Keeping Market Street safe

Matt Westerhold
Mar 23, 2010

A few months ago I mentioned Sandusky police Lt. Phil Frost in a column after Sandusky city commission candidate, the Rev. Pervis Brown, told me Frost was not well-liked in the black community.

Lt. Phil Frost






The day after that column published I was crossing Market and Jackson streets with three colleagues for lunch at Yesteryears. As I stepped from the curb I saw Frost stopped at the intersection. I was just about to say hello as we made eye contact when he turned north onto Jackson Street and drove away.

"Hey, there's Phil Frost," I said to my group.

We walked to the restaurant and were seated on the patio out front. Sweet beautiful sunny day. Moments later, again, I said, "Hey, there's Phil Frost," as the elite Sandusky police commander drove past again in his nifty Crown Vic cruiser.

We ordered and got our iced teas and coffee, and again, I looked out onto Market Street and watched as big-barrel Phil drove past again. "Hey, there's Phil Frost," I said.

Sandwiches served and one of our group glances toward Market Street, and this time she says, "Hey, there's Phil Frost," as he drives past again.

We finish lunch and walk back to the Register building, standing for a moment to chat. I look over, and one more time, there's Phil Frost -- stopped -- at the four-way stop. He drives away.

I told that story to the thoughtfully opinionated Darwitt Garrett, and without missing a beat he delivered a perfect line back at me.

"Now you got a better idea what it's like to be a black man," said the former head of the Sandusky NAACP.

And there, you have it.



The Sandusky police command officers are used to being in their little bubble. As long as everyone stays in line and sticks to acceptable public dialogue you won't have a problem. But if you embarass them - watch out.


Another personal attack on Phil Frost. Matt is looking to provoke Phil to get a reaction. The SR is in the toilet and falling fast. I guess no one at the SR has any dignity and will just keep trying to provoke those who Matt does not like. There is no reason for this and it in all about Matt's personal hatred of those who don't worship Kim.


There seems to be a dichotomy between the press and SPD. This story appears to be of satire. Many citizens complain because they do NOT see enough police presents in the city. So we see one dedicated officer patrolling the downtown area. I do believe the downtown needs this to attract businesses and present a protective environment. The downtown is NOT the metropolis it should be and consists of a small area. So Phil Frost is doing his job and someone does not like it? Did Phil do something wrong? He was just riding around like he is SUPPOSED to? I am many others would never thought anything of seeing a police car riding around. To even reference Mr. Garrett for his opinion is a bit of inflorescence. The majority of the black community do not like LE. They expect to be let go or not held accountable for their behavior. It does not work that way in our society. Not yet anyway. Of course the former head of the NAACP is going to be critical towards an outstanding "white" SPD officer. This guilt complex that any contact with LE is a racist act is racist in itself. The credibility of Mr. Garrett is void. So not only does Garrett and Mr. Westerhold share the same guilt complex, the decision was made to slam someone that has worked in this calamitous and deplorable city for decades. Phil is an excellent street officer. Good job Phil Frost. Keep doing your job in order to maintain order and security. Please ignore those that are so guilt conscious or guilt ridden. There are many naysayers and complainers. At least you are doing something for the city and earning your salary. I cannot say as much for many of the others that mislead to delegate blame when you did not do anything wrong. NOTHING. Keep up the good work SPD and keep us safe from ALL the two-bit thugs.


VERY WELL SAID! I agree with you totally. I think Westerhold and the SR have completely lost their minds! Every time I think it can't get any worse with Westerhold and his rediculous stories, guess what, IT DOES. He never ceases to amaze me. What a joke! You really need to GET A LIFE Weseterhold. Get over it already. What is your deal, honestly? Why would the SR continue to lower themselves and let you get away with your madness? Get a grip, Matt, before you totally flip out. You are more than half the way there now.

As for Phil Frost. You have ALWAYS been an excellent officer in my eyes. Although I have not seen you for quite sometime now you always treated me decent. I want you to know that I truly appreciate you and all of the others officers at SPD. I am sure I speak for others as well. The people that have "hard on's" for you and other officers have either been on the wrong side of the law or are Nuesse supporters. Just ignore (atleast try) Westerhold and all of the other negative comments you see here. GOD Bless you/SPD and keep you safe. Thanx for being there.


That's a great pic of you, Phil. Thanx SR. I haven't seen him in awhile.


Get back to work and off the computer Phil!


Frost must have drawn the short straw, he was patrolling the high crime area of downtown. The real winners were out on the police boat looking for bikini clad terrorists!


Westerhold, you must be joking. You have an over-inflated opinion of yourself and an overblown perception of your own importance. I am not sure who to believe in this whole Nuesse-gate thing, but your own continued bias towards Nuesse and your obsession with everyone at SPD and city hall is really becoming pathetically nutty. It is highly unprofessional "journalism"...if it can even be called that. GET A LIFE.


The SR has fallen to new lows. This paper is a sad excuse of what it once was. It's obvious that Matt's boss has no control over him. It's a sad.


I enjoyed the editorial. Don't you find it odd that the same block was patrolled so frequently over a lunch hour. HHmmmm.

I especically appreciated the parallel he described at the end. We caucasions have no idea what it is to be a minority. It's clear by reading these blogs (ie, NAACP article) our community has tons of closet biggots. Bloggers make biggoted remarks and don't even see their statement as racist. They think its "normal". Now that is "sad"!


