E-mail to Commissioner Dennis Miller Jr.

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Dear Commissioner Dennis Miller:

I am sorry that we have never had the opportunity to meet, but I wanted to take a moment to urge you to very carefully read the above captioned report. I hope you take the time to do that and question if this was indeed a fair and impartial investigation of the facts, or whether it followed the dictates of an agenda.

I also wanted to mention to you that I met a man at the city commission meeting on Thursday who shared with me his thoughts about this issue and others. He also mentioned he's lived in his home in the 1500 block of Shelby Street for 67 years and said there are eight vacant houses surrounding his home. I drove to his neighborhood earlier today, and sadly, it appears the information he gave me is exactly correct.

I wonder if the more than $40,000 spent so far on the Murman investigation and related expenses would have been better spent to protect our neighborhoods and secure our city's future.

Please feel free to call me anytime. There are a great many other concerns I have regarding this issue, and it would be nice to meet and talk with you about them. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


Matt Westhover

Managing editor

Sandusky Register

Ofc. 419-609-5866



but I still think that Slaughterhouse is a dude. I mean have you ever heard her...him...it talk? honestly, I've walked down the halls and seen the back of her...his...its head and thought that she...he...it was a dude.

Rick Studer

TO: Expletive deleted

These BLOGS are so fun because they are like fishing holes stocked with idiots. This particular topic has been pretty quiet but I think I might have caught a whopper.

First off ED, I had to read your post several times to actually understand what you were trying to say. Even invoking the use of my secret vocabulary decoder ring; to make sure I didn’t miss any priceless crumbs from your cranial cracker barrel.

May I suggest in the future when addressing the “numerous Ohioans spoiled rotten whiney children” you write in manner they might understand, thus not losing your point!

What does Batman have to do with this topic? Anyone spending more than $2510 on medicine, $200+ a month, is probably ill, elderly or disabled or worse. Highly unlikely are they standing in lines at movies or attending “river” festivals. Read the topic ED!

By the way, where in the scheme of things does a half a billon spent on the Caped Crusader compare with the modern day Crusader’s $200,000,000 per day spent in Iraq? Could we buy a little health care with that ED? Maybe…

I have to wonder ED, what kind of life you must live. Evidently not affected by $4 a gallon gas, $15 beef roast, $4 for a gallons of milk, rising property taxes, making fun of people who run or need soup kitchens. How lucky you must be.

Be careful when you drive in your rose-colored glasses that you don’t hit any of the “numerous Ohioans spoiled rotten whiney children” standing in line for the next Batman movie… OK Ed?


If you think it's hard to read online, it's even harder to GET online access. The signup page takes you to a 404 Error ("Webpage not found") screen!


Parents exclaim that buying uniforms is less expensive…less work…less “whatever”. Look, if you thought parenting was going to be easy, you were obviously wrong. I laugh when I hear parents complain about money, time and how they want things easier. Being a proactive parent is NOT easy. There isn’t anything easy or cheap about being a parent. Before having a child, people need to decide if they have the money and time. Yes, clothes cost money, whether it’s a pair of khakis or blue jeans. In fact, many people can purchase designer clothes – or interesting and unique clothes from thrift stores. The clothes can be “fun” and unique to fit any kid’s style. That would be less expensive than paying the full amount for new uniforms. It’s difficult to find a pair of khaki pants and polo shirts with no logos or markings at a thrift store. Stores can hold Sanduskians hostage because the stores know we don’t have any choice but to buy a specific kind of pant and shirt from them.

I have applied to the Perkins School District because of this. It really is too bad; I am a parent who cares about my child’s education and am a supporter of his teachers. My son’s teachers are important to me as well as his academics. I don’t allow myself to worry about how much it will cost me to clothe my child or how much time it takes to shop for clothes. I knew he would need clothes and my time before his conception.

