Murman report: A mile wide and an inch deep

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

When he first began his $20,000 integrity probe of police Chief Kim Nuesse, attorney Michael Murman sent out a press release.

Anyone with “first-hand knowledge of accusations” against Nuesse should contact him. He also wanted to hear from anyone with “counter-accusations against other city officials.”

But Murman used different words to describe that invitation in the summary report of his investigation:

“(Despite) the almost constant presence of the investigators in the community over the past 10 weeks and a press release inviting those with information favorable to the chief to come forward, their silence has been deafening.”

Congratulations to city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and city manger Matt Kline and law director Don Icsman.

You got exactly what you wanted: An investigation all boxed up that says exactly what you wanted it to say.



Keep up the good work, Tom. An informed citizenry is important.


Hey Matt, what happened to your newest blog ( WAKE UP AND SNORT THE COCAINE). Did you get your a$$ spanked by Baxter and the boys?



Keep Focused


I see you alot at community events and at various govermental meeting. I observe what happens at the meetings and then see how that plays out in the printed word.

I feel you do a great job in reporting the news. I know that you watch what takes place and then dig for additional information to make you written story more informative than the actual event.

You are plesent and hard working all at the same time.

Good Job!


For those that believe everything that they read and do very little independent thought and research the answer is that it is making them less intelegent....or maybe more miss-informed.


What happened to your previous blog entry, Matt ?

Winston Smith

Gotta tell ya; I love researching info on the Web. It's akin to having the largest set of encyclopedias ever constructed.

This morning I was scanning on-line London newspapers in order to get their take on PM Brown's recent visit. How cool is that?

I sure wish I woulda had this tool in school.

I think it widens the divide between critical thinkers and those who haven't learned how to do it, Nick. The web is powerful but with all it's potential, it's just another tool and children are either going to learn how to use it or they're not. The future belongs to those who know how to use tools placed at their disposal. The development of technology in today's world far outpaces the ability of normal people to integrate it into their lives - and sometimes when they do, the tech is more of a distraction than an enhancement. I go back and forth on this debate too. Until it drives me to turning off the computer to go play with the kids at the park.


You can do this! Remember....You Are All That!

Winston Smith

Some folks better take the opportunity to put that number on speed dial; cuz according to the Federal Reserve it’ll probably get increased usage.

'The Federal Reserve estimates home prices could fall 18 to 29 percent more by the end of 2010.'


Obama continues to yak about education, energy and health care, none of which are germane to the problem.

Until the banks are straightened out and home prices begin to stabilize, this economy will continue in freefall.

Obama and his merry band of geniuses have been MIA on substantive plans regarding these two major issues.

Several years of too much credit and cheap money are coming back to bite us, it’s gonna take a while to work it’s way through the system.

Of course, Obama’s massive deficit spending plans along with more cheap money and oodles of credit will only eventually morph into a much larger future problem, but that’s another story for another day.


Mr. Westerhold could you look into this.



I like that ... wait, I don't mean I like it, but that's an interesting take. Both are true for different people. While the previous generation was so much about bringing society together, this generation seems so much about polarizing it. The thought disparity of the internet seems like just another way...



These individuals should all be cited for "reckless endangerment". The cost should then be divided by the number of individuals and they should be fined that amount! Idiots.


Bah, humbug. That is what we have these services for. You make them leave there warm huts and cable tv and they complain. I do not participate in any off shore activities, but those who do, pay the bills for those who are raising a stink.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee see Coast Guard tell cost of rescue but City no tell cost of Nuesse Investigation? Chung Lee find very odd.


I 2nd that thought.


All of these people should be charged with "reckless endangerment". They then should divide the cost by the number of idiots out there and fine each of them that amount.


mikel, i didn't hear you the first two times. Can you say that again?

Winston Smith

Mr White, your comment reminded me of the following:

' All technological change is a Faustian bargain. For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage.'

- Neil Postman

Mechanical clocks were originally developed in the 14th Century in Europe in order to help remind Christian believers to faithfully recite their morning, afternoon and evening prayers.

How well is that original concept working in today's increasingly humanistic Western world?


Not my choice but he is our president. I will support him. I won't let politics replace my first responsibility as an American.

Sue Daugherty

For those of you who liked what "Outsider" said... not letting "politics replace my first responsibility as an American" (I'm interpreting that to mean civic engagment -- is that what you meant, Outsider?) Here's a good link if you truly want to know more/do more to engage yourself in our country's economic recovery. Go to this link to learn a little more...

Let me put your fears to rest... The pledge is not for money -- it's for your personal involvement. (Also known as "civic engagement)


Mr. Jackson, I think you cover story's very well but you may need to dig a little deeper. The county continues to cut the working people on the front lines. It appears you aren't being told that no upper management has been touched. I believe you may want to start investigating people on payroll that don't put in a full working week. Then questions some of the administrative money that is being spent on unnecessary items. I think the public tax payers would love to hear about that. Specially the ones that have lost their jobs and try to get help when Erie County JFS is short staffed and can not even make a dent in their work in a 40 hour work week. Check it out Tom, and maybe you need to go and seat in the buildings lobby and evaluate. A word to the wise, sometimes the top only tells you what they want you to hear. Trust others as they have the truth. The CEO'S have killed our country.

Winston Smith

Yea I saw this earlier.

I read 'tons' of SF when I was younger. I believe I read the first installment of Riverworld as a serial in either the long defunct 'Galaxy' or 'If' magazines.

Enjoyed the idea of different historical ages thrown together. Who could've imagined Samuel Clemens and Vikings???

Sue Daugherty

Erie Huron Community Action Commission received $70,000 from Columbia Gas to be used for Columbia Gas customers that are above 175% of the Fed. Poverty and at or below 200% A DISCONNET NOTICE IS NOT REQUIRED the max benefit is $250.00 it is additional Fuel Fund Monies. ($18,200/year for one person; $24,500/year for two people;$20,800/year for a household of one; $28,000/year for a household of two)

So if you know of someone who could use a 250.00 discount on their heating bill -- and falls in this income bracket -- tell them to cal the Erie-Huron CAC at 419-626-4320. Adults of any age are eligible.

A Sovereign American

A new documentary will be out on Sunday, "The Obama Deception" will probably be on Youtube in a few days as well. You should watch it.


Obama is going to drag this country even lower into the depths of recession and will soon be an all out depression. This Robin Hood approach he is taking, buy taking from the rich to give to the poor will destroy us. My insurance rates will go up to help pay for those who dont have insurance. I have worked hard to get what I have and I already have WAY too much of my money coming out of my check to help people who refuse to work and just sit around having babies. If you are someone who worked hard, who HAD a great job but got fired, you deserve help. But lets face it, a lot of these people just dont have the ambition to do for themselves, especially when we now have a president who is more than willing to take more of my money to give to those who are "less fortunate". God help us all!!


Why did the people speak so loudly last election? Because after 8years of failure (Bush), we the people were tired of it.


Mr. Westerhold, I commend you for your reporting on this and other similar issues. Kind of reminds me of the old Watergate days. I hope you keep up the good work and I hope that Justice comes to the good Citizens of Sandusky. This has to be some of the darker days in the history of this fine town. By the way, we have never met, but I am a frequent reader of your newspaper, which I think is the best in Northern Ohio.

Sue Daugherty

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This still cheats the SENIORS IN ERIE COUNTY!! They who are lower incomed have to pay $1.50 per ride or $3 round trip to go to the Dr or the store or anywhere! Instead of giving all that money to SPARC they should have invested in helping the SENIORS who need rides and paying their drivers a decent wage! Erie County is the only county transportation that pays their drivers by the client instead of by the hour!