Change is good

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The last paragraph from the Murman report executive summary recommends Kim Nuesse not be reinstated as Sandusky police chief "unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff."

So be it.



If they didn't say much, maybe the reporters aren't asking the right questions.


I must say ... I don't know what this post means. What I do know however, is that you are posting where others won't. Nick Whits is a gay.


I’m amused, yet at the same time saddened that most posters on this blog are helping to illustrate Sen. Patrick Monahan’s’ comment about the growing tolerance of intolerable behavior by noting that such was ‘defining deviancy down.’

For all the trillions of dollars that have been spent on education in the U.S., we as taxpayers should expect better.

Hey Mr. White, what’s your take on the recently passed stimulus package?

If we enter a ‘true’ recession, do ya think that the gov’t should give every taxpayer $10K?

If the U.S. enters a depression (three quarters of negative GDP), how about given’ everyone $50K? That oughta stoke the economy, don’t ya think?


Chief Nuesse is one hot babe


PERDUSKY--- let it be run by a combination from both areas. just be sure to keep the favorites, as this stuff is very entertaining. someone should have warned this cheif and city manager. how is mike will doing? anyone know? how about it matt? has he called you?


Matt, Nuesse needs to tell her story to clear up her name. Using bottled water for cause of discharge is not going to cut it with the public. The commission is accountable to the taxpayer and come Monday, the commissioners better have a good reason for discharging her and it better be made public as to why they discharged her, if that is the commission's intentions. I still believe there are some things going on in this town that shouldn't be going on and she tried to correct it. The legal power in the county probably would like to see her out so the power is left in tack and they can go about skirting the law. No doubt a deal will be made and part of it will be to keep her mouth shut for exchange of severance pay. You still don't have a story and this will never come out because you don't have reporters that will go after this story. For her to obtain severance pay, she will have to leave all her legal rights at the door when she leaves. It is a no win solution but that is how employment places work. They threaten you with no pay if you talk.


Along with some of the other commentators, I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here...but I do feel compelled to respond to what certainly appears to be, at the very least, a veiled criticism of Paul Sigsworth. I have known Paul for years, and have nothing but the highest regard for him, for his work and for his unfailing commitment to the citizens of Erie County. Shame on you.


It has been a well known fact for a long time that we have some individuals who have been "running" our local governments the way they want to!! All of this crazy nonsense needs to STOP! Let's begin with the Concord Care incident, again it made news in today's SR-pg 2. 1. Why on this earth would a detective have the audacity to investigate and file a police report on his Boss, a trustee concerning a meeting that a business spokesperson requested? Insubordination, Yes, Witch hunt, Yes...

Then comes along more comments from another trustee stating "It sounds like was a little misunderstanding!! Please, give me a break you think it's a little misunderstanding when a detective files a police report on one of his superiors due to a meeting?!! Well if you think that, I've got some prime ocean front property in Minnesota I want to sell you!! Give me a break, how stupid do you think the residents are? Also, stated in today's SR..Typically we let each other know when we are attending meetings in case of..!! Yeah right!! How many "closed" meeting have you attended and advised the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Dwelle and the newly elected trustee of? I also heard that person who has a special interest in the ball parks for Bell Ave property applied for a grant. My concern is this, we still have MAJOR flooding problems in that area. Has this person committed taxpayers dollars to this grant that he applied for without bringing it to the board of trustees? Does this person have the authority to apply for grants without prior approval of the entire board of trustees? I hope that by this self serving action this person has not hampered the receipt of any federal monies which might be applied for through the township or county governments to correct the flooding problem in the affected areas. It is time the entire board of trustees make people accountable for their Unauthorized actions.


Maybe the rest of you haven't picked up on this yet, but Mr. Westerhold is a sensationalist. The more you read his crap, the more he gets his jollies. The best thing you could do with regard to his "writing" is to totally ignore it(and him) and maybe, just maybe, he'll go away (which couldn't be soon enough for me).

Matt, why don't you take up writing fictional conspiracies, you're very well suited for it. I'm starting to think you've lost touch with reality.


Right on, I'm with ya on that one


Funny, if you'd actually gone to a jounalism school (or gotten any worthwhile degree whatsoever):

1.) you'd know that schools of jounalism and journalism education in general are the only things standing between the maintenance of modern civilization by great newspapers (London and NY Times, the Blade in my opinion) and the collapse of it by crummy scandalsheets, the staffs of which are rife with nepotistic village idiots (do I really need to give you an example?!)

2.) you might be talented enough to EARN a job at one of those great newspapers instead of being handed one at the Rag-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.


In regards to the commenters below that decided to bring up my looks and sexual orientation. For the record, yes, I am a huge gay. I love taking it from behind. I may look like a spoiled foppish dandy from 19th century England, but I also love to drape myself in leathers and a gimp mask for homo orgies. You can find me weeknights at the crowbar, in the secret dungeon. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Oh, and to those of you wondering why I haven't been blogging, I have decided to give up already. You see, it turns out that I can't handle anyone not liking me or criticizing me... so I'm just going to quit blogging, curl up into the fetal position and hug my dildo.



