Murman report: A mile wide and an inch deep

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


When he first began his $20,000 integrity probe of police Chief Kim Nuesse, attorney Michael Murman sent out a press release.

Anyone with “first-hand knowledge of accusations” against Nuesse should contact him. He also wanted to hear from anyone with “counter-accusations against other city officials.”

But Murman used different words to describe that invitation in the summary report of his investigation:

“(Despite) the almost constant presence of the investigators in the community over the past 10 weeks and a press release inviting those with information favorable to the chief to come forward, their silence has been deafening.”

Congratulations to city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and city manger Matt Kline and law director Don Icsman.

You got exactly what you wanted: An investigation all boxed up that says exactly what you wanted it to say.



Give it up already!!!!!


I'm sorry, but did I miss your apology somewhere Mr. Westerhold? I am waiting to hear you say that you were wrong. When will you realize that you were manipulated? I hope it dawns on you one day that you have been a puppet for someone elses grand schemes. Perhaps it is time to call for your resignation?


Still waiting on your apology to all the service men and women also.


How do you explain the rush to merge dispatch with Perkins ? The chief does not seem to have been honest with the city about the dire need. What were her
reasons for pushing that merger ? Why don't you ask her....and ask McClung also ?

You whine and complain about how unfair the investigation but fail to do any investigative reporting to find truth.

Oh yeah, good job on the obituaries, Matt.


I am suspicious that it took a couple of weeks for Kline to read the report, another attorney had to look over the work, and wondering if someone else altered the report because of the typos and misspellings. How could a report coming out of an attorney's office be so unprofessional as to the typos and misspellings? There were even lineouts instead of retyping it over; that report was a mess.


he's standing by his woman and his man. Not a single fact or argument refuting anything in the Murman report.


Matt wrote on May 29, 2008 11:11 AM:

" 05/29/2008
Report says Nuesse has lost ability to lead cops
By RICHARD PAYERCHIN , Sandusky Bureau Chief

SANDUSKY -- Police Chief Kim Nuesse ''began well'' in her job but ''can no longer lead the Sandusky police department,'' said a report by an independent attorney assigned to investigate her job performance.
Sandusky City Manager Matt Kline yesterday made public the report compiled by attorney Michael Murman, a former Lakewood law director and prosecutor for Cuyahoga County.


The report included more than 500 pages of notes and summaries of at least 53 interviews with many of the top law enforcement officers and elected Sandusky and Erie County officials.

His conclusion: ''There is no doubt in the minds of the investigative team that Chief Nuesse can no longer lead the Sandusky police department.

''Whatever discipline is imposed, unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff in the police department she should not be reinstated as chief of police,'' Murman wrote.

As of today, Nuesse remains the city's top police officer but is on paid administrative leave.

Kline declined to comment on the substance of the report.

''We'll proceed expeditiously and professionally,'' he said.

Sandusky's six city commissioners also declined to comment on the report. They received their copies of the documents yesterday and yesterday evening all said they did not have time to review it yet.

Nuesse's attorney dismissed the tome as ''biased.''

''This appears to be a very biased report based upon nothing more than innuendoes and gripes of some disgruntled employees and ex-employees,'' Bailey said.

''I find it interesting that a local psychologist reported having officers tell him they wouldn't take orders from a woman,'' Bailey said. ''Matt Kline needs Kim Nuesse gone to cover up his own misconduct.''

Murman's recommendation included three main issues with the chief.

''First and foremost, neither her subordinates nor the larger law enforcement community, except Chief McClung, believe they can rely on her to be truthful,'' Murman wrote, referring to Perkins Police Chief Tim McClung.

''Secondly, there is little doubt that chaos will ensue if her behavior is rewarded by reinstatement and it becomes precedent, the standard of acceptable behavior for her command staff and the rank and file,'' Murman wrote.

''Thirdly, she never earned the trust and respect of the police or the unsworn staff under her command,'' Murman wrote.

Many of Nuesse's supporters have seen her public persona but have not dealt with her inside the department, Murman wrote.

''Chief McClung is a special case,'' Murman wrote. ''He has nothing but praise for the chief and acknowledged that he would be pleased to be appointed captain of the Sandusky police department and serve under her command following his imminent retirement from Perkins Township.''

Nuesse was placed on leave March 10, shortly after a meeting in which Sandusky city commissioners stated the city no longer would look to combine its police dispatch operations with Perkins Township.

Murman's report includes information on the joint dispatch discussions, along with detailed information about the inner workings of the Sandusky police department.

Among the issues:

-- Capt. Gary Frankowski voided a parking ticket that officer James Ommert wrote for Nuesse's unmarked car when he found it parked about 4 feet from the curb in the 100 block of Columbus Avenue on Sept. 11, 2006.

In interviews, Nuesse and Frankowski said the ticket was not justified because there was no violation. However, the incident caused a ''scandal'' in the department, Murman wrote.

''The tampering with records to avoid the parking fine may seem minor, but to her subordinates it is emblematic of a double standard and disrespect for the law they are sworn to uphold,'' Murman wrote.

-- Sandusky police officers filed a labor grievance when Nuesse assigned two Sandusky officers to a narcotics unit under the command of Perkins police Sgt. Vince Donald.

The move ''caused a great deal of friction and problems within the Sandusky Police Department, as many employed by the department were astounded that an outside the department police officer was brought in to supervise the unit,'' said Sandusky police Sgt. John Orzech.

The officers withdrew the grievance when Orzech was appointed to lead that unit.

-- Nuesse worked to create a regional police special response team, or SRT, without consulting Sandusky SRT members, said Sgt. Ronald Snyder, who resigned as commander of the city police SRT.

Under a new SRT, it appeared most of the members would come from Perkins police, which had a larger training budget, Snyder said. He left that post ''due to the lack of communication between me and Chief Nuesse,'' Snyder said.

-- Nuesse three times missed meetings with vendors who came to demonstrate various computer and electrical systems, said Detective Donald Rumbutis. He handled the department's computer networks and stated he retired after 28 years because of Nuesse.

-- Nuesse worked to keep Lt. Mel Burns on the police department after Burns last summer was arrested for fighting with a bar bouncer on Put-in-Bay, said Lt. Phil Frost. Burns later was fired by Kline.

