Watch Baxter squirm

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

The Nuesse-gate hearings begin later this month, and we'll hit this story as hard as ever. One of the stars on the city's long list of witnesses is none other than the old wise man himself, Kevin Baxter.

I'm not sure the hearings will even come off. At this point the city likely is looking for any way possible to extricate from this Murman report debacle, and Baxter's looking for a way out, too. There's just no way he wants to be cross-examined about his Murman statement. He already took a big lame-o shot at making some corrections to it after the Register questioned inaccuracies, but his cross-outs and new notations in the margins of the Murman report were nonsensical and almost incomprehensible.

Baxter will squirm under cross-examination from attorney K. Ronald Bailey, or he will squirm away from being forced to testify. His Murman statement is riddled with misstatements and holes you could drive a Hummer through.

Look for some hot Dog Days come Aug. 25 if the hearings do go forward as scheduled. The Nuesse-gate special section at will be updated throughout each day of the hearings with live blogging from city commission chambers and video coverage of the testimony.

This is going to be interesting.



More blogging? Do not get me wrong, I want you to cover the Nuesse-gate thing "as hard as ever" but please make it responsible reporting. No offense but from reading some of their stories the only person down there that is able to write facts and not let his emotions come into play is Tom Jackson. Live blogging will just add to this. Please, just give us the facts, not opinions.


You should remain a journalist whether you are blogging or writing an article. I'm on your side with Nuesse-gate, but quit calling yourself a journalist! Get out of the newspaper business! We're smart enough to form our own opinions if given the FACTS. You're starting to turn me the other way.


Why not ask the question. Why does Matt use the Register as the personal public relations tool for Kimmie?



I mentioned this thot to a Register court reporter a couple of weeks ago:

"Why not do the video coverage LIVE?"

Call Pat Deville, partner with the cable company. Jointly sell advertising. The Register promotes, cable airs. Both share the revenue. Donate a decent percentage to the United Way---or others.

Matt, I predict that marketing and sales people at the Journal, Cleveland and Toledo will be looking into this as a money-maker. That's why I suggest the donation.

NOW, for those bloggers who find fault with everything, who see this "commercial"" idea as disgusting, that's just too d-mn bad. TV and newspaper Advertising are both plagued by this nation's economy which will ultimately result in "two" groups---the wealthy and the poor.

Might as well level one more idea--just for consideration. And this has been my message for more than two years -- VOTE AGAINST EVERY REPUBLICAN MEMBER OF CONGRESS WHEN THAT OPPORTUNITY ARISES. They have sat idle and offered a "tv SPONSORED" congressional dog-and-pony show for us Americans. The oil barons came to a hearing, explained all of the "whys" and IT WAS OVER."

I will never forget the press conference held by President Bush about a year ago, I believe at his ranch/home in Texas. I think gasoline had just risen to $3 per gallon. He was asked for a response to non-stop escalating cost of fuel.

Mr. Bush said: (somewhat out of context) "What is happening is based on supply and demand. It's the American way. It's the way we have always done business."

Perhaps, at this time, I may be prejudicial when I add that I felt he was smirking when he said the above.

Matt, direct a brief blog to me if Cirigliano would deny live tv coverage. Later.


Get off your high horse and get real, Matt W. is just expressing the same things a whole lot of people are wondering and asking themselves. Sometimes it takes someone to bring these same thoughts and questions out into the open before people start to question what is really going on behind all this. This is the reason for these blogs in the first place. To the person who calls himself "Matt", when you state "We're smart enough to form our own opinions if given the FACTS", how do you know what is printed is the facts. This shows a narrow minded individual that just believes what is printed is the facts. We need blogs like this to bring up more facts or supposed facts so you then can make up your own mind. Keep up the good work Matt and I mean the real Matt.


