Watch Baxter squirm

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The Nuesse-gate hearings begin later this month, and we'll hit this story as hard as ever. One of the stars on the city's long list of witnesses is none other than the old wise man himself, Kevin Baxter.

I'm not sure the hearings will even come off. At this point the city likely is looking for any way possible to extricate from this Murman report debacle, and Baxter's looking for a way out, too. There's just no way he wants to be cross-examined about his Murman statement. He already took a big lame-o shot at making some corrections to it after the Register questioned inaccuracies, but his cross-outs and new notations in the margins of the Murman report were nonsensical and almost incomprehensible.

Baxter will squirm under cross-examination from attorney K. Ronald Bailey, or he will squirm away from being forced to testify. His Murman statement is riddled with misstatements and holes you could drive a Hummer through.

Look for some hot Dog Days come Aug. 25 if the hearings do go forward as scheduled. The Nuesse-gate special section at will be updated throughout each day of the hearings with live blogging from city commission chambers and video coverage of the testimony.

This is going to be interesting.



hey why not do like texas did and put in an express lane.


Why don't you people vote all these morons out of office instead of just whining about them? To much work I guess? Great job Matt! I am looking forward to the court proceedings about Nuesse. Those "GOBs'" really need to go.


It is like this: How can you vote these guys out of office if no one runs up against them? There is no democracy in Sandusky. Either they don't run someone up against the other guy or they run four seats for four seats deal with an automatic in like they did the city commission.


Duh! Maybe run for office yourself then.


How can anyone run against these life long incumbents in Erie County? Think! No one is going to run against them to BETTER the county when people are leaving. It appears Sandusky and Erie County are slowly dying. The only sign of growth is Perkins Twp. Who is going to challenge these incumbents? Who? Not only do you have to fight the status quo you have to fight to improve the GROWTH of Erie County. How is anyone going to change the flight from Erie County and still have to fight in politics? It is a losing battle. Democrats want higher taxes and people want things for free. Well, the answer by the taxpayers (the people) is "screw you" we are sick of it and we are moving. Don't believe me? Read the article in the Register.


There is ALWAYS a time and place and in due time people who are evil get what's coming to them. It's called KARMA. When someone is so hell bent on making someone else's life miserable, they are bound to have the same done to them. Sit back and watch the fury happen. I'm sure it will. E.J Baxter is one who is NOT afraid of his brother, and I suspect more and more people are behind him than are behind Kevin!


No one wants to run against them and take a cut in pay


Well Kevin, you weep what you sew. You sewd alot of bad seeds. So it's your time to weep. Treat others as you want to be treated. Yes, you have a job yo do buuuuuTTTT you abuse the authority given you. If you only had a heart. I don't feel sorry for people like you.


Sewing refers to making or repairing clothing. SOWing refers to spreading seeds. Not that I disgree with you mind you.


i need a sow that sews.


Is the hearing still on for this Friday??? Let's get some details as to where, when, and what time so the public can join in since this is open to the public.


The phrase is "You REAP what you SOW", not "weep" and "sew". Just thought I'd clue you in. No offense.


To: For Any candidate except Republican post on Aug 11, 2008 9:59 AM:

Obama is a socialist because of his policy and stance on government and the economy. He has said several times that those that have much should pay higher taxes to support his planned governement programs and that they should give their money for government programs to support the poor. That is socialism - that is how the USSR (a socialist country) did things for years and look where it got them.

A better way to do it is to let private citizens donate how much they want to who they want (social organizations) to help the poor. Less government is ALWAYS better! ! ! More government means higher taxes and more government spending! Let's get the private citizens to help instead of more government.

RE To the voters of Erie County: I agree 1,000 % ! ! ! I will NOT vote for any incumbent this year who has not done their jobs! Tom Ferrel has failed us and Barb Johnson has failed us just to name a few of the county seats.

Dennis Murray can't even be a good City Commissioner for Sandusky. How would you expect him to be a good State Rep.? ?

