E-mail to Commissioner Dennis Miller Jr.

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Dear Commissioner Dennis Miller:

I am sorry that we have never had the opportunity to meet, but I wanted to take a moment to urge you to very carefully read the above captioned report. I hope you take the time to do that and question if this was indeed a fair and impartial investigation of the facts, or whether it followed the dictates of an agenda.

I also wanted to mention to you that I met a man at the city commission meeting on Thursday who shared with me his thoughts about this issue and others. He also mentioned he's lived in his home in the 1500 block of Shelby Street for 67 years and said there are eight vacant houses surrounding his home. I drove to his neighborhood earlier today, and sadly, it appears the information he gave me is exactly correct.

I wonder if the more than $40,000 spent so far on the Murman investigation and related expenses would have been better spent to protect our neighborhoods and secure our city's future.

Please feel free to call me anytime. There are a great many other concerns I have regarding this issue, and it would be nice to meet and talk with you about them. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


Matt Westhover

Managing editor

Sandusky Register

Ofc. 419-609-5866



You state that regional governments should form partnerships to save tax dollars. Yet when a local Board tried to do just that in the spring, did you not sit in the front row and argued against the Boards attempt to save Erie County tax dollars. But in all fairness, maybe you were there not knowing all the facts. Hmmmmm! If my memory serves me correct as a teacher you argued against double dipping, yet did you not work for Sandusky City after retiring? Again, in all fairness maybe you didn’t have all the facts. It’s not double dipping. Decisions and how we react to others need to be based on facts and not emotions. If elected, how will you go about making decisions that are in the best interest of the counties residents?


I don't know any of you. But looking at your pictures, I would say that you, sir, are one some type of drug..be it alcohol or some other drug. This will probably be edited, but it is my honest opinion....


Dear Mr./Mrs. Prospective Commissioner....

(1) How can we get Kimberly Nuesse her job back?

(2) How can we make Kimberly Nuesse into the "Good Guy" here?

(3) Can we have a "Kimberly Nuesse Day" and make it a Government Holiday?

(4) Can we use County funds and make a movie about the "Life and Times" of Kimberly Nuesse?

(5) How can we make Kimberly Nuesse want to want to date me?

Good Luck to You All!!!

Rick Studer



...they can make uniforms out of cat fur. Two birds with one stone...



Huh. Give you a few pixels and you produce bloviating novellas. Nice useless talent. In this forum short and sweet is preferred.

Since you know absolutely nothing about me personally, your only recourse is to dig into your liberal, socialist cesspool of a mind and pull up your typical nonsensical sludge and arrive at absurd conclusions.

If you could make the effort to attempt to exchange ideas and ask questions without the immature ad hominem attacks at which liberals like yourself excel, you might actually occasionally appear intelligent and perhaps learn something useful in the process.

You appear to sincerely believe that your Mr. ED analogy was clever; but you gotta ask yourself, in that relationship – who truly owned whom?

Got anything worthwhile to discuss, or would you like to continue with your usual drivel?


I will offer a few words here about my experience. You can find more details about my experience on my web site at www.mikeprinty.com.

To set the time frame of my experience, I graduated from Perkins in 1965 and then from John Carroll in 1969.

I started my business carreer with a large manufacturing company as a Human Resource professional. With this company I became a Divisional Human Resource Manager and provided servicies to 2500 employees over several states.

I then became a vice president of human resources for a privately held busines in Columbus, Ohio that had 1,100 employees at the time. I now own a local human resource consulting company.

I have helped companies grow and helped them shrink. I helped manage union and non-union facilities. I have been on several site selection committies that expanded company busineses. I have helped companies aquire new businesses and helped them divest and sell businesses.

Throughout my 38 years in business, I have always been the one to listen to employees and represent their interest to management. This is very similar to listening to citizens and making sure their concerns are known as government makes decisions.


It was so nice to have Matt write a blog on something other than Nuesse. THANK YOU!

Then we have the idiot (8/20, 2:36 am)below who had to write about her.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.


Good Blog Michelle! Have a great school year.


Plus, finding low-cost uniforms is simply a joke!

That is a load of bull. I have seen uniforms at several stores that have been marked down. We got our niece 6 full uniforms at Meijer that were on clearance for $2 per piece. There are many low cost uniforms available. Apparently you haven't looked at all.