There are empirical studies on school uniforms on both sides of the aisle. There is in-depth scholarly research that provides they are effective for many reasons and there is just as much study which provides the clothes don’t make the person. It’s difficult to conceive that my fellow adults actually think clothes make a person. That’s child’s play. That’s what many teenagers think…cool clothes make you cool or posits you that you money. Adults are saying the very same thing by forcing uniforms. In research, people only look for what they want to look for. This school administration only looked for the research which implies uniforms will solve their problems. Really, it’s cowardly. Leadership should solve the problems – not forcing an institutionalized look. Using a band-aid will not work in the long term.

I’ll be a proud a member of the Perkins Pirates even though I live just a block from a Sandusky Elementary School. Sandusky will lose an up and coming exceptional student and young leader as well as parents who care about the academics and social welfare of their child.


The Register must have a lot of unused space on their server. They would have to inorder to waste it on crap like this.

How about giving us a real blogger Mr. Westerhold.


From Webster's Dictionary:
Main Entry: blog
Definition: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log
Example: Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

Who died and left you in charge of blogs? Where is it written in the "law of blogs" that they have to meet certain qualifications? A blog is just someone's personal "diary" and nowhere is it written that it must contain content of great social importance or make some earth shattering revelation.

You complain about the blog but I bet you read the entire entry.

Are you his grumpy neighbor?


Maybe they can wear a uniform where everybody wears something different...


From Webster's Dictionary:
Main Entry: blog
B ig
L oad
O f
G arbage

So calling this a blog is correct.


while i don't want to make fun of anyone or purposely hurt their feelings--- are you register folks serious? come on, let's try some intelligence in the blogosphere.
what lengths will you all go to desecrate intelligent thought? i, for one, am sort of embarrassed for you. please at least put that hoeffert dude on here or something.


I remember in the eighties when these people were working or retired from the railroad. I had to be quick & get my "free" cheese for my young children & wife. These people were on "fixed" incomes. My wife & I wonder if we will have employment & we are getting close to the double nickel. You people really had it made compared to those in the workplace. I feel sorry for those trying to make it in today's job market.


I am a Sandusky parent who is definitely seeking a fresh start. I have never made it a secret about how I feel about the uniforms. They say we will save money... I say, "AND HOW?" My kids still need daily wear and they are growing out of the uniforms & staining them so fast that I had to invest in new uniforms three times in one year per child! These kids don't want to wear a uniform to school so they definitely aren't wearing them outside of school including the $7-$10 belts. As for the belts, my little boy has enough trouble getting his pants unfastened as it is let alone adding a lock to that! Plus, finding low-cost uniforms is simply a joke!
Those are facts but this would be no fun without adding my opinions too so here goes: Wearing and creating your own styles is part of self-expression, individualism and even personality which has been completely diminished with uniforms. We had a dress-code in place but the system was tired of fighting kids about bagging clothes, sagging pants, short skirts and breaking those guidelines in general. I believe they got lazy about enforcing these guidelines. Now, kids are getting sent home for colored socks or a lost belt which is ridiculous! I understand why baggy clothes and short skirts might cause problems. These kids shouldn't be allowed to let their underwear hang out or be given the ability to hide weapons but being reprimanded and losing education (by being sent home) over socks and belts...WTH??? Oh & guess what? The students still know who is poor or rich because they have attended many years with the same kids. Also, shoes may as well have the price-tags still attached because these kids know their name-brands and newest styles still. When one student is wearing hand-me-down and Salvation Army uniforms and another wears crisp brand-spankin new name-brand uniforms ~ it's evident!
I'm curious how long it took to find all of those "happy about uniforms" kids and parents that they wrote the original story about. Maybe it was a fiction story or they spent a year prior to living the experience to gather these opinions.
One of my children is home-schooled now and the other is being enrolled in Perkins this year but I thank you for letting me vent anyway = )


You can't rely on the e-paper coming up at a regular time. A lot of people want to read the paper before going to work and having the paper showing up after everyone has gone to work is unacceptable. The paper should come on at 6:00 a.m. and no later for those who have no time after work to read the paper. Saturday and Sunday's are worse yet coming up around 10:00 or later or not coming up at all.


search bickley...huron cheer coach...nothing...limited search to last 14 days...boo hoo

Talk about favoritism...