Matt are you going to try and make me believe that this is the only thing you can write about?? I use to think that alot of the posters on here were out of line when they climbed all over you, but you really are bordering on obssession here. Are you trying to get the movie rights to this or something? Ok, who can play you in the movie......if Jim Varney were still alive he would be ideal, but he isnt so who can we get. It will have to be someone who is accustomed to playing the role of a pathetic newspaper editor whose only talent seems to be slinging mud at public servants then hiding behind his office doors. Also the person has to learn how to chase after a woman that if not for being able to use him and his newspaper, would never give him the time of day.

I mean what have you been doing the past month or so since this story became history Matt? Obviously nothing productive or you may be able to discuss something other than a woman who is way too hot for you. This is not that small of a city Matt, isnt there some other group you can offend or do you get some kind of thrill at insulting people you can never measure up to? sad...


Matt, Democrats and people from Cuyahoga (Murman and Cirigliano are both connected to Cuyahoga County) are the ones going after Nuesse. Currently, there is an FBI probe going on in Cuyahoga with corrupt Democrats.

Now the Cuyahoga County corruption probe has spilled over to home in Ottawa County. Many of those named in the probe by the FBI have property and homes on Johnson's Island. I haven't seen the homes myself but they must be worth some big bucks. I have to wonder where the money came from to buy these second homes away from home. Now don't get me wrong but some Republicans are corrupt just like some Democrats. But all of those involved in the FBI probe in Cuyahoga are Democrats.

I do look for answers to a lot of my questions when things just do not seem right. For example the Nuesse case. All of those players seem to be Democrats along with Murman and Cirigliano who are both tied to Cuyahoga County.


I am watching this Nuesse situation unfold because I think it is a key as to what has been going in Sandusky for years. If we can ever get close, the FBI can come in and clean house just like they are doing in Cuyahoga County. We need to just have one thread open up and the whole thing unravels.



FYI, the deomcrates have the power in the House & Senate. So in 2 years time, what have THEY done?.......yep, that's what I thought....NOTHING! ! !

Obama even said in a speech about a month ago that his opinion was that gas prices should rise to this level. Apparently he has no idea what higher energy costs will do to the American economy. He likes socialist economics (the way the USSR was - take from those that have and give to those that have little - you see how well that worked in Russia). He is too inexperienced AND a solalist.


FYI: (MATT WESTERHOLD'S BLOG) Should Read, Mrs. Nuesse's Story Telling Propaganda Stories.K. Ronald Bailey Knows The Murman Report Will Have Kim Squirming Trying To Tell The Same Story She Told Before.Kimmie Will Wished She Would Have Just resigned


I agree with you. The Dem controlled congress has accomplished NOTHING in the two years they have been in control. Shame on Pelosi for going home for summer vacation when the Gang of 10 wanted to do what they were elected to do...represent the American citizen. The gall of that woman to turn off the lights and mics is unbelievable! She definitely has an over rated opinion of herself!


Prior to the dems slim majority in congress, bush exercised the veto once--against stem cell. Since the dems gained a slight majority dubya has exercied the veto 8 times. Furthermore, in 2004, candidate bush said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of the second term--instead the deficit has doubled. Before you blame the dems, maybe the republicans should accept some responsibility for the idiot they put in the whitehouse.


What have the dems done to reduce gasoline prices....that's right NOTHING. And do you want to know why? Many of the dems in congress own large amounts of stock in big oil, so they don't want the price to drop.

The "Big 10" (referred to below), want to do something NOW to begin to reduce energy prices. But Peolosi and her hard liberal lefters don't want to do anything about the situation and she proved that last week. So don't blame "DUBYA" for the dems doing nothing. He isn't standing in their way now! For the record, I don't think he is a good President. However, the dems find it too convienent to blame him for their blunders.

Also, if Obama is elected, you can count on your taxes to rise dramatically for all the new programs he wants to implement. His programs will cost over 50 BILLION dollars. And where do you think that money will come from? OUR wallets! ! !

What has this to do with Kevin Baxter? He's just as corupt as any other politician (especially the far left, liberal Dems and the media).


