Between the Lines with Nick Fee

Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 11, 2012


On this special edition on Between the Lines, Managing Editor Matt Westerhold sat down with Nick Fee, brother of slain Sandusky mother Heather Jackson and uncle to her two young children, to talk about the case and accused killer Curtis Clinton.

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looking around

Did Matt say that clinton has a facebook page? It would be interesting to see who his friends are.....I could not find it?

sandtown born a...

I looked as well and could not find it


i rent to some clintons and they pulled thier facebook pages this morning


Are you renting any one bedrooms?


his fb page address



 Follow Latinas link I found it right away


Fee said," He should be extinct." <----------------PRICELESS !


Wish the police would have turned away for 5 minutes and let this boy have his way !!!


 Heck yeah this monster should be extinct!  If I had $3M I would help Nick make that happen.  That sounds awful to say-but that savage is pure evil.  Please, please, please-make no plea deals!  Although there is no way this piece could ever get what he deserves on earth, a death row cell is where he should be.


Thank you, Nick, for doing this interview.  May peace be with you and your family. 


 Mr. Fee, I do not know your family, but I have been so heart broken for your loss.   I send my deepest sympathies to you and your family.  I cannot in my wildest dreams comprehend, nor imagine what you are all dealing with.  I will pray for your family, and pray for a speedy and swift trial.

I pray that God somehow sends you and your family comfort in the years ahead, and that this monster burns in hell for eternity after a slow and painful death.







Couldn't have said it better!


Who here would like to start a collection to bail this piece of trash out so that Mr. Fee can get his wish? 

Dumpster _Dive_...

 Ah KnuckleDragger ...

If this piece of trash was bailed out of prison  the authorities would probably put him up in a 5 star hotel and give him around the clock protection. 


Julie R.

I agree. Too bad Mr. Fee didn't get to that pure evil piece of trash before the cops did.  

My deepest sympathy to Mr. Fee and his family.



Dumpster _Dive_...

 Julie, the police /detectives knew all about this bottom dweller. NO way they would have thought about giving Mr Fee or his family the perverted scum his name. The police were too busy protecting the scum of the earth. 

car 54

   Pray for Sandusky.

Dumpster _Dive_...

Dear  Mr Fee,

1st of all , I am praying for you and your family. I pray that God wraps his arms around you and your family . I pray God sends Angels to keep you and your family safe from ever having to go through this pain again. 

2nd of all, I am appauld at the mother of this monster who says she is pissed. I pray she never has to take a walk in your shoes.  I pray her son rots in Hell. I pray he is convicted of these crimes. I pray he never never wakes up to daylight again. He is the spawn of pure evil who deserves to die. 

3rd of all ,I pray Heather, Celina and Waynes murders are not in vain. I pray that whomever dropped the ball on this - pays.  I pray you and your family Lawyer up, Sue, and win Big !~

Sir, I know this will not bring your Angels back to your family, but I feel your family could do alot of good with the monies you receive. Maybe a bill board sign as a reminder to all who read it how precious life is and how wicked the world can be. Keep Heather, Celina and Waynes spirit alive. Just a thought...

Lastly, I pray God answers my prayers. 


Mr. Westerhold,

Seems like the whole community is extremely upset about the tragic crimes affecting young women and children in this area recently.

How about interviewing a panel of experts to talk about the kinds of people who commit these kinds of crimes, how the community can help to prevent these kinds of crimes in the future, what kinds of things are being done to identify people who have the potential to commit these kinds of crimes, and what the community agencies are doing to address this problem.  Maybe the director of Children's Services, Juvenile Court Judge or Court Administrator, a mental health professional who has expertise in working with sex offenders and child abusers, law enforcement, someone from the adult corrections system could be included in such a panel discussion.