all the covert dealings they have pulled over the years against people. How would you like to be a little mouse and listen in on that conversation?
Moyer being a mediator is out of the question, since the 70 yr age limit disallows him for re-election what makes you think he should be able to preside over any litigation as we have seen with Cirigliano!
Teaching scholars, you have to be kidding, what possibly could you bestow upon them pertaining to your years of service without raising an eyebrow or two.
For GOD'S sake, you're 70 years old, time to step away from the plate!!!
Gee Matt, Jackie Mayer was from here also, and even has a section of RT. 2 named after her, yet I don't see you run an article on her during the Miss America Pageant.


Way to funny, but the only problems I can for see are as follows:


1. Kline would be disqualifies for unappreciated touching. Nuesse wins
2. Baxter could never pass the drug test, Westerhold wins
3. Stahl/Fuqua/Farrar/Warner, let me see Stahl would be on his cell phone to Murray trying to determine which side he should be on, Fuqua would be too busy combing his hair and looking in the audience taking instructions from his wife Mary, Farrar would look like she was already defeated with her bobble head syndrome, Warner would be working on his comb over and looking for Stahl to see which side he has gone to.


1. Kaman and Waddington win by default, since Brown ran over to the RED corner, truth and honesty prevail thus making them the ULTIMATE CHAMPIONS.

John Eymann vs. Tim Schwanger: Tim Schwanger wins by default since no one knows where John Eymann is.

Referee - the HAAGS

Winston Smith

Eventually having our govt. mandated RFIDs installed should be comforting to those in authority who may find it necessary to keep track of our movements.

The selling of the convenience of no longer needing to carry IDs and credit cards alone should help spur the trend.

I mean, why would there be a problem? You don’t have anything to hide do you?

Then again, it’ll be pretty simple to maximize compliance: No RFID, No Service.

Julie R.

It's not only judges that should be forced to retire at the age of 70, so should attorneys. That way they won't be able to do anymore criminal favors for their friends, like draft up new POA's and different Wills for their incompetent clients without the knowledge of certain family members. But then on the other hand, the other signatures on the forged documents weren't from people well over the age of 70 so I would have to say these criminal acts are commonplace in Eeeeerie County.

Winston Smith

Mr. Jackson,

Regarding Tommy James:

A couple of yrs. ago I was speaking with a chamber of commerce exec. who had booked him for event. She said that he was a real prima donna. He performed a truncated show and complained about everything - never again.

Sad, as I enjoyed his pop tunes in my youth. Maybe he’s gotten cranky in his old age? Perhaps it’s due to a lack of “Mony, Mony”?

The rule of 250:

If one person has a bad experience with a product or service they will tell their friends and acquaintances and those people in turn will tell others; hence the number 250.

Unfortunately, when most people have a good experience, they only tell two or three.

Winston Smith

Mr. Jackson:

It might be time for a Ken Mayland update. I’d enjoy reading his thoughts regarding this massive deficit Federal spending in support of the Brave New Deal. Perhaps some other readers would too.

Maybe he has some ideas on how to solve Ohio's unemployment situation?

I looked at his website and he's posted nothing new since the beginning of the year. Looks like ya gotta be a paid subscriber to get the 'good stuff.'

But, as an influential member of the media, you can cut to the head of the line.


I came across the following Soviet joke:

A Hungarian is sent to the Gulag.

One of his fellow prisoners asks him, ‘How long is your sentence?’

He replies, ‘Ten years.’

The prisoner then asks, ‘What was your crime?’

He replies, ‘Nothing.’

The prisoner responds angrily, ‘Nothing? You lucky b*stard! You must have connections. Everyone knows that the sentence for ‘Nothing’ is twenty years!’


There is a web site where you can register your phone numbers..or by phone 1-888-382-1222. This eliminates most of the unwanted calls.
Never give out any personal information on the phone.