Those I have done my homework on. I will do my homework on the others (county, state, and Federal). I won't stand for these wacko politicians who do one thing and say another. If they don't do a good job and don't live up to their promise - OUT THEY GO! ! We as voters have that power...IF AND ONLY IF the voters do their homework BEFORE election day. How sad that most people don't think it's important to do their homework and just would rather complain. They are indeed LAZY CITIZENS who have absolutely no room to complain! ! ! !

I urge EVERYONE to do your homework on all candidates! Their are good and bad candidates in ALL PARTIES (Dems, Repubs, and Indies). Remember, vote for the BEST CANDIDATE - NEVER EVER vote party line! It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a U. S. Citizen to do so! ! ! !


The following is the definition of socialism...

Socialism: An economic system in which the basic means of production are primarily owned and controlled collectively, usually by government under some system of central planning.

In this country we understand that taxes pay for services that we all enjoy-implicitly and explicitly.

Example: I may not have kids in the local school district, so may not enjoy direct results. Indirectly the health of the school district affects my home value and macro economics. I use the roads, bridges and state and local government agencies nearly daily.

The argument that government should be smaller is subjective, at best. I agree that when government is run by people who are inept we all suffer and its easy to blame government, rather than make individuals accountable. Case in point: Browny in New Orleans during the Katrina hurricane. Clearly the need for government intervention was needed, but the people in charge was inept. It is common to want a smaller Republican government, because they do it badly. I have never heard of a senior getting a social security check late. Done right, government does some thinks well. That's were oversight and journalism comes in.

Could you please explain exactly what poor people should do. I once took a class while in college that took a hard look at poverty. I'm embarrassed to say that I made a fool of myself. I stated that if a person couldn't afford to have kids, that they shouldn't. I was thinking about my tax bill and all the money I felt compelled to pay for welfare moms. That was a big thing back then.

A student listened to my talking points--the same type you point out, and asked why the kids should pay for the sin of the parent. Children should go hungry, lack education and health care? They had a good point.

The problem I have with the current system is that our highest income citizens believe that the poor are the responsibility of the middle class. Check out where most very rich park their donation (tax deductions). You will find that overwhelmingly it goes to places like orchestra, ballots, art work in museums, and the like.


Gunman Kills State Democratic Chairman

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Aug. 14) -- Police and neighbors are struggling to explain why a man described as a loner drove more than 30 miles to Arkansas' Democratic Party headquarters and fatally shot its chairman hours after getting fired from his job.
Police said Timothy Dale Johnson, 50, of Searcy, barged into Bill Gwatney's office on Wednesday and shot him multiple times. There were no signs that Gwatney and Johnson, who was later shot dead by officers, knew each other.
Shooting at Democratic Party OfficeDanny Johnston, APA man walked into the Arkansas Democratic Party's headquarters in Little Rock on Wednesday and shot the party chairman several times, police said. Chairman Bill Gwatney died at an area hospital. The suspect fled in a pickup truck but died after being shot during a 30-mile chase.

