BLOG: Watch Between the Lines with Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch

Matt Westerhold
Feb 2, 2011


Mayor Sue Lesch made the trip from Norwalk through Wednesday's storm to join us on Between the Lines.

Click on the "play triangle" in the player below to watch the program

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 I'm trying to re watch this, but it won't work???? help!!!!!!






I wish Matt Westerhold would speak up I can barely hear him.  = S  Good grief the video came on and the speakers knocked some of my pictures off the walls.


How come this video never works?  What is the secret of doing the replays??  Why don't you put In Between the Lines video up with the city commission videos and allow us to click on them.  The city commission video works fine as long as you put the video up so we can click on it. Please, can someone get their act together and it up and running the way it should be running????


I too would like to see the previous videos.

No Rest

I would have liked to have seen this as well!  Has anyone addressed with Mayor Lesch the fact that her Law Director has a reputation for saying he is going to press charges, then doesn't follow through!!  What a frustrating system in Norwalk and Huron County!  My daughter had a situation where her father clearly crossed  the line between discipline and abuse, even admitted to it, admitted he "went over the top", and even admitted to  "beating" her  several times in the past and yet Sue Lesch's Law Director does nothing!!  I have been informed that the Law Director considers this to be "Corporal Punishment".  Really??!!!  I understand it is legal in the state of Ohio to discipline your child with a belt, but when the abuser even states it as "beating her with a belt" the line of Corporal Punishment is CLEARLY crossed!!  I have try to contact the Law Director, and he will not return my messages.  I have tried to contact Mayor Sue Lesch, and she will not contact me back!  What does it take to protect our kids here?  My daughter made statements to complete strangers against her dad, she has been strong.  But Sue Lesch's team isn't strong for her!  I would REALLY like to know what she has to say about this.

Norwalk's Law Director's reputation with saying one thing and doing the other was shared with me with many Law Enforcement and Court personnel... is that a reputation Sue Lesch would like to continue?