Sue Daugherty

I just received a call from Walt Matthews Insurance Agency telling me of another scam. It's a "Jackpot Payment Notice". It comes in the form of a realistic check for $3,500.00 and it tells you to cash it so it can cover the cost of administering the jackpot. Then they ask for the "winners" checking account number and routing number so they can deposit the winnings.

here's what happens. The "Winner" cashes the check and the check bounces. The "Winner" has to pay the overdraft fees and pay back the bank for any of the spent $3,500.00. (assuming the "Winner" actually spent this money)

Now that this scam-business has the "Winners" checking account # and routing #, they are able to clean the "Winners" checking account out and run off with the "Winners" money.

The old saying still applies -- "If it sounds too good to be probably is".

If this is happening to you report it to your local police department and to the Ohio Attorney General's office Division of Consumer Protection Diviion. The phone number is 800-282-0515


I look forward to reading your blogs every week.....Oh how we LOVE the Little Debbie snacks, every time we went to Moms she would have several different boxes of them, thats what she lived on, Little Debbie snacks and Pepsi. Your right McDonalds is easy, drive thru here we come, but NOT ANY MORE!!! You have been at this for 3 months now, you know you CAN do this. I had those jeans I was keeping for you, well forget them, I will go buy you an outfit when the time is right.
Keep up the good work!! I am so proud of you!!

Love Aunt Sheri

Winston Smith

Yep! I’m not surprised to learn that I'm really out of the Sci-Fi genre loop anymore.

The only name I recognized was Turtledove. I read ‘Guns of The South’ years ago. Fun book.

I’ve been studying Soviet economics, that’s ‘kinda’ like Sci-Fi isn’t it?

veggie girl

Congratulations, Kristin! I've been following your progress and you are doing great! It's tough when you have kids at home, but you CAN do meals that taste as good--or better!--than a restaurant. It just takes planning. the crock pot can be your best friend...or, on the nights you have the patience for it, let the kids help! The best part of this (besides the healthy eating) is the memories of both the time spent together and the recipes that become "yours" The down side is...going out to eat means you don't have to clean up the kitchen!


Harry Turtledove is probably the best known author on this list, Opening atlantis is a great read, as are most of his other books, In the series begining with "How Few Remain" and ending with "In at the Death" He tells of a confederate victory in the Civil war, and looks at other conflicts between the two nations, Including in one of the later books of the series, the Battle of Norwalk and the Battle of Sandusky. Glad to see he's made the list again at least on the Prometheus awards. Thanks for posting this Tom

Kottage Kat

Excellent suggestions. Thank you


Hmmmm wait a minute....I seem to remember this being in the Sandusky Regurgitator this summer.....almost word for word.


Thanks for your comments. Harry Turtledove won the Prometheus last year for The Gladiator, a fine book about two Italian teenagers in a world in which the Communists won the Cold War. (He won in a tie with Jo Walton's "Ha'Penny," an exciting thriller about a plot to kill Hitler in a world in which England makes a separate peace with the Nazis.)

Winston Smith

Darn shame. Looks like mostly advice on 'hunkering down' tips.

It would appear that the great unleveraging of the U.S. economy is in full swing. We've been living and spending beyond our means for decades with much of our over consumption financed by foreigners. We’ve been spending and they’ve been saving.

Decades worth of bad decisions by simple-minded, self-serving politicians have brought Ohio and our nation to having its citizens pondering on how to do more with less.

Will the so-called ‘bold’ plans coming out of Washington do the trick to turn things around?

This morning I heard a comment by a news anchor who likened Obama’s massive spending plans to a doctor, who when diagnosing a patient as having diabetes gave him a prescription to eat more sugar.


Assuming that the artist titled the sculpture, his choice of words tells exactly what he intended.


Yep Yep, all of the cross time books, though written for a younger audience, are fine books, though i must admit reading the Gladiator reminded me a bit of the hero zone, which isn't a bad thing

Winston Smith

br wrote:

'...the Battle of Norwalk and the Battle of Sandusky.'

Interesting, I may have to check that out. Thanks.

Had the Copperheads been a potent force in 1860s Ohio, the state may have possibly seceded, the Union would have split in the Midwest and Lincoln's ability to wage war could have been potentially been greatly diminished.

Of course, during the First Battle of Manassas, had Lee allowed Jackson to pursue fleeing Federalists back into Washington, the War of Secession would possibly have ended almost before it began.


