VIDEO: Watch the Erie County Auditor Candidate Debate

Matt Westerhold
Oct 12, 2010


The Sandusky Register and Sandusky High School hosted Erie County Auditor incumbent Tom Paul and challenger Rick Jeffrey for a debate on Monday, October 11, 2010.

Click on the "play triangle" in the player below to watch the show

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Massengill Wins...

Wow Mr. Paul sounded like he was totally unprepared.   Not only that, he looked like he was up all night and ready to fall asleep.  I suggest that he do the job he was hired to do and be prepared to leave it soon.  However, before he does....... he should fix the Apex / Famous Supply mess.  Do your job Mr. Paul!


How did Jeffrey's look??


Keep Focused

Tom is just trying to keep up with the technical aspects of the job.  Rick Jeffery seems to have a better handle on how the job can help Erie County be of better service to the people.

Outside lookin in

If the present Auditor had no knowledge of the theft (over a 5 year period) in the Treasurer's Office then why would anyone want to re-elect Paul?  The same foes for all the other elected officials in our county....U No ..... Bill Baxter Monaghan, etc.

Julie R.

I would like to know why the Erie County Auditor's office doesn't have ALL RECORDS online-----transfers of property under a power of attorney and all.