-- Nuesse did not allow reinstallation of laptop computers that were removed from police cruisers due to technical problems, Frost said. Although the technical company lowered its cost for the job, Nuesse did not allow the reinstallation because the company had been referred by the Erie County Sheriff's Office, Frost said.

-- Nuesse stopped going to Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons' monthly police chiefs meetings and formed her own Firelands Chiefs of Police Association, which also had monthly meetings, said Assistant Chief Charlie Sams. Lyons attended the meetings held by Nuesse, he added.

-- Nuesse made no attempt to get $180,000 owed to the city police from seizures and forfeitures collected during investigations by the former Erie County Drug Task Force, said Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter.

-- Nuesse first supported, then questioned, the need for a sales tax levy to pay for the drug task force and increased space at the Erie County Jail, Baxter said. When Nuesse questioned the issue before the November 2006 vote, the issue failed at the ballot box, he said.

-- Nuesse coordinated a mass arrest raid with the U.S. Marshall Service, but did not consult the sheriff's office, which constantly deals with overcrowding at the jail, Lyons said.

-- Nuesse told Murray, Stahl and Crandall that she had seen the sheriff's dispatch center in operation, when she had toured that center while it was under construction, said Crandall and Murray.

-- Nuesse had talked with her administrative assistant, Mary Ann Kuligowski, about possibly moving to a position in Kline's office so Human Resources Specialist Connie Nicholson could become Nuesse's secretary, Kuligowski said. However, Kuligowski later spoke with Kline, who had no instructions to eliminate Nicholson's position in the administrative services department and who had not spoken to city commissioners about moving Kuligowski to his office.

-- Psychologist Wayne Morse, who evaluated police officer candidates, told investigators ''he has clients who are involved in law enforcement who have told him that when Chief Nuesse was first hired, police officers on the Sandusky Police Department had indicated that they were not going to follow orders from a woman.''

The complete report is available by making a public records request through Kline's office at Sandusky City Hall, 222 Meigs St. Due to the number of pages at five cents a page, the cost for copies is $26.10. "

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EC wrote on May 29, 2008 8:46 AM:

out of town

You have nothing to apologize for Matt. You are right, they got what they wanted. Lesson to the city, never ever try to hire from the outside, this investigation has set the city back 50 years. Promotion and hiring will all be from the inside because we can never trust those that come from the outside.

She wasn't perfect, but this investigation was a witch hunt, and the report is filled with emotional statements that have to make you question the motive.


This report is filled with fact based statements and comments made by her fellow officers. These are the people that SHOULD know the full deal since they worked with her on a daily basis. I wish I could say I was surprised at the amount of times McClungs name was mentioned in the report. That was her first mistake, getting mixed up with him. The only person that took this to an emotional level was Nuesse herself.


Enough, already. Don't get bent out of shape by an opinion writer's opinion. If you do not like wnat a writer lime Matt writes then do not read or respond to his columns. It is as simple as that!


I guess what they say is true...ignorance is bliss. Enjoy your world of make believe.


Hi mom, yeah Matt hear again. I know, I know mom, you told me to watch out for little lying hussies, but she just made me feel sooo good, telling me what I wanted to hear, about how Big of a gossip columnist I am. But mom, I can't help myself, every time she cocked her head at me, laughed, and called me "Mataya" with her little raspy voice. Stop it mom, I know she lies a lot, but I just love her, and it gives me an outlet for all my pent up emotions from when that thing happened to me. You know when I was little and the guy did the.............. I just can't say it mom. Pleease leave me alone and don't call me again mom. It's over between us and I have to go be with her. I hope her husband never catches us, because he has been looking at us real mean since I keep defending her. I feel so sad mom, that this had to happen, I never get to see her gain in her little police outfit. I know mom, I do feel like a joke now that it's all out, but I just can't say I was wrong. Darn those guys for all being right about her, they spoiled everything. She already talking about moving away from here. Waaaaaa! MOMMIE HELP!!!


Matt resign now and try to save face
Give it up you lost and no matter what you do your not going to win


Congratulations to city commissioners Dennis Murray Jr. and Craig Stahl, and city manger Matt Kline and law director Don Icsman. You got your MAI report (made as instructed). The stink of this situation you have created will follow you the rest of your life. They wrote a book about Mansfield, OH a few years back. The title was "Rotten to the core." I think a new one should be written about Sandusky. We could call it "Rotten to the shore!"


After reading approx. 240 pages of this infantile report I can honestly say that all this hoopla is hearsay. He said, she said. I can also understand some of the things that Nuesse did. I don't trust the commissioners or this present city manager and the ranking police officers are just part of the good ol boys club which if allowed to stay will result in the same-o, same-o, in this peyton place of a department. It still looks like and sounds like the top officers were conspiring against a female police chief. We would be better served by canning everyone of these ranking dirtbags and putting Nuesse back in control with a complete new set of Captains and Lt's. The family tie-ins of the Lyons and Baxter and Icsman is worse then a mafia. To take sides and believe either side is like tossing a coin, so let's start over with new ranking officers and see where it leads us. There wasn't any criminal offense, as some of the bloggers seem to think took place, and neither side is innocent in this matter. If we have to hire a new chief then go outside and hire another female and let's see if these officers will co-operate with her, if not then if looks like it really is the fault of these same officers and not the chief.


Yes, it was a witch hunt. Guess what they caught? A witch. I'd call that a success.


List of ok things to do if you work for Sandusky Police: Say an officer that repeatedly raped a teenage girl in a police station is a good guy and should not go to jail--take free coffee and other items from local businesses--sit behind the powerhouse at Campbell School and talk on your cell phone--- Things that are bad, telling Kevin Baxter where to shove it--teaming up with Perkins Police--arresting people with warrants with out the express written permission of every county employee--Being a woman--Asking your fellow officers to not be stereotypical cops.


Westerhold can't even write six paragraphs by himself without a spelling error.

On another note, does anybody realize that the contents of this report was taken down by a stenographer and those types of typos can't be changed when it is copied over to a text document. Be happy you got to see exactly what was said in those interviews. If they changed even a word they would be accused of tampering with the report.

Westerhold, this report confirms your ignorance. If you think her actions are OK, then it's obvious you have no idea how to manage either.

