SPD's Lt. John Orzech is BTL guest this week

Matt Westerhold
Sep 5, 2012


Sandusky police Lt. John Orzech is the guest this week on "Between the Lines" at 1 p.m. Thursday. 

Orzech, who is a candidate for the chief's job, talks about the conclusion of the Kevin Randleman trial and changes at the Sandusky Police Department in this pre-recorded segment.

The Cedar Point trivia free tickets contest continues this week, with at least two clues given during Thursday’s hour-long BTL program. You can enter the contest only once. When you hear the question, post your best answer in the comments section below the BTL blog online. Guesses must be posted 2-7 p.m. Thursday.

The first person to answer correctly wins two Cedar Point tickets.



Again with a pre recorded segment?  Why do you do this?



@ Wiredmama, It will be a staged event with all of the bloopers edited out. No questions from the chat room allowed. Who do you think will be the next Sandusky PD chief now? You can send me your answer in a private message.


@ centuri......I totally agree.....message sent


We all know who will be the next Police Chief.  The city is going through the formalities of things to make it look good and spending and wasting our tax dollars in the process.  I think since the police chief employment is under investigation, people involved should not be coming on any show.  I wonder if the police chief selection will be held up pending the end of the investigation.  We have been seven months at this selection and still no police chief as yet.


@ darkhorse, completely disqusting, isn't it?  This committee did exactly what it was supposed to do and still two council people are yelling their heads off because their candidate didn't make it to the final five. Truth be told that is exactly what the rucuous is about.

Now, more money will be spent to find out nothing is wrong. More delays and it will still come out the way it was going to be in the first place.  And to have a potential candidate on BTL prior to anyone being named outright is really not fair as his name is on that list of five.  VERY unfair. 

I am surprised he would agree to it.  Perhaps that is why the NO QUESTION part.  Whatever the reason, if he made it to the three....he should not be talking. 

Ms Ard gets the last three and I hope she hurrys with the decision.  Its about time.