'Mid-level' addicts

Matt Westerhold
Sep 9, 2012


Excerpt from Westerhold's Between the Lines column in the Sunday Register:

It seems reasonable that a five-year investigation should end with the arrest of big-time drug dealers and the confiscation of huge caches of illegal drugs as well as the cash profits, cars, homes and SUVs held by those kingpins. But there was none of that presented at the news conference, and likely nobody of any consequence in the ongoing illegal drug trade was arrested or stopped from continuing their profitable businesses.

The only arrests DeWine and Overmyer spoke about were the "mid-level" dealers, which is just a phrase, perhaps, to describe people addicted to drugs who sell drugs to pay for their addictions. They both touted the culmination of the investigation as a huge success that will make our communities safer. But that's just silly. The investigation won't have any impact on the profiteering of illegal drug cartels and won't do anything to address the problem of addiction or crimes associated with it. 

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Well maybe WE wouldn't have this much of a probelm if, businesses would do drug testing. I hear a lot of businesses don't do drug testing so they have a bigger pool to hire from. Many from this area. And it's costing the Tax payers Billions.


Buy drug tests on ebay all day for $1.80 each. Are businesses that greedy?


So don't CRY when they want to raise your taxes.


 @ man  The problem with your statement is that the people selling drugs are not looking for a job. They have one. The people with addictions cannot get a job that tests, so become sellers-- midlevel dealers.


Mr Westerhold's article was spot on.  The entire thing with Mr. Dewine and the Overmeyer team was nothing compared against what the Sheriff's department has been doing right here in Erie County over the last few weeks. And there are doing it without spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.  They are doing it on "company time". 

As I have been saying ever since that article with Dewine and Overmeyer came out, they have been bragging about nothing.  Mid level dealers are not much more than street dealers.  They are not the big guys you want to take down.  Dewine is just touting his own horn to make himself look as if he is doing something big, when in fact he isn't. 

Good job on this article, Mr. Westerhold, you got this one exactly right. 


dear ERIEMOM, the problem with your statement;


I know people that do drugs that have jobs, right where they do NO drug testing. I'd put money up, that almost every business that does NOT do drug testing, there you will find drug users, that do not wish to sell drugs. So all drug users are not drug sellers. Thus, businesses that is so greedy not to drug test, a LOUSY DOLLAR is costing Billions to OTHER Businesses that do drug testing.


I'd go as far as saying, some business owners start a business to do drugs and not be drug tested.


How about stay at home parents, will only be known when they have to get blood tests for an emergency to find out what is wrong.


@man4451.....what has taxes to do with drug testing, please?  I would really love to know?  The reason most business do drug testing is for safety reasons. So what has that to do with taxes?


 @ wiredmama  Spot on about Dewine and friends. Seems man 4451 is upset about the druggies that he knows who have jobs? Other than the safety issue, as you state, I'm just happy that they ARE working. If so, there is always the chance that they can get out of the drug culture and stop using.


@ eriemom....exactly, but if you check, most companies will drug test simply to save themselves the worry of safety within their own company.  That is the reason for drug testing to begin with. 

However, it is getting more and more difficult for employers to find "drug free" employees.  A sad but true fact and especially around here and in Huron County.  I know for a fact of one open search for employment where, when it came time for drug testing, out of 800 applicants, only FIVE passed the test.  Now that is really sad.  FIVE. 

They had to go back and regroup, lowering their standards on what drugs they would allow....sickening isn't it?  But at least some of these drug users are now in drug programs.  As you said, they get treated and it is cheaper to treat then to try and find a drug free employee. 


    Well wiredmama222 and eriemom,


Lets go into the future just a bit. Lets follow one person working at a business that does no drug testing, will sooner or later get busted, so whats next, the police picks them up or DEA, what ever, goes to County jail, needs a attorney, goes to court, if sentenced, goes to prison, maybe for years. Then needs a probation or parole officer to watch this person maybe for years. So the cost for one perosn, police don't work for free, bills at the county jail, gas, electric, water, sewer, guards, all cost money. Then the judge, attorney, district attorney, costs money, gas, electric for the building they do business in court house, all costs money. Then the ride to prison is not free, the administration at the prison, all the gurads, the food, washing of clothes, showers, electric, heating, tolet paper, all costs money. And everything I missed, costs money.


So you think because your business does no drug testing does not cost the tax payer money? And this is just one person.


 @ man  Your position is the reason that many believe that arresting, prosecuting, and jailing druggies is a waste of tax payer money. It may cost less to treat the addiction. I don't know enough about it to have an opinion or position. I do think that we have way to many people in jail over drug related crimes. 


@ Man4451.......with all due respect......all of what you just claimed happens whether they work for a company or NOT.  So what, as I asked before, does it have to do with BUSINESS DRUG TESTING AND TAXES?  Absolutely nothing.

What you just described has nothing whatsoever to do with a business.  These things you just described happen every day to people who use drugs and happen whether a person is working or not working. 

You obviously do not know why the businesses do drug testing in their facilities.  They do so to protect themselves from INJURY ACCIDENTS and their insurances going up through the roof.  If someone on drugs causes an accident THEY, as the hiring party, are responsible. 

It has nothing to do with what you are explaining and nothing to do with taxes that filter down to any of us. That happens ever day by people on the streets. 