When was your last trip to the gas station? Are you on Mars? I just paid nearly a buck less for premium than last month.

I guess the Dems left Washington to go home and talk to idiots like you. Of course talking real slow will likely not make you understand that there are several reasons that gas prices are increasing. Not the least is that there seems to be less petrolium in the ground now than 50 years ago--imagin that.

So, what is it that you think that the Dems should have done now that couldn't have been done in the last 13 years, while the Reps had the power to make change? Sounds like the house speaker was saving energy and reducing hot air.

What? Drill more! Ok, how about in the Sandusky Bay. We might get a gallon or two. Anyone hear if the Mississippi River has opened to shipping after the last oil spill?

Do I like spending $40 to fill my tank? No, but its not like I didn't know this was coming. Sort of the reason I spend $40 instead of $100. How did this sneak up on you moron.


You really should take care of your cobbwebb problem. You might be able to think a bit more clear. See "RE RE dont blame the Dem congress" for more help in this matter.

You can rant all you want about Dem values this year. We aren't going to fall for your fake manipulations. We just want you gone; enough of this administration.


Matt, Matt, Matt, you are shooting at the wrong target. Giving Baxter the business about the Murman report gives credibility to the report. That report has no credibility.

This is a city law problem, not a county problem. Look to Miegs street for the real culpit.

The recipe for creating all these problems is simple. Start with a 10 year review of the city law department budget. Vigorously add too many legal problems to count. Let simmer and then top with a big helping of Nuessegate. Mix in a healthy dose of contractual services, two assistants, $106,000. Add a pinch of small city with 20% less people living in it, cover with 7 dwarfs for 4 years, and chill. Serve in an enviornment of fear.

Matt my friend,you were on the
trail for awhile, but you have strayed from the scent. Keep fighting the good fight, but get back on the trail.


Can't these people sue this "sick" individual Matt Westerhold? That is ALL he EVER writes about. If that isn't obsession someone please tell me...what is?


BRAVO! Except for the part about Nuesse being too hot , not so sure about that.


You're such a wuss.


Ferrell will be gone ater November's election. That's for sure. However, we must get rid of the rest of the GOB rat pack some way. Baxter, Lyons, and Redfern. Too bad Baxter and Lyons don't have opponents. They'd be gone as well!


well done... the stealth bomber, aka.. the shadow,the author of the classic" "it's a matter of interpretation." the cancer of meigs st. presenting: don "the real deal" icsman. want to watch a dance and a loss of memory, put icsman up to testify in the nuesse hearing. oh yeah, be sure to respond with a yes or no.


Still going at all of this old, worn out crap? DoH.


TO: RE RE dont blame the dem congress post on Aug 4, 2008 4:54 PM:

First off, I will not resort to the lame name calling that you do...I just refuse to stoop to that low level.

Secondly, the reason gas prices have dropped so little is because of supply and demand; people are not using as much as a month ago (cutting back on their travels, etc). NOT because the democratic congress did anything about it...because they haven't.

Thirdly, if we were to drill here in the U.S. (off shore in the Atlantic & Pacific, and in Anware) gas prices would drop much further and we would not have to rely on our enemies in Venezuala and the Middle East for oil. After all, why should we pay our enemies for energy when we have access to it here in our own country.

Fourthly, we should seek new ways to produce energy (solar, wind, hydrogen, etc.) while we are drilling in the U.S. Drilling here is just to buy us time and to keep us from buying oil from our enemies.

And finally, this did not sneak up on me. I've seen this coming for more than 10 years, and unless we start drilling here, it will get worse.

Again, the dems in congress have done NOTHING in the 2 years they have had controll of congress. What happened to all those promises of change they made when they ran for office? Whatever happened to that?