YES,the title is what people read and interpet as sexual.with out the title in place,what would one think it to be depicting. The time has come to think both left and right on this display. I myself deplore child abuse,physical,sexual,mental,as I have said open your eye's expand the closed way of thinking. Could this possibly be an artists social commentary of a terrible problem in the U.S,which is on the increase,the student-teacher illicit affair.


matt, matt, matt. what happened to you? where are the stories about all of the corruption? i wondered when they would get to you and it appears that they have. what gives, dude?i have razzed you over the last couple of years, but i stand behind you. this corruption disgusts me and so much has been brought to light. i hope you are still here and just lying in wait to pounce. they are in need of keeping the checks and balances. i hope you are still here. i know you are watching. just a matter of time now. why is no one from a much higher level looking into this though? more than state level. this is a scary situation and even more so if they have indeed silenced you. i hope not. good luck Matt...


I agree with you Crackhead, obviously after Matt wrote the article (WAKE UP AND SNORT THE COCAINE)it appears Baxter must have whined to Phares about Matt and the Nuesse scandal. It would appear with Matt's aggressive behavior, which I commend, the GOOD OLE BOYS were starting to feel a lil exposed to the general public. I hope in the near future when the lid blows completely off the GOOD OLE BOYS lil club that runs Sandusky that Matt indeed gets credit for it as he has done 90% of the ground work exposing these cancer's of the city. Go get em Matt!!!

Winston Smith

Read Turtledove’s 'Settling Accounts: Return Engagement' online for free:

I read what I wanted about Norwalk and Sandusky. Thanks again br.

To each his own; I enjoy reading plain old history more. For me there’s enough weird and bizarre stuff that actually occurred.


Good luck in whatever your future holds. You have been a great ambassador for Clyde and SBC athletics. Thank you.

Winston Smith

An abbreviated exchange from POTUS Obama’s Thurs., March 26, 2009 Internet Town Hall Meeting

Harriet in Georgia:

‘When can we expect that jobs that have been outsourced to other countries to come back and be made available to the unemployed workers here in the United States?’

POTUS Obama:

‘...I guess the answer to the question is, not all of these jobs are going to come back. And it probably wouldn't be good for our economy for a bunch of these jobs to come back because, frankly, there's no way that people could be getting paid a living wage on some of these jobs -- at least in order to be competitive in an international setting.’

A short-winded, one-word answer to Harriet’s question: NEVER.

true story

There is more to all this than most of you know. I suggest you read the letter from the Provost and then make an informed decision with all the facts and not just the one sided ones that have been given out by certain individuals. You also have to remember that all new students and families are provided a tour of the facilities so it isn't just about children also although you pay fees the buildings are paid for with taxes by all the people so the buildings must serve all the people so when the University makes a decision it has to think of everybody not just a select few. Once again I urge you to read the letter before getting involved with a few bullies that have an agenda.

Truth or Dare

PEDOPHELIA, one less scourge our Nation should have to be concerned with! Harsher sentencing will keep these individuals off the streets, out of our neighborhoods, schools, churches, activity centers, daycare centers.....get my drift? If the SR is interested, contact the Southern Poverty Law Center, they'll be able to provide you with the kind of CIVIL RIGHT PROTECTION they fight for, on behalf of CHILD VICTIMS. The stats regarding this rather TABOO TOPIC are staggering. The only stats higher, are those regarding NEGLECT of the children in this country. Hence, the door flies open for the opportunistic PEDOPHILE!



Tracy, I'll give you some insight. For $25 an hour. :)


Baxter's credibility in this county is a big fat zero. All the negative things that were said about him and the Erie County Court system shows no one trusts them.


I know you are right on with the planning part Ken, and that is your next step! I know you are committed to your goal and are willing to do what works to get there! Keep up the great work!

Winston Smith

Fiscally, where is our country potentially headed?

A must see for every 'thinking' person:


Well I think common sense tells you that banner ads, or any ad on the internet has a pretty good chance of being a scam or bringing some sort of harm to the person that clicks on it.

By the way, you are the expert, why do you keep asking us how to do your job?

I will be waiting with 411 for my $25, thank you.


