Fast and loose at city hall

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Yee-hah and hallelujah. Taxpayers aren't going to get sacked with the $22,000 bill for the tainted and inaccurate Murman report and the tens of thousands being spent right now on the Nuessegate civil service hearings. City leaders are almost sure the city's liability insurer will pick up the tab.

"I'm pretty sure the insurance is covering everything," city manager Matt Kline said Thursday. But Kline, law director Don Icsman and finance director Ed Widman refused to release public documents that might back that up. Skirting the state public records law is no big deal down at city hall. The trick for any city officials is to point a finger at another city official and say, "It's not my job," when it comes to aligning with the rules.

But yee-hah and hallelujah. The insurance carrier gets stuck with what could be a multi-million dollar settlement. Probably, except for any punitive damage awards against any culpable witnesses. The witnesses will have to pay those. There's another snag, too: Who paid the $429,000 bill for the insurance earlier this year, and will the bill be bigger next year? You bet your assets it will.

That would be you, good old taxpayers, taking on the chin no matter what. Maybe the expenditures will all be worth it, however, because the Nuessegate hearings that begin Monday could turn into a trial of the GOB. These buds are going to have to testify under oath. Yee-hah and hallelujah. I'm betting some of these fine witnesses will be squirming in that seat after they raise their right hand.



Unfortunatly you gave them this almighty power when you elected them to office. There is nothing in the charter that prohibits them from spending all the money the city has, including the millions they have in bonds or seperate accounts.


If they have millions in bonds or seperate accounts why don't they give it to the Erie County Care Facility and the schools?


It is their rainy day fund for the MD project, but they do not want you to know this. They are pleading poor so they can push this project down the throats of the citizens on the claim it will pull us out of the financial problems we are in. See how devious and crooked these commissioners really are. This is like Bill Gates standing on the corner with a cup in his hand asking for donations.


What the price-tag for today will be? Since the Taxpayers aren't paying for it we needn't be concerned, right? What would you expect from a city that won't even accept financial responsiblity, other than covering a priv. citizens $500 deduc., when a SPD Officer t-bones your car, doing $3 grande in damages? Good thing they passed that new law to cover their assets!


The taxpayers will be paying for it. That's was just a bunch of bull they came up with because of the election. Notice how they ignored the SR when they asked for proof. These guys are so obvious in their corruption their pathetic.