I like him, I think he's funny, atleast he's still not going on and on about Nuesse-gate, and giving us one-sided opinions.


How about having Crackhead and 007 here doing a blog?



Wasting time with pretentious blogging at 10:41 AM?

Caught a whopper eh? Better check the ‘ol creel and see who first responded to who’s comments.

When one throws around a few liberal baiting words, one never knows what socialist one might hook. I’ve got just the right place for you over my mantle – with your maw gaping and eyes bulging.

A self-described remedial reader like you obviously has difficulty with succinct conceptual thought. Thanks for hanging in there.

You pay $15.00 for a beef roast? I never touch it. Red meat will kill ya. Chicken or fish is better for ya and less expensive.

The point Ricky-boy is that despite the daily sobbing of the news media, U.S. is still the richest country in the world. Listen to the incessant whining long enough and one would think that we all live in Haiti where they do have soup and bread lines.

It’s time to raise whiny Ricky’s taxes. The bleeding heart liberal big government lovin’ rich boy writes like he ain't payin' his fair share in order to help fund State entitled healthcare for the rapidly increasing population of elderly and infirmed.

What do you think Ricky? Should there be windfall profit taxes on movies like ‘The Dark Knight’ to help pay for universal prescription drug coverage?


I think Mr. Coehrs blog is the only one on this web site worth reading. It's refreshing to read something funny on here for a change. I don't even bother reading the other bloggers anymore because they are either too boring, or it's just the same ole', same ole'. What's wrong with a little humor now and then?

And just like Coe Coe wrote at 2:23 this morning, "...atleast he's still not going on and on about Nuesse-gate, and giving us one-sided opinions. "

Thank You Dave Coehrs. Keep on making us laugh! We need that in this day and age. Life is too short to be serious about everything all the time. I will continue to look forward to your blog entries.


zzzzzzzzz........boring.....the SR presents the "e-paper" as some sort of godsend. In actuality its just as boring as the daily printed paper cuz its the same thing. Give us a real website!


Ms. Daugherty:

Kindly write a piece about the results of the insurance forum.

I recently read an article where it stated that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wanted to take on the regulation of equity-indexed annuities.

The SEC wants them treated as investment products and not insurance contracts. Insurance agents who now sell them would have to become securities licensed.

I’ve seen the commercials for annuities on TV. They like to throw around the term ‘guaranteed income.’ If the insurance co. issuing the annuity should go out of business, they could become worthless. Some ‘guarantee.’

I’m old enough to remember the failure of annuity issuer Baldwin-United in the early 80s and the fiasco and financial loss it caused.

Annuities can have their place in a balanced financial retirement plan, but IMO, they are often oversold and to the wrong people for the wrong reasons.


I think that would be a great idea, but the Register wouldn't allow it because Crackhead and 007 tell it like it is whether you agree or not, they put it all up front. Since the Register is a one sided paper, you will in fact continue to see the monitors continue to delete blogs that do not agree with their remedial ways of thinking.


I enjoy this blog. Mr. Coehrs is funny! It is nice to LAUGH at something on this website instead of CRINGING like I usually do. Times are tough for everyone right now and a humorous blog like this brightens the day a little. There is too much negativity and confrontation in our country right now, so go ahead and have a chuckle once in awhile!


I humorous blogger would be good. I just hope they find one. This is not humor, it is weak stupidity.


TO: Expletive deleted

Well… tickle my toes pink, my new friend Ed wrote me a note! I’m impressed, and you cleaned up your grammar a little bit too. In light of my new found respect for you I’m going to address you as MR. ED.