I don't know how in the world you can equivocate the two or where you got your info, but you are WAY off on this one.  Sorry to say but you have this one a little wrong there, man4451.  Your logic isn't right. 

car 54

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See, wiredmama222, you said it,


only 5 passed the test out of 800, truely sad. Lowered the standards? WHY, so you have drug addicts working but drug test for safety? now that makes NO sense. Lower the standards so they can do drugs to keep wages low? So drug addicts do have jobs right eriemom? But lets lower the standards so you can have employees? This truely is puzzling. And you said the jails are full of drug addicts, but lower the standard of drug testing so they can CONTINUE to buy drugs? And then after all the MURDERS on the Mexican boarders, you want to keep feeding the habit? It still is costing tax payers BILLIONS because of lower the standards to drug testing?


I would think, businesses WOULD raise the standards and pay a little BETTER for drug free work place, NOT to enhance the problem. Oh yea, this is where GREED comes in, not safety, but pure GREED lowering the the standard of testing to save MONEY.


Just a long chain leading to the murders of those at the Mexican boarder.


You have circular thinking and you don't make any sense.  First you say it costs taxpayers money because of the druggies working there.  Then you talk about greedy business owners and immigrants.  You better pick a subject and stick to it.  What ARE we discussing here?   Are we discussing drug testing, greedy business men or immigation standards?  I am getting confused. 

First of all, society has become so innundated with people using everything from marajuana to harder drugs, it has become very difficult to find a "drug free" young person to hire.  That has NOTHING to do with taxes as I pointed out to you, but which you completed missed. 

As for greedy business men.  Yes, they hire immigrants, but in the USA, they have to pay them the same as any other worker in their business.  So what is your point?  They pay the same minimum wage as they pay any US citizen.  So what is your point there? 

As for the Mexican border.....there is a problem....its called drug wars.  That has been going on for a LONG time now.  Are you just becoming aware of it or is it just bothing you now?  Between people and drugs which is bothering you most?  People or drugs?  Because it isn't likely to stop any time soon.  Until they either totally block the Mexican border off, they will continue to have the problems they have now.  Sure it is about greed, money and cocaine moving.  It is also about people wanting to come up here and working so they can send money back to Mexico to their families down there to have a better life.  Have you been to Mexico?  Have you seen how they live down there?  I have.  It's terrible. 

Business cannot raise the standards while this country has so many people taking drugs.  It had nothing to do with THEIR greed and all to do with HOW MANY PEOPLE USE.   Can you see it from the other side for a minute?   Did it ever occur to you that perhaps there are not enough people to work who DON"T USE????

It has nothing to do with them testing and everything to do with how many young people today use some type of drug or another. 

That IS the problem.  Not the greedy businesses as you suggest. 



   as bad as hiring drug addicted people. business owners addicted to GREED.

I watched on TV a report a few years ago where they interviewed a restaurant owner, he said pointing at the workers, ( illegal immigrants ), the owner said, American children will not work and these illegal immigrants will. But the BUSINESSES owner FAILED to say, The Americans Will NOT work for THOSE wages, that the illegals are willing to work for. JUST plain o'l GREED again.


Here again, Businesses NOT paying there fare share of TAXES.

They should start one of those Counseling not for drugs, but the ADDICTION of GREED.

tired of stupidy

Without the war on drugs the cost on life and property  would be higher ! 



   WELL there - tired of stupidy,


I just have to hear this one.


How does the WAR on Drugs keep the COST of Life and Property down? vs everyone Drug testing in the work place and schools?


------ wiredmama222;


the only people that does not want drug testing are the drug users, drug pushers, cartel, greedy business people. R U doing drugs! Come on now, a whole DOLLAR eighty cents, just how CHEAP is the American business people. What, you don't want to give raises. All drug users search and tell each other where to go to get a job, that does NOT do drug testing. So here is the Question, what will drug users, dealers, cartel do when/if there is no place for them to work, caused by drug testing?


Do you EVER answer a question or do you just jump from one thing to another?  I asked you what does drug testing at work have to do with TAXES and you have yet to answer it.

Now, I don't DO DRUGS.  I would pass a drug test with flying colors.  CAN YOU?  With the way you jump from one thing to another and never answer a question, I am beginning to wonder about your concentraton level.  SORRY.  But I am worried about you. 

As for job drug testing....I will say this one more time.  MOST employers DRUG TEST EMPLOYEES FOR SAFETY REASONS.   They do so,   It has nothing to do with raises, taxes or anything else.  Employers can chose NOT to drug test if they want.  It is their right to chose and some do not want to do that. 

Why are you so upset about an American business chosing not to drug test?  Do you honestly think that a drug test will stop the drug cartels?  That this is going to stop drug users?  OMG....you really do not get it do you? 

There is nothing in this entire world that is going to stop drugs.  I am as sorry as I can be....but it won't happen. 

People chose to do drugs for many reasons.  I don't know why but they do  They put that crap in their bodies every day and that is their right to do so.  I don'l like it either, but I can't chose for them any more than you can. 

Their employers can't , even their mothers and fathers can't.  The drugs are sometimes stronger than the person using them. 

All I know is, that the only way to stop it is to control it.  To legalize it and then control it.  That is the only logical solution to the problem.  Since you cannot stop it that tis the only way you can treat it.  Just like any disease, sometimes control is better than nothing. 


 Don't blame the cops or politicians, change the law. There should be no surprise that politicians want to ring their own bell and the police want citizens to believe they are doing their jobs. The press release is understandable, the law on marijuana is rediculous and since they are tasked with enforcement don't blame them, change the laws.