Change is good

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The last paragraph from the Murman report executive summary recommends Kim Nuesse not be reinstated as Sandusky police chief "unless the city is prepared for the wholesale replacement of the command and support staff."

So be it.



Please Please Ms Nuesse where ever you go take McClung and Westerhold with you. My ears are tired of listening to all of this crap! Just remember one thing, YOU were WARNED about that person on the "otherside" on Perkins Ave.


Agree 100%.

It is time for the Sandusky Register to hire David Marburger and file a Mandamus Action to require the City Commission comply with the Open Meetings Act and Public Records Act.

The contracts awarded to Michael Murman to conduct investigations of City employees are illegal because the contracts were not approved in an Open Meeting. Moreover, there must be notes taken by Commissioners especially Fuqua as liason to the police, Murray, Crandall, and Stahl (at meeting with Nuesse) and in the City Manager's office and police department that are public records.

Because Murman was not legally hired under the Open Meetings Act he has no authority to conduct an "investigation" and there is no exemption under the Public Record's Act.

Time for the Sandusky Register to use legal process to enforce the Public's right to know.


Mighty King of Sandusky:

Your humble servant Baroness Bootmaker of the Black Forest is pleased she has found favor with you. She petitions for a writ of pentobarbital veritas in the realm.

: )


You're cracking me up. The writ is granted. Your posts are insightful. BTW...I don't think you're 'crazy'. Sorry about that.


Yeah...what she said!!


this story goes up the ladder pretty far, Matt. are you sure you should go there? if you are looking at the SPD, you need to look higher.


This might be off topic...or it might not. I think I've figured out what goes on in the op-ed and editing offices of the SR. Here's a good laugh. Beware - gratuitous innuendo!


The commissioners start an investigation and then they will create a written charge when they figure out an angle that might possibly be considered believable. Try defending yourself against the metamorphosis of the unwritten accusation.


So let me get this straight. Elsebeth and Westerhold have the same feelings toward something. Now there's a match made in heaven. We have the male version of Elsebeth leading the local newspaper. Outstanding!


'Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.'(MT: 7:16)

Hate produces hate, or you are what you post.


It's the typical Sandusky good ol' boys mentality. That's why I've moved away. A police chief is hired from outside the area because the city wants to go in a new direction. But after the new chief is on the job and making some changes and progress, one or more of the good ol' boys cries foul and says she's created a hostile work environment. I guess the new direction is not supposed to be too different from the old. Or, maybe the hiring powers thought Chief Nuesse was going to be just a "yes" girl, like Mr. Kline is turning out to be.


Mr. Westerhold:

What's the status on the Register's public Records Request as reported on your entry dated March 4, 2008?


What a shame that this nice lady, Chief Nuesse, is being smeared. It's even a bigger shame that no one is coming to her defense. We know that three of the city commissioners have been doing the dirty work, but where are the other four. Why is no one speaking up for this lady who was doing the job she was hired to do?

I am a registered Democrat but there is no way in the world I will vote to send Dennis Murray to Columbus as my Representative.


I have a mint bag full of 5000 brand new shiny pennies. 10 brand new pennies to all who will put up campaign signs for Murray this fall.


TK"I am a registered Democrat but there is no way in the world I will vote to send Dennis Murray to Columbus as my Representative. "

I'm in he same boat you are. I've been having similar thoughts of late. The surfacing of this issue hasn't done anything to convince me of his "leadership" skills. He needs to shake the sycophant Chihuahua from his leg and take charge of the Commission.On the other hand, maybe he has "taken charge" which is why the collective Commission's silence on the matter is deafening.Seems as though "gag orders" are the rule of the day in these-here parts.

Common Sense

Although I agree with Elsebeth's suggestion for the newspaper (legal counsel), I hardly believe you will step out of line or put money towards the truth. Go ahead; prove me wrong!


