Murman report: A mile wide and an inch deep

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

When he first began his $20,000 integrity probe of police Chief Kim Nuesse, attorney Michael Murman sent out a press release.

Anyone with “first-hand knowledge of accusations” against Nuesse should contact him. He also wanted to hear from anyone with “counter-accusations against other city officials.”

But Murman used different words to describe that invitation in the summary report of his investigation:

“(Despite) the almost constant presence of the investigators in the community over the past 10 weeks and a press release inviting those with information favorable to the chief to come forward, their silence has been deafening.”

Congratulations to city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and city manger Matt Kline and law director Don Icsman.

You got exactly what you wanted: An investigation all boxed up that says exactly what you wanted it to say.


Kottage Kat

Excellent suggestions. Thank you


Hmmmm wait a minute....I seem to remember this being in the Sandusky Regurgitator this summer.....almost word for word.


Thanks for your comments. Harry Turtledove won the Prometheus last year for The Gladiator, a fine book about two Italian teenagers in a world in which the Communists won the Cold War. (He won in a tie with Jo Walton's "Ha'Penny," an exciting thriller about a plot to kill Hitler in a world in which England makes a separate peace with the Nazis.)

Winston Smith

Darn shame. Looks like mostly advice on 'hunkering down' tips.

It would appear that the great unleveraging of the U.S. economy is in full swing. We've been living and spending beyond our means for decades with much of our over consumption financed by foreigners. We’ve been spending and they’ve been saving.

Decades worth of bad decisions by simple-minded, self-serving politicians have brought Ohio and our nation to having its citizens pondering on how to do more with less.

Will the so-called ‘bold’ plans coming out of Washington do the trick to turn things around?

This morning I heard a comment by a news anchor who likened Obama’s massive spending plans to a doctor, who when diagnosing a patient as having diabetes gave him a prescription to eat more sugar.


Assuming that the artist titled the sculpture, his choice of words tells exactly what he intended.


Yep Yep, all of the cross time books, though written for a younger audience, are fine books, though i must admit reading the Gladiator reminded me a bit of the hero zone, which isn't a bad thing

Winston Smith

br wrote:

'...the Battle of Norwalk and the Battle of Sandusky.'

Interesting, I may have to check that out. Thanks.

Had the Copperheads been a potent force in 1860s Ohio, the state may have possibly seceded, the Union would have split in the Midwest and Lincoln's ability to wage war could have been potentially been greatly diminished.

Of course, during the First Battle of Manassas, had Lee allowed Jackson to pursue fleeing Federalists back into Washington, the War of Secession would possibly have ended almost before it began.


YES,the title is what people read and interpet as sexual.with out the title in place,what would one think it to be depicting. The time has come to think both left and right on this display. I myself deplore child abuse,physical,sexual,mental,as I have said open your eye's expand the closed way of thinking. Could this possibly be an artists social commentary of a terrible problem in the U.S,which is on the increase,the student-teacher illicit affair.


matt, matt, matt. what happened to you? where are the stories about all of the corruption? i wondered when they would get to you and it appears that they have. what gives, dude?i have razzed you over the last couple of years, but i stand behind you. this corruption disgusts me and so much has been brought to light. i hope you are still here and just lying in wait to pounce. they are in need of keeping the checks and balances. i hope you are still here. i know you are watching. just a matter of time now. why is no one from a much higher level looking into this though? more than state level. this is a scary situation and even more so if they have indeed silenced you. i hope not. good luck Matt...


I agree with you Crackhead, obviously after Matt wrote the article (WAKE UP AND SNORT THE COCAINE)it appears Baxter must have whined to Phares about Matt and the Nuesse scandal. It would appear with Matt's aggressive behavior, which I commend, the GOOD OLE BOYS were starting to feel a lil exposed to the general public. I hope in the near future when the lid blows completely off the GOOD OLE BOYS lil club that runs Sandusky that Matt indeed gets credit for it as he has done 90% of the ground work exposing these cancer's of the city. Go get em Matt!!!

Winston Smith

Read Turtledove’s 'Settling Accounts: Return Engagement' online for free:

I read what I wanted about Norwalk and Sandusky. Thanks again br.

To each his own; I enjoy reading plain old history more. For me there’s enough weird and bizarre stuff that actually occurred.


Good luck in whatever your future holds. You have been a great ambassador for Clyde and SBC athletics. Thank you.

Winston Smith

An abbreviated exchange from POTUS Obama’s Thurs., March 26, 2009 Internet Town Hall Meeting

Harriet in Georgia:

‘When can we expect that jobs that have been outsourced to other countries to come back and be made available to the unemployed workers here in the United States?’

POTUS Obama:

‘...I guess the answer to the question is, not all of these jobs are going to come back. And it probably wouldn't be good for our economy for a bunch of these jobs to come back because, frankly, there's no way that people could be getting paid a living wage on some of these jobs -- at least in order to be competitive in an international setting.’