A Target retail store in Conway had fired Johnson early Wednesday because he had written graffiti on a wall, police said. Before noon, Johnson was in Gwatney's office in Little Rock with a handgun.
"He said he was interested in volunteering, but that was obviously a lie," said Sam Higginbotham, a 17-year-old volunteer at the party's headquarters.
After the shooting, Johnson sped away in a truck, stopped seven blocks away at the Arkansas State Baptist Convention and pointed a gun at the building's manager, police said. When asked what was wrong, the gunman said "I lost my job," according to Dan Jordan, the church group's business manager.
Officers chased the suspect to Sheridan, 30 miles south of Little Rock. After avoiding spike strips and a roadblock, the suspect emerged from his truck and began shooting at deputies and state troopers, who returned fire. Johnson later died at a hospital. Police found two guns in the truck.
Little Rock police Lt. Terry Hastings didn't say what the men discussed after Johnson entered Gwatney's office but said it was not a heated exchange.
"They introduced themselves, and at that time he pulled out a handgun and shot Chairman Gwatney several times," he said.
Police said they could find no criminal record for Johnson. "If he's got a record, it's minor," Hastings said.
Because of his position in the state party, Gwatney was a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention this month in Denver. He declared his support for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton after the Arkansas primary in February but endorsed Barack Obama after Clinton dropped out of the presidential race.
Clinton and her husband, former President and former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, issued a statement calling Gwatney "not only a strong chairman of Arkansas' Democratic Party, but ... also a cherished friend and confidante."
Obama said: "Michelle and I are heartbroken to hear about the tragic loss of Chairman Bill Gwatney. We're praying for his family and friends and all who worked with him and loved him."
Johnson lived alone and had never been married, said Helen Mowrer, who lived next door to the gunman. Mowrer said both of Johnson's parents had lived at the house, but they died in the past 10 years.
Mowrer said Johnson kept to himself. "I never felt really comfortable with him," Mowrer said. "He was just kind of different."
Another neighbor said investigators visited her home Wednesday to talk about the suspect. Loretta Jones said her only contact with Johnson had been the three or four times she complained to him about his dog.
"It makes you wonder what got into somebody to do something so horrible," Jones said.
According to Conway police spokeswoman Sharen Carter, Target fired Johnson before 8 a.m. Wednesday because he had written on a wall. A manager had called police because of the graffiti but the wall had already been cleaned and Johnson had left by the time officers arrived.
Minnesota-based Target Corp. did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.
The state Capitol was locked down for about an hour until police got word the shooter had been captured, Arkansas State Capitol police Sgt. Charlie Brice said.
Democratic and Republican party officials said their offices would remain closed until Monday. A wreath featuring an elephant and donkey figures stood outside the Democratic headquarters Wednesday evening.
"Bill Gwatney was our friend, our party's leader, and so many times our party's conscience," the party said in a statement. "Our state and our party are better for all that Bill Gwatney has done."
Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat who served with Gwatney in the state Senate, joined a vigil at University Hospital after what he called a "shocking and senseless attack."
Gwatney was Beebe's finance chairman during the 2006 campaign, when Democrats swept all seven statewide offices.
"Arkansas has lost a great son, and I have lost a great friend," Beebe said. "There is deep pain in Arkansas tonight because of the sheer number of people who knew, respected and loved Bill Gwatney."
Karen Ray, executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas, sent her workers home after the shooting "out of an abundance of caution."
"He was an admirable Arkansan and gave so much to this state and his party," GOP chairman Dennis Milligan said.


Want to bet that what the shooter wrote on the wall at Target was racial in nature?


The only one who is squirming is Matt Westerhold. He is squirming due to all the cancellations of SR subscriptions. Hit him where it hurts, in the wallet. He is also loosing a lot of reporters. The employees say that the work environment there is poor at best. Matt, hit the road and spread your poison elsewhere.


Go Away with this story already. I'm sick of hearing about Nuesse-Gate.


Everyone it seems that we need your help. Robert I mean Matt Westerhold has gong missing. For proof take notice that he has not blogged since Aug 4th. Please everyone check your milk cartons and Post Office walls for updates. I am sure their will be a reward if you find him. Or maybe a reward if you keep him hidden.


We move the gyro-mobile a little closer to the Nuesse-gate hearings.


We did vote all these morons out of office! But like the voting year that Kelly's island announced the winners then a month later the locked voting box was found full of doesn't seem to matter who you vote for!


OK GUYS- My last comment was ERASED. Listen I submitted explicit details of the night of events regarding the shooting that accused McDonald and Turner of Murder –

So hear it comes again, JUST WATCH HOW QUICKLY THIS WILL BE ERASED, right before your eyes.... I think I'm on to something good.

- The night of the shooting Baxter accused three guys because they were all seen at the club together. While at the club caston is involved in an argument with jerome caffey over who can bench press the most weights.