I am an independent and I have watched this Congress completely ruin everything for the people. It is the shrew Nancy Pelosi that is holding up bills that would help. It is time to get rid of her and Reid. If a democrat is voted as president then we need a republican house to balance it out and not allow the president to just run away with his pandering rules. Drilling within our own boundries is the right approach, but will take at least 7 years before anything can reach the public. The gas prices are not completely controlled by supply and demand. It is the speculators that have driven up the cost of oil. Since Congress has started to investigate these speculators you have seen the price of oil drop dramatically. The need is still out there, if not from us then other countries, so why sell to us at a lower price then other countries. Speculators buy options on millions of barrels of oil and hold it until the price goes up and then sells it. This is what has been driving up the price of oil not supply and demand. It is true that the dems have hurt the American people more then any other party has in the past. All the promises made by this idiot Pelosi were just a bunch of lies. She has ruined it for another woman to lead congress in the future. Pelosi, Reid, and Kennedy will lead us all down the path of a third world country unless they are removed. How about illegal immigration, they want amnesty for all of them, the reps are the ones trying to stop them. They do not want to drill off shore, the reps do. They want to allow Mexican trucks free access to all our highways, the reps do not. The list goes on and on. When are the people of this country going to wake up and vote these idiots out of office.


westerhold--what is it about nuesse that you find soooo fascinating? and if she was so confident in getting her job back, why is her house up for sale? move on -- this is old news--you should blog about issues most of us care about--the election, gas prices, unemployment, poverty, ect.... don't really care about baxter or nuesse!!


you are so right, a democratic majority in congress has a lower approval rating than dubya. Go dumbocrats go !!!!!!


when you're done with russo and dimerra in cuyahoga county please come west to Erie county


To: Nightstalker post on Aug 5, 2008 9:20 AM:

Thanks for the addition of the speculators and how they drive up the cost of oil. I had forgotten about that. But as "dont blame the dem congress (DBDC)" can see, congress had NOTHING to do with the small drop in gas prices whether it was supply and demand, or the speculators.

I would like to correct you in one area. I heard an oil platform worker who was on one of the talking head shows that said that once they got the order to drill (the day congress approved it), it would take roughly 2 years before Americans would benefit from lower gas prices. Not 10, 7 or even 5 years as many of the liberals would have you believe. Just 2 years! ! Soooo, why doesn't Congress approve this? Because the liberal Dems want to see our country in the crapper. They do not want to see the U. S. A. be a positive and respected country. They would rather see our enemies have controll over us, U.S.

re night stalker post on Aug 5, 2008 1:10 PM also made an excellent point with the low approval rating of this democratic congress.

Lets see what DBDC has to say about these points since they think the democratic congress has done such wonderful things in the past 2 years...and do it without the low level name calling...which many liberals resort to when they can't come up with a good explanation.

I would like to point out that I am a life-long democrate. I have NEVER and will NEVER vote party line. I have ALWAYS voted for who is the best candidate, and I'm sorry to say the past 15-20 years it has been more Republicans that I have voted for.

The Democratic Party started to go down the crapper in the late 60's and has increased their liberal stance ever since. They no longer stand for the American People, rather what they want for America. The Democrates use to listen to the people because they thought that the people could think for themselves. Now, they think that the American People are incapable of thinking for themselves and that they alone should make policy, rules, and laws.

That is the BIG difference between the "Old Democrates," and the "New (progressive/liberal) Democrates." Many of the old dems have either swithched to the Republican party or have become Independent. I am thinking of doing the same.


Very interesting and astute points that you make. Great to see some thought put into your comments. I agree, vote for the best candidate for the position. I too used to think the Dems represented the common man, the average WORKING American, BUT they have become the entitlers, seeming to try to buy voters with their giveaway programs.


The democrates have become soooo liberal, that they are no longer liberal, but socialist / communist. They are no longer the Democratic Party, but rather the Socialist Party.

Just like another poster stated that they want everything to be equal for everyone so that the rich and the middle class would have to give up their money for the poor. That's what Obama wants to do. He isn't a Democrate, he's a Socialist and if that's the best that the Democrats can put forward for a Presidential Candidate, that just proves that the Dems have become Socialists!

If you want a government like the old USSR, then vote for Obama!