The NAACP and Kalahari Blogs are blocked. (Can not read or post to the Comments) Only these two are blocked. Did Ida take over the Ragister?


matt when did you become such a little b**ch....


Matt Westerhold you are an a$$hole. I hope you get hit by a huge pen15 in the face. Your stuipd article is so retarted I just dont know what to say.

I hate you.

Do you have a man crush on Phil Frost?

Are you gay?

Are you serious?

PS Are you corsseyed or do you just look that stupid in your picture.


Does anyone know why Matt hates frost?


Does anyone know why Frost hates Matt?


Matt, is your ego that big to believe that Lt. Frost was driving around all that time just because of you? Please, you're not that important. Question, are you and Bailey related? Seems that both he and your eyes appear to track the same, kinda in two different directions.

Did it ever dawn on you that maybe, just maybe, Lt. Frost was looking for someone who may have committed a crime? Or was looking for and/or checking on something directly related to his work? No that wouldn't be it, it's all about you isn't it...........

Better yet you have the STONES to bring Mr. Garrett into the picture. It sin't about him being a "black man", it's simply that nearly half of his family members have been arrested (Peggy, Amy, David & the others), so there might be your reason why he don't like the SPD. Great person to tell the story to. I believe he was implicated in an Assault of one of his NAACP members when he was the so called President. There's quality leadership. He must to have went to the Kim Nuesse school of leadership and ethics.

Matt you're a joke!!!! At least Lt. Frost is held accountable for his actions, unlike you. One day this is all going to come back and bite you on the A$$.


Listen I just wanted to clear the air. I have no problem with police. I just have a problem with the Sandusky Police.

The Sandusky police fired it's best leader in the last decade. They have hired bad cops. All you need to do is look at the bunch they hired after the cheif was fired.

Frost is on my list because he is a liar and needs to be exploited. He and the rest of the bad cops are out to get me. Darwitt and I both agree we would make better officers than any one officer in the Sandusky Police department.

Lastly to the people who read my articles.... Thank you for standing up for me and reading between the lines.

Phil look out because if you or one of your bad officers comes in contact with me... it's a lawsuit.

Matt Westerhold- Sandusky Register


So this was a few months ago when this incident took place? Whey did you not write about it then Matt?

What's this about the police that were hired after Mrs. Nuesse was fired? Have you spoken with any of them? Have you been pulled over? Or is this just your opinion? If so how did you form your opinion? What is you source of information these rookies are a bunch of bad guys? No matter what your beef is with Frost, you have no reason to criticize a bunch of rookies just because they were not hired by Nuesse!


Why are you doing this? You are sounding real dumb. I dont like to police either but I dont publish it in the paper. Its all fun and games till you get rodney kinged


Matt Westerhold and the Sandusky Register have really outdone themselves on this one. I for one think that the only reaction you're going to get from Phil Frost (and most of the SPD for that matter) will be a certified letter some day. That is the way that persons are notified when they are a party in a lawsuit. Just hang on and keep running your mouths.






Matt Westerhold,
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I do not like how Nuesse was fired, but that will be left up to the judge to decide. You have a very powerful position in representing the press. I have wondered what your personal position and motivation was for your reporting. You have made it perfectly clear now. I appreciate you reporting the news about the Nuesse hearings. But, I do expect a FAIR shake without you being in the "tank" for Nuesse. I need to cultivate my own opinion, but I cannot if you are one sided. It is your job to inculcate the public with the news in a fair demeanor. I do not understand your paranoia with Phil Frost or the SPD. Have you been contacted by anyone from SPD or threatened by them? How can you believe they are out to "get" you? This is incredible. I do admit that Phil can be intimidating. I do appreciate you posting your opinion, but to openly threaten or warn Phil and the police department to have no contact with you is ludicrous. I just cannot imagine someone from the press being afraid of the local police. Now, we know YOU have a "list" of people YOU are out to get. You are destroying your credibility. I am familiar with the officers prior to Nuesse and do not know about the ones hired after her departure. If you have any news on the new hires with a two source confirmation then please post it. I would like to know. It would be suicidal for anyone from SPD to conspire to "get" you because you have the ability to report it. You have the same liberal concept as Darwitt Garrett. Darwitt's family has been involved with SPD and he does not like it. You two are blaming SPD for the behavior of others. No one is exempt from violating criminal code or city ordinance. My protocol is to simply act with decorum to avoid conflict with LE. So is about 80% of the residents. I am shocked that you are so paranoid because the pen is always mightier than the sword.


Phil Frost looks like he spends too much time catching doughnuts instead of catching criminals.

Our police officers, 3specially our "elite commanders," should have to stay in shape. Yikes!

Lay off the nachos, Phil. Try an apple or something.


I saw Phil the other day, and it looks like he ate another officer. I guess if Nuesse loses her case, Phil will swallow her whole as her punishment.

Don't our police officers have to take fitness tests?


How long has Yesteryears been closed, not to mention the outdoor patio? Why did it take so long for this garbage to be printed? After seeing Westerhold on Time Warner's cable program and some of is his comments. I wonder why why he seems so interested in Lt. Frost.


youre a genius


After all of this time, all of the Nuesse stories, if people can't see now how bias Westerhold and the SR are, something is wrong. Westerhold has proven this over, and over, and over again.


Whats amader Matt why did you take down you post. Are you afraid your oppinion was not understood. You are a joke. I hope you never write a story again.


I just noticed the Matt Westerhold blog is gone. Wonder what the story is behind that? Maybe getting a little concerned about liable.