E-mail to Commissioner Dennis Miller Jr.

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Dear Commissioner Dennis Miller:

I am sorry that we have never had the opportunity to meet, but I wanted to take a moment to urge you to very carefully read the above captioned report. I hope you take the time to do that and question if this was indeed a fair and impartial investigation of the facts, or whether it followed the dictates of an agenda.

I also wanted to mention to you that I met a man at the city commission meeting on Thursday who shared with me his thoughts about this issue and others. He also mentioned he's lived in his home in the 1500 block of Shelby Street for 67 years and said there are eight vacant houses surrounding his home. I drove to his neighborhood earlier today, and sadly, it appears the information he gave me is exactly correct.

I wonder if the more than $40,000 spent so far on the Murman investigation and related expenses would have been better spent to protect our neighborhoods and secure our city's future.

Please feel free to call me anytime. There are a great many other concerns I have regarding this issue, and it would be nice to meet and talk with you about them. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


Matt Westhover

Managing editor

Sandusky Register

Ofc. 419-609-5866



I am very much interested in hearing Krista's version of events. From what I can recall she states that Kevin Baxter set her up on sham theft charges. I would like to know if that is true, and can it be proven from court documents? What is all of the talk about Double Jeopardy? How many times was she tried in a court of law? Why was she offered Diversion by the Prosecutor, then to receive a 5 year prison sentence because she took the case to trial.

Now I know that doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone explain why the state would make such a sweeeet offer to the defendant to only turn around and the state that they want her to go to prison for 10 years. Something is not right with her case. How many counts was she indicted on? How many counts was she convicted on? What type of prison sentence was imposed?

Inquiring minds would like to know


Am I from Cuyahoga County? Heavens no. I've lived in Erie County all my life. My mother lived in Erie County all her life. Her entire family lived in Erie County all their lives. In fact her maternal grandfather was a Sandusky Fire Chief back when horses were used to pull the fire truck!
And yes I know for a fact that Cuyahoga County Judges are FIXING cases for the Erie County Probate Court and as for Cuyahoga County attorneys----don't even get me started on some of those crooks. (who get away with coming into Erie County and filing Oral Motions on behalf of NON-CLIENTS)
You say you doubt what I am saying is going on------sorry, but the SCAMS are all a matter of public record. (in both
Cuyahoga County & Erie County)


You think these so-called LIES of Kim Nuesse's (a parking ticket and laptops) were so TERRIBLE then you should hear some of the good terrible LIES that I have heard from attorneys and this CORRUPT legal system here in Erie County about the LAWS! In fact, I'm honestly contemplating writing a book about it....


I never could figure out why nobody ever filed a lawsuit against EB. either. And yes something doesn't smell right with that Harris case at all but I see that the SR's Mike Fitzpatrick is claiming Baxter and his good ole boys are suddenly ALL INNOCENCE. Yeah, right.


The SR's Mike Fitzpatrick article has no comment section so I will comment here.
How do you know Ejay Baxter's case is a conspiracy theory? Are you privy to the sealed records that are in the Probate Court?
How do you know that Elsebeth Baumgartner was not telling the truth? Did anybody ever make an attempt to prove her accussations to be false? It's true she's sitting in a prison cell, put there by a Cuyahoga County Judge, but didn't a Lorain County prosecutor himself call the Judge corrupt?
How do you know that the retired Lt. Roy Prewitt is telling the truth? Are you GOD?
You say that the Erie County Prosecutor's office, in your opinion, may be a lot of things, but crooked is not one.....you claim you do not think they do anything DISHONEST to win cases...
I can give you a list of people, including Lorain County and Cuyahoga County attorneys, that must have laughed themselves to sleep tonight after reading your article.....


When a grandmother is photographed in a sex party with somebody that works in the Erie County Prosecutor's office and this in turn generates a "conflict of interest" in an alleged criminal case of abuse against a 4 year old child, something sure is corrupt in this County. And if the SR is going to go back to protecting this corrupt system like they have done for YEARS then I'm back to cancelling my subscription....


I know some people that must have laughed themselves to sleep over Fitzpatrick's bullcra* too. They probably cut the article out and had it framed....


CSI Sandusky wrote on Oct 27, 2008 7:45 PM:

" You people are un-beleivable.

MIKE FITZPATRICK put forth a very reasonable theory as to what happened.

It is totally possible that Krista did in fact purjer herself and then recant out of fear for her safety. Blaming the prosecutor takes the heat off of her. thus removing the potential for physical retaliation on her.

As for Baxter not pressing perjury charges against her. Well, would it even be worth the cost to tax payers to persue that prosecution?

AS TO Krista HArris going to jail for theft, evendently there was enough evidencve to get an indictment from a grand jury, and enough evidence to convict her at trial. The prosecuter only presents the case. the jury decides guilt

OF course we all know that neither side wants the truth to be known.

Drug tests and lie detector tests would put an end to all of this. yes I realize that lie detector tests are inadmissible in court. "




Well well well, I return home from a knife and shear expo in Tuscaloosa and what do I find? Rick Studer has finally been put out by Sue. Then I examine closely because the only person she has ever personally responded to is Mick. I have directly asked her multiple questions. Was there any personal message to me? Nope. My deep down feeling is I am no longer welcome on what I personally thought was the most honest interesting blog on this site. I guess I may actually have to agree with Studer and follow your blog Nicholas (yes not Nick I have more class and respect than Studer), lets just hope those ammoral homos like Blackjack and Lance stay away.


You know what Nick if you want to delete my post, you can shove this blog up your arse.


Nick you are apparently a friend of Blackjack or Lance. Perhaps you are an ammoral homosexuaul.


