For Baxter, truth is inconvenient

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Good Old Kevin Baxter can sure spin things away from truth whenever he wants, and a recent letter to the editor is a perfect example. Old Kevin made serious objection to a recent Register editorial critical of his office for issuing a flawed warrant that delayed the arrest of a child rapist.

The man was arrested "just 37 days" after an indictment was returned by a grand jury, Baxter says. I don't know about you, but even 37 days is too long for a child rapist to be free and on the loose. The man was accused in August 2006 and arrested by U.S. Marshals in late December that same year, so the actual delays were much longer than Baxter's spin. And local officials never lifted a finger to make an arrest after the flawed warrant was finally issued.

Baxter ignored repeated requests for documentation on the case and, when questioned directly about it on two seperate occasions, he stared back with a glassy-eyed look and feigned ignorance on the entire topic. How convenient. Play dumb when it serves you, Kevin, and then be filled with righteous indignation when you get called on your shortcomings.

Baxter also ignored written requests for the information, and for information on other flawed warrants that might have resulted in at least one other child rapist getting a free pass in Erie County. There are plenty of examples, but Baxter's abnormal need for secrecy keeps most under the radar.

And Baxter is quick to dump on his best buds whenever he gets put on the hot seat, including pointing the finger at the sheriff or deputies, or old best old bud county commissioner Tom Ferrell Jr. Kevin also will blame city officials for their shortcomings if that helps Kevin's cause. Kevin covers Kevin's butt -- and every other good old boy's behind -- as long as it serves Kevin.

It's time to cut the crap. You cannot fix a problem if you deny it exists, and when the sheriff's office has more than 800 outstanding warrants -- with serious felony crimes getting lost in bureaucracy -- there must be something wrong with the system.

If anyone is misrepresenting the facts, Kevin, it's you.



One small setback to your hypothesis, this blog does not appear in the paper you twit, the people without computers do not even know about this. You are my namesake, doofus


A racist judge tells Baumgartner to shut her mouth about the CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of BAXTER and the rest of the CORRUPT BOYS in Cuyahoga County and Ottawa County and Baumgartner didn't so that's why Baumgartner is sitting in a jail cell.
So who in the HELL do these CORRUPT BOYS & GIRLS think they are anyway? The racist judge puts on a robe and says HEY ME SPECIAL! ME JUDGE AND ME CAN DO ANYTHING ME WANTS NO MATTER HOW UNLAWFUL & ILLEGAL CAUSE ME SPECIAL!
That old racist bag judge should be sitting in a jail cell, too...


I don't know of too many people that don't have computers..........


The gym is inconvenient.




figures, time to stop wading in the shallow end of the gene pool


I would like to know the answer to that too but it seems like the anti-Matt people have gone into hiding on the subject......they didn't answer Questions, Questions and more Questions, either.


nobody runs against Baxter that means all you geniuses are the only ones who have trouble with him. Obviously nobody can beat him that's why nobody runs against him.


Look at what Kevin did to Becky? He took there only child away from her. Think about it, what kind of sick man wants to be a so called single father and raise a child when he cant even be there to see after him. He only did it to ensure that he didn't have to pay child support. Look at the number of hours he spends away from his kid. How many hours does he spend at Cabana Jacks on the weekends, and dont forget the "business trips that he has to take " He is slimeball and rotten to the core.


WHAT?????? Fraud Wills and Fraud Deeds in the Erie County PROBATE Court???? Now THAT is REALLY interesting.......Do you know who the ATTORNEYS were that were INVOLVED with the FRAUD Wills and FRAUD Deeds???? SHAM CHARGES??? Hmmmm....that sounds just like Mr. Baxter & his judge buddies dirty little scam tricks.......RIGHT, MR. BAXTER????


BULL DOOKIE! Nobody is running in Sandusky because all the lawyers are comfy cozy right where they are! And Lord forbid they even contimplate it because he prob has things on them he could dig up on themjust liek he did his own flesh and blood!


What a load of Crap! I personaly know of a home health aide that is hooked on her patients drugs...has been convicted of this crime and was put on probation has then gotten with a huron man...ran off his kids...and as he lay dieing of cancer had him go change his will. Now the guy was on a death bed literally and yet could go to Galligers ( sorry sp wrong) to sign said papers cutting his kids out of everything. The kids then hired mr Murray's office to press charges against her and contest the will. After taking about 30,000.00 of these kids hard earned cash to try and prosicute this woman they walked into probate and the judge ( don't remeber who) threw them out. Now mind you the Dad passed away 3 years ago and it wasn't in court until last Sping. Kids even had the woman tapped on the phone saying she'd get rid of them one way or other. This woman then went and found another man and started on him. He caught her and pressed charges...still no court...she kept flunking her Pee tests too. Now the kids are told that the can appeal but it'll cost them another 10,000.00 to even start it! WHAT T F?! Wish I was reading this blog back then!