Dennis Murray signs in the yard, I highly doubt it, you would even have a problem having your nitwit brother carry a sign if he still run around Sandusky on his roller blades just to get his name in the paper. The problem with a Murray in any office is they try to run it like the law firm. The commissioners follow suit as to what Murray says , since his is a so called attorney and they are afraid. Well riddle me this batman, why do you think Murray wanted to be a commissioner when he has a thriving law practice which pick and choose what cases to take, cause we have a multi- million dollar office and marina to pay for so please keep all lawsuits above the 6 figure mark and give the rest to the local yocals. Do you think there are some underlying motives here? I think I speak for the majority of people in Erie county as saying I or we wouldn't let Dennis Murray take a dog to Columbus to be euthanised, much less be our state representative!!


Matt, Keep up the heat. The three stooges are feeling it. Word is not all 7 are behind this "investigation"


Aren't you the new guy? And you're already taking vacation? Got some cheese?


Lotsa blather and counter-blather. BOR-ING. (Yawn)



I read today's article containging vague references to emails obtained by your newspaper and the decision from the Ohio Supreme Court relied upon by Don Icsman to justify withholding information for fear of a lawsuit for defamation.

IMO, the fact is by Matt Kline publizing vague unsubstaniated verbal allegations against Chief Nuesse the City is already in jeopardy of a lawsuit for libel, slander, and false light invasion of privacy.

Would you and the Register please step up and demand the records of all communications involving any City employee or official concerning initiating an investigation of Cheif Nuesse. IMO, Mr. Icsman is misrepresenting the nature of attorney client privilege, the Open Meetings Act, the Public Records Act, and the decision Jackson v City of Columbus to improperly smear Chief Nuesse through an unjustified investigation.


Time to get rid of Don Icsman. Best advice an attorney ever gave me was:Never trust an attorney. I found that to good advice more than once. If they have to, they will cover their butts with someones hide.


So, now Don Icsman states he is representing the trio. Hmm, why do they think they need representing? I think the city knows they handled this poorly and they need to cover themselves with yet another investigation only to do it the right way this time to cover themselves and save face when nothing turns up.


I feel that this is politically motivated and we need both an investigation of the city manager and the city commission and let's throw in Don Icsman while we are at it. They all should be on paid leave while this is going on and probably the city would be better off. I would rather pay these clowns not to do anything then to have them get involved and screw everything up. What is a few more city officials being paid to not work. We already have at least 3 people on paid leave.


If you think public records are being improperly withheld, why doesn't the Sandusky Register file a court motion requesting their release ?


Let an "unbiased" newspaper cover this story. How can the managing editor have such venom toward city hall and expect the people of this area to believe we're getting "unbiased" or level coverage in any way, shape, or form?


I no afraid of you, Matt. I paya bigga money. I leava no tracks. Digga all you wantta. I hava no sin. I go to Father Guido Sarducci for confession. I no go to hell. Italiano Americano afraid because I paya him bigga money.


IMO, Don Icsman has violated multiple Disciplinary Rules governing his conduct as an attorney.

For starters, anything related to his meeting with Chief Nuesse, and Commissioners Crandall, Murray, and Stahl is absolutely NOT covered by attorney- client privilege. There is nothing confidential about a meeting between the Chief of Police, the Fire Chief and several Commissioners. Don Icsman is a witness as are Crandall, Murray, Stahl, Fuqua, Miessner etc.

In short Don Icsman is making false statements to interfere with the administration of city business.

Also he has no authority to hire Mike Murman without a vote of the City Commission. He has been getting away with these unauthorized contracts for years under the guise of an independent investigation. Murman is not conducting an independent investigation but a means by which Icsman and the people who want Nuesse gone due her expertise with budgets will fabricate evidence against her.

Come on Matt, your legal advisors can not be buying this from Icsman. File the Complaint for a Writ of Mandamus compelling the production of documents. Also Nuesse ought to consider a Complaint under the Open Meetings Act to set aside the contract to Murman to stop this witch hunt.


I think the commission has violated the open meetings law as what can and cannot be conducted behind closed doors when it comes to dispatch. I do agree that Murman should have been okayed by the commission to bring on as a consultant like any other consultant the city hires. Murman's bill will be well over the cost of what it states in the charter can spend without the commissioner's approval.


Still waiting on the story Matt. Do you think you will ever get it?