I loved the fishing analogies MR. ED but from where I’m standing if I look in my CREEL I think I see a bug-eyed whopper with a George Will bowtie and a Ronald Reagan Christmas card in his back gill, all gaped mouth, looking back at me…

I can’t believe you are going to hector me for “wasting time at 10:41am”, how old are you MR. ED? Not all of us are in bed at 9:00pm like the president. You must know that in this blistering American economy we “workin poor” are at the millstone all different hours of the day. Come on MR. ED!

And yes, I do enjoy red meat; I especially enjoy chewing on glib wags such as you, thanks MR ED.

I don’t disagree with you on the amount of wealth in the country; my problem is the redistribution of this wealth. More and more money is going in to the pockets of fewer and fewer people. I don’t care if you have money. But I do care when my co-worker’s job is eliminated in order to raise the stock price so some piker like you doesn’t complain that is portfolio is tanking.

Windfall profit tax? That’s code for the oil companies aren’t stealing the American consumer blind? You own EXXON stock too MR ED?

We all can’t be millionaires, deep down inside even Rush knows this. Who would cook in restaurants, sell high priced gas, mow your yard, millionaires? I don’t thinks so. So is it really too much to ask that the guy cooking your brunch can take his kid to the doctor when he needs to and not when he can afford to? It seems like every other industrialized country in the world has already answered this question.

Please write back MR ED, I’ll give you one more response before I move on to the next pretentious, presumptive, pollyannaish, vamped up mutterer of the Rush Limbaugh-Bill O’Rielly lemmings. (Was that sentence too pretentious Mr. Ed?) I so enjoy the rain of bull crap from the mouths of Republicans. (or chicken crap in your case)

One last thing, when you write me (or your next president) please put a capital B on Boy…

Ricky Boy Studer


that Ms. Slaughter is a dude


@Milla: I apologize, your post should not have been deleted, it was a mistake. We have reposted it, and we are making sure it is clear to all our moderators that we do not delete posts simply because they criticize us. Finally, I would just say I agree with your criticism of the media as a whole, but would be interested to see if you can point to any specific instances of OUR reporters not behaving like, well, reporters...

@balony: The search on this site hasn't been limited to the last two weeks (using the search bar at the top of this page) for more than six months.


To Fresh Start…

Great post. I posted: Kids cost money…

I totally agree with you. Excellent points! When administration looks to make a decision, they look for empirical studies that support only their desires. They found studies that proved students faired better wearing uniforms than those who did not. Yet, there are documented studies (empirical evidence) that show there are no improvements in schools who wear uniforms. We are all smart enough to know that clothing doesn’t make us more intelligent. That is scientifically impossible. As far as socially – our children are smart enough to see who is wearing the latest and greatest shoes, jewelry, belts, coats, etc…

I have read studies that provide that students who wear uniforms throughout their K-12 education are socially inept when they arrive at college. As much as the educators in Sandusky are trying to say that all people are equal…that just isn’t reality. We should all be treated equal…but logically and philosophically we just aren’t. It is better our children know that now than when they attend a large college campus far away from home. If my child is to experience reality, I would rather it be in an environment where I can help him understand it.

My child received his acceptance letter from Perkins today. Who knows…they may go to uniforms one day too. Perhaps Perkins is waiting to conduct a five year study of how Sandusky has faired. I don’t think my child will go to school (not skip), be a better athlete, achieve higher grades, and give more respect just because of what he wears on the outside of himself. He will only be those things if he has a positive influence in his life. He will host these attributes because of what is on the inside.


I liked this one. It actually made me smile.


You need a proof reader!

Example: "But the real challenge is the development of a runway and regional airport at NASA to assist them in the research project the Orion project."


Tom, I know you have 20 years of experience. But quite simply, you haven't gotten the job done. It's time to step aside so the job can really get done! Erie County can't wait around for 20 more years! I'm voting for Printy.


Please enlighten us... (or are we supposed to take your word for it?)