For Baxter, truth is inconvenient

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Good Old Kevin Baxter can sure spin things away from truth whenever he wants, and a recent letter to the editor is a perfect example. Old Kevin made serious objection to a recent Register editorial critical of his office for issuing a flawed warrant that delayed the arrest of a child rapist.

The man was arrested "just 37 days" after an indictment was returned by a grand jury, Baxter says. I don't know about you, but even 37 days is too long for a child rapist to be free and on the loose. The man was accused in August 2006 and arrested by U.S. Marshals in late December that same year, so the actual delays were much longer than Baxter's spin. And local officials never lifted a finger to make an arrest after the flawed warrant was finally issued.

Baxter ignored repeated requests for documentation on the case and, when questioned directly about it on two seperate occasions, he stared back with a glassy-eyed look and feigned ignorance on the entire topic. How convenient. Play dumb when it serves you, Kevin, and then be filled with righteous indignation when you get called on your shortcomings.

Baxter also ignored written requests for the information, and for information on other flawed warrants that might have resulted in at least one other child rapist getting a free pass in Erie County. There are plenty of examples, but Baxter's abnormal need for secrecy keeps most under the radar.

And Baxter is quick to dump on his best buds whenever he gets put on the hot seat, including pointing the finger at the sheriff or deputies, or old best old bud county commissioner Tom Ferrell Jr. Kevin also will blame city officials for their shortcomings if that helps Kevin's cause. Kevin covers Kevin's butt -- and every other good old boy's behind -- as long as it serves Kevin.

It's time to cut the crap. You cannot fix a problem if you deny it exists, and when the sheriff's office has more than 800 outstanding warrants -- with serious felony crimes getting lost in bureaucracy -- there must be something wrong with the system.

If anyone is misrepresenting the facts, Kevin, it's you.



You seem to know a lot about these people. Are you an attorney? If so have you ever heard of an attorney for an insurance company filing a protective order against a COMPLAINTANT in a Probate Estate requesting that the Judge allow them to NOT PRODUCE THE RECORDS that were requested? I mean gee, why don't they just ADMIT TO THE FRAUD instead of filing something as stupid as that? Not to mention, I thought it was ILLEGAL to withhold and conceal records..............


Yes, unfortunately I know more about these corrupt officials than I care to. Needless to say, it is very important that we all seek justice in a civilized and legal manner. Never allow your feelings to get the best of you. Now, it very common for an attorney to file for a protective order. Basically, that will allow them some time so that they do not have to produce the requested documentation. Well, at least until the judge rules for or against them. Furthermore, attorneys withhold and conceal records all the time. There really isn't to much that you can about it other than filing a motion to have them held in contempt of court. If you do that you will only further p*ss off the judge and the opposition. So be very careful of your actions. As you know, they are quick to retaliate once you are perceived you as a threat.


Well I already DID file a motion to hold them in comtempt of court. Buy some time so they don't have to produce the documentation? These crooks have been pulling this off forever........And why would it p*ss the judge off? One would think it would p*ss her off more that they keep dragging it on and on and on. And I can tell you something else---what was done in this case went way beyond FRAUD---it was flat-out CRIMINAL and attorneys were part of it. (not to mention a Judge)


Sorry---spelled CONTEMPT wrong.


How can you seek justice in a civilized manner in Erie County when the Erie County Courts are uncivilized?


Why were two of these comments deleted? They certainly weren't offensive. I think the kind of judges we have in this COUNTY should be known to one and all so people can see how the unfair, hyprocrite legal system in this county REALLY works.






How does a Cuyahoga County attorney come into this County and get away with filing FRAUD PRELIMINARY JUDICIAL REPORTS ON BEHALF OF A NON-CLIENT? Is this a NEW PRECEDENT here in ERIE COUNTY? If so, then you best be informing the RESIDENTS of this County about it.


Wow! Moyer sure must be busy!


The African-American attorney's name is Derek Farmer. He only represented Elsebeth for a brief period of time. I do believe that Elsebeth did have some reprentation from the law firm of Don Harris and Loretta Riddle. I'm sure that she would definitely be pleased to know that this blog is running at full speed about the corruption in Erie County.

joe baumgartner

For the record, Loretta Riddle did represent Elsebeth Baumgartner for a short period. She abruptly stopped working for Elsebeth (I WONDER WHY) and after repeated requests, she failed to return over $6,000.00 that she owes me for work not completed. Anybody know who to contact in this situation?