What year was THIS CASE????? Who was the Probate Court JUDGE?????? Who was the Probate Court Judge's STAFF?


The case was filed right after the guy died in early sept 3 years ago. All I know is it went before a judge and court in the Sandusky court house. I can find out and post in day or so what judge! The hearing was in Spring of 08!


I could give you the kids names but one still lives in this state with children. supposedly the lady living in the house in Huron will have to sell it after 10 years and split it 3 ways with the kids. All else is gone....Alot of old family assets...stocks... bonds...the guys 2 insurence....S*** he even had silver bars in his safe at home that the court gave her permission to take from them. They each were given acess to the house after she'd removed anything tangable. Saying you kids want keep sakes? All the assets were liquidated while this was still in probate and she shouldn't of even been allowed to touch any of it. The judge told the kids that she only did what the will gave her permission to do in the first place. Even though it was activly being contested. This man signed this document changing his will and was in hospice and dead 2 weeks later! from lung Cancer. He was on huge amounts of morphene and she dumped him in respite care then told the kids he'd be back home. She also had this man convinced that he would recover from his stage 3 lung cancer. It was done all the time. She kept saying he was going to marry her...Well why didn't he do that to? He had plenty of time as it took him 21/2 years to get bed ridden. This woman and this system is intolerable!


Ok here's what I understand about Krista Harris. Around 2000 or so Ms. Harris was investigated for theft from a family member, this was her great-aunt Marybell Taylor. Ms. Taylor was from New Jersey and was in failing health. She needed to move back to Sandusky. Ms.Harris was appointed her POA. Ms. Harris DID NOT PAY her great-aunt's medical bills, and cashed checks her aunt had received from a CD in the bank. Ms. Harris went on to cash out the CD (Valued at $50,000), and empty several other accounts in her great-aunts name. (She went to New Jersey to conduct some of this activity) Some of this money was wired to accounts belonging to Ms. Harris at Sandusky Banks. Family members caught on to what was going on and reported the matter to police. Ms. Harris was relieved (for lack of better word) in her capacity as POA.It appeared Geoff Olgesby was her attorney at some point.
It appeared Ms. Harris had no intention of paying her aunts bills, and used her status as POA for her own benefit.

Now I do not know what these allegations against Mr. Baxter are based on. It does appear Ms. Harris is a liar and a con-artist. If she'll steal from an elderly family member, she would surely fabricate a story against Mr. Baxter for some "shut up money". If there is anything else to Ms. Harris's allegations, I would sure like to hear them. Preferably something concrete.

If anyone has any questions about this, as the family of Ms. Harris or check the police reports.


Very well put Sir but have you tried to go down to the court house and look up records on anyone or anything? Good Luck with that!


Do you know sir if her Aunt had any insurence that Ms Harris was fighting with to pay the bills? I know it's been a struggle for my Mom who has POA for my Grandma. If Mom would of run out to pay the bills right away the GM and Minors insurence wouldn't of ever paid a dime. Grandma would of run out of assets right away and had to of been turned over to State care sooner then she did. Too. It would seem the logical thing to do as far as transfering and liquidating assets so that the cash would then be available to pay the bills readily. Having POA on out of state accounts sure sounds like one pain in the backside to deal with. If the new accounts were opened then the Aunt if uncapable and in need of POA couldn't of opened them herself or even added her name to it. The tell tale would of been an audit of spending on those accounts! Do you know if that was ever done and made public?


With all these negative bloggers, it would seem that many of you have been before the court and before the prosecutor's office attorneys. That seems to be the only reason why someone would attack with such vengence. Either that, or most of these bloggers or just plain morrons.


I haven't been to court for anything in my life except when i let my D>L> expire and didn't realize it! Nor have my children! Being from Sandusky and Perkins area growing up you know alot of people. There are the ones that hang with the folks like Mr. Baxter that we've allways been beneath. Then there are the ones that hang with the folks like Mr. Baxter. Of course The GOB club wouldn't air their misdeeds to fellows in their circles and the only ones that'd be aware of it is those of us that just had to work for them or wait on them while they played all their lives. So.....Negative can cause change and I sure hope it does because all my elders are still in that Black Hole called Erie county!


re.negative bloggerws,
nope never been prosecuted here or any where a whole lot of people know that Baxter and the commissioners & city council are idiots just look at there record it is terrible.If you like mr baxter and the rest of them that is fine your opinin and every one elses are allowed to be put out there.What is the matter are you part of the problem or what you sounded very defensive,there for sir you are the morron in this case.


