E-mail to Commissioner Dennis Miller Jr.

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Dear Commissioner Dennis Miller:

I am sorry that we have never had the opportunity to meet, but I wanted to take a moment to urge you to very carefully read the above captioned report. I hope you take the time to do that and question if this was indeed a fair and impartial investigation of the facts, or whether it followed the dictates of an agenda.

I also wanted to mention to you that I met a man at the city commission meeting on Thursday who shared with me his thoughts about this issue and others. He also mentioned he's lived in his home in the 1500 block of Shelby Street for 67 years and said there are eight vacant houses surrounding his home. I drove to his neighborhood earlier today, and sadly, it appears the information he gave me is exactly correct.

I wonder if the more than $40,000 spent so far on the Murman investigation and related expenses would have been better spent to protect our neighborhoods and secure our city's future.

Please feel free to call me anytime. There are a great many other concerns I have regarding this issue, and it would be nice to meet and talk with you about them. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


Matt Westhover

Managing editor

Sandusky Register

Ofc. 419-609-5866



That was a tongue in check comment. It was not meant to compliment her operation at all. Reread the comment.


WHO CARES? So sad this is your life.


i'm curious as to why we are not privey to hearing about the shooting with mcdonald. is it becuz baxter set him up or what ?


To: TO WRONG wrote on Oct 24, 2008 7:54 PM:

I apologize for not seeing that your original comment was dripping with sarcasim. I thought you were one of Barb's supporters that decided to come out and try to stick up for her. BTW, I wonder where they have been lately.....uhm.....

However, I stand by the facts that I wrote about her and her office. I am in there at least once a day and I know first hand what a shambles it is and that she is rarely in the office.

Again, I apologize for jumping on you and not seeing the sarcasim in your post. Does this mean I can't have any of the drugs I thought you were taking? :)


Yesterday's front page edition of the SR has an article GRANDMA ALLEGEDLY ABUSED 4 YEAR OLD GIRL. It then goes on to state that this happened in the year 2000!
Kevin Baxter is quoted as saying that it is not unusual for cases of alleged sexual abuse involving children to take a long time to come to trial.
Oh, come on already, Mr. Baxter! Nine years?????? I also noticed that there is yet another infamous Erie County CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the case.....


If Erie County can't arrange to have a case FIXED by a Cuyahoga County judge in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County then bring the Cuyahoga County attorneys and the retired Lorain County judge into Erie County to FIX it!
(still curious as to why Bailey didn't object to Cirigliano's involvement---especially since Cirigliano was involved in the Baxter Estate case....shouldn't this have been CONFLICT OF INTEREST?)


Obama keeps preaching about change.. Do you know what that means? C.H.A.N.G.E. Come Help A N i g g a Get Elected!!!


In the legal section of the SR (October 23, 2008) there are six Erie County insurance agents that failed to comply with the continuing education requirements of section 3905.481 of the Revised Code for the 2005/2006 compliance period---therefore, their insurance licenses were revoked.
It further states that each of the six individuals may file an appeal as set forth in O.R.C.119.12 in the court of the common pleas in the COUNTY in which his/her business is located OR the common pleas in the COUNTY that the agent RESIDES IN.
The above has nothing to do with my case but OHIO LAW and the jurisdiction of COUNTIES sure do.
How does a case of FRAUD in an Erie County Probate Estate against an insurance company and OTHERS get FIXED by a Cuyahoga County judge in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County when the deceased WAS A LIFE-LONG RESIDENT OF ERIE COUNTY and the insurance agent does BUSINESS and RESIDES in ERIE COUNTY?


Apology accepted. I probably should have closed with ---------NOT!


Matt Westerhold, being the "person" he is.... I mean a "person" who seems to know nothing about anything, but still manages to have people who feel like his editorials actually mean anything...a man who seems to know how to do Police work more than the men and women who actually...ya know....went to school for it. I wonder why he never wants to come down and do a ride along??? I wonder why all he does is write ONE editorial every couple of weeks?? I have read blogs on here....both for and against Nuesse that make more sense than what Matt writes...so I wonder how it is that he gets paid to write VERY sub par columns? Matt.. tell me you didnt pay money to go to school for them to teach how to write....if you did you should DEMAND a refund. You are getting outdone by people who have no experience in writing. I do think I know why you dont come to SPD and ride...im sure it is because if you did all the officers on that shift would go home sick so they wouldnt have to be near you....and I just dont think your fragile ego could handle such rejection. I am sure youre still reeling from Kim turning you down....youre sad Matt


you're gay


Dear Jackie,

Unlike you I am afraid. Not for myself but for the Kids I mentioned that still have a court hearing coming up.

I for one will for sure be writing a letter to the link you left for us and I sure hope that it will do some good!