While I found the cost to be ok for your online I found it unbearable to try to read, especially the classifieds. For me it is useless and I will not resubscribe. However, I do think the SR is the best paper on the North Coast and will buy the print version when I am in Sandusky.


If the Register is going to let the kind of posts that are posted before this one go thru then.......... get out of this now. Absolute BS Sandusky Enquirer!!!

Perkins Resident

Name one thing you have done that hasn't backfired. You have done nothing to benefit the citizens of Erie County. It's time for you to go. I would elect Mickey Mouse before I elected you again.


You are still rebelling! You have made some good point and might've maybe said something. But I will say something. Have fun getting picked on all over again. I can wait to read your blog on how you hate men!


I agree they need a humorous blogger on here. the problem is that they have not found one yet.


I like the e-paper, but I do *bitc....every time it is not posted by 7 on the weekends. I pay my money for it as I am over 40 now and cannot see the "real paper" well, and hate all the extra paper hogging my trash. As for the classifides, if you look at the home page, you can check on ANY classifide....IE:jobs, autos, etc.


Hey Genius...why don't you name the things that have backfired for us?? Since you have such a great opinion. You are real brave when you don't have to sign your name aren't you??


Mr. Printy:

Thank you for elaborating on your experience. It helps alot when trying to decide who to vote for.

Now if you would answer a question for me:

If elected as a county commissioner, what do you hope to accomplish while serving the people of Erie County?


Being the man I am, I read your John Taylor Gatto website before even thinking about expressing my own opinion, as I feel being open minded to others opinions is better than always thinking I'm right. It all seemed really well put together until I noticed that it hasn't even been updated in 5 YEARS.
Propaganda, be it for school uniforms, or against, be it for or against school in general, is still just propaganda. It's still not "thinking outside the box"!
That would be exactly what Michelle IS doing! I mean seriously, a teenager EXCITED about going back to school and getting an education? Now THAT'S thinking outside the box! I wish I had Michelles attitude when I was in school! Maybe I COULD have gone to college and done more with my life had I cared as much then as I do now.
I suppose your right, tho. Noone would EVER want to listen to Carnegie, (as in the guy who brought public libraries to people), Ford, or anyone else with a working brain, right?
Yes I flip burgers. I just might be that guy at Burger King, and I might be spitting in your onion rings. I was lazy in school. I messed up. I wish I could take it back.

But then Edison and Einstien flunked out of school too. look where it got them


Mr Ferrell:

You talk in your blog about your experience and knowledge, and also about your "Vision" to build a new Erie County.

I have 2 questions for you:

1) Please elaborate on what is your vision for Erie County.

2) If re-elected as a county commissioner, what do you hope to accomplish while serving the people of Erie County? "

Perhaps questions 1 & 2 have the same answer, or perhaps they have different answers if your vision and what you hope to accomplish are a little or alot different....or perhaps they are the same. I'll let you decide Mr. Ferrell.


Mr. Shenigo:

You said in your blog that, "Jobs, Schools, Seniors, the Business community…all deserve attention.

Please elaborate and tell us how these areas need attention (I'm assuming you mean in terms of improvements) and what you plan to do as a commissioner in these areas to improve them.

Also, if elected as a county commissioner, is there anything else that you hope to accomplish while serving the people of Erie County? "


I agree that Chuck Hoefert needs to blog . He really has a warped sense of reality. Which I for one find hilarious. He walked past my house the other day and didn't pay the usual toll I charge for walking on my road. Thanks Chuck !!!


Mr. Heyberger:

I have just one question for you:

If elected as a county commissioner, what do you hope to accomplish while serving the people of Erie County?

Please be specific and please do not give generalities.


One more thing Mr. Printy:

When giving your answer to my question below, please be specific and please do not give generalities. "


I agree with Lighten Up. I think he is funny. It is refreshing, AND amusing. His stories remind me of my marriage. My husband is a clown too. so......Lighten up. :-)


All I want to know; Is Tom Ferrell going to get a real job for the first time in his life after Printy whips his butt in November?


I have worked with Mike for many years on a variety of projects and he is always positive and professional.

He's a big-picture person who wants to get things done.


Yeah but who really cares about these, can't get enough of myself candidates, anyway. So let's just see how many blogs this gets in comparision to stories about Nuesse. Bet it won't be many.




Leopards can't change their spots.