Decision '08: You decide

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010


All four candidates for Erie County commissioner have agreed to take questions and blog on our new online special section Decision '08.

This is an exciting opportunity for you, the voter, to use the story comments section under each candidate's blog to make sure your views are heard and your questions are asked. It's a new era in electoral politics, and I want to thank all four candidates for their participation. It shows courage to step into unknown territory, and we hope this portion of our special election coverage enhances the dialogue and gives readers more of a voice in the choices facing our community.

Our election coverage will include other candidate blogs in the weeks to come and will also follow the efforts of reporters Annie Zelm and Cory Frolik to land the big interviews with Barack Obama and John McCain. Keep in mind, the "Chasing the President" series is as much about the pursuit as it is the catch — but don't be surprised if they end up snagging a big one.

Go to Decision '08 — make sure your voice is heard.



Dear Mr./Mrs. Prospective Commissioner....

(1) How can we get Kimberly Nuesse her job back?

(2) How can we make Kimberly Nuesse into the "Good Guy" here?

(3) Can we have a "Kimberly Nuesse Day" and make it a Government Holiday?

(4) Can we use County funds and make a movie about the "Life and Times" of Kimberly Nuesse?

(5) How can we make Kimberly Nuesse want to want to date me?

Good Luck to You All!!!


It was so nice to have Matt write a blog on something other than Nuesse. THANK YOU!

Then we have the idiot (8/20, 2:36 am)below who had to write about her.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.


All I want to know; Is Tom Ferrell going to get a real job for the first time in his life after Printy whips his butt in November?


Yeah but who really cares about these, can't get enough of myself candidates, anyway. So let's just see how many blogs this gets in comparision to stories about Nuesse. Bet it won't be many.


Idiot? You must be a Matt lover...or maybe you are Matt. Either way I had to hear all the time how Matt had a crush on her, so he deserves to be reminded about the MORON he backed for so long.....youre pathetic!


Good! I have LOTS of QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!


Just your typical collection of collectivist thugs.


To: RE Oh GAWD wrote on Aug 20, 2008 7:34 PM:

Oh how wrong you are my fellow little blogger! I am NOT a Matt lover nor am I Matt (I could give a rats a$$ about him).

I am just a blogger who is SICK AND TIRED of hearing about the Nuesse crap!

By the way have you noticed the most recent article on this which was posted Monday ("Depositions begin in Nuesse civil service case") has only 55 comments so far. GOOD! That just shows others are getting tired of this as well. Keep her fired, away from Sandusky and let's move on to other, more interesting stories.

I don't even bother to read the articles or the comments on that topic anymore.


Now since you had me completely wrong, how about an apology?.............