Moving city hall downtown

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

This is what I heard today: City officials are moving toward a deal for a new city hall in downtown Sandusky. Although I've not gotten official confirmation the info comes from a reliable source, and it's worth sharing.

A new city hall building could be up and running within 12 to 18 months after a contract is signed for buildings across from the old LaSalle county admin building and parking garage on Columbus Avenue. It's in the middle of the block, which in my mind means the property includes the old Woolworth building. The city reported looking at this property earlier this year.

The way the so-called deal is structured, the owners would gut and renovate the current buildings, bringing everything up to code with modern utilities. The space would house city hall, all city offices and Sandusky Municipal Court. The police department would relocate elsewhere �” hopefully in some form of partnership with Perkins police.

The city also would cut a deal with the county to share the county garage building to accomodate parking for the new city hall.

The city could come out ahead cost-wise, considering the expense to bring the current building at 222 Miegs Street up to code and the potential proceeds from selling the property to make way for the Marina District project.

Sounds like a good plan if it works as proposed, but I'm left wondering how government officials can continue to make deals and transactions without any public deliberation.



Seems an awful lot of the decisions affecting our city are done behind closed doors! To "Is it any wonder"...Lotsa NERVE THERE! I am happy to be back within the STREETS OF SANDTOWN, WITH THE DREADS OF SOCIETY AND ALL! I am happy that I can now cast my VOTE for those who SAY THEY'RE HERE TO HELP THIS CITY! What do I want for Sandusky? #1 Jobs, decent paying ones. #2 A downtown area that will bring people to it, like the days of old. As well, a view and PUBLIC ACCESS TO THE WATERFRONT! #3 Leaders that TRUELY MEAN WHAT THEY SAY, rather than speaking out of both sides of their mouths! You know, say one thing but do another. Make promises they have NO INTENTIONS OF KEEPING! In the real world, it's called LYING! #4 COUNTY & CITY OFFICIALS that AREN'T HINDERING progress for this city! You see, in POLITICS, it's usually all about WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME. IF AND WHEN they can get there heads out of each others behinds and come up for some GOOD, CLEAN AIR, maybe our JEWEL ON THE BAY can really SPARKLE?! That's what I want for Sandtown, WESTSIDE, SOUTHSIDE, EASTSIDE AND THE NORTH! ps If the city did their part, those SLUM LAND-LORDS W/METRO HOUSING would be called to task! Come to think of it though, they have a problem with taking care of their own dilapidated, death-trap property, i.e. Keller Bldng.!