Tracy, I have some insight for you, LEAVE! It is rather obvious that in your last 6 entries you had a total whopping 6 responces, 7 including mine. If you can't handle that job down there don't expect the bloggers to give you the answers.
You might want to try surveys and offer some kind of small token as the larger papers and businesses do. Until then might I suggest you leave the stories to someone with a little more insight, other than yourself..

joe baumgartner

If you wanna hang out you've got to take her out, cocaine If you wanna get down, down on the ground , cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie COCAINE Credits to the great Eric Clapton Let's find out. There are depositions out there that will expose the truth. We just need to have them published. Then we will know the true meaning of falsification. Good evening, Joe

Julie R.

Wow! I didn't know there was a will contest after Baxter's mother's death. Does that mean the Probate Court ignored complaints from family members that the mother's Erie County attorney and Baxter were withholding and concealing her Will? Withholding and concealing a Will is a criminal offense. So is destroying a Will. The Erie County Probate obviously isn't aware of this law. So when was the (forged) Will filed? Two years after her death by Baxter's Sheffield Lake attorney buddies? Who was the (forged) Will signed by? Two honest and respectable Erie County attorneys and/or Erie County judges? Got some real serious issues going on in the Erie County Probate. No wonder Baxter said a forged Will is not a criminal offense.




What Tracy doesn’t realize is by asking input from her readers, hoping to stir a serious discussion, is in reality quite futile. Her commenting readers consist entirely of sycophants, morons and recreational self-pleasuring twits. Asking this group anything is a waist of time and thought. I seem to recall a great philosopher once said, “May he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I suggest you negative self-doubters stop wasting time beating up Tracy and instead start preparing a “to do” list to pass the time while you burn in the fires of Hell for eternity. Have a nice day!


Im wondering....I left a post last week blasting City Commissioner Dan Kaman for publicly saying that he is happy that people will be laid off from the city. I citicized him for VERY good reason. My post was removed because of personal attacks on Dan. Yet everyday I read Matt Westerhold blasting everyone from Matt Kline to well, anyone who doesnt believe the way he believes. Where were you Matt when Dan Kaman made these statements? I mean are you in agreement with him? Are you "happy" to hear that people may be losing their jobs? I didnt see any articles blasting Dan Kaman, OH WAIT, he is a Nuesse supporter thats why...Sorry Matt almost forgot. If there is ANYONE who sides with Kim, then they get a free pass from you and your cronies at the SR. I have to woneder how long THIS post will make it through the "Post Police". It is almost as thought Kaman, does not WANT to be re-elected by making these comments yet nothing from the register.....way to go, LET THE BIAS CONTINUE!!!


Also Matt, as for Matt Kline "launching" this trial, he did it because Kim felt she had the right to it and she did, so had he not "launched" you would have been all over him for that, so really no matter what, to you the only person who is right here is Kim herself, that about right Matt???


Isn't that special, she had a family member or church member respond for her. Her articles have no merit, or insight and as a result she stoops to asking the readers to stimulate the article for hits. Hey Mick I hear Menards is hiring, so why not take your self centered, egotistical self and Tracy out there, stand out front by the door and YOU can stand on your soap box to promote Tracy and tell everyone how great of a journalist she is. Then you can crawl back under your rock.


Hey 007, I’ll make this short because I assume 007 is your IQ. I don’t know Traci, I have a job and I guess you missed it, Menards has no lines, that job burst is over, weeks ago. Maybe you need to come out from under your rock sometime. I’ll never understand why Godless homosexuals are so dramatic…


Sounds to me like you have a few insecurities about your own sexual preferences. Maybe I should rephrase your place, does CLUB X SEEM A LITTLE MORE APPROIATE FOR YOUR PERSONAL TASTES? No off to work with you, people are waiting for their MC Breakfast, Remedial dolt!!!

Julie R.

To joecitizen1: I believe Mr. Kamam said he was misquoted. (firelands411blogspot)

Nevertheless, why are you attacking Westerhold and the SR over the Nuesse case? What do you want them to print anyway----glowing reports on how the good 'ole boys were justified in spending a million dollars of taxpayer money to prove she was rightfully fired? How can they do that when every reason given was proven to be a lie? Face it, Mr. joecitizen, Sandusky is a laughingstock. Erie County's retired visiting judge scam at long last has turned into a laughingstock, too. But don't blame Nuesse. She was the VICTIM who deserves every penney she gets and then some!