I think your statement would read better this way: "For all the trillions of dollars that have been spent on education in the U.S., we as taxpayers should have realized by now government should NOT be in the education business." And many other businesses for that matter...

Breaking News

Murray makes leveraged offer for City waterfront & Cedar Point. Westerhold to be new CEO.


dear matt,

you are a moron.


thought that was nick in the field out by the its confirmed


Another very sad day for the city of Sandusky. You guys finally get a true professional and visionary in Kim Nuesse and now some city Commissionerds want to get rid of her. Has anyone noticed that since she arrived Sandusky and Perkins have had an open dialogue with each other. She has done more in her short time here than most Commissionerds have done in their life. Tell it the way it is Matt and keep up the good work.


RE:NB, I agree with the sentiment of your variation. However, the funds have never the less been spent, and one should expect in the coming years that trillions and trillions more will be used in such a fashion.

I fear that this country has journeyed long but still has much more distance to travail on its road to serfdom. Sadly, the final destination appears inevitable.


Agrees with FGH


You know what's really funny about this is watching Sams and Frost. Like rats on a sinking ship abandon their leader. They couldn't keep their brown nosing so far up the boss's behind, but now they are running and abandoning ship. These clowns have no self respect and couldn't wait to screw over their co-employees while she was in charge. Listen to them crying now

YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No self respect. Hope Frost can still get into a uniform behind the wheel of a cruiser. What's poor Sam's going to do? Probably call his buddy Sigsworth from the County and find a warm spot to place his nose as Sigsworth with his nose with Lyons at Manny's hi fiving all together!


Some egoes of our so-called City Comm., local business people (those who really run this city), police as well as fireman get hurt, bruised? If I was CHIEF NUESSE, I would tell them all to go crap in there hat, let them fire me, take the city and powers that be to court, then let the lips flow like the NIAGARA! Mistakes have been made regarding the emergency dispatch effort? NO KIDDING! Somehow it's the WOMANS' fault? I smell a SCAPEGOAT here! This city and those that run it deserve everything they have coming, CONTINUED STAGNATION! Responsiblity starts at the top! Mr. Murray needs to look in his mirror, or maybe that's the closet? Shame on you Brian Crandall, didn't realize you were so CHAUVINISTIC (SP). As for Mr. Stahl, maybe it's time you use your OWN MIND, you know, that conscience that God gave you.?! Then again, that seems to be the major problem around here, lack of a CONSCIENCE or an ORIGINAL THOUGHT by (most) of our leaders! They say people CAN'T STAND THE TRUTH, they're much more comfortable living the lie. Especially when it's beneficial to themselves!


TT: How about updating us on your opinions and please explain your "job description" and to whom -- at The Register -- you are accountable. Thanx.


By George, Matt ol' boy you called this one!


Which "paragon of virtue" lawyer is Icsman going to hire to fabricate the case against the Chief?


How much longer are you going to leave Rheims picture up as your poster boy for "helpless victims"?

I know you do not claim to be a professional journalist but in studying history did you ever consider a document called Bill of Rights and the rights of the accused therein?

Anonymous warned me of this stuff about 4 years ago.

just a thought

If I were Nuesse I would not want to come back to this mafia run town. If my lawyer told me I had a case against the city, I would sue the pants off this city and maybe they would have to use the money they set aside for the MD to pay for it. Mr. Kline if I were you I would be looking else where to get out of this town. Do not stick around and get caught up in this good ol boy mafia run town. You will not be around for very long if you upset one of the boys. We need a state investigation into this city government.


Erie County will never be a Great place to live, work, or even visit until the "good ole boys" are not in control. I thought they hired someone to do a job, why tie their hands when the going gets rough??

I understand that politics make the world go round, but they can be honest, done with integrity, and without a bias that hurts everyone connected with our public employees.

I,for one, am tired of all the goings on, Sandusky, Huron, Metro Parks, and guess who pays for all this hullabaloo?, the Taxpayers of course.


Fair enough - you weren't here for the CCW fiasco. But why the double standard? Why is it fine for your company to release the personal (private) information of law abiding CCW holders, but when the tables are turned, posts are deleted? You're a "high ranking" employee with your own blog - I'm sure you can find an answer or two tot he situation. Just be honest and let us know that it's perfectly fine for the Register to post personal, PRIVATE information that may endanger the lives of law abiding citizens HOWEVER will not allow anyone to publish the PUBLIC information of the individuals responsible for it.

Common Sense

"The relationship to the truth"? Is that really what is being said? Well, then let's investigate the city commissioners. As I recall, the truth of the Chesapeake Development project was for much more development of the area directly to the west of the condominiums (time shares). Truth? This city can't handle the truth.