- That very night, mcdonald drove both turner and caston to the club picking them up in his white car. Please note that caston and turner both were picked up at turner's home and mcdonald was driving his own vehicle, not riding with caston as Baxter has indicated. .

- After the club closes, caston was still very angry and intoxicated as he was ranting and raving about seeking revenge against caffey. You should all know that this was an argument with Caston and Caffey only. McDonald, once again, gave turner and caston a ride home from the club and before they reached their final destinations they stopped at the shell gas station, it was there that McDonald purchased party mixers and condoms for his evening with Ms. Harris. Ms. Harris had purchased a hotel in her name at the motel on Cleveland avenue and it was a mutual agreement that they would meet immediately after mcdonalds night at the club.

- It has been noted that while at the gas station, caston was observed by several people as to have been extremely intoxicated and angry, he was so out of control that he asked terry mcdonald if he had a gun to go kill caffey. Mcdonald had planned an intimate evening with ms harris and he was not entertaining caston with his ill thoughts. Besides, caston never hung out with mcdonald this was turner's friend. Turner stated that know one paid caston any attention because he always behaved in that fashion especially when he was drunk. Turner also admitted that caston would always want his gun and he would often give it to him as caston was only talking when he was drunk.

- As they left the shell gas station it was then that mcdonald dropped caston and turner off at turners and mcdonald proceeded to move on with his night meeting ms harris at the motel on Cleveland Aven._THIS WAS WHERE MCDONALD WAS AND IS INNOCENT FOLKS…… Meanwhile, turner at his home with caston, turned over a gun to caston and caston left the home of turner and walked home which was right down the street from his home with the gun, retrieving the keys from his girlfriends driving her red caviler.

- Caston's destination alone and mission to seek revenge was to the home of caffey. It was then during a stop-by that he turned out his head lights and opened fired 32 rounds of ammunition into the home of caffey. You should also know that during this gun sfire shoot out, Mr. caffey was shooting back as officers confiscated a smoking gun in the dryer. This is critical also, emergency room dr's revealed that the bullet wound that struck ms. Johnson came from the direction of the house and not the street. Baxter has all this information but do you really think he will tell the Johnson family this information or the newspaper . HECK KNOW

- Now get this, Turner admits that he heard the shots ring out, as caffeys home was in within range that he could you can hear the gun fire. Turner immediately knew that caston followed through with what he was planning to do, so he ran down to castons home, no car, and no caston. Turner admits that he returned back to his home pacing the floor worried sick as to what caston had done. All he could think about is how stupid he was to have given him his gun.

- Turner admits that later, caston is home and turner runs over to castons, only to find caston with his brother terry it was then that caston informed he shot up the home of jerome caffey and was instructed to rinse his hands in bleach by terry and that both got rid of the murder weapon throwing it lake erie. It was also reported that caston stated the police would never recover the gun because they threw the gun in lake erie. We all know that Lake Erie has no bottom.

_ So folks perfect plan for Baxter to set mcdonald up. Boy was he on to something; he wanted him for drugs that never happened, by gosh was he going to pin this murder on him. He's a mess that Baxter. SO READ BETWEEN THE LINES- mcdonald was framed he was no where near crime he was simply in a motel with ms harris having himself one heck of a good time. I know he wishes he would have been home with his wife and kids you think?

YOU FIGURE THE REST,,,,, please tell me if i should provide more information.

- that fact that the police did not know what kind of car was used in the shooting until baxter interviewed caston and caston said that there were 3000 cavilers , baxter stated himself caston was a dummy because it was caston who gave up the goods about the car that was used. Baxter never asked what car was used, caston did great work to help the investigation. Oh I forget caston was simply too drunk and couldn’t remember yeah right ! Baxter then order's the police to search the red caviler and guess what people they found three shell casings, but didn't bother to dust for finger prints placing, mcdonald and turner in the car. Caston also mentioned that he was so drunk he couldn't remember until baxter got in his ear about mcdonald and how badly he wanted him. So every time you erase my post look for me to keep telling this story.

I'm hear to haunt you - happy Halloween.