You have made yourself part of the story, which violates one of the rules a journalist should follow. But hey, you're not much of a journalist, anyway. You are a joke and you've turned the Register into one as well. Nobody will ever trust another word that comes from your keyboard.


Matt you just dont get it do you??? You were caught along with her,now give it up!!!! No one belives anything you say anymore and you are nothing more than a gossip columinst now. You are such ajerk, well you are more than that but I cant swear on here so jerk will have to do for now, youre pathetic.....


It really doesn't matter what Matt thinks, or the IMA, or any of us. We didn't hire her, the City did. If they think she doesn't represent the City in the best possible way, she's gone. Like any other employee anywhere.
If your bosses don't feel you're right for the job anymore, your gone. The City will do the right thing, she'll be gone.


i wrote a song circa 1968..THIS IS A MANS WORLD.....


No executive session for two meetings in a row. How much more time is going to pass before Kline makes a decision on Nuesse? How can the commission not discuss this report in executive session and render a personnel decision? How are the commissioners communicating these days?


Let me preface my remarks by stating I have no stake in the behavior of Nuesse, her supporters, or her detractors.

That aside, a good attorney can make anyone look bad. Here is my "Murman Investigation" of Jesus.

Jesus Christ was born to an extremely influential family. He has a spotty work history, dabbling in carpentry and fishing. There is no evidence He ever attended school, let alone college, although He seems to enjoy impressing people by spontaneously curing illnesses without a medical license. He maintains friendships with thieves and a known "lady of the night", and in recent centuries is known for appearing in churches wearing nothing but His underwear.

Jesus' conversation with Satan is well documented, and his personal hygiene is lacking to the point that a disciple once washed His feet. He refuses to shave or cut His hair. Jesus once lost his temper at a temple, overturning the tables of innocent moneylenders.

There is no evidence that Jesus ever filed a tax return, and although He was sent to alleviate the suffering of humanity, humanity still suffers. His own disciple turned Him in to the Roman authorities. We recommend that Jesus not be reinstated as the Saviour of Man. Since his birth, the world has seen nothing but chaos.


You are one f^^ked up dude, you make no sense with your comparison to Jesus. You should compare her to Satan, you will see the similarities.


Matt has no honor. He won't admit he was wrong no matter what. There is more to this than meets the eye!!!




Amen Matt! I am thrilled that I have spotted a chink in the armor downtown.
Everything in the whisper campaign is in the report, as planned and expected, except the criminal charges that were pending.

It appears that the city's procedure of destroying all agents of change is getting a little lax.

This is actually a great sign. With the last couple of destroy campaigns, there were no loose ends hanging around.

Eventually the staff at city hall will make even a bigger mistake, and we can start to rebuild.


Time to cancel my subscription. I know several others are going to. After this very biased reporting and now refusing to admit he was wrong. I refuse to put more money in Matt's pocket. And I will be contacting the companies that advertise in this paper and on this web site.


Hoopla and hearsay? Really? Do you even know what hearsay is. Its usually a third party issue. I gave my statement, and I can assure you it wasn't hearsay. ti wasn't anything that I heard from someone else. It wasn't anything that somone put me up to. Those of us who stood up and brought things to light, dealt with it for far too long. It's true and I feel sorry for you that you can't see past the end of your nose.
For all of you out there who question my and my co-workers integrity in the matter, POUND SALT. I have given nearly 19 years of my life and soul to the SPD. But yet you monday night quarter backs can tell me I'm a liar and not feel bad about it. You have no relationship (work/personal) with Ms. Nuesse but yet you can find her at fault for nothing. Well thank you very much. I'll keep that in mind the next time you call 911 because your residence is being broken into, when you or a family memeber is being victimized, when you or one of your family members needs CPR or immediate first aid until SFD can arrive, or better yet one one of your children just wants to talk with a Police Officer. NO sorry I can't do that because I have pride and I am dedicated to my profession. So all of you Police haters out there remember this: I bleed red just like you but most of you won't put your live on the line to save or protect another.

As for as for Mr. Westerhold...........LOSER.....and I too am still waiting for an apology for bring up Ms. Nuesse on a day we were to be remembering our fallen soldiers. Again, LOSER


Sounds to me like you are the "scum". Grow up!


To these people on here that talk about our SPD, stand up for Nuesse when they don't know what they are talking about, act like a child, and say idiotic comments. Most of those tpye of people are just unhappy people and want to make others miserable. Remember, misery loves company. Most of the time they are just trying to get feathers in an uproar. Just try your best to ignore, they are hardly worth our time. Let them and Matt Westerhold be miserable on their own.


I don't know if they got what they wanted or not, but it is shameful that we, the taxpayers of this town, have to give up $20,000 for this crap: (and it is...all rumor; he said, she said). What a bunch of nothing. Now watch, the city will end up getting sued because our leaders didn't try to work this out peacefully and made such a big deal out of it. If that happens, everyone involved in this should resign PDQ.


To ref: Nightstalker comment: Wait a minute, you say you are a police officer with 19 years on the force...and yet you would print what you did? How much integrity do you really have to make the comments you just made, even if angry? How much caring really comes from you because someone disagrees with you and you lose your temper? People, all people, have a right to their opinions and may state such. It makes ALL police officers look bad when someone like you takes off on a general rant and says the things you just did. Not everyone hates the cops...and why do you care about the ones who don't? You are SUPPOSED to be ABOVE THIS. REMEMBER? You are one of Sandusky's Finest, Try living like it.


Apparently like the report, you didn't read the blog......I said I couldn't be that way because I had too much pride and my profession......maybe before you get on here and start spreading the (&(^(&)), should read and read again.


Hey Matt.........Did you or didn't you tape phone conversations? Still want that investigated.


Right on brother.These sheeple are clueless.they have no backbone,whatsoever.Just wait until they walk you into the gas chamber.Keep sitting on your hand's while these political scumbag's run roughshod over you.WAKE UP.Look around you this country is going to hell in a bucket.Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.




cry cry cry mattie. Waaaaaaaa


Attorney General investigates it and sides with the released investigation. Then you will be crying about someone needs to investigate the attorney general


Fire her already!