I thank you very much for your help as I have been grabbing for straws and writing letters and hahah have heard nothing back thus far. We have even appealed to Matt to be in the said hearing and haven't heard anything back!

Please some one stop the madness.

Kevin Baxter isn't the only bad link here and I think They should all go down!!!!!!!!!!!! Major audits of casses and accounting need to be done for all county officials and the lawyers and their buddies that enter twine here!


Does anyone know if there is going to be a town hall meeting? I would love to attend, and show my support.

Who is organizing it?
Please provide a list of places that you are considering using for the event.


Town hall meeting for what? Why don't you just report the whole friggin bunch and your cases to the State Bar and if they won't do anything report them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Corrupt judges and prosecutors who hold the upper hand CANNOT protect their "friends" no matter what..........if they could then there would be no point of even having a legal system.....






You say Elsebeth did as suggested and she was disbarred and locked up for challenging the corrupt system and exposing the players....
Are you suggesting that everyone with complaints about this corrupt system is going to be locked up? So who's going to do the LOCKING UP? The State Bar and the FBI? Give me a break.....
I'm not the least bit afraid of Baxter and this corrupt (and I do mean CORRUPT) legal system in this County and they KNOW I'm not so BRING IT ON, sweetheart.




Can't WAIT to hear from the next whiner.....isn't this joke trial scheduled to continue on the 30th? They must of had the delay so the next liar can get on the stand and confirm what the first liar said. They really should find themselves a new gimmick. I mean it's SO transparent...

Rick Studer

Hi Nick! Can I call you Nick? I hope so. A small group of bloggers including myself have been looking for some news digs. Usually we work the Sue Dautry Blog but we’ve been asked to leave so I’ve been looking for a new home for the group. I would be bringing along Lance, AverageJoe, BlackJack, Art Vandalay, Nurse Kathy, Jeff the pervert, Mr. Foam (who might be jeff), Mr. Ed, Regarding Sues Blog , “The Narrator” and myself of course.

I notice you write pretty short and don’t have a lot of comments, maybe we could punch this blog up for you. I can offer you 400 to 700 words a week and I am pretty political. You can go over to “For What It’s Worth…” and check us out, unless Mick has cleaned us out with his new found knowledge that is. Let us know if you’re interested. Some of the group wanted to work “oy with the poodles” but I’m against it.


A town hall meeting would allow the citizens in the community the opportunity to voice their concerns and complaints to the public officials in a face off.

In the latter part of 2007 the citizens of cuyahoga requested a town hall meeting and it was permitted and also televised by 19 Action News.

I believe that we all have enough legitimate concerns with the corrupt judicial system in Erie County to request the issues regarding judicial fairness be addressed by our local public servants.

I believe that this event could draw a group large enough to book the Nia Convention Center at Kalahari.

However, there are several other places that could possibly accommadate a large crowd, e.i., Sandusky High School Auditorium, The Conference Room at the County Building, and the VFW club.

If anyone has any suggestions please post them so that I can receive some feedback. I am sure that the Sandusky Register would love to attend and provide full coverage of this event.


Your right. That Nuesse lied so much it was funny. I did get the ticket, the car did. Ha Ha Ha. The lap tops were never taken out of the cruiser. That was probably the best lie she took. I can't wait to hear her tell more.


All I can say for that is---Erie County has already made the claim that it's LEGAL for lawyers to LIE TO and MISLEAD a court of law so like it or not----ERIE COUNTY HAS DONE SET A NEW PRECEDENT FOR EVERYBODY!


People.... get a life! If Baxter is so corrupt, why does no one ever run against him? Don't say that he and his so called 'GOB's' run this town. There are more honest people in this town than not. To many of the slander-happy bloggers, he or someone in his office probably handled a case against you and that is why you are so bitter. The others probably don't have a single thought for him/herself and allows themselves to be lead by the nose. How sad.


There an article by Mike Fitzpatrick - that states OFFBEAT: Conspiracy ? I don't think so. He's harming mcdonald, ejay baxter, krista harris, to name a few, He actually states that Kevin BAxter is a great prosecutor and justifying kevins misconduct. .... Please check this story out !


Mike you should know this wrote on Oct 27, 2008 8:48 AM:

" The night of the shooting Baxter accused three guys because they were all seen at the club together. While at the club caston is involved in an argument with jerome caffey over who can bench press the most weights.

- That very night, mcdonald drove both turner and caston to the club picking them up in his white car. Please note that caston and turner both were picked up at turner's home and mcdonald was driving his own vehicle, not riding with caston as Baxter has indicated. .

- After the club closes, caston was still very angry and intoxicated as he was ranting and raving about seeking revenge against caffey. You should all know that this was an argument with Caston and Caffey only. McDonald, once again, gave turner and caston a ride home from the club and before they reached their final destinations they stopped at the shell gas station, it was there that McDonald purchased party mixers and condoms for his evening with Ms. Harris. Ms. Harris had purchased a hotel in her name at the motel on Cleveland avenue and it was a mutual agreement that they would meet immediately after mcdonalds night at the club.

