Between the Lines with guests K. Ronald Bailey and Tom Tucker

Matt Westerhold
Oct 7, 2010


This week's Between the Lines included guest Ashley Bethard from, attorney K. Ronald Bailey and Sandusky City Schools superintendent Tom Tucker.

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Matt Damon


Erie Countian

Yeah right ,Westerhold. Like I am interested in anything you and your lady love's attorney has to say about anything.

Julie R.

Erie Countian: Does that mean you are only interested in what the city's lady love attorney, Margaret Cannon, has to say?

Erie Countian

No, but I'm sure YOU are.

Julie R.

@Erie Countian: No,  I'm not.......I personally could care less what any of those joke attorneys have to say. But you people in Sandusky should at least be asking the city's lady love lawyer what she has made so far.


where is the Sanders column that appeared in Monday's paper.......again its not here?

Erie Countian

Dear Julie R,- I don't live in Sandusky, thank God.

Julie R.

But you live in Erie County----and it's being dragged into the ground by the same village idiots that have dragged Sandusky down!