VIDEO: Between the Lines with guest Diedre Cole

Matt Westerhold
Aug 31, 2012


Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole was our guest on Between the Lines to talk about the search for a new police chief.



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 Choosing the next Sandusky Police Chief is likely the most important decision facing the City and the City Manager for some time.  It is vital that the appointed person be the very best possible.  The SPD has been through a period of terrible turmoil and it is absolutely necessary that the Chief have proven leadership skills, be highly educated and knowledgable about the latest research, innovations, and ideas that have proven successful in other cities, and be totally honest and upstanding.  A proven ability to do community outreach is very important too.   In my opinion, it would be wise to choose an outsider who has no ties to the current regime and thus no preconceived ideas would be advisable.


I thought Ms. Cole's interviewed should not have taken place especially when there is an investigation going on.




Swamp Fox

Diedre Cole as a community leader, a community gets the leadership it deserves, doesn't Sandusky deserve better?


Thanks for having Ms. Cole on BTL. Good interview.

The Charter is clear that applicants for the Chief of Police must be active full-time law enforcement officers holding the permanent rank of Lieutenant or higher. This eliminates retired officers.

There isn't any mention of Ohio residency or Ohio certification in the Charter.

Applicants in litigation could have a bearing in the "merit and fitness" determination by the selection committee in their final selections.

Ms. Cole said, "Here's the problem. No one can be for certain what the committee's intention or direction is because they have provided no information or documentation as to how they got to where they are and where they intend to go."

The Charter is clear on how the Selection Board is to operate:

"The Selection Board, on the basis of merit and fitness, shall determine the qualifications of each applicant hereunder by administering such written examinations, psychological examinations and evaluations, oral assessments and examinations, and such other examinations, evaluations, and/or screening processes and procedures as said Board deems appropriate and practicable in determining the relative capacity and abilities of the applicants to discharge the duties and responsibilities of the position or office to which they aspire. Thereafter, on the basis of its evaluation and determination, the Selection Board shall certify to the City Manager the names of not more than three (3) applicants who are eligible to serve in the office or position which is vacant and to which they aspire whom the Board deems best qualified and able to perform the duties and responsibilities of said position. Said certification shall be the result of the exercise of judgment and discretion of the members of the Selection Board, and of the Board itself, arrived at individually and collectively as a result of the evaluation process described herein."

From what I can see the selection committee operated according to the Charter.

She also said, "Hint of impropriety." A continuation of an unsubstantiated claim?

Calls from constituents making allegations are just that, allegations.

Also, she has no power to fire Chief Lang nor to hire Matthews so it is really  kind of frivolous to think that she may have said it.

Ms. Cole is a fiery person, the type that works good in the checks and balances necessary in government.





I suspect that Cole is critical of the selection committee because she was not chosen to be on it.  But shouldn't you be employed yourself before you can be trusted to choose who would be a good employee?




None of the questions asked where answered from the chat room.  The interview, while interesting, was somewhat bogus.

Ms Cole has had two weeks in which to "change" her story and formulate a different story from the first one, an interesting and subtle change, but a change, none the less.

The Charter claims she made yesterday where NOT necessarily those made on day one.  The claim she made then where that "no one from Perkins need apply".  Her very words.  Now it is they didn't follow the charter. 

If she had those complaints as she stated, why wait so long to bring them up? That seems unfair to one and all.  Sorry, I am not buying any of this.  It seems contrived and changed from the first meeting I was at when the "fire and compassion" was shown full force.  This last showing was a litte off the mark for me and seemed rehersed.  I am not buying this interview. 

While we were given the opportunity to ask question, they were not asked but censured and excluded.  That was an unfortunate choice by the SR.  (I am not blaming anyone in particular)   I just feel when you ask for questions, you should expect to get them and ask them.

Ms Cole may think she is doing everyone a favor, but this is nothing more than a lady with an agenda.  Her candidate didn't get on the final five and she is upset.  She will NEVER admit it.  So she is going to hold up the process.  That is just what this City does not need. 

This isn't checks and balances it is an out and out temper tantrum.  She didn't get her own way so she is misusing her "power" to prolong an already long process.  Shame on Deidra Cole. 


Swamp Fox

I don't always agree with wiredmamma222, but after reading her coments I would like to know why she doesn't have her blog when you compare her to some who do.




@swamp fow.....that is an extremely nice compliment.  Thanks   The answer is, I was never asked.