Change is good

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The last paragraph from the Murman report executive summary recommends Kim Nuesse not be reinstated as Sandusky police chief "unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff."

So be it.



Elsebeth, I'm back, but still working on a new user name. Copy cats really mess up the efforts of those who respond to the "published story" Vs. what is written by other bloggers.

You know what, The Register is a decent newspaper. You can live in any small-to-medium city and the vast majority of readers of its local newspaper, will condemn it. If a newspaper has been around for 100 years, it probably has offended just about everyone....including law enforcement, prosecutors and judges. But this trio will continue to "act" as though this is not true. You see, once in awhile, the media holds public servants accountable. And they don't like that.

Hang in there Elsebeth. I know how you feel. Been there.


What a bunch of bull.

But you are right about one thing ---- the public has the first amendment right to say/write whatever they please. HOWEVER, when the newspaper PUBLISHES IT, and if a private/innocent person is harmed, it becomes defamation even if the "author" remains anonymous.

You portray yourself as a better journalist.....because, you don't have a degree in journalism. Then, you boast about a Masters Degree in, what, embroidery? What an ego! You are a danger to the Sandusky Register and I doubt if anyone there holds any respect for you.


elsebeth--- go away. your posts to me are like nails on a chalkboard. we always know it's you whether you use your name or pretend to be someone else-beth. it's annoying. while i listened to you on rollye's show, i thought you might have been right on about somethings, but the more you post and i see what you could be about...


My apologies Elsebeth, there was no excuse or provocation for that. As for "OK tt" I hardly am in need of your prayers - I'm a college student and do not live with my mother. Being happy with the SR's "advocacy" (read: sabotage) of this community tells us all quite a bit of what kind of person you are: someone who skipped out on reading comprehension in school, or someone who benefits from Register protection. Either way, between that and posing as me, your intellect, or lack thereof, shows.


lol - Matt, I appreciate your patience and fortitude to allow a little Chihuahua to keep nipping at your heels. In another post, he says he is a student. Likely living off of mom and having her do his laundry. I am sure you will not let this immature mind effect what I consider to be the BEST example of online newspapers I have read, and I read many everyday. I only have one suggestion for the SR. That is to clean up the old gas station behind the building and allow it to be used for a Farmers Market this summer. Just something to ponder. Best wishes.


Get over yourself


move back to the carolinas with daddy you yuppie prick!


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Don't listen to these hooligans Nick. They're just jealous that they can't coast through life because their daddy don't own a paper like yours does. As for you're writing ability, I think it suits you. You write exactly like you look. Totally faggy.


How do all of your coworkers feel about you putting down their collective alma maters with that hard knock against journalism school?? Even my jerk of a boss at borders wouldn't put down his coworkers like that.


Unlike you, I don't know all the facts concerning Chief Nuesse and the good old boys.

So until all the facts are known I would prefer to reserve comment.

However I would like to point out former assisant chief Gary Lyons is a cousin to the Erie County Sheriff, not as you say his "bro."


What is your relationship to the Police chief? Because, I'm surprised anyone would think questioning what and why a chief does something would be a smart thing to do. Of course people that are incapable of thinking someome they know might not be on the up and up. Of course if you don't think or read or listen to the news, it's easy to see where your head is, but I'm sure you think on occasion.


they want to teach her how the game is played here. she needs to come around to their way of thinking. if you mess with the bull--- you better go get a lawyer. why should we as taxpayers expect anything less? they are once again showing us how the game is played. this area is so messed up that i think they should go Perdusky and start over with a whole new setup. one mayor and a council.


You do not have YOUR facts straight. Last I knew, Terry and Gary ARE brothers. Any questions? Go here Don't feel bad though, Mr. Westerhold doesn't have much more credibility. All you have to do is read the S.R. on any given day and you can pick out alot of misinformation, or the lack of pertinent information. It is very evident Mr. Westerhold belongs to a Good Old Boys club himself. We all know how tight him and McClung are.


Are any of these people on the SR's published list of CCW permit holders, Matt? By the way, I canceled my SR subscription and thoroughly enjoy it when I hear other are doing so too. Hope you caused the SR business Mr. Westerhold. Too bad you weren't fired.


If this is really you, I suggest you stick to your legislative duties and let the administration duties to the City Manager. That is what he was hired for. Same goes to you Mr. Murray. You both risk getting us into deep doo doo and losing one of the best employees the City has. If you need to talk to someone, make it Mr, Kline. I think the gag order should be applied both of you.



Apology accepted.

crackhead, I believe you are impersonating the authentic crackhead as the calibre of your post is far beneath his usual insight.