I will repost the prior post so that the palyers in the kids case is closer to the top..I am real tired..

Thank you all...These kids deserved better then this from the system.

I KNEW THEM WHEN wrote on Sep 18, 2008 9:55 AM:

" The Judge in the case was Tygh M. Tone
Magistrate Patrick Quinn.

No the person died of cancer at hospice center. Stayed at home in Huron until placed in facillaty 2 days prior to death. Will was signed 2 weeks prior to death.

Care giver live in girl friend of 1 year, was convicted of and on probation for taking pain medications from people in her care.

Will left Gallaway as the trustee of trust. And this care giver as executor of estate will full reign and control of the deceased home and all personal properity for 10 years and allowed care giver to dispose of any and all of personal property. IE motercycles, cars, boats, antiques, famly herlooms, ect ect.

I have allways felt so bad for these kids! they were done wrong by this woman before by keeping them away from their loved one then finished off anything they had of "family". "


the kids hired Murrey office for representation.
Murray wouldn't let them go after galloway and fact of wrong will. Murray did take quite a bit of money and even took phone tapes the son had proving that the womantold people of her plan to get him out of his home.
The tapes dissappeared...the Murray never did much and then they were given to another lady atty in office and had to start over, Since both kids are out of town...1 out of state. I'm sure Erie co. thought it would all just go away. Weel they perseviered and had to pay another good chunk of change to the law firm. New lady lawyer gets GF inot office to give deposition. Kids had to pay big bucks for that. The kids then were told again that We're going after her falure to handle estate as will states. They get court date. Judge rulled no evidence would be permissable. Said druggie woman had the right to do what she wanted and they'd split what was left of house only after a 10 year period. as per will. I must tell you here he had more in assets then in his home. The judge then told the kids their only recourse was to go to a mediator and...guess what pay again!
I guess they got their wish. THe son lost his good paying job because of all the time off and is to this day unemployed. The stress on the single young mom has caused her into major depression....THis is just not right!
Both of these young adults grew up in that house. They are now both homeless practically depending on others for help. And this woman walks.....
And GAlloway? What are you getting out of this? A cut? Do you continue to get paid to be in charge of the trust?
And what exactly was the reason again that the dad decided to change lawyers after using the same one for years? per Galloway and drug gf. he gave the man a family airloom car then turned around and got pi**ed off at that lawyer within a couple of months?

Uggggg Here I go again... wonder if I can sue for duress?


Hahaha pss the kids also have an older half sister that is in law inforcement in Palm Beach FL. She was never notified even of the will were neither of these 2 kids they had to go ask and pay for a copy. Then when kids took it to court she wasn't notified about that either although she wasn't added to the kids side...


You are as tired as I am...your post...both of them are still down there!!!!!!!!! The SR HAS Changed for the beter!

Good luck getting our money back hun...don't forget they charge you half a months wages to pick up the phone. Bet ya she will find all kinds of hidden costs to prove why she never repaid you your money!


Keep up the good work in bringing out the truth. A lot of us are counting on you as we as citizens do not have the clout such as a newspaper to expose corruption. Many of us tried to expose the truth and bring transparency back into government and the court system. But we have been stonewalled for years because nobody wants to help. It appears that almost all of the crooks are Democrats. And Democrats protect Democrats. It would be nice to start up a "grass roots" organization for citizens demanding change to the status quo.

A newspaper was responsible for exposing Nixon and his GOBs. Matt, like Woodward and Bernstein, is working to expose corruption in our area. The Plain Dealer is reporting all that is going on with the continuing FBI raids in Cuyahoga County, the PD is NOT "sweeping it under the rug" like they did in the past. It is informing people what is REALLY going on in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. The Plain Dealer and its affiliated online websites is posting news that should have been reported years ago.