Well everyone after a winter long convention tour Im back. Is it just me or did Sue already do this experiment? I also pose a question to the Sandusky Register, why do you censor comments but you can have the words sexting in giant letters on the front page of the paper, or put a headline such as "Nude photos may result in stiff penalties"? Different rules for you and blog posters? Now that I have pointed this out Im sure I will be censored.


To Julie R:

First off Kim Nuesse is NOT a victim!! Everything that is happening to her, she brought on herself. Second, Matt Westerhold is not being objective on this or anything else he has ever written. Matt is out to prove to Kim that he has some made up powers that can sway this trial in her anything he has hindered any chances of her gaining a victory, by insulting the very judge that will make this decision. The entire SR staff has done nothing but attacked the entire city government with the exception of those who support Nuesse, i.e. Dan Kaman, who I have yet to hear say he was misquoted in anyway....Besides, why is it that when Dan Kaman says he was misquoted we are all supposed to drop to our knees and believe that he was misquoted, but when ever anyone who opposes Nuesse says they were misquoted for saying ANYTHING theyre liars?? So this is why I am so anti-westerhold...he has no defense..but nice try..


To James Bondage;

I would love to respond to this, I just can’t figure out what you are clumsily trying to say. Your writing reads like a James Brown song. Could you translate? Are you inviting me to Club X? Are you writing in “Gay Speak”?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained profanity or obscene remarks.


The Register ran a retraction saying they misquoted Kaman.


To joecitizen1: "Misquoting" a person means "to quote incorrectly". A "liar" is when "a person intentionly does not tell the truth". "Perjury" is a "voluntary violation of an oath: false swearing". You pick from the above, the people that testified, what was used in their testiomny. I am well aware of perjury that was committed in the Erie County Court system and nothing way done about it.


To Fire Island Frank:

Before I waist any more time debating Special Olympics spellingbee champs I need to know if you can comprehend what I’m saying to you. Could you use the following word in a sentence and use it “correctly” just one time?

1. affording remedy; tending to remedy something.
2. intended to correct or improve one's skill in a specified field: remedial math.


ihatsart vandelevurcrapathom

Julie R.

Sorry, joecitizen, but I speak from experience how CORRUPT Erie County is. In fact, maybe YOU should start to worry, especially since there are 2 Erie County judges that are part of Baxter's network. (and for the record it is NOT Tone or Delamatre)

I also know first-hand what low-down hyprocrites (and I do mean HYPROCRITES) two of the witnesses that testified against Nuesse are.

As for the SR insulting the judge that is to make the "decision" in the Nuesse case......first, I believe Cirigliano is making a recommendation, not a decision. Second, I don't know of anybody around that can't see right through Erie County's corrupt visiting retired judge scam. After all, they have been using it forever......all the way back to when Cirigliano "fixed" the Probate Estate of Mrs. Baxter.

Julie R.

To joecitizen1: Once again, I don't understand your comment that Matt Westerhold has hindered any chances of Nuesse gaining a victory........Why would a judge base a "recommendation" on a newspaper's opinion of the case? Aren't judges suppose to be UNBIASED and base their rulings on THE FACTS?

Sue Daugherty

Hi Art, The last blog I did was similar, but not the same. It was about bridging the generation gap, but using a 3 month project of weekly interaction.

This blog is a 1 week curriculum of in-the-sociology-classroom using different forms of interation.
*1 day is interviews/dialogue when I bring people 90 and older into the class room.
*The 2nd day is when I bring senior citizens who have lived through the Civil Rights Movement
3rd day - "What's My Line" - older adults come to class and the students have to guess what their occupation use to be or what it is today.
*4th day is interactive games - I'm looking for card players and checker players.
*5th day is intergenerational dance - Senior citizens teach the students how they danced in high school. Then the high school studnents teach the senior citizens who teens dance today.

Thanks for asking!! :) -- Sue


Hi guys,
I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it’s not about the individual but it can be with everyone. Thanks
Remove Foreclosure NOW


Ha Ha Ha April fools.....

