VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guest Diedre Cole

Matt Westerhold
Apr 13, 2011


Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole was our guest on this week's edition of Between the Lines.

Click on the player below to watch the program

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When will McClung be on Between The Lines to make a public apology?


Awe come on Timmy, tell your ole buddy Mattie on live TV where the other guns are at. That would be precious.


Where's Waddington?


 Really? We voted her into office? Really?


Oh my God Sandusky??? You voted her into office??? Seriously??? No wonder your city has taken you nowhere. What happened to electing people into office that have a clue? She owns her own business, but yet is on METRO, and her kid goes to school with mine, IN PERKINS!!! She won't even send her kid to school in sandusky? where's the loyalty. All i can say to you Sandusky is.... SORRY.

Ridin' Dirty


I want Ashley Bethard to be the host of Between the Lines.  :)


In fairness to Sandusky voters (though it pains me to even use the term), Deidre Cole WASN'T elected. She ran for a Commission seat but didn't get enough votes. She ended up effectively being appointed to a seat that was vacated by a Commissioner who WAS elected (the City Charter says the next highest vote-getter in the most recent election fills a vacancy on the Commission).

On the other hand, and in fairness to those voters who AREN'T idiots, how she ended up getting the next highest vote total is beyond me! The sympathies expressed are deeply appreciated by those of us who are stuck with this for the immediate future...



Just of few questions for Diedre.

#1) Same as Thundergirl

#2) What is the address of this business? Is it in the city or where? May want to shop there for my gal.

#3) Is she running a business out of a Government subsidized property?

#4) Would you like a job at the Register?