Westerhold you are an idiot! Admit you were wrong in backing Nuesse! Fire her , and then you should resign!! The register rarely waits until they have all the facts before forming opinions, and it is obvious you and her are "friends", so, how can you be objective? Enough already!!!!


bring back gerald lechner as city manager/police chief. then we can get back to doing business in sandusky the old way...


to slant at 8:11pm
BRAVO! what a perfect example of how words can be manipulated to tell a story, which is why some people hate lawyers.

to ref.slant at 8:17 pm
The writer wasn't slamming Jesus. Try to reread it with the insight that the story was about how someone can take a particular subject -Jesus- and twist it into something else using just words.

Lawyers take the facts and twist them to the point that juries believe that the guilty person is innocent? Understand? Think OJ.


Excuse me but you obviously do not keep up with politics, but the Attorney General is being investigated, why do you think at one of the commission meetings when it was mentioned that we need to have the ATG involved with the investigation of the investigation it was said "but not the Attorney General".


Think you need to read your Bible again. You have several inaccurate statements in you 'account'.


I think he's happier in FLA




Matt - How can we get rid of you? Even your picture grates on my nerves. Go try on some sunglasses and look all coy and post that one.


MR. WESTERHOLD, we have never spoke, but I have left messages. I have an inkling that by now you wish the blogs opened by The Register had never been opened.

It was a dumb option in favor of "openess."

However, I do know (at the risk of more more uneducated opinions) that you are doing your job. Been there, done that!

IMO, chase all of this hype down. DEMAND an independent investigation in to this alleged "investigation. "EVEN IF THE REGISTER HAS TO PAY FOR IT."

Look, Matt, I know how this expense may cut into your annual bonus. But this is where pride, newsworthyness, take charge.


Re: your online survey question

How about an option to pick " She doesn't seem to be police chief material and should be let go. " ???

The optional answers listed don't give an good choice to those of us who waited to read the report before getting our panties in a bind whining about the investigation, and, after reading the report, have concluded the chief wasn't performing her duties in the manner expected for a police chief in our fine city.


I hear the national Inquirer is hiring thats a paper that fits your journalistic ethics and by the way as for the ethics part im talking about how you and nuesse taperecorded phone conversations
Don't even try to B.S. your way out buddy i know you did


Stop wasting tax dollars. Fire her now.


Men and woman complained that she lied over and over again. Men and woman complained that she was a horrible supervisor. There is hard evidence that she lied repeatedly. What are you people defending?


Hate is kinda a strong word and does not really describe how i feel about Westerhold. I dont respect him and to me I would much rather someone hate me than disrespect me,but it doesnt seem to phase him. Which makes him inhuman. I would love to see Westerhold go to the PD and request an interview with an officer rather than hide behind Kims skirt.....He is a coward and he is slime. I am SURE this will be deleted because whenever someone hits a little too close to home for Westerhold it dissapears....I think he has given up on being respected because he just cant seem to know when to jump off Kimmies for Gary Frankowski, I hope one day his guts match his big fat belly and he tries to show his face at the PD. No one has to respect him anymore cause he is NOTHING. The best part of Frankowski use to be his wife,but even her character has to come into question now with supporting this man and his "keeper" kimmie.


Maybe I shouldnt have attacked Gary's wife, but since some of you seem to be attacking Helen Prosowske, obviously everyone is fair game. Anyone who suppports Kimmie now is dilusional and deserves any comment that is made about them...I WISH so much I was able to reveal who I am so that Gary would know who I am....but for obvous reasons I cant.....He knows me well and is said to be the ONLY reason I have a job, well according tohim that is...


Bravo............the only respect Gary had at the pd was from himself. His hitler tactics and I know everyting mind set made him the worse one there. If the truth be known, I remember hearing him spiouting off after hearing Doyle talk, that he didn't want to work for a female chief. The only reason he started cheesing up to her is because she placed him back into a comannd position. Wheich should have never been done. runner had him in the right position, hallway monitor. For those of you who know, you know what that means. Oh and GARY, why don't you share with everyone what "LIE" stands for. Most of you readers now it as being untruthful but Gary has a different meaning for it. Rates right up with there with your hitler arm band you brought to work back in '89. Remember?


What is going on with the people of Sandusky? What in the heck is wrong with that Matt Westerhold? I am in total amazement! People whined and cried to see the report, they get the report, but surely they could NOT have read it. Are they still defending Nuesse becasuse they only read the summary and not the report? Of course the summary is going to be so bias...SR wrote it. They will NOT give is unbelievable! That I will never ever understand. It has made me hate the SR along with SO many others. I am hoping that the reason people here is because they just like to keep watching people fight. I can not imagine anyone, after reading all that she has done, still defending her. I would hate to think that those kind of people are living among me. If you haven't read the whole 224 pages PLEASE do! One last thing, what in the heck is that Sue Daugherty (sp) thinking? Seems to me that she is not a very good judge of character...she got Buffaloed too. Is there any place that we can get in touch with to do something with this town newspaper that loves to keep trouble going?


Cancel your subscription now. Money talks.


Im glad Matt stole this from her rant at thursday night's commission meeeting
And who doesn't Sue Daugherty thinks she is, who is she to tell the commissioners how to run the city (elected officials classes, wtf) if she has a problem run for city commission next time otherwise SIT DOWN and SHUT UP, Susie


Fire her already.


FIRE HER YESTERDAY! Sick of her! She sure better not get a dime from anyone! She has done enough damage to our city!


Excuse me but she is one of the commissioners bosses, or do you not know the rank and file of this city. She is also correct in the fact there is such a class for elected officials. It is supposed to help them to hit the ground running and not have to spend so much time learning the ropes. You need to do your homework before you blog and tell one of the commissioners bosses to sit down and shut up. Does only your opinion mean anything or do other people have the right to express theirs.


" Everyone seems to think this should go to the active FBI, to the Attorney General's Office or to the Bureau of Criminal Ivestigation & Identification. Well I think for you Nuesse supporters, you would not want that! Ms. Nuesse says it in her feature film but she too would regret having this done.

For one if an agency of this nature gets in volved, they wouldn't simply indicate a criminal offense, they would act on it. So lets say the FBI feels she did falsify documentation for a FEDERAL GRANT, I'm certain they would charge her. The same would go for the other too agencies.

Maybe, just maybe the city is trying to save Ms. Nuesse from being charged by handling this in the manner they are? Although, just because there has been no response from the commissioners, doesn't mean Ms. Nuesse's and GAF's actions don't get put on a Grand Jury hearing list. Gee what would you supporters do then. Holy cow i can't think of it.

