Change is good

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The last paragraph from the Murman report executive summary recommends Kim Nuesse not be reinstated as Sandusky police chief "unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff."

So be it.



What't with the new "centered" format on the news blogs? I liked the old style better. This new centered style is hard to read and gives me a headache. Bring back the old format that was much easier to read and follow.


I am too glad to live in Margaretta. But I sure feel for the Cheif. I work in Sandusky and its nice to see a top-cop not interested in quotas or peer pressure got, who gets the job done, and who wants good sound interaction from her officers and the public at large. Keep it up Kim.


Mr. TT, apparantly I've missed a lot of what's going on at The Register. Just who are you? And what would give you the authority to fire anyone, "no matter what they did?" Did I see the word "ombudsman" somewhere?

Regardless of any explanations, it is quite obvious your ego, and lack of knowledge of libel and defamation, will make you a short-timer at the Register.


Do you ever wonder why people can be so self indulgent when they can hide behind the mask of the computers annonimity. Do you ever wonder they'd say or accuse if they had to use their real name? If people read the forums they would have to see how honestly ridiculous that accusation is. Wouldn't you erase all the SR bashers first and keep the SR lovers online? I really like the comment I read about cancelling their SR subscription... then that means they're just reading on line right??? Cause how else would they know you continue you to be such an "awful" paper. Keep talkin guys. And remember,for the most part, the reason we choose our talk show host is primarily because we love to disagree with them.


Well look at the pot calling the kettle black. Westerhold has a left wing agenda to flaunt everyday instead of fair and balanced reporting.


Well you better wake up to what is going on with your posts. When jolly old MATT was publisihing CCW names he removed his own information from many posts.


LIBEL IS DEFINED AS: a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression b (1): a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt (2): defamation of a person by written or representational means (3): the publication of blasphemous, treasonable, seditious, or obscene writings or pictures (4): the act, tort, or crime of publishing such a libe




In the guidelines it says if you post something you shouldn't ,you are to remove it.How can a poster remove a post, as I see no provision for that?


All this catterwalling is making me tired. I think the truth to all this is hidden in there somewhere in these articles, but how are we supposed to know what the real truth is? Where is the admonission that we are to respect our elders, and those in authority? that doesnt mean we have to condone their actions in some things, but by in large i believe the Sheriff is doing a great job,so there!!!! So far we still live in a free country!!


First of all Matt it was Asst. Chief (Captain) Lyons, not Lt. as you must have once again been mis-informed. Nuesse started making her roar known by having a respected long term Police Officer "escorted" from the police station just one week before his retirement. I hope she gets the same treatment when her time comes, and I believe that will be soon.


in the discussion guidelines it says that if a person post something and thinks it violates the tos you are to delete it. where is the option for the reader to delete their own post located at?


The real problem is "the chaussee boys" cozied up with Crandal and Meinzer.


A "respected" Cpatain who obstructed the James Fitzpatrick investigation. Sex with 15 year old girls in a police station is considered normal in the Lyons family.


do you have any other cards in your hand besides the corruption card. it seems that is the only one you ever play.


Impressed, in case no one's told you yet...Matt is a Good Ole Boy, if not one of their more staunch supporters (re: Anything to do with condo development, dispatch hurry with Perkins). This is, at best, an aberration: I don't see the names of Murray or Stahl in here under "Good Ole Boys;" there's no one in this town that embodies that better right now than those two, those men that didn't bother to take a stand for Nuesse when Crandall started jousting at windmills.


It would be very helpful to have an 'edit post/delete post' feature. Other sites where I participate have this feature. It comes in handy when you read your post and realize you ended a sentence with a preposition.


Oh Elsebeth get off your high horse for a change, it gets so damn boring after a while.


You are hot!


Mr. Westerhold,

Maybe I am living somewhere in the dark ages, but I was of the impression that newspaper editors, proofed the content of their respective publications to ensure mistakes,and mispellings were kept to a minimum. From the content of your paper I believe you should choose another profession. Mis-spellings, articles referred from one section or page to another cannot be located, or are later found on another page all together from the one referred to. This past Sunday, my copy contained at least one entirely 'blank' page with nothing on it whatsoever.

