VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guests Steve Dice and Kurt Landefeld

Matt Westerhold
Jul 27, 2011


Want to know more about Erie MetroParks and the Huron River Greenway?

Steve Dice and Kurt Landefeld of the Erie Metroparks were our guests for this week's Between the Lines.

Click on the player to watch the program, you can also skip around to different parts of the program by using the bar in the bottom of the player

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Dice says he wishes he doesn't have to lay people off, but I also don't see him volunteering to NOT take his vacation and sick pay when he leaves (IF HE EVER LEAVES).  Seems like that "retirement" date keeps changing and being put further and further into the future.  And instead of cutting everyone's time and lowing expenses that way he'd picking & chosing who he "wants" to go all the way.  Seems he's going to the extreme from the start instead of trying something that wouldn't lower all, but not hurt some all the way.  In previous articles it was mentioned to cut all programs and then in this interview that he's talking about a program in the future in Milan.  Sounds like talking out of both sides of your mouth to me.


He is a fine example of a "good ole boy" mentality.  I have heard that he actually was fired from his other metroparks positions, and Erie metroparks was the unfortunate recipient of this man.  He abused the funds entrusted to him by the tax payers, and now wants to make it look like it's not his fault and just a matter of balancing the budget.  The budget is out of whack because of you, Mr. Dice!  Leave the poor employees out of it and just step down from your position, as you have been asked to do by a majority of your workers.  If you truly want to do the right thing, you will let the folks who actually care fix it. 


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