Top Internet talk show returns

Matt Westerhold
Jan 5, 2011


Here's the lineup for the area's No.1 and only local talk show:'s Ashley Febbo talks about Put-in-Bay Days in downtown Sandusky this weekend. Register managing editor Matt Westerhold tries to remember the lyrics to Alex Bevan's most famous song and flubs it. Serving Our Seniors director Sue Daugherty tells viewers 60 is the new 40. Register reporter Andy Ouriel stays one step ahead on the beat.

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 This is the man who allows Bryan Dubois to spread false allegations in our local news source.

I guess becoming locally notorious through lying is how you get a blog at the Register.

Could you at least institute some basic fact checking?

I know your to busy too respond, and you stand by your mistake.

Way to go Matt!

Just Asking

So Matt, what have you been doing from Nov 11th until now?  Wish I had that kind of job.  Not.  I think all you and your reporters do is try to cause friction and controversity.  And people are starting (finally) to see through it.

Raoul Duke

NICK AND MIKE is also an area talk show, live every Wednesday night. Search for it on the INTERNET.

Raoul Duke

I'll save you the trouble.



Matt, is this you on facebook?   You look so serious in the photo on facebook. You also need to keep your blog more up to date with maybe a weekly blog on just about any topic. Your opinion of course. We can agree to disagree, can we not? In Sunday's paper, you have a guest column by Bob Russ that I like to read. You should put up his column on blog form here so others can read it also and maybe comment. Bob talks about some interesting things.

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