In regard to curly Q ... He not only got out of paying child support, but he took Becky to court last year to get his child support payments increased. Of course, he won that case and was granted a large increase of child support. The reason he did this was to keep Becky from filing a new case to try and get her son back. She not only lost the child custody case, but lost absolute custody of her child. She was and still is a wonderful mother. She did not deserve to lose little Kevin. She practically raised him on her own. While she and Kevin were married, Kevin consistently went out partying every weekend leaving little Kevin and Becky alone. After their divorce, Kevin never even kept little Kevin for weekends. He would just stop in and see him at Becky's when it was convenient. How in the world can someone win custody and never even participate in weekend visitations with their child for two whole years? There was obviously a favor done in that situation! The truth always prevails ... hang in there Becky!


The police reports are pretty easy to get, just go ask. As long as it's not an open pending investigation, it's public record. As far as court proceedings go, I'm not sure. I don't think there were any insurance issues. It looks like Ms. Harris's great aunt was paying her bills with her own money.

I hope a family member of Ms. Taylor could fill us in?


yeah, I WON"T give my name for fear of reprisal...happens all the time in this dimwit guys growl and snarl because the Register goes after the truth and the truth scares you...well me too, cause if you tell the truth and they find out who you are you're mud...and it don't matter how many drums it husband was "convicted of a burglary" because he couldn't fight didn't matter that he was having dinner in a public place at the time of the alleged didn't matter he had didn't matter he had receipts proving his whereabouts for several hours before and after the didn't matter several witnesses came forward making statements the victim was bragging she had "set my husband up" didn't matter that the judge called the "victim" a crazy B***H...all that mattered was that they pushed and pushed, squashed the witness statements, held exculpatory evidence from discovery and said "postponed" come back in a few weeks and we'll play this game again, until the coffers were empty and we couldn't afford to fight anymore...when they knew we were worn out and tapped out they offered a deal (14months and 16 court appearances later) plead guilty (it's a win in our column) and we will let you go with no time, no fine, just be a good boy, and you behave for 5 years (like he doesn't anyways) and that will be closed.

That phony type of legalese is what's going on here in Erie County, while they make deals with crack dealers to turn in their addicts and crowd the county jails with people that should be coolin' their heels at home. It isn't just Good Ole Kev, it's his cronies too...

And I don't care HOW MANY of you come back with your "stupid" statements, your condescending sarcasm is powerless over me. I know the truth, you only wish you did. GO MATT...tear into them 'til the truth bleeds in front of all of these closed minded people...then they can't deny any'll shut up 'em up too, cause they don't have the courage to say "I was wrong"


Thank you for having the fortitude to speak out against this disgraceful editor. Other public officials need to make their true feelings known, as Matt and his POISON is not what this community deserves. These falsehoods about Kevin Baxter are only perpetrated by individuals who don't like the success he has had as a prosecutor for this community. Elsebeth is a whack, no doubt about it. If the Editor of our paper succumbs to rumors and innuendos spread by a lunatic, then we are all in trouble. Matt's tabloid journalism shows that he is nothing but a gossip columnist. Not one of his accusations can or ever will be proven because they are utterly false. Wake up America!!!!!!


YOU GO GIRL! I couldn;t of said it better! My own case envolved the coruption at the health department but know plenty of people that have gone threw exactly what you have stated!

And to Thank You for fortitude........
He would truely be showing fortitude if he'd come right into the blog and converse with all these nea sayers instead of writing a letter of rebuff to an editor and not really saying anything in it but slam Matt and or anyone else that quesetions him!

Matt hasn;t spread poison in your town! Matt has opened a avenue where the other tax payers ( not just Pro Kevin tax payers) have a voice! You all have silenced us for so long it is a little hard to take isn't it?


Questions Questions and more Questions wrote on Sep 15, 2008 10:14 AM:

" After reading the Sunday newspaper and Matt's commentary on page D6, I took an interest in this story and have formulated a lot of questions. I also went to the Erie County Prosecutor's website and found this.

"Although the investigation and prosecution of serious criminal offenses is viewed as the primary function of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the office serves another important role through its civil division. The civil division provides legal advice and representation to its statutory clients. In other words, the Prosecuting Attorney is the lawyer for many of the other public offices and officials in Erie County. All told there are about 173 different clients to which the Prosecuting Attorney provides legal opinions or represents in legal proceedings. For example, the Prosecuting Attorney represents all the elected officials in Erie County such as the County Commissioners, the Sheriff, the Judges, and represents each of the nine townships located in Erie County just to name a few of its clients."