Did it dawn on anyone that the city might be trying to allow Ms. Nuesse to make the right move and resign. Allowing herself to swollow some of her pride (like there is any) and move on. A gag order put in place and she can go where every she wants and further her "so called Law enforcement career" somewhere else?

All I know is this, she will not be able to effectively command, lead, direct, and work hand and hand with her people if she is retained as the chief.

To comment on Chief McClung claiming he would work for her as a captain, not even....first off if you wanted to be a civil servant, you would have done so when you started your career. One I doubt very much if you could pass and score well enough to make it to the entry level of the SPD. As well Captains at the SPD are union positions, therefore civil service rules apply............

For you SPD officers...........keep your chins high and hold your profession in your hearts. We don't get much praise but then again we didn't take the job for that. It's a pride, honor, and heart issue. A lot of which most of these bloggers don't have..... "


First off, I would like to comment on the way the Murman report was written. It sounds like it was written by a five year old, and I know two year olds who speak better than most of the report sounded! BUT, I can't help but wonder WHY this woman thinks she SHOULD and COULD maintain her position now reading what the people who work with her said she is like. Seems to me she was on some sort of power kick and made up her own rules to be changed on a whim and then wondering why people didn't understand what to do! I simply do NOT understand why she feels she didn't have to pay for a parking ticket, I could care less WHO she is, she is NOT exempt from the law! If she parked somewhere that warrented the issuance of a parking ticket then by God she should have to pay for it, just like you and I would have to. This woman just can't seem to get along with others and play nice. She needs to be fired!


The police chief is winning the SR poll...that is remarkable since there are so many malcontents from the SPD blogging away. Return cheif Nuesse NOW!


My Mom always told me be careful, you can drown in "inch deep" water! :)


The male cops are just mad she came in & snagged up that position & Mayberry doesn't want no broad tellin' 'em what to do.


Chief Nuesse has my respect. She has performed her duties while the "me smarter than you club" has undercut her since her first day on the job. That club is every where you look. If you can't win enough allies you are out. I hope the settlement will support her the rest of her life.


Being a "psycho- nut" constitutes class? This idiot chief makes her own agenda to fit her psychotic mind for that given day! She makes decisions based on hormones and then when the levels of those hormones shift, she changes them. Clearly, her decision making skills, along with her inability to be an affective leader, strongly suggests that she needs to be fired and look for a job at a small town police department.


Good hunch Sue..................Sure hope the governor finds a job for this 58 year old soon. I'm on tier 2 federal extension now.


There are no jobs for old people in our country and there never will be. Ask people who didn't get a job no matter what they did through senior organizations, decade after decade. What a farce!


Sound advise. I maintain my own website and revisit my keyword selection monthly. When I find a page that has been blaced third or fourth I update my keyword placement and wait a couple of weeks. I then check the page placement.

Chuck Kaman

Mr. Westerhold,

Is there any chance the Sandusky Register could place a copy of this study on-line so that there can be an informed discussion? Especially since you are suggesting it be a template for the rest of the county.

The problem with most studies is that they tend to come to whatever conclusion the study buyer wants. The City of Huron asked for a study to consider combining the police and fire departments and, low and behold, the study finds that to be a good idea! Maybe this is the next great thing in safety services. If that is the case, it should hold up to public scrutiny. If it is simply the latest management fad, we in Huron can’t afford another costly sideshow at taxpayer expense.

Huron also needs more help from you and the Sandusky Register in scrutinizing these studies and investigations. Take Huron’s Insurance/Nitroglycerine incident and resulting investigation as one example. The Register gave Huron a pat on the back on March 20th, when it promptly disciplined two young employees for their involvement:

The investigator’s report, however, showed that this practice was well known among upper level leadership in the Huron Fire Division the year before. I documented this on your online forums beginning March 29th:


By April 21st, the City Manager announced he was “assessing” the fire department, but it wasn’t an “investigation”. The City Manger then suspended the Fire Chief Berlin for 3 days in June, but refused to discuss any details or reasons with the press.

Did your reporters and editors even read the investigator’s report? Did it not occur to anyone that a government official might want to sweep something under the rug? Have you read this latest study?

Huron needs to finds a way to restore honesty and self-discipline to its local government. If that isn’t done, no amount of management reorganization is going to result in improved cost or service.

Sue Daugherty

I have had 3 employers contact me seeking to hire reliable, mature employees THAT THEY CAN DEPEND ON.
1. Janice Warner, Exec. Director of Erie-Huron CAC is seeking bus drivers for "Head Start". They will pay for the new hire to get their CDL license. Possible full-time position might exist. Call Janice or her secretary at 419-625-2214 for more information.
2. Sales - Office furniture company
Clair David Office Furniture & Design
Ask for Kim Marion for more information
3. Tim Skelton is seeking to employ some reliable people who have a work ethic at his pizza shop - Moma B's Call 419-625-9999 or
419-624-0849 for more information.


hey matt--- where is that idiot sanders column for me to comment on? that racist piece of trash. he wonders why there is such a divide among the colors in this country and yet his ilk continue to perpetuate it on aregular basis. he makes me sick. "the slave becomes the master" he is by far the biggest idiot i can think of. does he go to reverend wrights church?
people want to put that junk behind us. people want to live without color. the racism he always speaks of is behind most of us. and yet people like him continue to throw it in our faces. they continue to blame us just because we happen to be white.
i had nothing to do with any of this past he speaks constantly of. NOT MY FAULT. he looks as though he has done well for himself. how is that possible in a society supposedly geared to keep him down?
i am sick and tired of his kind of trash. pull his plug and people like him and eventually just maybe we can all be on color-- RED, WHITE, AND BLUE...


I agree 100% with you crackhead. The register has coddled Rufus and his anti-white rants for as long as I can remember. The only thing is the most important catalyst in this formula is Rufus has the NAACP backing him and as we have seen here locally with the corruptness within their very own local organization we all have seen WHO the real racists are!!!

Winston Smith

The econ. stimulus bill? That’s so yesterday.

What about the ADDITIONAL $410 billion in the 2009 omnibus spending bill that the Dems released on Mon. that has received very little coverage?

The Dems are increasing Federal spending by 8% for the balance of 2009.