It's about time that newspapers begin to keep the citizens informed about the TRUTH. In the past, politicians and GOBs used the newspapers to spread lies, rumors, misinformation and other BS to keep the people in the dark. They (GOBs) used the newspaper and news media to discredit people and whistleblowers who dared to stand up against the crooks. Looks to me like the newspapers are getting their act together and will no longer print the propaganda of the GOBs.
Recall Chris Redfern when he admonished Matt a few months ago for "being cute" because Matt will not allow the politicians and GOBs to control what gets printed or not reported or printed. Where has Chris Redfern been lately? He sure has been quiet since the FBI raided Cleveland. The GOBs object to anything that Matt prints now because the GOBS want to keep secrets. Not reporting what is really happening will only keep the citizens uninformed. The GOBs want everything to be a secret and make people believe that everything is just fine and dandy. Well, those days are coming to an end.

Watergate was exposed because two reporters from the Washington Post went on to report the TRUTH and to inform the people. Nixon wanted to keep things under wraps but in the end, the TRUTH prevailed.

Matt, once again, KUDOS to you and keep up the good work. If the GOBs threaten you, let us the citizens know. When you were not allowed to attend that "closed door meeting," you told us about it and kept us informed. You could have just as easily said nothing and the citizens would not have known a thing. That is what the GOBs wanted because they only work in the veil of secrecy and behind closed doors or in the dark.

Margaret Cannon, is from Cuyahoga County? That figures and explains a lot of things. Did you know that just the other day, there was another FBI raid in Cuyahoga County that involved 100 agents? The corruption of Cuyahoga County has long tentacles that control what happens in Erie and Ottawa Counties.

Looking back, Elsebeth made a lot of sense now. The GOBs through newspapers, including the Sandusky Register, Port Clinton News-Herald and even the Plain Dealer spread a lot of lies about Elsebeth. The GOBs used the newspapers to spread a lot of lies and misinformation about Elsebeth and others. The reason was to poison the minds of citizens and to control the peoples opinions about whistleblowers who attempt to expose corruption.

I see that the Plain Dealer will no longer cater to the GOBs to spread lies and propaganda. People in Cuyahoga County are becoming informed and corruption is being exposed for a change. And now Matt, through the Sandusky Register, is exposing corruption. But the Port Clinton News-Herald still prefers to cater to the GOBs from what I have seen and read. I have heard that many people in Port Clinton dropped the News-Herald and are now subscribing to the Sandusky Register.

I am looking for the FBI to raid the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office soon. All those involved in the corruption are Democrats and Democrats control what happens in Cuyahoga. I had thought about voting for Obama but will not because Obama will call off the FBI investigations. I will vote for McCain instead. I see where one lawyer in Cuyahoga was a state senator, ran for congress but was convicted of extorting money from businesses. He was not disbarred like he should have been. Instead he recently ran for Tubbs Jones vacated seat. Wow, only in Cuyahoga County. And now Cuyahoga County GOBs have their hands in the Nuesse hearings.

And the GOBs of Erie County and Sandusky? They cannot use the Sandusky Register as their propaganda machine. So they all banned together here on the news blobs to attack Matt, the Sandusky Register and keep spreading lies to anyone stupid enough to believe them.

Matt, thank you for what you are doing. It's the right thing to do.


Will was signed two weeks prior to his death-----now what Judge with any common sense would not question that obvious criminal act?
Will left Galloway the trustee of trust----now who in the he*l would be stupid enough to believe that criminal act?
Murray would not let them go after Galloway? (the little boys protecting their attorney brothers)
The kids had to go and ask and pay for a copy of their own father's Will? Are you saying they were never NOTIFIED BY CERTIFIED MAIL that a Will had been filed? (Illegal)
The Judge ruled that no evidence was permissable? I would have to say what the Judge ruled was unfair, dishonest, biased and ILLEGAL.
Judge Ty Tone was the Judge that ruled on this? That's odd----I thought McGookey only used Cuyahoga County judges and Binette to FIX cases pertaining to fraud and criminal acts perpetrated by ATTORNEYS in Probate.


Biased? Sure! Everyone is biased---that's human nature. But as a prosecutor or a judge, if you want to be perceived as a professional, you have to put your bias aside. And the bias in this city, county and throughout the Ohio Court systems is disgusting and blatant...