Now if Baxter is supposed to represent the 9 townships, why does Perkins Township have to pay a private lawyer for legal advice? I believe that Mr. Baxter has a staff of 8 or 9 attorneys besides himself.

Why doesn't Mr. Baxter call in the Ohio Attorney General to investigate the Nuesse case for FREE? Instead, Why turn to Cuyahoga County for Murman's report and also that old judge and pay thousands when again, the State Attorney General would do all of the investigating for FREE?????

Why was Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason and Dan Kasaris used to shut down Erie Voices? And why was a search warrant from Cuyahoga County used to conduct a raid on the Baumgartner home in Ottawa County?

If Elsebeth did slander anyone, why didn't the people just sue her in civil court instead of sending her to prison?

According to Matt, "Baxter ignored repeated requests for documentation on the case and, when questioned directly about it on two separate occasions, he stared back with a glassy-eyed look and feigned ignorance on the entire topic......Baxter also ignored written requests for the information, and for information on other flawed warrants that might have resulted in at least one other child rapist getting a free pass in Erie County. There are plenty of examples, but Baxter's abnormal need for secrecy keeps most under the radar."

So why doesn't Mr. Baxter provide the information to Matt? Why all of the secrecy?

And let us not forget about Ottawa County Prosecutor Mulligan and his selective prosecution. How does a pharmacist get charged with possession of old drugs in his home? I have old prescription drugs in my home too as do others. And why did the former Safety Service Director of Port Clinton get diversion? Instead of Port Clinton paying thousands to a Toledo law firm to investigate the scrap copper theft, why didn't Mulligan just call in the State Attorney General to investigate for FREE? WHY ALL THESE PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS USING PRIVATE LAWYERS WHEN THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL WILL INVESTIGATE FOR FREE?????????????

I still question why Mr. Baumgartner, a pharmacist, was charged with possession of drugs in his home. I have a collection of old prescription drugs in my home too. Area hospitals have special drug collection days to bring in old prescription drugs for proper disposal. Are all of these people who will partake in this collection event be guilty of possession of prescription drugs in the home? I am sure almost all of us have old expired prescription drugs in our home including those that once belonged to people who have died.

Why was the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office used to stage a raid on an Ottawa County home?

Can any of you anti-Matt people provide me with some intelligent answers???? "

Well, it has now been well over two days and I am STILL awaiting answers to my questions. So far, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has answered with any INTELLIGENT ANSWERS!!!!!!

What is the matter with you people? I ask simple questions and NOBODY answers my simple questions.

I see that Mr. Kevin Baxter has written another letter to the editor in today's newspaper. Perhaps Mr. Kevin Baxter can post some answers to my simple questions!!!!!!!!!!!




You say these falsehoods about Kevin Baxter are only perpetrated by individuals who don't like his success-----OH MY GOD...are you for REAL? You say that none of the accusations can be proven because they are utterly false. Want to make a bet?? I have LOTS of PROOF about BAXTER and a LOT OTHERS up at that Courthouse. Want me to bring it on? They don't scare me in the slightest.


COOl you r jets here folks! If we tip our hands to our identities right now our evidence may jus go away. How about it Matt, Feel like setting up a fae mode of communication so that the other camp can't just come in and sweep all of us under the carpet? I now have documentation in my hand with dates case numbers persons envolved ect to back up my alligations if this should be able to go anyplace!

And To Questions, Of course we can't give you detail because we only know what the press or the Kevin camp has let out about these other cases. I really doubt that anyone from the Kevin camp will fill you in on this forum and it will be hard for some of us to give you enough proof without tipping our hands in n reguards to our own cases.

The other parties aren't on this blog obviously or are in jail and can't be here at the moment!

We will not be so stupid as to give out any information so the GOB club can burn us out, run us in, or run us out of state before this thng comes to a head and we can be heard in a respectable American court!

PS re they should scare you a little, the people they have already destroyed were upstanding citizens in the comunity and yet he was able to manipulate his system to do the deed.

Looks ike ya aren't even safe to go as far away as Lorain or even Cuyahoga county.



The probate case I refered to earlier was heard in Erie County Common Pleas Court Probate Division.
the Plantiffs where run out of money for representation after paying the offices of Murray and Murray to the tune of 20,000.00 and had to attend the final hearing Spring of this year by themselves without representation.
Prior court hearings had gone on that the judge allowed all collected evidence be admissable but when the kids got to court on their own the judge didn't allow any of it!
the Lawyer for the Defendent was Duane L Galloway.