VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guest Jeff Smith

Matt Westerhold
Apr 6, 2011


Sandusky city commission candidate Jeff Smith was our guest on this week's Between the Lines program.

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How do you call him a candidate? Don't you have to take out the proper paperwork and obtain a specific number of signatures?

Hey, I want to be President. Can I be interviewed as a Presidential candidate? 

Bye the way, Mr. Smith, your restaurant has gone down hill since you left. Won't waste my money there anymore.

Sandtown Rez

Sorry Jeff, you lost my vote with your waffling on SB5.  You sound like a tea party candidate.



    Jeff, tell Sandusky why you want to run. If your platform is to blow up current commissioners, you don't have to stop by my house this fall.  Better yet maybe you have a gas leak in the hardware store1


How many of your properties will be sold to new homeowners under your proposed home ownership program?

At the 1:00 hr mark, and beyond with all that hand gesturing,  I just couldn't get the vision of him flipping burgers and stirring shakes out of my head. 

And Centauri (above) is correct. It's right up there with the buddy buddy and GOB culture of Sandusky. 


Dick Tracey

So we are allowed to comment on this interview with Matt, but when Dannie Edmond was on here we were not allowed.

Why does Dannie get special treatment?



Matt Westerhold can be one great editor and the Sandusky Register can be one great newspaper. All that Matt and the Sandusky Register needs is to be very open minded and report all of the news and not hold back. Any Sandusky Register employee or any reader can feel free to contact me. All shared information will be confidential on my side. I feel that some employed at the Sandusky Register divulge confidential information like IP addresses, email addresses and other confidential information to others who should not have this information.

You know who I mean.


I'm very disappointed Mr. Smith would not support the right of public employees to bargain collectively.

The attempts by many of the country's Republican governors to weaken and destroy unions combined with the Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited political contributions by corporations represent a clear danger to our nation.  


Disappointed in the interview.  I think it could have  gone better.  Mr. Smith appears to have not done his homework and doesn't seem to be up on what is going on with the city.  He doesn't want to say one way or the other how he really feels about a subject.  People want to know where he stands and they do not like fence sitters or anyone who waffles.  We are looking for true leadership who isn't afraid to take a stand on any given subject. 

Return of Dragon II

Interesting he wouldn't support the position of the union in that he used to be a member of the Pipefitters Union.  I guess loyalty only goes so far.


Will Matt have McClung on Between The Lines to apologize to the people of Perkins Township?


   Jeff, I ran into Ron your father who I worked with at the plant. His comment, why wasn't Jeff better prepared for this interview with Westerhold. I could only agree, stick with the hardware store!