All these 'slip-ups' and yet you seem to somehow find the time in your busy schedule to write comments and criticisms regarding our local officials and government leaders.

Now I grant you that some of them may not be the 'brightest bulbs' in their respective sockets. I also do not always agree with their conduct or the manner in which they do business. But, as you have pointed out so 'graciously' in some of your past articles, they are our 'elected officials' and we need to allow them to do their jobs without continuous interference (ie. city commissioners/waterfront watchdogs-hum?)

But in certain cases it appears you have appointed yourself to be 'above' your own advice. In essence sir, just report the news, don't attempt to 'produce' it for your own gain. And, by the way, leave the reporting up to the reporters, I think thats what your paying them for. PLEASE STICK TO EDITING WOULD YA.


Sparky: I enjoy riding a tall horse (high road). Better that than a Sandusky skeezer.

The Truth

This all about Westerhold and his bias supporting McClung & Nuesse. Take a pill Mr. Westerhold their is nothing you can do to change the facts. McClung, Nuesse and you must go! I support the truth and if that means "the good old boys", so be it. As long as your are editor this paper will be second rate. I only buy the Morning Journal, who seems to get the news faster and with no bias. As far as the drug task force, it was a great anti-drug force that your buddies could not control.

I will support Paul Sigsworth for sheriff whenever Sheriff Lyons retires. I hope Greg Majoy will return to continue his fight against drugs.


excellent-very true


Chief Nuesse came in to a very tough position. She came in and made alot of changes and most people don't like change. And there is alot of the good ol boy stuff that goes on all the time in Sandusky. When you take a top job like that there is alot of politics involved. It seems like some of the comissioners want to throw their weight around. Crandall has not been around that long and he is stirring up more mess than the rest of the comissioners. I think the jury is still out on her because she has not had the job too long but she may have been a little too pushy at the beginning of her reign. Being a woman she may feel like she has to set the record straight at the start because there are not too many women in the position of Police Chief of the city.


Agreed. Putting any sort of credence to anything Matt Westerhold states is ridiculous. His opinions are formed by whatever he can say to self-serve. I'm still waiting to hear from Matt all the lives he saved warning potential victimes by publishing on this website names of the evil CCW license holders. How many shooting deaths occurred in Sandusky or Perkins in the months after he posted the names?? About 4 or 5? Mighty nice of Matt to warn those victims of the NON-CCW licensees who carry guns illegally. (sarcastic font is on)

Way to go, Matt!!! Keep up the good work!!!


And if they don't? You going to badger them too?


So what is your point. Just what did they ambush Nuesse on. The public still does not know just what all this halla-balou is all about. If this is just political postering on Murray's behalf maybe it is better if he does leave so he cannot hurt this city anymore then he already has, oh and take Stahl with him.


Again, What has this woman done??????? Westerhold, you need to write the story and not go by gossip or let the reporting to the reporters. Sounds like you are building a case when this hits the fan. If you have so much insider information stop giving your opinion and write the

story or just drop it until you get the whole story.


C'mon Westerhold, give it up. Please tell us, seeing as how you are "in the know", what the specifics of the "ambush" are. Do some real reporting and state facts on how you get to your opinion. You continue to bad mouth all these people on rumors. It would be nice if you would back up your mouth with facts, instead of dragging everyone through the mud every week. Do your job instead of stirring the muddy waters. I'll be waiting.


Where is Sheriff Lyons in all of this?

Why is he letting Tom Ferrell take the lead. Lyons does not work for Ferrell, he works for the residents of Erie County. He needs to take the lead in this; quit letting his EO do his bidding, and tell the public what his dispatch system can and can't do for the residents of Sandusky. He should abdicate to Ferrell and he shouldn't let Bill Walker and company run this sham.


WHAT is going on??!! NOW it is time to "pick" on Meinzer again??!! Seems this Crandall guy has really started ANOTHER MESS! Politics make me SICK! Sandusky register needs to butt out of other peoples jobs. They aren't doing a very good job with their own job. Politics, politics, politics!