WHO was the LAWYER that the Dad had for years before changing....I really would like to know this. If you want just give the initials. Thank you.


Kind of scary knowing the Erie County Probate is assisting attorneys in getting away with the criminal act of changing Wills........the cult lawyers must be in their glory over Eeeeeerie County's new law....


First i do not know with out asking kids again what the guys name was.

Second here is a good one for you
Kids served with certified letters yest be in court in one month for Final hearing about trust funds.

Galloway has given himself 3 large payments in this time frame. Also the trust paid for druggie girl friends lawyer in court with kids.
Trust has paid the girl frind over 5,000.00 Is this common? If she loved him as she stated and they were to get married...but never did...then why pay her for taking everything these kids have and living in the house for free for 10 years then getting a third of it and forcing the sale?

I wish there was a way I could get in touch with you all in private so that maybe we could all just show up in court with these kids!

Just having witnesses may help hugh?

The young man has Appealed to Matt in a private e mail to Please come with him to court to just watch!

The kids say they were aware there would be one more hearing...of which now they have no funds to go into with a lawyer presenting them.

I say kids eldest is just now 30 the other a few years younger.

probate crt..................63.39
state farm....................21.19
James W Hart.................4,677.50
james w hart....................371.75
st farm.......................33.49
probate crt civil.............54.42
probate crt final estate.......61.67
ritchie hanson ( girl friend)..5,452.34

Is This Normal!???????????

These are the fees that have been charged against the

Galloway trustee
Hanson executor
James Hart ( I think her lawyer )

Will find out name of the deceasts' lawyer that used for years until right before death!!!!!!!!!!!!



Maybe the Club didn't think they need to go that far away to get over on this one? After all who in their right mond would accuse any atty of wrong doing? Who has enough money to stand up to them? The thing that urked them the most is this woman whom was obviously convicted of taking her patients drugs and on probation for it at the time she hooked their father. A man that just didn't want to die alone?
This woman hid things from appr.
they listed in the trust that the estate had 11,400.00 in household goods. It also failed to list a new Harley Davidson the father had ordered and paid for 2 years before died. or the other motor cycles that he did own.
This woman then commenced to Sell every thing in this mans home giving the kids just a few momentos of their father and their entire family history that was in that house for more then one generation. The Judge said it was ok she did what she wanted with it all because it was in the will.

If this wasn't Rape then I don't know what it was!


Who in their right mind would accuse an attorney of wrongdoing? I know somebody that did. The best thing about it is the person has all the proof because it's a matter of public record (filed by the attorneys themselves who never thought their filings were going to be found) The worst thing about it is---the Erie County Probate Court. Figure it out. The case you are talking about is by far not the only one....
If you need somebody to go to Court as a witness to watch the play in action I know of several people that would be more than willing......


When Murray turned the case over to another attorney in his firm was this done with the consent of his clients? Did they sign papers giving their consent? Who was the attorney the father had for years before changing attorneys? You say the father lived in Huron. Was his attorney from Huron, too? I didn't know that an attorney could be the trustee of a trust. Very interesting. If a differant will was drafted up who was the attorney? Who were the witnesses to the new will? Are they certain the will was signed by the father? The attorney (trustee of the trust) sure did line his pockets, didn't he? Thank you.




It appears like these cases in Probate never would have been had it not been for the criminal acts of LAWYERS to begin with. Sounds like the VICTIMS of these lawyers then get SCRE*ED over twice by their own good 'ole boy lawyers who only take their case to protect their lawyer buddies. Sounds like the Erie County Probate Court is fully involved in these illegal FIXES and if the Probate Court is involved so is your prosecutor, KEVIN BAXTER.


Let's say your an indivudual who was involved in an automobile accident, by no means your fault, that's the fact. You contact a lawyer and speak with him, tell him what you're looking for in a settlement. Not millions, even several thousands, just what you think is fair. A few months go by, and you find out that another lawyer is handling your case. He's with a totally differnt law firm. It's another 3-4 mos. before you even meet with this lawyer. In the meantime, bills need paid, your phone is ringing off the hook with an Ins. Co. that just wants to settle. What's that all about?