Opinion: Give him back his job?

Matt Westerhold
Sep 25, 2012


Today's paper offers an interesting contrast in standards for police officers and basketball coaches. 

A fired Sandusky police officer involved in an alleged hit-skip, alcohol-related traffic accident is fighting to get his job back at a hearing today in the appeal of his termination. The basketball coach, who resigned after he was arrested on alcohol-related charges when police officers allegedly found him asleep in his car parked along Route 2, sent a letter to the editor apologizing to the community for his actions.

Perhaps one of these gentlemen should get his job back. 


Darwin's choice

I'm going with the union getting their man his job back, with pay, of course!


Neither one should get their job back.

Mime Bloggling

A police officer should be held to a higher standard. If it really was a 'hit-skip' and alcohol related then yes he probably should be let go.

The coach although contrite, was at some point driving under the influence of alcohol until he parked the car. He's not exactly a good role model to have around kids at this point until he deals with his alcohol issues. He's a honorable man for taking responsibility for his actions.


Does a single drunk driving incident disqualify someone from being a good role model, even if that person is contrite, fulfills the penalities of the law, and is trying to not repeat that offense? I think that person would be a very good role model.

Mime Bloggling

Can the public be assured that it is a single drunk driving offense? I'm hoping it is... and no it should not disqualify him from being a good role model..in fact when he gets on the other side of this setback it should make him a better one. I think if you drink and drive you've crossed a line to where alcohol has become a problem and need counseling or treatment. If he's the honorable man I think he is, he's probably doing just that.




This is obviously damage control. I think the school board has every intention of bringing Mr. Moore back next year. Done deal The criteria for a new coach seems to be based on race and what will help pass the levy. In time this plan will fail and so will Sandusky Schools.

Phil Packer

The world needs ditch diggers too, son.


Its OK for one of our Teachers who have a huge influence and many interactions with our kids to make a mistake and be given a second chance?I must say I agree! But it appears the YOUNG Officers and I emphasize YOUNG should be barred for life from being a cop even though they also "paid their penalty" Both of these Officers are young men and because they are officers, if a second incident should happen in my opinion "shame on them!" The paper isnt "stalking" the teacher for his every move like they are Glovinsky and Phillips or any other officer. Why is that?This teacher isnt a YOUNG Man either (Early 20's)is he? Its ok to help ruin the career of a group of Police Officers and public officials in the cross hairs of the newspaper but those were ALL Justified in the Papers Eyes even if a Judge or anyone with the authority to say so says different. Except if you were the last full time Police Chief of Sandusky. In that case Nothing wrong was done to justify firing even after numerous officials who have the authority to decide said she did wrong. Read the paper and every article written continues to say SHE was UNJUSTLY FIRED According to the paper! Most of these Sandusky Officers get their jobs back because they were unjustly fired according to officials who have the authority to make that decision. The newspaper continues to insist they are guilty and are "lucky" or they somehow influenced someone to get their jobs back?Its all about if your on the papers list of friends or not. SOS with the Register.


Check out Sandusky Municipal Court.com . The term Role Model does not seem to apply here. Looks like his second OVI among other things.


Teacher or Cop(s)?


One comment posted mentions race as part of the issue(s).I just learned recently that the Lieutenant from the Sandusky State Patrol who was brought in after the two white troopers took picture of KKK costumes is no longer there?Rumor is he was demoted and transferred? That would be out of the papers character to not be on that story would it not?The Paper didnt seem to think that was news worthy?Could that be because he wasnt white?Race?Just wondered?






The coach should be given another chance with the understanding that this should NEVER happen again. I give the guy credit for being parked. At least he knew to get off the road.

Not so for this police officer. What kind of cop does a "hit skip" and is driving drunk? Did he EVER get help for his obvious problem or is he just brushing it off? This is a man I can't see as being trusted. The way he got into the SPD was shaky. But when dismissed, he now tries to get back in when another officer tries on different circumstances. Why now? I don't like it. This man seems to be playing the system again. No, he shouldn't get back in. I just don't trust this guy. Show me that he has accepted responsiblity for his actions by getting help and I might change my mind but right now, it appears he is "using" the system to his own devices and that sees sneaky to me.



Both cases.....I supported SB5. Now we all have to live with it.


Where is the blog for Rufus Sanders? Come on Matt, try allowing free speech and dialogue.

Erie County Resident

@ Nor'easter ... Really bring back Rufus for free speech and dialoue?
Nothing free or a dialogue just racist ranting is what Rufus stands for.

Erie County Resident

This is a big part of the problem these days, no personal acountability.
There are consiquences for doing something obviously stupid to a person that thinks things thru.
Let's not keep giving unwarrented 2nd chances.
Fire them both and leave them there.
Next contestant please!!!

Julie R.

About the case against Sandusky police officer Mark Gilliam........

The union's attorney representing Gilliam claimed that he never received the paperwork from the Columbus attorney representing the city, Mark Fishel, who missed a deadline to provide the documentation. Fishel instead claimed that he relied on the employees in the Clerk of Court to send out the documents. Binette ruled in favor of the union's attorney and then lambasted the city's attorney saying it was "unacceptable and unprofessional" for him to "try and shift the blame unto the employees in the Clerk of Court."

All I can for that is ---- when the documents were filed there HAD to be one of two Certificates of Service filed with them or the clerk's office would not have accepted it. It either had to be a Certificate of Service signed by the city's attorney that certified he (the attorney) sent copies to the opposing counsel giving the (1.) method of service (i.e. regular mail, postage pre-paid) (2.) the date of the service and (3.) the name(s) and addresses of the individuals (opposing counsel) being served .......OR it would have to be a Service Notice Certificate signed by the city's attorney that instructed the clerk to send out copies to the opposing counsel.

So which one of those Certificates were filed? It HAD to be one or the other.