Thank goodness that veto maniac Bush is outa there so America can spend its way to prosperity.


Keep up the great work Kristin! I would be happy to take some of those Caramel delites out of your house for you :). Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you.


I Googled my personal name and the only thing that came up was my name in the listing of CCW holders that was published by the Register. Therefore my business does not advertise in the Register.


Pray a little more, work a little harder, save, wait, be patient and, most of all, live within our means. That's the American way. It's not spending ourselves into prosperity or taxing ourselves into prosperity.


C ongressinal

R elief

A ction

P rogram


Ok Matt, enough is enough!!! You are such a little weasil. It is obvious that the three commissioners you oppose here are all anti-nuesse. The two commissioners who you continue to stroke, are all for her coming back. Dan Kaman could tell you that the sky is purple and you would believe him, all because he is on the Nuesse bandwagon. You are so transparent and sad and pathetic and I can not believe people pay you to write this crap. So save us all the time in reading what you have to say, we all get it, ANYTHING Kaman or Waddington say you agree with and ANYTHING Fuqua, Farrar or Craig Stahl say, u disagree with. That about right Matt??? LOL youre such a joke!

Winston Smith

‘ O brave new world, That has such people in't!’

- ‘The Tempest,’ Wm. Shakespear

The 8% increase in spending for the remainder of the yr. in the FY 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act includes:

· $6.9 billion for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program, a $1.2 billion increase over FY 2008

· $3.2 billion for state and local law enforcement and crime prevention, $495 million above FY 2008

· $2 billion to study global climate change, a $262 million increase over last fiscal year

· $5.1 billion, $337 million above 2008, for IRS enforcement

· $30.3 billion for the National Institutes of Health to research diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes, a $938 million increase over FY 2008

· $17.3 billion for college education grants, $3 billion more than in FY 2008



Just remember in a socialist/communist society…everybody has a job, but nobody has a good job…except those in political power!

“Socialists cry “Power to the people”, and raise the clenched fist as they say it. We all know what they really mean—power over people, power to the State.”
Margaret Thatcher

Sue Daugherty

For people who are concerned about a foreclosure action or anticipate missing a housepayment or will be experiencing thier mortgage payment increasing there will be a FORECLOSURE PREVENTION CALL IN" on March 10th from 6pm - 8pm. Attorneys, bankers, realtors, and HUD Counselors will be taking your calls AND ASNSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS. 419/626-5623


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks.


I was disappointed the commissioners didn't wait 2 weeks to clean up the G and C Foundry site. When the city solicitor cautioned them about going ahead with the cleanup before having the site declared a safety hazard and thereby improving the priority of the lien to recoup the cleanup expense, there was no logic in going ahead immediately.

I sympathize with the residents living near that eyesore, but the commissioners have a duty to safeguard the city treasury for all the citizens.

Why pay for legal advice if you're going to ignore it?

Why couldn't the cleanup wait 2 weeks?


Larry Gerold should look into setting up a site to webcast the camera view of the eagles' nest. I bet it could make the Old Dutch known around the world and real popular with bird watchers near and far. I know I would enjoy watching the nest. I think there have been similar webcams airing peregrine falcons nesting on tall city buildings.


I would like to be able to "click" on my screen name and that would access my user profile, articles commented on, user message, etc...It is available on Mansfield News Journal and associated sites. It is very helpful, and makes the online experience more personal.

Winston Smith

'Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.'

- John Maynard Keynes

With future catastrophic results, the era of Reagan and the influence of free mkt. economist Milton Friedman are waning in the U.S.

The new 'dead' economic philosophy du jour is from James Tobin, the man who brought Keynes' ideas to the U.S.

Get to know your minds of your new masters:

Govt. spending will not produce prosperity, but obviously the fairytales are being resurrected and re-told once again.


@iamrevolutionary I would really like to see a similar feature myself. Actually, the fact that the comment registration on our current platform does not offer that and some other, similar functionality was the primary reason I, personally, was reluctant to turn on the comment registration at this time. (Obviously, at a certain point the problems of the comments sections were greater than the problems of the registration system.) We have something similar right now on Funcoast and Fandy, which are both operating on a more advanced, but more experimental platform. As we continue upgrading this system, what you're referencing will certainly be a priority...


hey matt--- where is that sanders column for me to comment on? that racist piece of trash. he wonders why there is such a divide among the colors in this country and yet his ilk continue to perpetuate it on aregular basis. he makes me sick. "the slave becomes the master" he is by far the biggest idiot i can think of. does he go to reverend wrights church?
people want to put that junk behind us. people want to live without color. the racism he always speaks of is behind most of us. and yet people like him continue to throw it in our faces. they continue to blame us just because we happen to be white.
i had nothing to do with any of this past he speaks constantly of. NOT MY FAULT. he looks as though he has done well for himself. how is that possible in a society supposedly geared to keep him down?
i am sick and tired of his kind of trash. pull his plug and people like him and eventually just maybe we can all be on color-- RED, WHITE, AND BLUE...


Great idea reader, I second that!


Hmmmm...seems like the States that collect the least amount of taxes and small goverment spending do much better.

So, why "change" that?

Winston Smith

Good reporting Mr. Jackson!

Unfortunately, it's probably wasted on the economic dunderheads.

Also take a look at The Tax Foundation's latest States' Rankings on 38 Different Tax and Fiscal Measures:

A sampling:

Ohio ranked 47th in State Business Tax Climate

Ohio ranked 33rd in Corporate Tax Index

Ohio ranked 47th in Individual Income Tax

Ohio ranked 46th in Property Tax

Based on the above, it would appear that a lot of Ohio's economic pain is self inflicted.

Why would any profit seeking private enterprise want to open shop in Ohio?

A Sovereign American

Yes, excellent story!

Winston Smith

Also worth a gander regarding Ohio from The Tax Foundation website:


In a nutshell, the most sensible game plan for young Ohioans is:

Get educated and get out!

Winston Smith

A blast from the past.

Here's The Guv and The Lt. Guv writing to the world in Sept. '08 that Ohio's just doin' fine:

I kept this in my Favorites just for special occasions. Glad to share.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks.




What a profound short little paragraph.....

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by
legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

This is the kind of nonsense that our great commander in chief wants to do. Why don't we all just quit our jobs and let ole bag of broccoli take care of us !!!


