VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with special guest Kim Nuesse

Matt Westerhold
Oct 7, 2010



The interview with Sandusky CIty Commissioner Kim Nuesse starts about halfway into the program, and Nuesse took questions from the audience, including a viewer using the handle "SarahTonin." Another viewer who was watching when the program was live at the website, using the name "Antisanduskian" also asked some good questions.

There is a also video of the Register's interview with Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Brown. It's a brief clip that comes in the second 15 minute portion of the program. The entire interview with the chief justice will be available next week, but this short clip includes his comments about his commitment to making the Ohio court system more open and responsive to the people. 

To watch the show in its entirety, click on the player below.


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Okay,  How do I go back to watching Between the Lines.  When I click on the register media, it reads "off line"  The same thing happens when I want to look back at the last commission meeting.  Can this be fixed?????


Interestingly Kim says that she wants vindication and reinstatement but is unwilling to answer the question as to whether or not she will be returning to the job if the court decision goes her way. That really says it all as to her intentions!

Her administrative skills appear to be excellent because as City Commissioner, she helped formulate a plan that balanced the budget for the city in a real tough environment. She is to be commended for taking the tough steps.

She also is vocal about her faith in God. She states that she does not see evil in people until they show it. This admission by her, that she lacks the ability to see people for what they are by observing subtle clues prior to bad acts, is the single clue as to her suitability to be a chief of police! Considering that the officer that gave her the parking ticket clearly showed that his intentions were not positive and that she missed the cues that were given by many of her former subordinates, she clearly does not possess the acute people skills that are absolutely necessary.

I was a very strong supporter of Kim because I feel that she was done wrong by the good ol' boys. I voted for her in her bid to become a City Commissioner and I talked about her situation with many of my friends, convincing them to vote for Kim. 

After digesting all of the past incidents and seeing her response to my question regarding reinstatement and her response to my question about handling the tough personalities in the police department, I have changed my mind about her ability to effectively run the Sandusky Police Department, should she be reinstated. 

Additionally, I would bet money, that she has no interest in returning to the job as Police Chief and is looking solely to vindication and cash settlement with Sandusky, to which her legal reinstatement would be a big help!

Sandusky: Iscman, buy her lunch. Apologize to her for all of the wrong that was done to her, in writing. Pay K Ronald's fees for her (they aren't getting smaller)! Offer her a reasonable amount of money and her back pay if she will agree to drop it all and go away! She deserves all of these things! Then search out a proven strong police chief with a proven record to run the Sandusky Police Department. Outside, Male, and Strong!


Darkhorse, you must have a Flash player (Adobe preferred) correctly installed on your browser. Mine works fine!


Sarha,  I can click on any player displayed and it plays for me.  If it isn't up for display, you can't click on it.  You still need to display the videos.  The last video on display is for July 23.  It seems it takes a couple of weeks to display the video and it should be up right away.  The SOS First Energy finally got up after about two weeks after the Register had videoed it.


Darkhorse, I just clicked on it and it plays fine for me (9:09 AM). I looked at the video section and the most recent is about the guy wearing the LeBron Jersey to the Indians game (dated 7-31). It plays fine here too! Grab a geek! Maybe grab was the wrong word, call one!



I like your joke that was pretty funny!

The facts of the case aren't out yet, and you will see that your observations may not be exactly on par!