A short-winded, one-word answer to Harriet’s question: NEVER.

true story

There is more to all this than most of you know. I suggest you read the letter from the Provost and then make an informed decision with all the facts and not just the one sided ones that have been given out by certain individuals. You also have to remember that all new students and families are provided a tour of the facilities so it isn't just about children also although you pay fees the buildings are paid for with taxes by all the people so the buildings must serve all the people so when the University makes a decision it has to think of everybody not just a select few. Once again I urge you to read the letter before getting involved with a few bullies that have an agenda.

Truth or Dare

PEDOPHELIA, one less scourge our Nation should have to be concerned with! Harsher sentencing will keep these individuals off the streets, out of our neighborhoods, schools, churches, activity centers, daycare centers.....get my drift? If the SR is interested, contact the Southern Poverty Law Center, they'll be able to provide you with the kind of CIVIL RIGHT PROTECTION they fight for, on behalf of CHILD VICTIMS. The stats regarding this rather TABOO TOPIC are staggering. The only stats higher, are those regarding NEGLECT of the children in this country. Hence, the door flies open for the opportunistic PEDOPHILE!



Tracy, I'll give you some insight. For $25 an hour. :)


Baxter's credibility in this county is a big fat zero. All the negative things that were said about him and the Erie County Court system shows no one trusts them.


I know you are right on with the planning part Ken, and that is your next step! I know you are committed to your goal and are willing to do what works to get there! Keep up the great work!

Winston Smith

Fiscally, where is our country potentially headed?

A must see for every 'thinking' person:


Well I think common sense tells you that banner ads, or any ad on the internet has a pretty good chance of being a scam or bringing some sort of harm to the person that clicks on it.

By the way, you are the expert, why do you keep asking us how to do your job?

I will be waiting with 411 for my $25, thank you.


Tracy, I have some insight for you, LEAVE! It is rather obvious that in your last 6 entries you had a total whopping 6 responces, 7 including mine. If you can't handle that job down there don't expect the bloggers to give you the answers.
You might want to try surveys and offer some kind of small token as the larger papers and businesses do. Until then might I suggest you leave the stories to someone with a little more insight, other than yourself..

joe baumgartner

If you wanna hang out you've got to take her out, cocaine If you wanna get down, down on the ground , cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie COCAINE Credits to the great Eric Clapton Let's find out. There are depositions out there that will expose the truth. We just need to have them published. Then we will know the true meaning of falsification. Good evening, Joe

Julie R.

Wow! I didn't know there was a will contest after Baxter's mother's death. Does that mean the Probate Court ignored complaints from family members that the mother's Erie County attorney and Baxter were withholding and concealing her Will? Withholding and concealing a Will is a criminal offense. So is destroying a Will. The Erie County Probate obviously isn't aware of this law. So when was the (forged) Will filed? Two years after her death by Baxter's Sheffield Lake attorney buddies? Who was the (forged) Will signed by? Two honest and respectable Erie County attorneys and/or Erie County judges? Got some real serious issues going on in the Erie County Probate. No wonder Baxter said a forged Will is not a criminal offense.




What Tracy doesn’t realize is by asking input from her readers, hoping to stir a serious discussion, is in reality quite futile. Her commenting readers consist entirely of sycophants, morons and recreational self-pleasuring twits. Asking this group anything is a waist of time and thought. I seem to recall a great philosopher once said, “May he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I suggest you negative self-doubters stop wasting time beating up Tracy and instead start preparing a “to do” list to pass the time while you burn in the fires of Hell for eternity. Have a nice day!


Im wondering....I left a post last week blasting City Commissioner Dan Kaman for publicly saying that he is happy that people will be laid off from the city. I citicized him for VERY good reason. My post was removed because of personal attacks on Dan. Yet everyday I read Matt Westerhold blasting everyone from Matt Kline to well, anyone who doesnt believe the way he believes. Where were you Matt when Dan Kaman made these statements? I mean are you in agreement with him? Are you "happy" to hear that people may be losing their jobs? I didnt see any articles blasting Dan Kaman, OH WAIT, he is a Nuesse supporter thats why...Sorry Matt almost forgot. If there is ANYONE who sides with Kim, then they get a free pass from you and your cronies at the SR. I have to woneder how long THIS post will make it through the "Post Police". It is almost as thought Kaman, does not WANT to be re-elected by making these comments yet nothing from the register.....way to go, LET THE BIAS CONTINUE!!!


Also Matt, as for Matt Kline "launching" this trial, he did it because Kim felt she had the right to it and she did, so had he not "launched" you would have been all over him for that, so really no matter what, to you the only person who is right here is Kim herself, that about right Matt???


Isn't that special, she had a family member or church member respond for her. Her articles have no merit, or insight and as a result she stoops to asking the readers to stimulate the article for hits. Hey Mick I hear Menards is hiring, so why not take your self centered, egotistical self and Tracy out there, stand out front by the door and YOU can stand on your soap box to promote Tracy and tell everyone how great of a journalist she is. Then you can crawl back under your rock.


Hey 007, I’ll make this short because I assume 007 is your IQ. I don’t know Traci, I have a job and I guess you missed it, Menards has no lines, that job burst is over, weeks ago. Maybe you need to come out from under your rock sometime. I’ll never understand why Godless homosexuals are so dramatic…