Police chief fought, won

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

Kim Nuesse’s not the only police chief fighting gender bias. In Youngtown, Ariz., an arbitrator ordered police Chief Kimberly Johnson reinstated, dismissing complaints from her subordinates that she “created a hostile work environment.”

The Nov. 14 article in the Daily News-Sun detailing the developments did not say if Johnson was “super crazy,” but the whine from her officers had a familiar ring.

“She was really mean to us and made us work really hard,” the big burly Youngtown police officers said.

The similarities between the witch hunt targeting Sandusky police Chief Kimberly Nuesse and Youngtown's Kimberly Johnson are eerie, and disturbing. Some male police officers are just so delicate -- especially those “elite commanders.”

But there are stark contrasts. The city of Youngtown spent just over $12,000 on a review conducted by a human resources firm. The city of Sandusky has spent upwards of $200,000 on Nuessegate.

The firm hired by Youngtown did indeed find that a hostile work environment existed: The hostility was created by the complaining officers protecting their comfort zones.



At least the FOP has their lodge in the downtown. It is a beautiful old building. I would be disappointed if they had their lodge in Perkins.


I am not a cop or married to a SPD officer and I have no respect for ex-Chief Nuesse. She continued to stay in a abusive relationship and comes to work and is suppose to help people in these situations when called out??? Does not seem right then to put everything else into play that she is doing at the SPD, it's just not right. She has some major issues both at home and work. She needs to get in a new line of work this one is just not right for her.


Not all the people that you see down at the FOP lodge are officers.


So you BLAME Nuesse because she has "major issues at home" and you want to bring personal problems up? I would be careful if I were you. And just how clean are YOU? Do NOT bring up personal problems at home. If you do, your unintended consequence will be to drag all the members of SPD into their history of problems at HOME. It is NO one's business. Do you understand? This is about Nuesse and her performance at WORK. So now I seriously doubt your non-affiliation with SPD officers. Think before you write things.


Wow, amazing. I have YET to see a Nuesse supporter THINK before they spoke. I have seen some pretty NASTY hatred spewing around these blogs about people...especially people who are NOT Nuesse supporters. Can you please explain? How do you have the nerve to tell this person to think before you speak after all you supporters have written about our city leaders, public servants, commissioners and so on? You say REALLY UGLY things about them, their wives, their personal lives, their families, their looks, etc. Must I go on. I will be waiting to see how you can explain yourself. Thank you.


BTW that goes for the SR also.


What you fail to realize is that an officer's home life can directly affect their performance at work...

If her mind is on her drama at home, just how much can she put into her job? Besides, we're all told that we are officers 24 hours a day. That are conduct and lives out side the job can reflect on our positions. Is she beyond that.

There have been officers who have been reprimanded at work because of things in their personal lives.

How can you expect to tell people to keep their back yard clean, when you yourself can't clean your own. Again, like when she was there, do as I say, not as I do. Preach one thing and do the other.

I guess if Mr. Kaman and his band of merry men would have done a background check on her, they would have chosen differently. It amazes me the time, effort, and man hours it takes to hire a probationary officer but yet we can hire a chief on a resume. You would think that their background would be extensive, knowing there the ones who are going to lead troops.

Bottom line, if she would have spent as much time cleaning her house (get rid of the dominating/abusive husband) and not spending all that time with Timmy, than she would have had more time to consult her people and we wouldn't be in this mess!!


If you want to open up Nuesse's private life, be prepared to open up all of yours. A lot of you have done a plethora of crazy things that does not need to be known. Yes, LE are supposed to be LE 24/7. But, you and I know that is just a concept. There are many LE officers from all departments that have chosen deviant behavior both on and off duty. So, who cares? It is no one's business. But, if you want it to be, then be my guest. What is good for one is good for the other, right? All I care about is what she did at WORK. If you want to use the premise that her personal life affected her work life, then get ready to explain why your personal life is the causal factor for what you are doing. If you cannot justify her termination by her performance, then your case is weak. It is like me accusing you for poor performance because many of you steal, lie, run around, cheat on your wives, your husbands, your kids, involved in domestic disputes, insubordination, financial matters, substance abuse and everything else that involves human participation. Be careful about dragging in personal life with professional life. I do not care about Nuesse and her personal problems because ALL of you have the same problems if not more. If Neusse was involved with malfeasance in office then she deserves to be terminated. This hearing is about her WORK performance, NOT her home performance.


So then if Nuesse is out for a night on the town with her friends and gets a DUI that should not affect her at work??? I have a hard to believing that she would or should be able to stay on the job after that. Most of the time officers are bringing their work home, not home to work. The divorce rate is very hight amoungs Police officers because of what they put up with every day and the hours the work. The SR is the reason we all know about her personal life so it must be important stuff for a Chief to live by standards. Or maybe she should be demoted like everyone else!


You STILL do NOT get it. When you are arrested, it becomes a matter of public record. The press and the public has access to the court dockets. Do they constantly look for names they know? Of course. Why? Because it is news and sells. Just ask a few area LE officers that were arrested. YOU or anyone else cannot stop it. I am sure you wish you could. Using a DUI is a weak example. Keep trying.