Thanks for reviewing and responding so thoroughly to my input Nick. I appreciate/respect the level of interaction you're having with us readers in these blogs, and the technical improvements as they continue to roll out as well. Keep up the good work!


great job rufus. now you can get off of your soapbox. is it not a great country or what? now we are all equal. now you can stop playing the race card every time we turn around. "the slave has become the master" right rufus? i am always impressed with your rants. it appears to me that you have done pretty well for yourself over the years, huh? not too much holdin' old rufus down? it sure is easy to point the finger though, huh?
see it is people like you and the chosen few in your community that keep driving that wedge between all of us. see rufus, i am not a racist. that is the truth. i do not see color. i do not treat people the way you seem to claim we all do. you keep bringing it up and it keeps it all fresh in these young peoples minds. you act as though because of the color of your skin we all owe you for the hardships your ancestors suffered.
wrong answer. i had nothing to do with any of that. neither did my family. they were poor dirt farmers from germany and italy. they had no money and were treated as second rate citizens. even my grandfather could not get water to his property because his last name was not a popular one. you think you were the only people to see discrimination? please.
go read some of the idiocies that are being written about on the "three charged in sandusky home invasion" story. tell these uneducated thugs that the only way to a better life is to get an education like you did, and pull up your pants, get some good clothes and some manners, stop desecrating the english language and persue your dreams. stop looking to jay-z and puffy and the drug lords for your survival. for crying out loud a black man is president. i am sure he was not a thug or drug dealer.

i guess what it boils down to for me is the simple fact, you keep your race down by giving all these excuses why society has failed them. why they are entitled to all of the preferential treatment. what kind of environment does it create when someone gets a job based on the color of their skin and not whether they deserve it or not?

"the slave has become the master" right on brother. now the playing field is nice and level. you won't need to stand on your soapbox to see over me...


What??? I demand a recount!!


My mother has been on this program for years and we thank GOD. She has had to have numerous surgeries and has yet to pay $1 out of pocket thanks to the QMB! It also puts more money in her pocket every month because it pays her Medicare payment and co-pays! For all you seniors out there having a hard time making ends meet this is a very smart GREAT program.


Do you realize that the Flaming of the best bands of the 90's and maybe from Okalahoma? Oklahoma City to be exact.

joe baumgartner

Excuse me Mr Cordray, Elected public official, but explain to John Q public why this is not a public record. I am not an attorney, and would not want to be in this state. The Public deserves an explanation, your interpretation of the law. Please explain, we are all waiting to hear. You should be the expert, let's see what you have got to say.


Wow Matt, you better hope these accusations you speak of are true and are public record, if not you could looking to get sued for Defamation of Character. THAT is a trial, I would definately attend!!!

Winston Smith

90s? That's so yesterday.

Those are typical politicians for ya, no imagination.

Shoulda picked some good hard workin’ Red Dirt music by the likes of Cross Canadian Ragweed or Jason Boland.


Should it give one pause while flying into Okie City to realize that it named its airport in honor of an airplane passenger casualty?


Matt, the Register should sue the City of Sandusky and the State of Ohio for these records.


At first I was thinking the Nuesse - Baxter - Kline saga would be the makings for a great movie, but then I realized, no one would ever believe it.


I'm all for Matt and the Register exposing BAXTER, KLINE, CORDRAY, STAHL, MURRAY and the rest of the good ole boy network. The one issue that bothers me the most is when a blogger does the very same thing you are doing here, your commando cowboys remove it and state it is a personal attack.
You did it to Crackhead and myself on the Rufas Sanders article.
You talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk. How are you supposed to debate on an article without mentioning the persons name? Inquiring minds want to know!!! ~ º ¿ º ~


Mr. Westerhold,

Maybe you should fight for copies of those reports with the same vigor you used to fight for the list of CCW holder names.


to mr. sandusky



Moderators have removed this comment because it
contained profanity.

Conspiracy Theorist

You put out some nice commentaries, Matt. You would be surprised by some of the players involved in Ohio, even the ones that EB mentioned. Take for example the visiting judge Richard Markus who was mainly responsible for the imprisonment of EB. His son Kent Markus is chief legal counsel to Governor Ted Strickland.

Kent Markus and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason were considered as replacements for Marc Dann. There are a lot of players in Ohio who will only protect each other. That is why only an investigation by the USDOJ will be needed to uncover the truth. The FBI used out of state agents when they raided the Cuyahoga County offices because some of the OHIO federal agents would have tipped off the crooks in Cleveland.

Keep up the good work, Matt. Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich tried to have some members of the Chicago Tribune editorial staff fired because they criticized Blogo in the newspaper. Blogo's attempt to have the editorial staff fired is contained here on page 8, paragraph 15.

If it were not for the Chicago Tribune's commentaries and reporting critically of Blogo, I doubt that nobody would have paid attention to Blogo and there would not have been a federal investigation. Newspapers can be a very powerful tool to expose corruption in government. Remember that it was The Washington Post that was responsible for uncovering Watergate and bringing Nixon down.


Truthfully, I think the people of Sandusky are sick and tired of all of this mess. Obviously, a double standard applied and I could not find ANYTHING in he ORC of Sandusky that allows that.

From the beginning this entire situatio with council and Nussee and all those involved smacks of intimidation, cover-ups and misconduct by specific council members.

I did a LOT of reseach today and the meeting with Nussee at the Fire Station and its resulting suit is a violation of the Sunshine law.

I think those involved knew full well what they were doing hoping no one would legally take this matter to task.

Brian Crandall ran for the hills, (I think all started with him), Murray had bigger ambitions and took his course, leaving Sandusky in his past. That leaves Stahl, who seems lost and uncomfortable and literally holding the bag on this.

We need a recall of those involved and each concerned citizen should take part. Its necessary because it involves the character of those involved and obviously they have none


Way to go Ken!! Keep up the good work!


Matt, I respectfully understand your obsession with the corruption in our city politics. Maybe your next soapbox could be why our politicians aren't pursuing any businesses but seasonal. Bring that out in the front. Families can't live on seasonal jobs.

Julie R.