- It has been noted that while at the gas station, caston was observed by several people as to have been extremely intoxicated and angry, he was so out of control that he asked terry mcdonald if he had a gun to go kill caffey. Mcdonald had planned an intimate evening with ms harris and he was not entertaining caston with his ill thoughts. Besides, caston never hung out with mcdonald this was turner's friend. Turner stated that know one paid caston any attention because he always behaved in that fashion especially when he was drunk. Turner also admitted that caston would always want his gun and he would often give it to him as caston was only talking when he was drunk.

- As they left the shell gas station it was then that mcdonald dropped caston and turner off at turners and mcdonald proceeded to move on with his night meeting ms harris at the motel on Cleveland Aven._THIS WAS WHERE MCDONALD WAS AND IS INNOCENT FOLKS…… Meanwhile, turner at his home with caston, turned over a gun to caston and caston left the home of turner and walked home which was right down the street from his home with the gun, retrieving the keys from his girlfriends driving her red caviler.

- Caston's destination alone and mission to seek revenge was to the home of caffey. It was then during a stop-by that he turned out his head lights and opened fired 32 rounds of ammunition into the home of caffey. You should also know that during this gun sfire shoot out, Mr. caffey was shooting back as officers confiscated a smoking gun in the dryer. This is critical also, emergency room dr's revealed that the bullet wound that struck ms. Johnson came from the direction of the house and not the street. Baxter has all this information but do you really think he will tell the Johnson family this information or the newspaper . HECK KNOW

- Now get this, Turner admits that he heard the shots ring out, as caffeys home was in within range that he could you can hear the gun fire. Turner immediately knew that caston followed through with what he was planning to do, so he ran down to castons home, no car, and no caston. Turner admits that he returned back to his home pacing the floor worried sick as to what caston had done. All he could think about is how stupid he was to have given him his gun.

- Turner admits that later, caston is home and turner runs over to castons, only to find caston with his brother terry it was then that caston informed he shot up the home of jerome caffey and was instructed to rinse his hands in bleach by terry and that both got rid of the murder weapon throwing it lake erie. It was also reported that caston stated the police would never recover the gun because they threw the gun in lake erie. We all know that Lake Erie has no bottom.

_ So folks perfect plan for Baxter to set mcdonald up. Boy was he on to something; he wanted him for drugs that never happened, by gosh was he going to pin this murder on him. He's a mess that Baxter. SO READ BETWEEN THE LINES- mcdonald was framed he was no where near crime he was simply in a motel with ms harris having himself one heck of a good time. I know he wishes he would have been home with his wife and kids you think?

YOU FIGURE THE REST,,,,, please tell me if i should provide more information.

- that fact that the police did not know what kind of car was used in the shooting until baxter interviewed caston and caston said that there were 3000 cavilers , baxter stated himself caston was a dummy because it was caston who gave up the goods about the car that was used. Baxter never asked what car was used; caston did great work to help the investigation. Oh I forget caston was simply too drunk and couldn’t remember yeah right! Baxter then order's the police to search the red caviler and guess what people they found three shell casings, but didn't bother to dust for finger prints placing, mcdonald and turner in the car. Caston also mentioned that he was so drunk he couldn't remember until baxter got in his ear about mcdonald and how badly he wanted him. So every time you erase my post look for me to keep telling this story.

I'm hear to haunt you - happy Halloween. "


Rick this place is a dive! Have you actually read any of the older blogs?


In Cuyahoga County people were PAID not to run against the prosecutor. They were "paid" by giving them better jobs that they were not qualified for with the county.
As for there being more honest people in this county than not---I'm an honest person and Baxter never handled a case against ME directly---instead they indirectly pulled off SCAMS with Cuyahoga County attorneys to cover up CRIMINAL ACTS OF FRAUD pulled off by an Erie County attorney, a Lorain County attorney......and an Erie County Judge. So get your facts straight.......


Are you from Cuyahoga County? Do you know for a fact that this practice is going on or are you just following the nay sayers in this town? I am from Cuyahoga County. I do know attorneys in both parties and I doubt what you are stating is going on. Again, what a sad state this town and some of the people who reside here. It doesn't matter what party you belong, or no party at all, it sounds more like some of the bloggers are watching to much television. Like I said before, People.....get a life


Why hasn't Kevin filed a lawsuit against Krista Harris? I mean, hey, if this lady says that she was forced into a non-consensual sexual relationship well you would think that this white guy would at least sue her in court. Right.

Something isn't right with this case. I think that Baxter had some type of relationship with Harris. What do you all think?