Seriously though, what ever happened to the proposed indoor golf course that was talked about a few years ago on the airport property. Remember back when Griffing laid a bunch of people off because he said he was going to have to sell the airport because it was not making any money and he was going so far in debt.


I love how Mick calls use readers twits, and dolts but yet spells waste "waist".....amazing.

By the way, I understand 00SEVEN, he makes perfect sense to the sane.


I think that it's time for Matt Westerhold to file a Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme Court of Ohio so that the public can will have an opportunity to review the transcripts of Baxter's testimony.

Julie R.

Sure hope Erie County has some money left after the Nuesse case because they got ANOTHER lawsuit coming!


Hey Matt. Please do not give up just because the system is fighting you. I cannot believe all this conspiracy is going on. If everyone is clean, then what is the harm in letting everyone (taxpayers) know the truth. This cloak and dagger politics is supposed to be unacceptable. You know, like Obama says, "transparent." Why can we not see how tax dollars were spent during this entire hearing and during the BCI investigation? It is our money. They are supposed to be held ACCOUNTABLE. This is incredible. Why divert and hide everything? Why lie? People lie to cover up a WRONG. I need to know the truth. Is it out there?


Its is not a joke, I talked to kinzel he said it is true

Winston Smith

I believe I understand Mr. Parlin's explanation of his work. And thanks for writing the thinking behind his art. Reads like therapy.

But unfortunately, I'm afraid that we have one of Murphy's Laws in play:

If it can be misunderstood it will be.


What will privacy look like in 5 years?

We won't know. It'll be private.


Quite a spin, you should write political speeches, but still gilipollez.


Mr. Spelling, maybe I was wrong, and “use” readers aren’t twits.

Julie R.

What about attorneys, big billion dollar insurance companies (one anyway) and banks (one in Huron anyway) that criminally defraud the elderly that are in the advanced stages of Alzheimers?

Julie R.

What about a Lorain County attorney that goes out to a nursing home and tries UNSUCCESSFULLY to get an elderly woman who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimers to sign a new POA and a different Will so her irrevocable Trust can be changed by internal fraud?


To Julie R.:

I'm rather sure I know who you are speaking of about the up coming lawsuit. You're right, if we are speaking about the same issue, I'm sure Sams and the rest of the good ole boy network are in for a BIG SURPRISE!!!


March is over, and you know what that means, time to get serious in the month of April, get WORKING out. Now that the weather is getting better, you can take the kids to the park, or go on short shorts with them........If I can help with them, let me know:)


March is over, and you know what that means, time to get serious in the month of April, get WORKING out. Now that the weather is getting better, you can take the kids to the park, or go on short walks with them........If I can help with them, let me know:)

first post had an error in it...sorry

Winston Smith

Ken writes: 'I have only lost a couple of pounds.'

That's a good thing! Feel proud. At least that's a step in the right direction isn't it?

It's said that it takes 21-30 days in order to form a new habit.

You've been practicing unhealthy habits for a long time, it'll take some time to form new ones.

Be patient with yourself and cut yourself A LOT of emotional slack but stick to the program. It'll begin to pay off in div'ds real soon.

Proper diet and daily excercise are just habits - nothing more. They are in no way connected with one's lack of self control or morality.

Work to form the habits and the rest of it like losing weight and inches will eventually fall into place.

John Doe

This just in: Kevin Baxter has filed a lawsuit in Erie County Common Pleas court against the Sandusky Register and Matt Westerhold.

Uhm...why didn't he just charge them with some criminal act like he did Elsabeth. Darn! Now there can be all kinds of evidence brought up at this trial!

It's going to get VERY interesting.

Julie R.

What a piece of scum Baxter is.

Julie R.

To OOSEVEN: My case has nothing to do with Sams and the SPD. It has to do with the scams this County pulled off to conceal fraud (and I do mean FRAUD) pulled off by my mother's attorney, some crook attorney from Lorain County, an insurance company and a Huron bank during the short time my mother was in a nursing home. Erie County didn't want it known because my mother's attorney was a retired Erie County judge.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now youve done it!!!!!