What I'm about is truth and accountibility. This newspaper's internet standards do not promote truth seeking IMO. As another poster below points out there is a failure to grasp the distinction between public officials/figures and exploiting private individuals.

To What's in a name. Thanks, we need voices of reason.


Mr. Nicholas White:

Would you kindly disclose any financial interests you have in the newspaper either directly or through family members. What relationship if any with your predecessor Patrick?

My current question concerns if it is the policy of Sandusky Newspapers Inc to appropriate private citizens' names or privacy rights for commercial advantage through internet story selection?


Don't forget who was there conducting the  "inquisition" targeting Chief Nuesse...those "Good ol Boys" who are also responsible for getting us into the Marina District mess. How many other uncompleted projects do we have since we seem to turn over city administrators and get nothing completed? Wonder Mike Will left the city....perhaps it was because of those same "Good ol Boys". I hope the SR comes out  and presses each of those 3 commissioners for their part in this fiasco. Next, the SR needs to come clean on the misguided Marina District project hype and spin and stop playing politics with the city's future. There seems to be so many serious leadership problems at the city manager and city commissioner levels. Let's get on with an  entertainment tax increase and hire some economic development specialists who know what it really takes to spur development instead of relying upon the "Good ol Boys" because the city needs living wage jobs and not condos.


Matt, congratulations on having a backbone. No doubt this article will cost you with the popular kids in the City, but - and I don't say this very often - you have done the right thing.

Let's just hope these scumballs have the brains to realize that they've severely underestimated the ol' gal. They are losing at their own game. Time to go home, take a time out - and if they want to play again, be better sports and play by the rules from here on out.

As Tina Fey aptly noted on SNL last week, "Bitches get things done."


I just realized that, all of a sudden, I'm older than the good old boys.


I believe Nuesse has uncovered a lot of things going in this area that shouldn't be going on and she is trying to clean it up, but the higher powers in this area including the high power in this county, especially, will not allow her to go any further. It is like anything else, it is very tight and they all stick together and look the other way, but she doesn't. She is an officer of the law and there are people that are going to want her out because of the things she has uncovered that are simply not right. I hope she doesn't give up on this town and that the commission will support her instead of giving her a kick out the door. I think she is too close to exposing what is really going on and she needs their support. Let her clean up the town. Unless she hasn't done anything criminal, she has my support and she should be given a chance. Things have been status quo for much too long.


That is a laugh, Crandall a good old boy?


To Matt: You haven't told us anything. Your paper needs to get to the facts and do your job! You expose a story with no facts to support it and leave us all hanging as to what is really going on with our police chief. Maybe, this kind of sensationalism sells papers more? Just write the true facts and don't led us up to it! If you are that close to Nuesse, then let her tell her story.


Westerhold you are right about the Task Force. That issue on the ballot was nothing more than save Greg Majoy's job, the "ONE MAN BAND". Commissioners wanted to to get part of that money at the same time and don't forget about expansion of the Erie County Jail. Last tactic used to try to get it voted through was monies would possibly be used, a few years down the road, for the court house security. As you know it was heavily defeated and Sandusky PD progressed ahead running their own drug unit instead of having the "ONE MAN BAND" sit at the top holding everyone down. Hope the voters remember this when they go to vote for Erie County Commissioner, VOTE FARRELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


From here on out, we bloggers will hold your feet to the fire on that one!

Perkins Resident

Nicholas, In the past, the Sandusky Register routinely took down posts related to Perkins Township. Much truth about Perkins was posted by anonymous people who were too afraid to state publicly what was really going on in Perkins. Months ago, any topic about Perkins was a HOT topic that produced hundreds of comments. But those comments were quickly taken down. People who posted just got tired of composing a comment about Perkins only to see it completely erased. So now, you don't see very many people posting comments about Perkins. Also the Sandusky Register routinely removed any news article from the "Top Comments" to keep people from posting about Perkins. IMO, the Sandusky Register made sure that the less people knew about what really was going on in Perkins, the better. When it come to Perkins, the Sandusky Register does all that it can to protect the "Good ol' Boys" in Perkins.


it appears that the register is substituting matts mirth for the lost comics. i prefere beetle and hagar


CONGRATS MATT, You put the hammer to the nail!


another moronic article from matt the moron.Matt, why dont you explain your real interest in the dispatch issue? That you girlfriend, the police chief just wants her own way. Did you honestly think people wouldn't find out you made conference calls to city officials, and your reporters from her home? You are so full of hot air acting concerned on so many issues, when you aren't even registered to vote in erie county!GET REAL!