Commissioner candidates clash on complaint

Matt Westerhold
Aug 30, 2012


Erie County commissioner candidates Dick Brady and Steve Kraus appear live at 1 p.m. today on "Between the Lines."

Also, win two free tickets in Cedar Point Trivia contest during the program.

Brady is an independent candidate in the four-man race for the seat against six-term incumbent Tom Ferrell Jr.  Krause, the Republican candidate in the same race, replaced GOP primary nominee Tom Lendrum after Lendrum withdrew. Huron councilman Brad Hartung is running as an independent in the race.

Brady filed a complaint last week with the county elections board and the Ohio secretary of state's office contending Kraus is an ineligible candidate under the Ohio Revised Code. While it appears secretary of state John Husted's office already has made a ruling in favor of Kraus, the county elections board is not set to meet and review the complaint unitl Friday. 

Sandusky city commissioner Diedre Cole also is a guest on today's BTL. 


The Cedar Point Trivia free tickets contest continues this week, with clues given during today’s program. When you hear the question, post your best answer in the comments section below the BTL blog online. Guesses must be posted 2-7 p.m. Thursday.

The first person to answer correctly wins two Cedar Point tickets.

Last week's winner was Horace Mann, who correctly answered southern yellow pine. The question was: The Mean Streak is made up of 1.7 million board feet, or about one mile, of what type of wood?


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Kraus WOW! We are in trouble.Thats the best we can do? Really? No wonder we are in trouble.


OMG....Deidra Cole?  What more could SHE possibly have to say?  Tell her to bring the names of those who called her.


Kraus is a great candidate to have for Erie.  Did anyone see how close he came to being our Congressional Candidate?  It would be great for the community to have a recent congressional candidate serving as commissioner. 



"Kraus" is doing something little else have shown, & that is to have the COURAGE to put his name & reputation out there. He is not being the "Sheep" to bemoan their position in life, & then offer NOTHING other than "is that the best?"

It takes courage just to try, strength & intelligence to be a leader, & then the conscience of character to learn how to succeed through adversity.

I'm not sure if "mrk" actually knows Steve Kraus, but I do. (btw' Sandusky Register, there is no "e" at the end of Kraus). 

Steve did grow-up in Sandusky & Erie County, attended High School at SHS where he ran Track & was a member of the A Cappela Chior. He joined the US Air Force after graduating, & as a Civilian Contractor, served under-fire during Operation Desert Storm, amongst other events. He brought his strengths & experiences back to Ohio, back to where he grew up. He raised one family & is now raising another. He started several independent businesses, & in the process, became an Ordained Minister, an Auctioneer, & a Real Estate Agent. Steve Kraus, for his entire adult life has already been serving the citizens of Erie County; legally, morally & ethically.

Steve Kraus has sought out different career paths, learning & developing with each experience. Is he always right or popular on every issue & debate? Are any of us? "Is that the best we can do?"  Hmm, what's on your Resume' & how far are you willing to make an effort?  


Why is Brady afraid of a little competition?

The New World Czar

Didn't Brady seek endorsement of and get turned down by the Erie County Republican Party?




The segment with Ms Cole was a total waste of time for me.  She certainly changed her story from what it was during the first meeting till now.

And to not be able to ask pertinent questions of her was a real waste of time.  What a shame, at least we all could have gotten the answers we wanted as most of us had the same questions. Isn't that right, Reader?


What type work did Mr. Kraus do as a "civilian contractor"  under fire during the gulf war ?

His comments during the interview led me to believe he was in the armed forces of our country.


Okay, no Major Issues, just "low-ball," sounds kinda like one of those "I approve this Message" sort of ad that is more about symantics (Democrats) than substinance.

Steve was that too, for 8 years, & went on to work for the people who made the systems he worked on (more responsibility & better pay.) And aside of that, ever been on the recieving end of a Scud B(V) Missle attack? Sheer Terror &, an agonizing anticipation. 

There are No civilians, (Contractors or otherwise) in fox-holes. No awards or medals, or even a hero's welcome. He did more than what was expected of of him, because he didn't have to go, & undoubtedly because he did, his skills & presence saved American (& Coalition Forces) Lives. I would certainly classify that as an incredibly valuable service, especially to every family those Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors & Marines came home to. I was also over there, & I feel secure with my comments.

Pterocarya frax...

Thanks for telling us all about yourself Mr. Kraus.....whoops I mean SONARGUY


Steve Kraus has my vote.


If anybody can do something positive for Erie County it is Dick Brady- with no affiliation he is not obligated to anyone.   He has no party telling him what he has to do.  You have a county both Democrat and Republicans behind you!


Brady came off like a baby and a know it all.  The more candidates the better.  if you want to win then win in the arena of ideas and convince the voters you are the one for the job.