Change is good

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The last paragraph from the Murman report executive summary recommends Kim Nuesse not be reinstated as Sandusky police chief "unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff."

So be it.



I remember reading something more by Common Sense under this "blog" comment page. How about putting it back up, or am I mistaken?


If you're going to attack people for simply asking you to do the job for which you are paid (i.e. managing EDITOR) instead of doing it correctly the first time, then maybe this line of work isn't for you. Don't you take enough grief from all of us who make it a point to correct you in those poorly-written articles you scribble out from time to time? Take a hint, Matt.


Don Lee sometimes joins you in idiocy anyway, and it's not like you're going to take any advice when people are trying to help you in your yet-fruitless endeavor to look like something other than an idiot. This very blog entry makes my point perfectly. Instead of simply ignoring the comment, or keeping a dictionary/grammar book handy next time - you didn't even have to acknowledge Common Sense - you get nasty, defensive, and downright juvenile with a paying customer. Everyone knows that you literally don't have the mangrapes to do the right thing (re: CHL holders), though, and if I were Common Sense, I'd go the extra few dollars a month for a daily Jounal, Dealer, or Blade than pay another cent to a mouthy, no-account fool such as yourself.


What's your wish list for for our websites? RSS Feeds (I like to use news readers to get my news 99% of the time most web browsers and mail clients have them built in), a better (organization, diversity in columns, a reason to use the comments feature [ie. inspiring, or motivated writing]), a better organizational structure in general, whats the difference between the news on the home page and the news in the news briefs page? It's not clearly apparent.

What have you seen on other sites you would like to do here? Again, news feeds. Maybe a better means for video playback/article photo galleries. IE. Don't auto stream video, display photos in a more orderly fashion than raw pop up windows with plain text disorganized captions?

What have you thought of and said to yourself, why doesn't somebody do that?/Have you ever been using our site and thought, we really should do x?

I think my ideas are summed up above


Funcoast isn't very fun. Or family oriented sometimes


When you acknowledge Elsebeth Baumgartner you give her creedence and make her feel important, which could not be further from the truth. Please for the sake of all who read and post on here do not even recognize this lunatics never ending rants, that never have any footing - EVER.

Thank You in advance,

Signed - anyone who has ever read anything posted or written by Elsebeth Baumgartner


Mr. White:

Thank you for clarifying your credentials and responding to some of my points. Noted that the the issue of criminal or seditious libel (criminalizing speech critical of government) was not addressed nor was the issue of invasion of privacy to portray others in a false light or "yellow journalism".

Looking forward to your future blogs if for no other reason than the columnist visuals have increased considerably with your visage. :)


To your second-to-last point: That is a lie, plain and simple.


I think you need to get back on those medications, your personality is starting to show.




Back in June when the personal information of CHL holders were published - posts were then made containing personal information of Register employees. Why were these posts taken down? Why is it perfectly fine for the Register to impose on the privacy of CHL holders, yet when the tables are turned they remove the posts. Just looking for an answer of reasoning...that is all.


Whadaya think? I think tt is really Don Lee.


Mangrapes??? What does "tt" stand for?

Tiny Testicles? Like on a mouse?

Perkins Resident

Why was factual information about Perkins Township taken down or completely deleted but attacks against a private individual allowed to remain?

It just seems that somebody like Elsebeth cannot post her facts or opinions without anonymous people coming out to bash her. Many people come to these news blogs to read her comments. Whether we agree or disagree with her is besides the point. She has the right to post comments. She uses her real name and I give her comments more credit than anonymous cowards that post their BS. What happened to Patrick?


Jeez Common Sense, lighten up, the blogs are not a classroom. What reely kounts iz if the messege komes akross.

There can be perfect English and proper grammar but what if someone does not understand? I can understand typos or misspelled word but what the hell does the following mean that I saw on another news blog? "Insofar as manifestations of functional deficiencies are agreed by any and all concerned parties to be imperceivable, and are so stipulated, it is incumbent upon said heretofore mentioned parties to exercise the deferment of otherwise pertinent maintenance procedures."

Bill T.

Elsbeth makes for some good print and so does EJ Baxter.


Take last nights paper for instance, it had Thurs Tv lineup, not who didnt check on that?


wow... spoken like a real prick.


I sure wish Don Lee had a blog so I could tell him how much he sucks


If the Register has no agenda, perhaps you can explain the Oct. 27, 2007 headline, "Study: Marina District PROMISES $25O million windfall" (emphasis added). I read the study. There are qualifiers, disclaimers, projections and assumptions....but no PROMISES. The Register never hid its' support for the project. How can you say, with a straight face, that you have no agenda and at the same time make promises out of assumptions?


