VIDEO: Watch Between the Lines with guest John Orzech

Matt Westerhold
Sep 6, 2012


Sandusky police Lt. John Orzech was our guest this week for Between the Lines. We also are giving away two tickets to Cedar Point for the first person to correctly guess the answer to this week's Cedar Point question.

Watch the program in the player below and answer the Cedar Point question in the comments below. (One answer per person and first person to respond correctly wins the tickets.)


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Jumbo Jet




jumbo jet


Jumbo Jet


I am sure the entire SPD is glad the Randleman affair is over.  However, the programs they have set up, what if the new chief does not want to do them?  Will they still go through with them?  Won't that be a waste of resourses? 

Perhaps new programs should wait until the new chief is appointed, shouldn't they? 

OOPS, did I hear "CHIEF" come out of Mr Westerhold's mouth and then correct to Lt?


I got fired from a job because of Erie County CSEA and the Erie County Court of Common is holding it over my head. I am not working currently so threatening me with a Felony-5 if I do not have a job within 60 days.

Just go get a 10/hr dog walker job? If I quit the job to look for real work, I am in contempt of court and back to the Felony situation.

Why did I get a Warrant?

The PO mailed a letter to a shelter I was living in 7 months prior. I had been working for 4 months at that time taking home around 1500 bucks a week. Did she think it might be unusual that I am driving 45 miles each way from and to a SHELTER?

She mailed a letter and it was returned to sender. She was told 8 months prior I could not get the mail at a shelter for fear of contraband. Mail was to go to my parents. I received a letter from Erie County CSEA that same week sent to my parents. I got another letter sent from the Erie County Clerk of Courts soon after. The PO assumes I moved with out telling anyone where I was going. I told the Clerk of Courts. When you think of the county/legal central source of info, I think "clerk of courts"…Why did she not try calling me?

My PO is convinced I should be trying to get minimum wage job for now. (position I lost paid $40/hr) She says I am wasting my time going after high end paying jobs. She also says I am ignoring "agencies". She told me that they "find you jobs". She was in Judge's ear. Well ONE- agencies do not look for jobs for you! TWO- I provide you a list of applications every week. You obviously do not read them because I had applied to 161 jobs at and or through agencies since start of May….AND….I have worked for and or through agencies for approximately 90% of my professional career. I documented 300 applications at retail/foodservice organizations in 2009/2010. I had 300 listed. I got 3 call backs on 300 applications at $10/hr or worse jobs over 2 summers. I get about a 20% response on salaried positions.

I explained to her I do not hire people (HR Professional) severely overqualified because they are just looking to pull a pay check to fund their job hunt. I would be investing thousands of dollars directly in training and a significant opportunity cost on resources occupied in doing so. She says "well I don't think they expect people to stay long anyways". OK....

Other issues? (alleged probation violation) Never asked me to do ANYTHING outside call her last summer-2011 when we were speaking last summer. I never saw any listing of sanctions. Now it is a issue? (file cause issues I had no idea were required of me. Well April 6th? (day arrested for warrant- picked me up at work) there was an issue though never asked anything of me prior. OK- since April 7th? nope just asked me to call her. No asking me to . Go to hearing and I am in violation of PV because I did not follow the sanctions I had never seen in writing and/or never asked of me? Never saw the list of sanctions till when? April 19th 2012. I was arrested April 6th 2012.

I have lost over $36,000 in "take home" so far. Significant portion of that would have gone to my son and ex-wife. Got me fired so can not provide for my son….with NO VALID CAUSE….then turn around and hold it over my head?



@ Repudy....DO YOU HAVE A LAWYER?   If not go to legal aide and get one NOW.  There is nothing anyone on here can do to help you.  We can't do anything for you.  You need legal council.  You cannot fight this yourself and you can't do anything about it.

They will continue to fine you and tell you you are in contempt of court.  I feel bad for you but without a lawyer you are not going to get any help at all. 

Go downtown to legal aide and get assistance.  Good luck. 


@  Reprudy, Welcome to the Eerie County Courts. You were warned before by others.


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