After the unfair way they fired Kim Nuesse, I don't know how the city of Sandusky can get away with concealing the city's investigation into Kline. I don't think they can----the snakes are pulling off another fast one, probably on the advice of Cirigliano and the Cleveland attorneys. If they get away with it, you can bet the report will "disappear" in due time. The Attorney General is pulling off a fast one, too........but I don't think it's BAXTER that they are worried about.


I've been thinking. KB isn't going to sue the Register. Why? Because if he sues the Register then it opens HIM up to discovery. Unless of course, he charges an entire newspaper with "falsification."


When this entire Nuesse mess is completed Matt Westerhold will be history and the Sandusky Registerag will be owned by Kevin Baxter. This entire coverage by the Registerag has been a witch hunt to distract the truth away from the facts concerning Nuesse. It has been a well planned attack with bias, unfair coverage and total fabrication on the part of the management of the Registerag. We can only ask why?


Is that a red Ford Swingline... er Focus? Who else got the "Office Space" reference?


Great job Kristin....keep up the good work! Sheila

Julie R.

Sam: I think you have it backwards. It was a witch hunt against Nuesse. The attack was biased, unfair and a total fabrication of flat-out lies.......but it sure wasn't well-planned!

Winston Smith

Ooops. I almost forgot another Okie musician that those dopey bureaucrats undoubtedly missed:

Watermelon Slim.

Mr. Willie Dixon said it best:

'The Blues is the truth; if it’s not the truth, it’s not the Blues.'


Hi guys,
In fairness to the bureaucrats, the selection of the official state rock song in Oklahoma was made by ordinary folks, who voted on the Internet. They had slim pickings -- Oklahoma just hasn't produced many really big rock stars, compared for example to Ohio. Oklahoma has done better growing country and western singers such as Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Reba McEntire and many others.

Yes, it is pretty ironic Oklahoma City welcomes visitors to Will Rogers Airport.

Winston Smith

Mr. Jackson you make an excellent point.

When local newspapers fold, who's to give the citizenry potentially important information regarding the doings of their elected and nonelected officials?

The web may be handy for big picture news items, but it tends to be inadequate in regards to reporting local news.

Locally, citizens can often make a difference; nationally we tend to have little-to-no control.

Good to know that you're on the job.

Reminds me of Tip O'Neill's famous quote: 'All politics is local.'

Winston Smith

Mr. Jackson:

Yes, of course I read and understood that the citizenry made the selection.

But I sometimes just can't help myself from casting aspersions on the blood-s*cking flea on the body politic - the bureaucrat.


Keep up the good work, Tom. An informed citizenry is important.


Hey Matt, what happened to your newest blog ( WAKE UP AND SNORT THE COCAINE). Did you get your a$$ spanked by Baxter and the boys?



Keep Focused


I see you alot at community events and at various govermental meeting. I observe what happens at the meetings and then see how that plays out in the printed word.

I feel you do a great job in reporting the news. I know that you watch what takes place and then dig for additional information to make you written story more informative than the actual event.

You are plesent and hard working all at the same time.

Good Job!


For those that believe everything that they read and do very little independent thought and research the answer is that it is making them less intelegent....or maybe more miss-informed.


What happened to your previous blog entry, Matt ?

Winston Smith

Gotta tell ya; I love researching info on the Web. It's akin to having the largest set of encyclopedias ever constructed.

This morning I was scanning on-line London newspapers in order to get their take on PM Brown's recent visit. How cool is that?

I sure wish I woulda had this tool in school.

I think it widens the divide between critical thinkers and those who haven't learned how to do it, Nick. The web is powerful but with all it's potential, it's just another tool and children are either going to learn how to use it or they're not. The future belongs to those who know how to use tools placed at their disposal. The development of technology in today's world far outpaces the ability of normal people to integrate it into their lives - and sometimes when they do, the tech is more of a distraction than an enhancement. I go back and forth on this debate too. Until it drives me to turning off the computer to go play with the kids at the park.


You can do this! Remember....You Are All That!

Winston Smith

Some folks better take the opportunity to put that number on speed dial; cuz according to the Federal Reserve it’ll probably get increased usage.

'The Federal Reserve estimates home prices could fall 18 to 29 percent more by the end of 2010.'


Obama continues to yak about education, energy and health care, none of which are germane to the problem.

Until the banks are straightened out and home prices begin to stabilize, this economy will continue in freefall.

Obama and his merry band of geniuses have been MIA on substantive plans regarding these two major issues.

Several years of too much credit and cheap money are coming back to bite us, it’s gonna take a while to work it’s way through the system.

Of course, Obama’s massive deficit spending plans along with more cheap money and oodles of credit will only eventually morph into a much larger future problem, but that’s another story for another day.


Mr. Westerhold could you look into this.



I like that ... wait, I don't mean I like it, but that's an interesting take. Both are true for different people. While the previous generation was so much about bringing society together, this generation seems so much about polarizing it. The thought disparity of the internet seems like just another way...



These individuals should all be cited for "reckless endangerment". The cost should then be divided by the number of individuals and they should be fined that amount! Idiots.


Bah, humbug. That is what we have these services for. You make them leave there warm huts and cable tv and they complain. I do not participate in any off shore activities, but those who do, pay the bills for those who are raising a stink.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee see Coast Guard tell cost of rescue but City no tell cost of Nuesse Investigation? Chung Lee find very odd.


I 2nd that thought.


All of these people should be charged with "reckless endangerment". They then should divide the cost by the number of idiots out there and fine each of them that amount.


mikel, i didn't hear you the first two times. Can you say that again?

Winston Smith

Mr White, your comment reminded me of the following:

' All technological change is a Faustian bargain. For every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage.'

- Neil Postman

Mechanical clocks were originally developed in the 14th Century in Europe in order to help remind Christian believers to faithfully recite their morning, afternoon and evening prayers.

How well is that original concept working in today's increasingly humanistic Western world?


Not my choice but he is our president. I will support him. I won't let politics replace my first responsibility as an American.

Sue Daugherty

For those of you who liked what "Outsider" said... not letting "politics replace my first responsibility as an American" (I'm interpreting that to mean civic engagment -- is that what you meant, Outsider?) Here's a good link if you truly want to know more/do more to engage yourself in our country's economic recovery. Go to this link to learn a little more...

Let me put your fears to rest... The pledge is not for money -- it's for your personal involvement. (Also known as "civic engagement)