I apologize. Occaisionally, and far too often here lately, I have been skipping my medication. As a young person, I was addicted to crack cocaine and overdosed more than once. This resulted in a sort of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde situation. I live with my mother and when they are not at home, the computer is my only friend. So, if you find me going off of the deep end again, please ignor me and delete any irratating comments. I always feel so bad after I see them and I fear my mom will read them. That would be bad, she could send me back to that very bad place, that I do not want to think about again.

my 2 cents

I have had a number of posts removed. None of which had bad words, were libelous, defamatory, threatening, or abusive.

Someone at the SR doesn't like some posts on some stories.

Also the whole "to my knowledge" makes everything else you said crap.

Lets see if this gets deleted

Common Sense

to the imposter who tried to pose as "tt": Your writing style does not, in any way, shape, or form, mimic the true tt's form. Go find your own title and then post. You make yourself look absolutely silly.


This imposter sounds like Elsebeth Baumgartner: the attack is pulled right from Ch. 5 of her book "How to fight over the Internets and win everytime." I digress - the crack cocaine is a little unoriginal. If it had been true, and truly me, it would probably be something much more teresting than a little coke.

"In the two-and-a-half months since I've been employed at the Sandusky Register we have not, to my knowledge, removed any posts because we disagree with them." Shows what you know. I've seen statements that were not clearly libelous - that simply told an ugly truth or made a sarcastic, snide remark (i.e., an opinion) - either about someone or some project or initiative that the Register, through it's horribly slanted writing, obviously backs. I think that most of the regular posters on this site can back me up on this one, and for someone being only on staff for two months - as opposed to having read this all our lives - you get awfully defensive for admittedly not knowing what has been going on before you decided to show up. You defy anyone to show you evidence to the contrary? How convenient - we're talking about statements deleted by the Register, so how could there be any solid evidence. The only ones you could probably find are those that were erased and forcibly reposted after readers called this "paper" out on them. For that, you'd have to go to the archives, assuming you keep accurate ones instead of just nice things about the Register and its allies. Anymore, when the Register is asked about the whereabouts of an obviously deleted post, or gets a demand to put said post back up, the request/demand is simply ignored. Maybe you'd better get to know people like Westerhold and Phares better before you defend this farce.


Funny how you want "constructive" dialogue, Matt, when you do all you can to destroy this community through its only local news source. Have you forgotten the CHL debacle already? Or have you forgotten the general reception all of you print articles in the op-ed receive? Matt, take note: you attacked "Common Sense" for admonitioning you into doing your job instead of doing it the first time. You could either pick a fight with a paying customer or two(and intellectually, that'd be the optimistic equalivant of bringing a pocketknife to a gunfight), or you can just take criticism like everyone else does in their job, and do it better. If you find that it's too much, here are two suggestions.

1.) Work from home. You can write whatever you want, you can be your own boss, set your own salary, and you won't take crap from anybody because no one will have to read your stuff in their paper. Everyone wins!

2.) Quit and collect disability. For proof of disability, show them these blog entries and your articles. I can't imagine they'd deny you.

3.) Resign and keep heading west to another newspaper, in an even smaller, duller town that might appreciate your work (just stay away from my Blade!)

I hope this helps! :)


Another thing Matt,

I hope someone at some point bothered to inform you that this poster PROBABLY was being very, very sarcastic. He most likely was having a big belly-laugh at how ridiculous this place has become, almost starting a war over two or three goofy people.


We understand you have some emotional issues and you likely have missed your medications again. But, you know, if this is upsetting you so much, you should not read it. Cartoons would likely be a better distraction for you under the circumstances. Most of us are very happy with the SR and their advocacy of Sandusky. Ask mom to warm some milk up for you so you can settle down. You are in our prayers.


Trueth? What a laugh. Subscribe to the Morning Journal if you want to read on time stories and accurate information which is not one-sided or fits the Publisher's personnal agenda.


To tt:

I did not make the post and find it obnoxious to adopt other's names or aliases as was done to you.

Kindly accord me the same rights and desist from making false acusations against me. This underscores the need for the Register to require verifiable email addresses for all posts.


It is obvious that you have not read the Ohio Revised Code and how it pertains to slander, libel and defamation. Please, for your own sake, study the law, it's all online.

And/or, locate an attorney who is friendly, and who has a decent law library, so that you can study case law. Couple of good ones Vs. the Lorain Journal.

The Register has been lucky so far. Probably because those innocent, private persons who are injured in many ways by these blogs are indigent, can't afford an attorney. And, these people for the most part were a type of bystander or spouse to the "person" who committed an ugly, sordid crime and whom the published story is really about.

Readers can write anything about elected officials, or public servants on the taxpayer's payroll. They live in glass houses and that was their choice.

I know Mr. Marburger. If you keep some of the evil things written and published about the private citizen in your archives, send him a few. Get some advice from a person who represents many newspapers in Ohio.