MAtt- Tommy or Johnny..... hmmmm..... I think the guys a hybrid! Tommy Carson


Gee, I know people in Erie County that did a hel* of a lot WORSE and stole one heck of a lot more than this Krista Harris and they never went to jail. Guess it pays to have the attorneys, judges and the financial institutions COMMIT the CRIMINAL FRAUD for ya, right?


Mr. Fitzpatrick claims that the Prosector's office may be a lot of things but crooked isn't one of them----that you do not think they do anything DISHONEST to win cases...
Yes, they do. Would you like to see the proof...


I know two financial institutions (that are in the Court and Baxter's back pocket) that must have REALLY got a LAUGH out of Mr. Fitzgerald's article that the Erie County Court system and Baxter don't do anything DISHONEST.
Only in your dreams, Mr. Fitzgerald....only in your dreams.....


We don't need a TOKEN President...
When McCain wins, the blacks will yell
"Whitey stole the election...let's loot
and burn!

BTW, they do both VERY well.


Who is this Rufus guy? He's a BIGOT who probably doesn't know who his
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Richard Cox of SCLC would like to give you an interview to the register.

Southern Christian Leadership Group.

THE NAACP in Sandusky are useless. They will not help put Kevin Baxter away because they are SCARED TO DEATH OF THIS MAN. It's ridiculous how much power this man has.


Hearing Bob Barr explain libertarian solutions to problems created by Democrats and Republicans was refreshing. It was like manna from Heaven. I always felt that the Big Parties were in cahoots together and Barr confirmed that.

We need libertarian solutions. We need Bob Barr to explain them. We need Bob Barr in the White House. www.BobBarr2008.com


The facts are undeniable: McCain and Obama are working together to bailout corporate bandits and Wall Street crooks. It's a gigantic scam.

A vote for Mc-Bama means aiding and abetting our slide into corporate socialism. We must let the American people know that Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party can take our country back from the crooks. It begins by giving Baldwin my vote on Tuesday. Please join me.

If left unchecked, the Republicans and Democrats will continue to crush the economy and the spirit of working Americans! www.Baldwin08.com


Hey Vandalay! Thought you were at the knife sharpeners sleepover? Not much happening here. Pretty dead at the old place too. Thought Mick would stop by over there for a courtesy post since he helped run everyone out, you know, make it look busy. I also noticed Jeff came out from under the chair and used his real name. I guess he feels safe now. It’s very civilized, that should make the Blogstress happy, Foam too. You know what Randy Newman says…

I’m not sure about this Nick guy, seems pretty quiet. I wonder if they are making him write a blog, like a punishment or something… Seems like a happy guy though!

Oh, I almost forgot, I heard Blackjack got arrested while canvassing for Obama in Huron.


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I heard mention Art was back. Has he already been composted?


We need to read more of your stupidity. When will we get a new blog Dude?? Or are you just hiding cause your boy Printy is going to lose for sure now that his shallowness has been revealed at the debates and on the discussion last nite. Erie County commissioner.....please....apparently Print can't even find a job since he's a "consultant"(same as loser)!!!!

Rick Studer

I wanted to personally thank the Sandusky Register for streaming the John McCain speech today. While I’ll be voting for Obama it was still great fun and excitement to have a major party candidate visit our small town. People shouldn’t be disappointed with the time spent here by McCain, he’s a busy man these last few weeks before the election. Thank you Mr. McCain for the time we got.

Sandusky readers you should enjoy the moment, you’ll probably bring up the visit in some conversation years from now! This reminds me of the Sandusky football coach who wouldn’t let his players hear John Kerry speak at the Mansfield football game. I know from children in his class that he was a Bush supporter and an avid Kerry hater. To bad his personal views got in the way of what a teacher should be. That was something those kids would remember a lot longer than that game. Where is that coach anyway? At least Bush will be on the bench pretty soon!

Also of note, its always fun to see the Secret Service boys in their Ray-Bans watching the crowd, just like in a Hollywood movie.

What was local gadfly Jeff Krabill doing? He was on camera a lot but didn’t appear to be doing anything but watching the crowd. Was he a super secret Secret Service man? Or was he there to make Joe Plumber look dynamic and interesting? Just wondering…

And to the elderly lady standing by the Register camera, you said you enjoy coffee and cigarettes in the morning (for reference). Were you really that excited to see Joe the Plumber? I thought you might have been flashing back to a 1963 Beatles concert or something. Seriously, after the election I bet you could get Joe in your life, or at least in your toilet tank…


Hey that man Richard Cox is crackhead. The one they call Bishop Cox. He did alot of time in prison and yet he acts like it didn't happen. That is pretty pathetic man. I know someone who did time with him. He was heavy drug user back in the day and now he is a Bishop, what a joke.


Dear CSI,

Are you suggesting now that she was afraid Baxter threatened to harm her physically?
I think you made her case not his!

thus removing the potential for physical retaliation on her.


YOU sure can tell by reading the comments each and every time one of the Club posts a comment. It so general a statement and only to attack posters. Many of us may not have the resources to change any thing but we're sure as H*** not to stupid to see what is going on. You get a life and You go back out and play with your buddies while ya can. Quit monitoring these blogs if they bother you so much! Are you worried to much fact will come out or are you watchinig so you can help squelch the poster that has the balls to post it?


Rick Strudel:

Do you live at home with your parents?

Do they make you pay a stipend for room and board or do you freeload?

BTW: The presence of the Sec. Svc. was reality. Hollyweird is fantasy and simulates reality, not the opposite.

FYI: Mr. White is family to the owners of the SR, NR and other papers.

Other than bloviate (not unlike you), what has BO actually accomplished as a statesman?