E-mail to Commissioner Dennis Miller Jr.

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Dear Commissioner Dennis Miller:

I am sorry that we have never had the opportunity to meet, but I wanted to take a moment to urge you to very carefully read the above captioned report. I hope you take the time to do that and question if this was indeed a fair and impartial investigation of the facts, or whether it followed the dictates of an agenda.

I also wanted to mention to you that I met a man at the city commission meeting on Thursday who shared with me his thoughts about this issue and others. He also mentioned he's lived in his home in the 1500 block of Shelby Street for 67 years and said there are eight vacant houses surrounding his home. I drove to his neighborhood earlier today, and sadly, it appears the information he gave me is exactly correct.

I wonder if the more than $40,000 spent so far on the Murman investigation and related expenses would have been better spent to protect our neighborhoods and secure our city's future.

Please feel free to call me anytime. There are a great many other concerns I have regarding this issue, and it would be nice to meet and talk with you about them. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


Matt Westhover

Managing editor

Sandusky Register

Ofc. 419-609-5866



have a letter? This is sounds more like gossip than news.


why don't you name something that Tom did in the past 20 yrs that actually did not cost more than he said; or for that fact, that he even did anything to lead Erie Co anywhere but DOWN!!


"Redfern, who is state rep for this district, is stepping aside at the end of his term"

I thought Redfern stepped aside a couple of years ago. Where has Redfern been? We have been without a real rep for years.


I would vote for Mickey before voting for this clown.

the Dude

Michelle, you have one very fine blog. I truly enjoy looking at your blog.


Thank you for your question. I hope to accomplish the following, economic development of Erie County by
-retaining our present industry
-expanding our present industry
Both, retention and expansion, will require me to be "in the know" with the industrial, commercial, and business leaders. I will meet with these leaders to find out how Erie County can retain or expand their companies.
-securing new industry, commercial, and businesses by working closely with Erie County Economic Development Corporation and Erie Regional Planning. For example, securing 10 manufacturers that employ 50 people each will be just as valuable as one that would employ 500. I will encourage regional partnerships that most definitely will have regional benefits. A prime example is the NASA Plum Brook project. The Orion project will create high paying tech jobs. However, numerous other jobs will also be created, e.g., construction, clerical, accounting, mechanical, and on and on. This is a MUST for Erie County. I will work deligently with all governmental agencies to see this happen. Other areas that revolve around economic development are alternative energy and the health industry. Green is not a fad. Green is the future. I will work to see if Erie County can be a manufacturing site for alternative energy. Route 4 continues to be the medical corridor of the county (plus some on Rt.101). Long ago I learned that people judge the quality of 3 items before moving to an area. They judge the schools, the library, and the hospitals. Erie County is blessed to have the Rt. 4 corridor, both for the jobs and the quality of life care.
-encourage the continued growth of the tourism industry. The 2005 impact study showed the Erie County benefited 1.75 billion dollars. Lake Erie is the draw and shopping is the main activity once the tourists arrive. I will work with that industry to continue to draw those tourists' dollars. I am committed to help make this county a better place to live.

Again, thank you for your question.


Personally I am glad Chris Redfern is stepping down, I have heard things about him that make me sick!! Some great family man....huh!! Anyone who runs against him in the past needs to dig deep into his personal life and I guarantee they would find some really interesting dirt!! He's a joke!!!


I see Michelle is sporting a nice great big smile in her pic. NOT! Looks like old fashioned Red Baron goggles sniffin' a stinkfinger with a grimmace!


re: hancrack me up

dude, you have a lot of problems. did you notice that all of the comments are positive ones? you single handedly found something thing to be negative about. do you go out of your way to be unhappy??? or did mommy forget to hug you and your just subconciously a manic depresent who has nothing better to do then comment on a teenagers blog at 5:40 in the morning? you are exactly the type of person michelle was talking about who is "dwelling on every little rain drop on your parade"
get a life and stop poisioning the smiles of those around you.


Everything I`ve heard about this guy is bad.I haven`t heard of anything this guy got done the way he said he would do it.He is a joke.


You got my vote Mike. I`ve been waiting for someone like you to come out of the woodwork.


You got my vote.


I hope if you get the job that you do what you say you will.



Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern violated Ohio elections law by using campaign materials to purposely mislead voters, an appeals court ruled Thursday.


Skeezer : sex scandals and elected officials/skelitons in the closet tommy.


Like Edwards, Redfern has nice hair. Also like Edwards he is a typical socialist/collectivist government thug. He has advocated for and helped pass many laws that violate people's rights. Murray has done the same in Sandusky and will continue to do the same in Columbus. All are slick and corrupt lawyers (is there any other kind?). Shame on them all!


Do you get wireless at the marina? Or do you occasionally come into town and mill around with the common folk?


Journalism seems to have evolved from news reporting to news commentary in many cases. All major news on TV is pretty much that way. I too disagree with commentary geared to swaying the reader or observer. But, that is just the way it is. If I had my wish, The No Spin Zone would just spin a way and disappear, but that just isn't going to happen.


Jpke is that you people have no idea what you are talking about. Ferrell was always the minority commissioner until Mongahan got elected in 2006. If anybody did nothing it was McKeen and her Republican buddies Butcher and Sparky. They were the majority for most of Ferrell's terms. Oh wait McKeen did get her hair done every week does that count???


Redfern is for Redfern. He didn't like David Giese, former Erie County DEM chief. Now he has problems with current chair, Amy Grubbe. Both are good people. Could it be that Redfern is the problem, not everyone else? He's probably the main reason McCain will carry Ohio.




Look at the years that Ferrell has been in office with all Dems! Way back to the corruption of Bill Scheid..what a crook he was and what a do nothing the Dems have been. Tommy was in the majority almost all his years except the past term! And, hey Tommy...that picture is even worse than the other one! All that alcohol is showing!


gee whiz....a landscaped welcome sign out on 250.....if they're here to see it, they obviously found out enough about our area's attractions to travel here. Money would be better spent advertising to get them here.

Maybe the county should fund another $100,000 study of the matter.

I would be very willing to undertake the project.


Just what has Redfern done?? Is he hoping for Obama to win so he will get some appointment - ambassador or something?


I'm not voting for you because number one your son is a liar and it might come natural and number two your a realtor. Enough said.


I'm a true blue democrat and will be voting republican(PRINTY)




Hey Mr. Shenigo...if you are a friend of Tommy Ferrell Jr...I'm not voting for you...and i'm a Democrat


Who's kid did Mr. Shenigo wife hit on Hull Rd...curious


Mr. Shenigo...who's kid did your wife hit on Hull Rd.