Watch Between the Lines with special guests Diedre Cole and John Hildebrandt

Matt Westerhold
Oct 7, 2010


Our guests for this week's Between the Lines program included Sandusky City Commissioner Diedre Cole and Cedar Point General Manager John Hildebrandt.


Click on the player below to watch the entire show.

Watch live streaming video from registermedia at




Matt,  Still waiting for you to fix the videos.  It comes up "Off Line" .  The last video that you can click on is August 10th.  You can't click on something that is not up there.  I can click on every video up to and including August 10th. 

Jason Werling

 Click on the triangle in the middle of the player. 



Oh!!!!!  Liar, Liar, Pants-on-fire!!!!!


 Can't get it to play, either!!!!  :( 


Oy Jason!!! How about you mentioning the computer requirements needed to view the entire Ragister online? My computer is several years old and I run WindowsXP. What processor, memory and other computer requirements are needed to view this new and improved Beta version? I suppose I will need a new computer with Windows 7? Listing the minimum requirements for this new Beta version would sure help out a lot of people who are STILL having problems.


I know how to operate it.  I click on the trangle in the middle and nothing happens.  I can get into all the other videos with no trouble unless this one is taking a long time to download. 


You can't click on something that doesn't have a triangle.  In Between the Lines is "Off Line" and there is no triangle to click on no is it listed with the rest of the videos.  Put this video along with the the rest of the videos listed so we can click on it. 



Sarah would love to have been online with Diedra Cole but she didn't know Diedra was going to be on! Do you have a listing of upcoming guests and when?


Darkhorse, it's not a problem with the Register videos. Many of us are not having any problem what-so-ever. I am using machines with WindowsXP Pro and Windows7, Firefox with Sun Java, and Adobe Flash. It works well with Google Chrome also.

Matt does need to do something about the audio however. It's horrible!


Where is the archive for this show "In between the lines". When trying to click on the live stream, it never comes up with any triangle in the center. Many more of us are having problems then those who do not seem to have problems. I have Windows XP with updated Adobe Flash and Sun Java and according to a company who builds PC's, the most powerful and fastest set they can build and still cannot access this program. All archived shows will play and the live streaming city commission meetings will also play only this particular show will not play. The problem is at the Register and not on all of the peoples sets. If someone is watching from the Register that is a direct connection and not live streaming as the rest of the people have to watch it.


Then seriously, you need a geek! Delete your cookies and flush your browser cache. There is a file named hosts c:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\ that can be responsible for incorrect routing. Check your router. A complete reset or try a new router. All I know is it works perfectly here and I am not at the SR!

Except for Matt's audio


The player is blank for me too and I’m pretty up to date. I ended up Googling the interview and found it in another place. Anyway… 

  Matt.  This interview was a snooze fest. I ended up fast forwarding through much of it. I’m sure you read the posts on this forum and are aware of the accusations of Cole being a “business owner” and on public assistance for 20 years, etc. Wouldn’t any journalist worth their weight ask about this? If only to set her record straight. But no, you guys took the easy questions. Maybe you addressed it in one of the parts I fast forwarded over?? You kind of kissed her butt instead of interviewing her. It was like a George Bush town hall meeting with pre-scripted questions. Matt, I’m disappointed in you.

Duhast:  Where did you find the player that would play?  If you don't catch this live, you don't catch it.  I can get it live but after that forget it.   I am glad someone else had problems with not being able to access the video. I give up.


I went to google and did a search on "between the lines Diedra cole" and various sites came up.  It wasn't actually a register site I watched it on.