Keeping Market Street safe

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

A few months ago I mentioned Sandusky police Lt. Phil Frost in a column after Sandusky city commission candidate, the Rev. Pervis Brown, told me Frost was not well-liked in the black community.

Lt. Phil Frost






The day after that column published I was crossing Market and Jackson streets with three colleagues for lunch at Yesteryears. As I stepped from the curb I saw Frost stopped at the intersection. I was just about to say hello as we made eye contact when he turned north onto Jackson Street and drove away.

"Hey, there's Phil Frost," I said to my group.

We walked to the restaurant and were seated on the patio out front. Sweet beautiful sunny day. Moments later, again, I said, "Hey, there's Phil Frost," as the elite Sandusky police commander drove past again in his nifty Crown Vic cruiser.

We ordered and got our iced teas and coffee, and again, I looked out onto Market Street and watched as big-barrel Phil drove past again. "Hey, there's Phil Frost," I said.

Sandwiches served and one of our group glances toward Market Street, and this time she says, "Hey, there's Phil Frost," as he drives past again.

We finish lunch and walk back to the Register building, standing for a moment to chat. I look over, and one more time, there's Phil Frost -- stopped -- at the four-way stop. He drives away.

I told that story to the thoughtfully opinionated Darwitt Garrett, and without missing a beat he delivered a perfect line back at me.

"Now you got a better idea what it's like to be a black man," said the former head of the Sandusky NAACP.

And there, you have it.



Matt Westerhold. What is your stance on the city goverment. Do you hate the police? Or are you just reporting the news on how the police harass people.

Why do you thing Frost is harassing you? Just because he drives around in the downtown area does not mean you are being stalked.

"big barrel Phil" sounds like you are the one harassing him. Have you ever looked in the mirror. Your head looks like a GD roadmap. You are queerbust.

You are not worth the dog poop on my bootheal.

What are you doing harassing reporters with the Bellevue paper? Why do you acuse them of taking you article about stupid buttons. Its buttons dude, theres not much to report there.

I have an idea. GO REPORT YOURSELF!!!!


Just remember to shut off the videocamera in your car when soliciting the male prostitues that hang out in your neck of the woods!


Why is it that you seem to be all of the same person? Maybe because you are. You comments are not only assanine but very, very, immature. Do you work or do you just blog all day? Or are you Westerhold himself? Maybe all of the above? I think you need to get a life. I hope your keyboard breaks. TEHE. Give us all a break.


Westerhold is quite jealous of Frost.


Can you not get past the Westerhold crap? Can't you read? It was in the newspaper today that SPD and SFD are working on that. Why do you and Westerhold purposely try to start turmoil? BTW, why was that story not here..."The police and fire aim to recruit". WHY?


Matt if you want things to change in the Sandusky area you must make a step toward change. If you keep bashing everything that goes on here and making up lies, Sandusky will never change. Why would people want to bring a buisness to downtown Sandusky after reading the bull you write about. You need to change, better yet the SR needs a change, get rid of you!


The SR is not going to get rid of him from the way it looks. I guess none of them are any better. It would be nice if Westerhold would just leave the area if he is so unhappy here instead of making us all miserable. I went to school with his brother Grant, he always seemed like such a nice guy (shrug).


enough said


RE: ?

What is really asinine and immature is labeling my comments as such without addressing any of the issues I present.

If I am wrong, please tell how and why instead of calling me absurd names or questioning my identity. I'll gladly concede any error. As to my identity, I also identify myself as "libertarian" and nothing else.